Little children, good new day My little children. Children I AM glad.

Well, yesterday when I told My servant, Child of Truth, to do research, can you remember what I said? That satan use internet to corrupt the world, and I will use internet to correct it. Do you think I cannot do it? 

My Child, Child of Truth, I told you that you are My first Child in this generation. I will go bit by bit, why? Because, you choose to obey My instruction without arguing My Word. I repeat you choose to obey Me without arguing My Word. Now, as the owner of this earth, that know all secrets of satan, that is why I have come to reveal these: since man surrendered unto satan, satan has been robbing this World. Whatever that is introduced into this world comes from the kingdom of satan and the symbol of satan must be there, symbol of snake that is serpent.

I AM laughing, I told you people that suit was not introduced by Me, now let Me tell you, what they use to design suit was cobra. When you look at the flap of the suit you see the evidence of cobra. Satan owns the church, for him to rule the church, his identity must be there. You people said that tie is ɋ snake, right? It is the same cobra. Do you realize that cobra is the most dangerous serpent?  Is there any church that will not mandate people to wear suit and shoe and come to church? Look! the design of the suit, the same snake.

Children, you people have removed your collar from your cloth, is it true? Look at the remaining part; is it not the same snake? Don’t laugh. I come to reveal every secret of satan. After explaining you will understand. Now look at the shirt you are wearing, the joint of the hand, the upper is big, the down part small, the same serpent.  Formally, in the trousers of man the upper part used to be small and the down part big [Bongo], that is when the snake turns upside down. Now the upside is big and the down small, the same snake. Should I continue to explain?

Now, go and check women scarf, the one they sell in their market, you will discover that there are first to third snake there. As you tie it, snake comes this side left, that side right and back side. You people talk of Deeper Life, I appreciate Deeper Life, but do you know that, the wrap-round they use is serpent? Any woman that wears two wrappers wears first and second serpent. As you tie wrapper, at the down end, it forms snake and at the waist, is where you tie the head of the serpent. Now, the cloth they sewn for you that has opening at the side [pocket] is evidence of the mouth of the serpent.

Do you want to hear more? Before I continued, I have told My servant what to do. In other words, anything you call English wear is of the devil. But what I come to tell you that no weapon that satan formed against you shall prosper, that is what My Words said.

As those outside without coming into My Qahal for prayer of repentance, they are doomed. Tell them you are not the one, the owner of the earth saidit, you can agree with Me that the Hymn they sing is of satan. Go and do research on:

  1. Snake symbol in car
  2. Snake in lip sticks
  3. Snake in guitar
  4. Snake in women pants
  5. Snake in women brassiere
  6. Snake symbol in spectacle
  7. Snake symbol in nails cortex
  8. Snake symbol in zip
  9. Snake in tape measurement
  10. Snake in mantle of the cross

Note this:  All the churches are children of python.

Children, have you realized that all People that wear earring and necklace are children of satan. Child of Truth was showing you something yesterday; I was the one that said it. I come to ask, if wedding is established by Me, if wedding is established by Me and is being honored, why is it that the wedding ring goes to the left hand? If somebody gives you something with the left hand will you receive it? It is only the ritualist that use left hand to give people’s money. That is to tell you that wedding is derived from satan, and in wedding they must put suit and tie. The serpent is always there to take the honour. As I AM calling people to come to My Qahal and they are denying, this will stand against them in the day of verdict. They must come to My foundation for deliverance. My foundation is Qahal, not Church.

Children, do you want to know more, yes Child of Truth I called you and told you not to buy a car, and don’t buy it, because it is not My programme that you should buy it. But anywhere you are going you are free to enter a car and go. When Yona [Jonah] disobeyed Me, I mandated fish to carry him and take him to where I wanted. Everything is ɋ tool in My hand. Whatever I say and people argue, let them argue.

Children, I showed you the moon in the alphabet, is it true?  [Response yes father]. Well, but all these things belong to Me, but My own children were careless and the devil stole them and used them as his identities and established them having claimed of them. But I have a United Nations of Truth where I will establish the truth. When they say ‘government of the land’, they mean satan is owner of the Land.

Children, Do you think it is My Servant Child of Truth that is speaking? Because himself was there when satan was doing all this things?  No!

Children let Me reveal a Mystery to you, they told you that in Yisrael [Israel] people use mantle to pray, do you know that what they call mantle is snake? You see that some people will use the mantle to coil it on their neck or hang it on their neck and it comes down towards the feet. This is symbol of snake. Apart from cloth, anything you put on your neck is a symbol of snake. People put mantle on their neck, don’t do it in My Qahal.

Children, every cultural practice are practices of satan. Do you see the cloth Yoruba people wear, after wearing their clothe they use another to tie their waist; it is a covenant with satan. In other words, it is snake that is in their waist.

Children, there is something, if I hide it from you I don’t love you, I wanted to hide it but I will reveal it to My children.  Children this new day go and browse ‘snake design in woman pant and brassiere’ I wanted to hide it but I won’t hide it from My children. If you men are free, but the women are not, is it good? [Response No Father] this cause stubbornness in women. Child of Truth, I told you how to design inner wears of women, go and do it.

Some people will be fed up but My own children should not be fed up. I AM revealing this to you to pull you out. When you are praying in My name, in My Qahal they won’t harm you, until you produce your own, but those who pass verdict, leave them. I AM the owner of My Qahal.

I want to show you something concerning the history of ‘Jesus’. Go and see the cross, the mantle they put there and browse ‘the snake on the cross’ I want to establish to you that the Jesus they are calling is that snake and that is where devil contest to be like Jesus. The establishment of that Jesus lies on Five star demons. Those words have first to fifth letters. There are Five demons brought together to form JESUS. They are:

  1. Python
  2. Star
  3. Moon
  4. Sun and
  5. Thunder.

They come together in agreement to form JESUS which is a deity.

When My Father called Avraham to make covenant with him and My father said through your seed, you shall be the Father of many nations, what is the seed? The letters that makes the name.  The establishment of Avraham lies on seven which represent the days of the week.

During My time My Father established My name ‘YAHWEHSHUA’, how many letters has it? [response1st -7th], which also represent seven days of the week.

Satan is a thief and thief can not take all, write My words now, because himself does not have power to take all. Satan took first to fifth days of the week. The establishment of YAHWEHSHUA is based on all the seven days. When you are working things out base on the days it is My establishment.

When you worked out things based on 28th days that makeɋ Counting Year, it stands by My name.

And those are the people that are called by My name.

Now the establishment of the twelve tribes of Yisrael lies on twelve Counting Years of the year. That is why I told My servant to raise twelve tribes of the United Nations of Truth to establish the whole twelve Counting Years, that is how come about the symbol of “T”. With that, no power can contest over you. That is how I mandated My servant to brings out letters, you don’t say alphabet, what you have is “TRURH LETTER WORDS”

Back to cloth, what they call size is snake. Size 10th means snake 10th. I mandated My servant, if you are going to produce your own, how you will say it, is, Number 10th. Do you see I have shifted snake to something else, I shut the door of snake. I told My servant the meaning of USB [United Snake Being].

Well children, apart from Me who will reveal all these to you? Tell My children, I AM here to rebuild the earth I created by Myself. Do you really realize that Google network cycle is snake? All networks when you are searching them moves round, that is to say that it corners everybody round. Don’t be afraid of logging in there, I covered you with My blood/glory. All the information there, go and gather it and use it to establish your own. Children it must come to pass, those are the revelations I showed Daniyel and Yahchanan in what they call Revelation. This revelation has been since the fall of man.

Do you know that My Father said that the serpent will bruise the feet of the Child, and the Child will bruise the head of the serpent. Everything satan does is the head. Whatever satan does is bruising My feet, Changing My name is bruising My feet and I come to bruise satan head,  I come to reveal the secret of satan. And as found in the vision of Daniyel that it broke into pieces. I come to remind you that when I came on earth, I don’t have much time to unfold many Mysteries and I said ‘when the Ruach of truth comes, the Ruach of truth will reveal all’ that is why everything coming now must have the symbol of “Truth”.

Do you know, satan did something, But, I have come to correct it. I showed My servant, and I have come to say it again. Satan came to existence and took everything. Children, that is why United Nations of Truth and Truth Letter Words must be different. They established ‘Y’, that ‘Y’ stands as satan trinity, do you know that? But they did not bring exactly My own trinity. Let Me show you the tongue of the serpent. If you open it, you will see something like ‘Y’ bring it and show them. I come to establish My own “Y” to have first to third symbol of truth. Any ‘Y’ establish by Me is the symbol of My name, are you glad [response yes Father]. Now, do you see the deception of satan  ‘&’ satan uses snake to design this ‘&’, your own can not be like that, write it in full [and]. Run from it and show it to people that it is snake [&].  Let Me ask, this [dates] you produce do you know that it is there? No matter how you try,satan will corner you. Don’t you think the devil will accuse you. When the Truth letter Words come, go and re-produce your dates. Don’t consider the damages and the money wasted, I will see you through.

Do you want to know more Mysteries? You will understand that whatever that is in existence, snake is found in it, tell My children to leave their churches and whatever they are doing in those churches and come to My Qahal. I made the United Nations of Truth, where I stand to correct all things. Children, I have said many things and there are many others, tell My children to come to My Qahal, is it understood?  Is it understood? Is it understood? How many times [response first to third times]. The problem of man is how can? But they will see it.

Child of truth, I showed you Satan, the day Satan was coming with Jeep which you have never seen before. Satan drove and blocked other people and was asking them where were you when this truth was coming out? They said The Righteous man has stopped us. Then, satan said, why don’t you use pride to buy his heart? They said, we tried but the righteous man did not allow us. Then, satan said, why don’t you use money to buy his heart? And they said we also tried that, but the righteous man did not allow us.

My Child, do you know I told you not to buy car, had it being that you bought the car, your steps would have changed, I did it that the money coming into the movement should not come to My servant, the only money I permitted to come through My servant, is it not servant tithe? [Response yes]. Let Me ask, all these encounter people is everything money not coming directory into their account? When you hear that the righteous man stopped them, that is how I stopped it. Had it been that My servant refused the condition I gave him, what do you think would have happened? Children the same offer satan offered Me I refused, and My Father exalted Me above all. My Child, Child of Truth refused it and I come by Myself to exalt him.  But all these encounter people, where are they?

You heard that, their queen of the coast said that herself has captured 99th percent of them, how? Through these gifts [money] that is how the devil has bought them. But because, I ordained My Child, Child of Truth for divine purpose, that is why I made covenant with him;

  1. Covenant of favour
  2. Covenant of wisdom and
  3. Covenant of heaven at last.

I have come to establish the covenant together with you all.

Write My word and send it to your brethren, says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.

The reason why satan established picture is to make a covenant with man, and as soon as you snap picture satan will use it as an evidence to accuse you at the day of verdict. Any how you position your self is the posture of the snake. My Blood will nullify the existing pictures My children have snapped [taken].

As for My children in the United Nations of Truth, pray this prayer point

Prayer Point: Every ownership of satan in our cloth, foot wear and others let the blood of our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach cleanse it. 

In summary, how this thing came to existence: they went into studies and saw that when Adam sinned against Me, that I made cloth to cover Adam. Satan is also making cloths for his own children. Satan has his own children with the names of the sea, mountain and others. Once you bear any of these names, you will bear the consequence. They sew this cloth and give you, as you wear it and as you are going, satan is laying claim of you. When you call God that made all things, it is the devil they are calling, says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach

Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach also added that, satan changed the original name of our creator “OUR MAKER YAHWEH” to ‘GOD’. Satan uses the serpent forged tongue to establish the name ‘GOD’. The snake forked tongue is divided into first, second and third part. Looking at the snake forked tongue you see the letter ‘Y’ which is the symbol of satan trinity.

DECLARATION: The second year of the United Nations of Truth is the year of establishment of the Truth We declare that we are saved by the blood of our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, Ɋmen.



Little children, good new day, well children, I want to start where I stopped, you say that I  Am bigger than what people call Me, is it true? Well My Child, Child of Truth, I told you yesterday about Kumuyi, Ohanebo and others. I told you also of the people that satan give cloth to contest against Me, that is why I told you as the first Child in this generation about their dressing code which they call suit and tie, Show to the people they are leading and show them their cobra in their tie and suit. Also show them (the people they are leading) how their leader’s dressing code were formed like snake without their knowledge, It is because they chose to argue with Me to prove that they know it and they considering the crowd they are leading, that is why I chose to disgrace them now for the people to understand that they are serving serpent. That is the reason I chose to explain to you the origin of GOD where the name GOD derived from.

Children, however, it is few of them that don’t know that they are serving satan, I want you people to show the Redeemed [RCCG] people that their Daddy as they call him is an agent of satan. Show them that the staff himself showed them to look unto and pray is serpent. Ask Redeemed people, are they not wise? That, how many years has Adeboye been leading them without using staff?  Then what brings the staff this time? However, it is only a blind man that doesn’t know who is killing him.

Who the devil used to deceive Kumuyi is Adoboye and his group says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.

When they say Redeem, they are Redeeming people from My Kingdom to the kingdom of darkness. When they say Deeper Christian life Church, the Christians is a mockery name that shows that they answer Deeper Mockery Satan ownership. But I come to ask, why the people they follow used to wear suit and tie, because they are all agent of satan.  Now children do you understand what agents is all about? How many of you have been agents before? The duty of agents is to go and show people what they need, so the pastors are leading people to satan. Killers have agents who bring people and hand over to them to be killed. The pastors are agents in the world, they are there to bring people and hand them over to satan. Child of truth that is why I showed you the work of satan in their Bible. If snake is in the Bible what makes it My own? Open the Bible and show them where the symbols of snake are written.

However, people will ask why these Mysteries have not come before now? This is because the people I called before were hijacked by satan and I stopped going with them. I chose My Child and wanted to see his obedient to Me. Because it is too bad to waste resources to prepare delicious soup and after cooking, a dog will come and eat it. Is that understood? The reason I told you these is that all the things I AM revealing now, none of the church founders knows them and nobody in the kingdom of satan knows it deeper like this,  Only satan knows this. This is because satan trust nobody and hid it from everyone, because if satan reveals them to somebody, I will capture the person to reveal them. In other words,  I did not reveal them because My people were returning to satan, that is why I AM taking you bit by bit. I told you this is the establishment of the Truth.

Child of Truth, I told you the day I showed you a serpent, and you opened the mouth and cut the stomach and the intestine came out. It is this revelation I AM showing now, I showed you the day the devil was confronting his people and satan’s question to Me the Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach that:


1)      The day that I said I will be like the most high; did I say I will be the most high?

2)      I call called God, is the name of our Maker called God?

3)      I call Jesus, is your name called Jesus?

4)      I call Lord, is your name called Lord?

5)      I call world, do you call world?

6)      I call human being; do you call human being?

7)      I call sun, do you call sun?

8)      I call moon, do you call moon?

9)      I call star, do you call star?

10)  I call church, do you call church?

11)  I call My book Bible, is your book called Bible?

12)  I say Moses, is your servant called Moses?

13)  I say Holy Ghost, is Ruach Ha Kodesh called Holy Ghost?

14)  I say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, do you your days like these?

15)  I say January, February up to December, do you call your Counting Years like these?

Then I gave satan a parable of a certain man who sold all himself has and bought a land of a king together with the king. The king kept quiet waiting to see what the man will do, but the man could not do anything. Later the king starts on the same ground to destroy the man who bought him over.  I told satan again, that if a man introduced fake products and the products enters the market by speed, when people discovered that the products are fake, the same speed the products take entered market will be the same speed it will use and disappear.

In summary, My children, do not be afraid. The Revelation I revealed to Daniyel that, it will break into pieces; this is the time it will happen. Also, the revelation I showed Yahchanan which they cause all to have the mark of the beast is ongoing, can you buy, sell or do anything without the mark? Know that there must be a form of apostasy and falling away before My truth come to pass. This is the time I come to save before taking My children into My Kingdom. All these are apostasy. My Word says, their righteousness is as filthy rag before Me, but I AM calling My children to come and practice My own righteousness. The people that ask, how can the whole world come together? I have done it; I faulted the churches and establish My Qahal. I have every word to prove to the world that the name church is established by satan through Romans.

Children, I believe I have shared much with you, but before I stop, I want to show people that the ring they are using for wedding is snake. If wedding ring is introduced by Me, why do they put it at the left hand?  I established marriage but satan hijacked it and have claim over it, that is, satan introduced wedding ring. Children if somebody uses left hand to give you money, will you be glad to receive it?

If the wife is so precious according to my word, then, why will they use left hand to establish the marriage? Children, I said that,  you will be at My right hand, why because right hand establishes the Truth. Children which among the thieves was saved? [Response: the person at the right hand], all this things they are doing are evidence of the ownership of satan. If those pastors say I called them, why did I not reveal all these things to them. Children, these churches are agents of satan. I ask you why they are forcing them to plait their hair using thread.

When My word says not with, do they need any other different explanation?  Because, the snake have control over them. Some say they saw Kumuyi’s wife in heaven that is satan’s deception, nobody that plaited hair will enter My Kingdom. Thread is artificial, some pastors hired and paid some encounter people to say these things in order to protect their interest; some satan will take them to his fake heaven and show them the picture of ɋ dead person’s face and tell them the person is in heaven, it is absolute lie, says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach. 

This is possible because, the picture they snapped is stored in the devil’s data-base. This is the more reason why I told My children not to take picture. If they had not taken any picture, the enemy wouldn’t have used same against them.  Tell them I say if they want to correct their churches, they won’t see Me unless they come to My Qahal. Church is the establishment of satan. My demand is that they come out of that church of satan and queue. Tell as many that come in contact with these messages that, they should be partakers in spreading the messages. Child of Truth, this is where I AM.

The reason I entered hell is to take the key from satan because satan was there, In the same vein, I entered the internet because satan is also there. All the things they do in the internet are established by satan. All things you draw will carve snake before the real shape is achieved.  I said in My word, do not make any image: having drawn this you are already corrupted. Where they say God made snake is not your Maker Yahweh, they changed it to suit them. Where they say our maker Yahweh created heaven and earth, they changed it to, God created heaven and earth. Whatever they create has a symbol of snake. I introduce writing but satan used snake image to form writing. Now I come to introduce My own Truth Letters. Anything that has not the symbol of truth is of satan, I assure you by this symbol of truth, you will conquer the enemy. Satan uses the symbol of snake and I will use the symbol of truth to conquer the enemy. My truth and peace will go with you. Remember, when you establish the Letters, call heaven, Truth heaven, Truth earthly father and others, but you will not establish it now, until Truth letters come out. Whatever you establish, call it with truth, but not the one established before.

My Child Nyeso I have word for you as you are going if you focus on the work of satan without looking back to this Truth, I will ask you of it on the last day. If garden of truth knowledge delays I will ask you. What you need to do is that as you are going there, see how things are going, I will guide you, fear not, fear not, fear not, I will be with you always.

Children I will not forget to tell you, even the Jet you see there has the form of snake, watch the mould and shape. But however My children who come and stay in My own house I will guide and protect. My children are those who come and stay in My Qahal where I establishment My Truth Letter Words, there is no need to say much comment in the message, write and send it to your brethren. You people should round off for the sake of the male beauty of life of your Maker Yahweh going to take his leave. Says by your Redeemer, Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.



My little children I AM grateful to you, I don’t have much to say; most of you have seen what My servant Yahwehnedu has done. This is My project and not man’s project. Tell as many as write My word and as I told Moshe write, so I have done it again. I AM hereby abolished the English alphabets and introduce My Unity language Truth Letter Words by My power. As the devil has used them to do this, so I used My Child, Child of Truth to establish My own.

You don’t know what you are using. If somebody is sending you an arrow, what is the meaning?  The arrow in your system is an instrument which the devil is using to attack you, you don’t know what is happening in the spiritual realm. All these arrows you are seeing on your system, phone etc, have meaning. I call you My children to establish truth that has meaning, learn how to write the language and tell all the people that want to make My Kingdom to learn them. I told you that this year is the year of establishment of the Truth, but the way and manner it will be done, you do not know.

Any other man that is bringing another suggestion, don’t listen, do what I ask you to do. Establish all My words, I AM with you, together with your Brethren,

says by your Father, your Redeemer YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH


The Qahal [Church] of Our Redeemer YAHWEHSHUA ha MASHIACH

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ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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