My little children, you are all welcome.

Child ImmanuYahweh all the messages I gave in the recent time are yet to be made available. Make sure that they are prepared and made available. Children, I don’t have much to say this new day because of the strength of My servant. Children, I have come to say something. If a man uses his hand to destroy the building where himself is living, it will be painful to the man, more so, people may not sympathize with him.

Child ImmanuYahweh, I have come to give you a message. I love all of you. Deliver My message to your wife. Tell your wife that I said that if herself recognizes that I AM the Person speaking congratulations to her. Tell her that all the bruises herself sustained was caused by herself. However, tell her that I have healed her wounds. But if herself will recognize that I AM the Person behind all that is happening it will be good for her not to be looking for somebody that is responsible for it elsewhere. If not Me, your wife would not have known My servant. If not Me, your wife would not have come in contact with My Child. Tell her, I repeat Myself, that I said that herself was the cause of all the wounds herself has. I know all of you. When somebody is asking Me questions about My words, I believe this, I don’t believe that; I will allow him. If herself will recognize Me and trace her way back to Me congratulations to her. Why I AM speaking now is the love I have for your family. Despite My love to man, man decides not to obey Me; no problem.

Children, yesterday in My Qahal, how do you people feel? If you have not seen Me and you were so glad how do you think it will be by the time you will see Me in My kingdom?

Song: Continue. I say continue. I will come very soon.  Bye and bye, your Father says continue. I AM coming very soon.

When I come, will I see faithfulness? When I come will I see obedience? Children when I come will I see faithfulness? When I come will I see obedience? I AM THAT I AM. I ask you My children, when I come, will I see your obedience? Who will you obey in your life? I ask you will your obedience be to Me or to satan? Answer the question:  My children who will you obey? If you obey Me congratulations. If you refuse to obey Me no problem. Somebody should write this song.

Children before I round up, did you people hear what the wife of My Child said yesterday during the time of testimonies? That there was a time I told her that if My Child refuses to obey Me to work according to My instructions that I will leave him? Because I discovered that My Child was careless and did not stand to defend My Truth. When My Child started doing what I want him to do that is the time offences came. Do you see it? I have said it that if you don’t respect Me no problem. Has any of you had a dream whereby a little child is showing you the way to follow and you are following him? Have you been where a child is guiding you? It is a mystery. That child you see is a Malach. Why did the Malach turn to be a child? It is a mystery. Have you people dreamt where a child appeared and told you not to do something? Children you must learn how to humble yourselves. Where you expect to see Me will not be where you will see Me. if you refuse to listen to the child you are gone. That is how I programmed it.

I told Child of Truth about the earthly children of My Child InnocentYahweh that himself should not hate them because there will be a day that a Malach will use the face of any of them to appear to him. If himself hates them himself will miss his blessing. I know there’s nothing I have not told you in My Qahal. When My Child YahwehProsper was behaving somehow I told you that there will be a day that a Malach will use his face to appear to you. How much more if anybody will hate My servant. There will be a day I will use his face to appear before that person. All of you should be very careful.

A male beauty of life of your Maker Yahweh gave testimony yesterday that himself saw the Child of Truth pulling off his clothe and washing it. Is it Child of Truth that appeared to him? Did Child of Truth know that such thing was happening elsewhere? All of you should be very careful. This trip to My kingdom you will not understand until you reach where you are going. I repeat, this trip to My kingdom you will not understand until you reach where you are going. I repeat, this trip to My kingdom you will not understand until you reach where you are going. How many times? Anytime I speak and I repeat My word there’s something there.

Child Nyeso, I ask you, the first day you were coming to this place, did you know that the place you were going is as far as you later discovered? That is how this trip is all about. You may feel it is here but it is not here. The trip to My kingdom is far more than you are looking at it. If you are embarking on such a trip there must be adequate preparation. The person that knows where himself is going can predict. But have you been in My kingdom before? Then why are you predicting what you have never seen before or where you have never been before? That is where the pastors and the GO’s miss it, predicting the way they have never walked before. Children it doesn’t work out that way. It’s beyond man’s calculation. They say they think, they think, and that is going to disappoint them. It’s for only those who will obey and follow Me.

If you are going on a trip with the person that does not know the road you will not have confidence in that person. But if you are going with the individual that knows the road and where you are going you will have great confidence in that person. Children I AM the Person that know the road to My kingdom. If you depend on Me, I will take you there. Children do the work I call you to do. Obey Me. Follow Me. Don’t follow any man. They are not capable of taking you to My kingdom.

Children this is the year of establishment of the truth. Do you know what is meant by establishment? Establishment is relying on what you see with your eyes. I will guide you. I come to declare to you, before your declaration add this: We declare that the second year of the United Nations of Truth is establishment of the truth. Pass it. How it will be established you don’t know but you will see it come to pass.

Children that is all I have for you this new day. My peace, My unity, My protections, My favour, My glory, My security I release upon you.




My little children, you are all welcome to My presence. Children how do you know that it is day break when there is still darkness? You know by the time. How do you know the exact time it is day break? Also by the time with you. But if it happens that you throw away your time how will you know at what time of the day or night you are? It is a proverb. Children I love all of you. I come to correct; I come to rebuke to put things in order. Child of Truth I will start from you. If not because you called My child ImmanuYahweh yesterday I was waiting for you to tell you that what you did was wrong. You don’t have any reason why you should not tell him. At the same time I come to tell you that never you hide any information no matter your reason from him unless the one you forget. And when the matter comes up apologize to him. so I appreciate the information you passed. I come to tell you this day that the machine My Child ImmanuYahweh talks about in his house and all the things himself needed make them available.

I love all of you but I have to speak about what happened during the workers’ meeting. Child ImmanuYahweh I will ask you a question. I know when your wife was talking about Deeper Life that such things will not happen. In DLBC can a leader be talking and another person stand up to talk? All of you are passing through training. If I called you, can somebody like your wife stand and talk? They will respect your age. I AM here to tell you that My servant deserves to be respected. It’s quite unfortunate that while I AM speaking somebody will be thinking of another thing. Whatever happened in that meeting I know it. People can forget but I don’t. The day you called Child of Truth to correct him you did not do it directly; you say some people but himself knew that you were talking about him. But himself would have been provoked but correction is correction anywhere.

The Pharisees and the Sadducees were always missing it whenever I AM speaking. They would say that small child. Who gives him mouth to speak? However I saw all of you, your age, your qualifications but I call who I call. If man chooses not to respect Me no problem but a day will come when man will appear before Me. This is My house and I told My Child to rebuke in My house. Children did you hear when I told you people that people will hate My servant? That people will interpret his action as pride? But I told him to do what I asked him to do. Other people will say more things. If somebody say that what is happening here is evil let him go where nobody will talk.

I know churches more than all of you. In the churches when people are rebuked you see the person regretting. But My Child, Child of Truth I’ve told you to make yourself a foot mat. If everybody begins to pick offence, there will be no peace in that family. But what will bring peace is understanding. It does not mean that there will be no misunderstanding. All of you here even when you did wrong I point it out to you and after that I will tell you that I have forgiven you. Why? After I have forgiven you even satan himself cannot open it again.

I create your My servant to experience some things. Can any of you say that Child of Truth has anything against you in any day? My Child, Child of Truth, continue. I heard your prayer last night when you ask Me to change My Child ImmanuYahweh’s wife and you told Me that I should change her. It is evident that you have nothing against her. Even you stand before everybody to say sorry. I want to tell all of you to be very careful the way you use your word to pass verdict. There is no any day you will condemn who I do not condemn.

Child InnocentYahweh, I come to your side. I saw what happened yesterday. After spending so much money no result. You people are careless. As My servant was talking you did not see it that way. If My servant did not talk who will say it? The manufacturers who make cars, if you are told the extent of damage they go through before finishing production, you will not believe it. If a child spends money to take examination and fail that examination, will that be the reason why the child will not take the examination again? I will not kill you people but you should be very careful.

I love all of you. If I don’t correct you who would? Any child whose father is pointing out evil to and the child is defending himself, a day will come the child will remember what the father is doing. It is either you sit down to learn or you pick points. Children, be very, very careful. Child ImmanuYahweh I have resolved your matter. I have forgiven you. No matter your age there is something I deposited in Child of Truth. There is a point that My servant made at that time that I told him to use his wife to give exhortation. Children I love you more than you love Me. and I know that none of you love Me. you only say it with your mouth. But your little obedience will see you through to My kingdom.

Child ImmanuYahweh, do you remember the day I told you to go to Hebrew and bring out My real name? Let’s see YAHUSHUA and trace it to YAHWEH. The truth is that YAHU is not altogether match up with YAHWEH, because of the letter U. My real name is YAHWEHSHUA. YAHWEH, YAHWEHSHUA; children does it not flow? All these YAHU, YAHUVEH are all misunderstanding. Call My FATHER YOUR MAKER YAHWEH. Call Me YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH. I AM still watching your obedience.

Fear not I AM with thee. I will never forsake thee nor leave thee but it is left for you not to leave Me. I will stop at this point. Those who choose to obey Me congratulations to you. You will overcome your enemies says by YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH.



Little children,

Response: Yes Father. Good new day, little children.

You are singing hosanna, that is good, but are you ready to give Me the hosanna?  Well, it is already given unto Me. I don’t have much time to waste:  I come to encourage and appreciate your commitment to the work; but you people should try more so that you will have a nice package.

Well children, you people are talking so much; count your words. If you cannot count your words in a day and night, it is a big problem. I want you people to go and study about My days, how I use to respond to issues. Be very, very careful.   Those of you that are committed I will tell you everything, but those of you that are not committed; you will be a partaker but miss it, if you are not careful. That is how people assisted Noach but could not enter the ark, and were destroyed in the end because of their carelessness and negligence.

Have you seen a person building a house and died without moving into the house? Have you seen a person that bought a car and died without entering inside it? Have you seen a person after finishing high institution, died without working? Have you seen somebody who has been given appointment letter to start work the next day but died ɋ day before the resumption of work? Do you know why I AM telling you these? I promised to take you into My Kingdom, but you must be very careful! Many people you are seeing in My Qahal are not inside. I repeat, many people you see in My Qahal are not inside: some because they are thinking so much; some because they are speaking against My servant; some because of their much wisdom. The scripture that will condemn them is the scripture that says, if you are not with Me, you are against Me.

Child of Truth, yesterday when you were told about goat, you kept quiet because there was no money. After I provided money and the goat was paid for, almost all of you left your work and went for the goat. Upon all your movement, did you come with the goat? That is how some people will leave their work and come to My Qahal but will go with nothing.

Child of Truth, because of how your earthly Child behaved last night you could not sleep in the night; and in the late hour of the night sleep carried you, but, when you wake up and watch your time, you started running for new day prayer. Had it been there is a vehicle waiting, you wouldn’t have met up: that is good. But some will say let me wait a little and see if what they are saying is true; waiting a little is a sign of unbelief and that will make you miss the vehicle.

Child of Truth, when you were coming from the tailor, water from My Throne [not rain] was about to fall and everybody was running, then I told you, have you seen how everybody is running because of water from My throne, but does not want to run for their eternal life? I will use that to pass verdict on them! If man can run when a house is on fire, or because of water, or because of riot, without checking time, why won’t they run for their eternal life? The only way of their salvation is to run into My Qahal.

Children, do My work with fear and obedience. Child of Truth, I AM sending you to do My work, I will be with you and guide you. Those of you that are doing the editing do it fast. Child YahwehProsper, before you go make sure all the messages are well prepared; I will pay you. Don’t play what they call game on Me.

Child of Truth, they say God created man in his own image, can anybody among you tell Me the meaning of image? [Response: It is a picture, of a person or any object, which has no life] That is what you are claiming to be! If there is no life in you, what makes you to live? Children, they told you that God created man in his likeness; today I come to tell you that you are not an image. I created you by My knowledge and wisdom. Put it down, “Your Maker Yahweh created man in I AM that I AM’s knowledge and wisdom”. My knowledge is beyond that of man. They did it and gave you picture and as you are seeing the picture you say this is how I AM that I AM is. Is this not found at the beginning of their Genesis? If the beginning has a comma, what about others? Do you now realize that what satan has done is much? Tell My children, without coming to My Qahal sorry is their name!

They tell you my biological father, my biological mother or Child; do you know the dept of what you are saying? When you say your biological child, it is a child of biology, not Me, because the inventor of biology is satan. The devil changes it in different ways for you to call yourselves his children!

I will stop here, round off your prayer. Child of Truth, remember the assignment I have given you, publish nothing until you finish the assignment. I will be with you; says by Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.



Little children, you are welcome in My presence. Good new day!

Why are you singing this song ‘Holy’? Well, the song is good but why are you My child if you are not holy?

Well children, something happened yesterday and the other day, when you people were reading the messages. Your question was, how can somebody read these messages and after that says the messages are from a demon? The answer is because; those people have made up their mind: I come to say something it is so because, some people have already made up their mind to go on doing whatever they want to do. Child of Truth, you came here and present the issue of Yahwehlifted; but I told you last night that if you can’t endure, what makes you to be My servant? That was how I endured when I was on earth. Based on the question of Yahwehlifted, I will give an answer. Yahwehlifted would have returned after meeting the others that were behind, but himself had made up his mind not to do so. Even when a call came himself did not consider that the person use airtime to call him. That is how people have made up their mind and are making mockery of the messages I AM giving. They did not even consider the fact that people spent money to post those messages on the net. That is the truth. My little children, after all that happened, who suffered at the end of the day? It was him who suffered hunger. That is how people that ignore My messages will suffer in Hell.

Children, it is very, very good for somebody to listen to counseling, if not, the person will suffer in the end. Listen, Yahwehlifted knows what I AM saying. The first thing is that there will not be settlement in his heart after all. The truth is that I have giving you any information you need in My Qahal; if anybody decides to behave anyhow, let him do it, no problem.

Child ImmanuYahweh, Child YahwehProsper, had it been it is in those days, can somebody leave their pastor like that? [Response: No, Father!] If you people gather and others are waiting, what makes somebody to leave while others are still waiting? Do you know satan wanted to strike you last night only that I intervened? Listen, you are in a battle field if you don’t know, know it now. Have I told you people that there will be a day that sorry will expire? (Response: Yes Father) I told you I have no stubborn child: that means that if you are stubborn you are not My child.

Well, Child of Truth, I told you not to harbour pains in your heart, however, it pained you. I told you people if you offend My servant you have offended Me; have I said that before? (Response: Yes Father). A child that chooses to play with a knife can keep doing it but if it wounds him, himself will be cautioned, and whenever himself sees a knife, himself will be very careful.

Child of Truth, I showed you something in a dream: you were discussing with somebody and people came and took hold of him. You brought out money and gave to them and they released the person. Somebody else collected hundred naira (N100) from you and you told him if himself does not return it, himself will have problem; the person refused to refund you the money. Shortly himself started walking with bare foot. Well, I will not go far into this revelation.

I come to tell you that your carelessness will lead you to Hell, and your carefulness will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven. The issue is that you choose not to obey, but you know it. Child ImmanuYahweh, if something happen and My servant calls you, will you wait? (Response: No Father). Why not wait [delay] and say after-all himself is a little child. It is not that My servant didn’t have any decision on his own to take, but I AM the one controlling him. If I start to break that message! Remember I told you I have different ways of passing verdict on man.  Now Yahwehlifted, do you know you passed negative message to your brethren with that action, you told your brethren that if meat (food) is brought and somebody has waited for long the person should leave; that if somebody takes decision himself should not reverse it even if the person is called back. Yes! I come to clap for you, but know it that any seed that somebody sows the person will reap.

Child  InnocentYahweh, the battle you are facing in your home about your children not going to school is it not because of the seed that ImmanuelYahweh’s wife sow? Because somebody has done something other people has followed, in as much as I said, withdrawn your children from school. I have said it and nobody will expect Me to repeat it. I AM not a respecter of any man, you see the seed My Child ImmanuelYahweh’s wife sowed has started to germinate, and anybody that causes other to fall will pay for it. The issue is not only to come to My Qahal, but to obey Me in all things. Any of you that lead a person to evil has won a soul (Nephesh) to the devil and that is where himself will receive his payment. There is nothing about the mystery of school that I have not revealed to you from the foundation. After knowing all these, you are still battling over it, go on, no problem. You will see it at the end. You are still holding your certificate. You want to read and get certificate.

Well, Child of Truth, I return to where you are, yes of course My child made a point that the way you shouted was wrong; actually it was wrong and I rebuked you and you came and told him that you are sorry. However, this is not a reason to make Yahwehlifted to act that way. Well, it happened that you should know the mindset of man, you may feel somebody is with you, but not so.

I have started teaching you how to act when provoked. Since My servant has been working with you, has himself be mandating you to lower your voice or to stop speaking as was done yesterday? Do you really understand what people are saying about you? Any words you say must be seasoned with grace, even if your voice is like thunder, reduce it for your own benefit.  Do you really know that I watch all of you? I want you to watch My Child, YahwehProsper when working, before himself say something it is very few words. I know you, I watch all of you. Does it mean that himself don’t know how to talk? All your statement are uncountable. Even if you are speaking and My servant tells you to stop, you must finish what you want to say. Go ahead, no problem. I want to tell you before I stop, if a car can obey a little key when it ignited, how about you? A big engine obeys a little key, in other words, a key supposed to be bigger than the engine before it works out, but nobody can control you, no problem. Think about a little tire yet it carries a big car thing about a little steering, yet a car obeys it. If you wish not to obey who I chose, no problem, but all I AM saying, I will use it to pass verdict on you. Think not of qualification, whether it is a child or not, obey him. Do you really know who is speaking?

Do you know that it is your head that carries your whole body? But the head is little, if you cut somebody’s hand the person will survive if there is attention, if you cut somebody’s leg, the person will survive if there is attention. But can somebody survive when the head is cut off? See the eye, very small but that is what you use to see big things. See the ears very tiny inside but hears many things. All the parts of the body are submissive to the head. I AM laughing, do you know why AM laughing? It will be very, very disastrous if somebody comes to My Qahal and later goes to Hell fire. I repeat, it will be very, very disastrous if somebody comes to My Qahal and later goes to Hell fire.

Child ImmanuelYahweh, I will not fail to tell you to tell your wife that the seed herself had planted has started germinating. However, anybody that chooses to disobey instructions, no problem, if I say let Me hold you and you didn’t allow Me I will not struggle with you, no problem there will be a day I will pass verdict on you for saying no and disobeying a bit of My word.

Child of Truth, the female beauty of life your Maker Yahweh gave to your mother  was telling you that for the past first to second week herself has been sick and was asking you to send her some money. You ask your wife about the money they sent to her so that you will collect and send some to her, but I said no, so long they don’t belong to My Qahal and your brethren here are lacking money. I told you but if you want to go and do it, go and do it and after come to say you are sorry, let Me see who will accept that sorry. But left for you, you would have done it.

When you were coming back last night your wife called you and said that the daughter of her mother complained that they don’t have food for weeks now, you wanted to speak about it and your wife was also expecting that you would do something, but I told you to shut up. Children listen, there are some things that I don’t accept, when you know that this thing is wrong, but go ahead and do it, I don’t accept such sorry. The dealing I AM dealing with Child of Truth is more than yours.

Yahwehmikhael, My servant called you last night and was asking you about your family, had that happened before? (Response no) Child of Truth, remember what I told you about My Child Emeka, no matter the stubbornness of Emeka if himself fall sick now, will you allow him like that? Arrange and send him some money.

Children I will stop at this point. Who have ears let him hear. But it is quite unfortunate, if you don’t obey. Let me tell you, you people are trying to be stubborn more than outsiders.  Ɋ Child who is an outsider can disobeys and earthly father or elder on the way and the man will endure, but if an insider or a child disobeys the earthly father or elder in the home, it will pain him more and the punishment will be greater. If you make My enemy to stand against Me and say, are these not the people you say they are your children? No problem, you people made Me to cry this new day. But if you can’t use this weeping to change, your torment will be greater than My pains, do you want to prove yourself right? I said that My Child, Child of Truth is the first born of this generation, if himself rebuke you, take it. Let Me tell you, the kind of rebuke I rebuke Child of Truth outside is greater than the one himself rebukes you. Take note of today, because, I weep this new day, you made Me weep. What made Me to weep is because you will miss your target if you continue like this. I called Child of Truth and made him to lead, but you have made everybody equal to him.

Write My word and send it to your brethren.  I will stop at this point, says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.



Little children,

You are welcome in My presence. Good new day little children. You are saying that I AM has made you glad, but some of you are not glad.

Child of Truth, I told you with this symbol of truth you will go for the battle and overcome. Hold this truth as a symbol anywhere you are going. Concerning the mystery about Nigeria, you people copied My message based on the information you have. Before Flora Shaw called the name Nigeria, the name of Nigeria has been Niger area. In other words, the name of the demon is Niger and anybody that carries this name goes with her.

Child of Truth, a daughter of your Maker Yahweh called you and others and was telling you how people were killed in Aba, why? Is it not because of Hausa and Ibo? Because the white people gave them machete to kill themselves. Child of Truth, I AM sending you to the people that call themselves Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba; tell them to unite and do My work. But those people that call themselves Muslims and Christians, they are serving the same idol. I repeat, the name JESUS derives from the idol of star, but My name is derived from the establishment of My Father, and stands for the seven days of the week.

Child of Truth, I sent you a message to Nnamdi Kanu, and himself is thinking himself is already established; initiating people I created by Myself into cult. Children, do you see the prayer mantle that they are using in praying, carry the idol of snake? Well, I will not go into details; what you will do is to type this message and add to other messages and send to them.

My Child YahwehProsper, I accept your work, but this is what you will do: put the Bible before the Pastors. Before you release those pictures of pastors, put the picture of the bible on the first page and show them the demonic symbols in the bible and tell them they are serving those demons. Take some pictures of the pastors and place them on the cover page and place the message in the newspapers and direct it to the website. Tell them that, that is the vision that Daniyel saw: that it shall be given unto the beast until ɋ time; it has now been given unto the beast, however, this is the time it will be broken. Congratulations to you.

Child of Truth, go and tell the beauties of life that they should not see the Hausa people as their enemies; it is the white people that cause them to fight themselves. Both the Muslims and Christians are serving gods of the moon and star. They should come together and accomplish My Truth.  Remember, Tell them that, this information has been passed to many people that there will be revival, which will start from this part of the earth called Nigeria, and spring all over the earth. 

You are not going to contest any battle. Some people whom I gave revelation think I will use them, but because they don’t obey Me, they miss their way. The white people thought it is physical weapons they will use to fight this battle. However, when you mention white people, some are innocent and wants to serve Me; tell them to return to Me fast. But for people that are doing evil, their door is shut. Tell them that this is junction of separation, separating evil from good. But tell them that I say if they see it as a disgrace, they are the people that first disgraced themselves. Had it been they answered Me when I called them to come together, it wouldn’t have result to this extent. Tell them that is how Pharaoh did when himself was rubbing shoulders with Me, not knowing that it will destroy him.

Child of Truth, I gave you authority to bring out cobra side by side with the pictures of those pastors, and tell them that, that is their master. Fear nobody. As for you that are obedient to Me, congratulations. If you are not faithful, I give My Child power to ask you to step down. There was time I told My Child to leave everybody, but now be very careful.

Child InnocentYahweh, you are not faithful: you made agreement with YahwehProsper to come and work but you couldn’t make it up, that you were cleaning the Qahal [house of our maker Yahweh] environment is not an excuse. In as much as agreement is made, there is no way you will go doing other things. Don’t play with this privilege; all of you that are here with My servant may not know the value of this privilege. I repeat all of you should sit up and do that which is right.

I will stop at this point;

says by your Redeemer, Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.   



Me was in a dream, in the dream me saw that there was a great and a very high and tall building. This building was so tall that other smaller buildings couldn’t be seen.

Me found myself in this very high and tall building, in the last upper house of that great house [a story building]. Me also found some of our Brethren there too but they were very few which were there. Me equally noticed that this building has another upper house in it but it was below the last upper house which we were in.

In this upper house which was below the last upper house, there were also some brethren there, they were more in number than those in the upper room. They were relaxing, laughing, discussing and playing. While we were still in that place, we heard a gunshot, the sound of the gun kept coming bit by bit and later became very loud. Now at this scene we became worried, remembering those that are below including our earthly family members and some brethren. Fortunately, my ruach asked me to climb on top of something that was there in the room to see what was happening.

As me climbed that thing, me saw a very big gun which me cannot really describe very well. This gun was so big in size and in length [Taller than the very tall building] and me did not see the hand holding it. This gun was reaching directly below the ceiling of that very building which myself and few number of the brethren were camping or staying. Me discover that the mouth the gun was so wide and me saw that it was being pointed towards the firmament, later me noticed that it was shot in that same direction. By this time as the shooting was going on towards the firmament, then in my ruach, me was told to climb down from that thing me climbed initially.

The reason of this climbing down was because the next place to target the gun was in that direction me was. So, me informed the brethrens that were there about it and they listened and climbed down with me. Fortunately, by the time the mouth of the gun was positioned towards that place we were and was shot, we had already climbed down from that thing.

After a while, me was told in my ruach to climb again on top of that same thing which when climbed do raise somebody higher and closer to the ceiling of the building, me obeyed and equally told the brethren and they followed me soothe.

However, me now noticed that the gun was now shooting below where we had climbed to, from the first step to another. This continued till we could see the gun no more but at the same time was hearing the sound of the gun shot below that last upper room. The entire place or earth were destroyed with it. After this we were very worried about other brethren and our earthly family members who did not climb that last upper room, then me woke up from sleep.


On the 20th and 2nd night of the first Counting Year of the second year of the United Nations of Truth, between the hour of 7th and 8th hour of the night.  Me was waken up, me was thinking that the reason why me was awake was to pray as usual using my normal prayer points but to my greatest surprise, the only prayer point that was directed to me was to ask for mercy.

Then me began to plead for mercy on behalf of the Qahal, the entire earth and myself. Me continue in that prayer until me slept off. While sleeping, me had a dream, then in that dream, me was with a particular family and discussion and cooking was going on. At a time still in that dream, me left them to go and rest. While resting me slept off in that same dream then me begin to have another dream inside the dream that me was before, in that dream, me found myself in a place where me observed that the people of the earth were busy caring their normal activities of the day as usual.

Suddenly, me saw a man that came with anger, me cannot describe this man very well because himself is very big and huge. Himself is bigger that the earth, me could not even see Him completely. The reason for the man’s anger is that the earth has abandoned Him and are busy doing their own things  in their own ways, caring out their activities in their own ways and left His wills. Me noticed that beyond this earth, there was something else happening under it. Me also discovered that the creator of the whole universe seems to be the man and in I AM that I AM’S hand, the earth was like an ZIP which can be zipped up as it is been done in a cloth. With the anger in this man’s face, Himself reached out to the starting point of the Zip and zipped it up. Then at this, me noticed that the earth [the ground] was broken and divided into first and second, the ground or earth on each side was shaking and the people who were parted together in each  division were shouting, screaming, crying because there was a very deep and a large hole or pit beyond the earth. Due to the shakings, people tend to fall into the hole, this hole was so deep, although wide as the size of the earth, yet me couldn’t see the end of its dept.

Moreover, me noticed that me was very close to the hole and the movement of the earth was pushing me to pull me into the hole, me noticed that in this hole, the extend that me can see was a bit dark. Me also discover that if somebody fall from the earth into that hole, the person’s skeleton may not be found because it will be a great fall. So, people did not want to fall into the deep hole, they kept on screaming, shouting and crying aloud. There was weeping and wailing everywhere.

Me was seriously shouting, screaming, pleading and crying out for mercy. Suddenly, the man looked at me with pity when me shouted and plead saying, Father me will serve with my whole heart, then out of pity, Himself zipped back the earth and me woke up in the same place where me was with that particular family. Then when me woke up in that same dream me was before entering the dream me saw this great and horrible thing, me discovered that the division of the earth [ground] and the cry of the people in those divisions was not heard again. People were reluctant, doing their own thing in their own ways.

Still in that first dream which me was with that family before entering into another dream, in my shock of what me saw, with tears in my eyes in that dream, me went around telling people what me saw including that family. They seem unconcerned and wondered how somebody who was with them for a while, went to have rest and later come to say these things to them. Me was in tears and in fear, when me now woke up in reality, realizing that it was a revelation. Me had an inspiration that says that we children of Our Maker Yahweh are not serious this time but are playing.

May Our Maker Yahweh and Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach with the Ruach Ha Kodesh help us to run with fear and trembling so that we can escape the wrath of Our Maker Yahweh in the name of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, Amen.


The Qahal [Church] of Our Redeemer YAHWEHSHUA ha MASHIACH

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ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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