My children you are welcome. RESPONSE: Thank you Father. Are you glad? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Well children, who among you is ready to write My word? Who among you is ready to write My word? Listen, I have brought you back from that crusade, My child Emmanuyahweh, the information you heard about the crusade, were you not expecting a crowd in that crusade? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Did you see crowd? The answer is no because man is too small to control Me. My way is different from the way of man. Well My Child Shem. RESPONSE: Yes, Father. I showed you the plan of Yaakov. Why I showed you is that if My child, child of Truth is speaking they will not believe it, but I took you to show you where Yaakov discarded My word and you were calling him to come and himself refused. I showed you again the hand writing that was written where you people are staying and it was black. RESPONSE: Yes, Father. And you could not read it, have you asked yourself why you cannot read it.

Because it is a strange ordinance, the evil ordinances, that is the reason why you could not be able to read it. That is what they wrote against My servant but it is not My servant it is Me. Now, Yahwehmdi [RESPONSE: Yes, Father.] I made you to enter Yaakov’s house, eh? what did you see? What you saw there is what I spoke against. Did you see it with your eyes? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Now you saw where they are playing cartoon, eh? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Is it today that they heard about the message of cartoon? It have been for long but they refused to amend. I am too holy to accommodate evil, are you hearing Me My children? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father.

Emmanuyahweh, [RESPONSE: Father.], I want to ask you question. Which day has My child established it to behave like a general overseer? I ask you question. [RESPONSE: Father there is no day]. But let Me tell You, you were there, at least you know Child of Truth, you were saying that you know that if you go back that your Father will speak, yes but you didn’t even present any issue to say that at least the little you know about child of truth… see this you didn’t say it. But you were saying that even if child of truth doesn’t talk. Is that how matter use to be? RESPONSE: Father me is sorry! That is not the issue. Well you cannot defend any beauty of life, but I am capable to defend My word and My servant. Why child of truth acted like general overseer is because himself wanted to make correction. Do you know that I allowed Dawid to showcase his incantations? How many of you does not know the mystery about checking palms? If Dawid said that any beauty of life that has the mark in the palm and it is short, what did himself say? Did you hear when Dawid said it, Dawid said it is what? RESPONSE:  Marital problem. Now if it is so, that means as I created man with My Own Hands that I mandated a beauty of life to have a marital problem, is that My word, children? That is My work is to create man and woman to have marital problem, that is the meaning of the statement.

Children go and read,  [RESPONSE: Yes, Father] forget about My Scripture, go and read Bible. Is there anywhere a prophet asked any beauty of life or when I came, I asked any beauty of life to open his palms? RESPONSE: No, Father! To check and to know the destiny, have you seen it? RESPONSE: No, Father! Then if you didn’t see it, where did checking of palms come from? Is it from Me? RESPONSE:  No, Father. Well I made Dawid to come to My Qahal, but because of his much knowledge and his much wisdom; these have made him not to understand My way. Tell Dawid that the owner of TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT said that it is good to speak a word but the consequences of the word, that it will be difficult for a beauty of life to defend the consequences of the word. Children, [RESPONSE: Yes, Father], I declare to you that My Qahal is not there again.

Shem! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. I showed you so that when I’m speaking you will understand and other beauties of life will understand even Yaakov. Child of Truth I took you to Yaakov’s place the day you arrived and you saw the pictures that were there and they are what I condemned. Well children, I’m still calling My children. I don’t call adult; do you hear Me children? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. How many times have I told you that I don’t call elders, that it is children that I call, how many times have I told you children? RESPONSE: Several times. Because elders always behave to prove that himself is an elder and the duty of the elder is to tell a child that the child doesn’t know what himself is doing.

Children! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Emmanuyahweh, let Me ask you, they are counting charges, when the issue of Emma came, did you hear when Child of Truth was saying that the money is not a problem, did you heard it? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. That if it is out, that his problem is his own nephesh, eh? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. That if the money comes, anywhere that himself feels like paying his tithe himself should do what? RESPONSE: Should pay. But it was Me that told you to tell Emma to come here and that himself should bring his tithe. Is it not what I said? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. And I said the source of the transaction himself said himself did I know. RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Is it what I said? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. “I know”, do you know what I mean? RESPONSE: No, Father. Do you know what I mean? RESPONSE:  No, Father. But I know and you see the end of the transaction. Because I know that Emma is a deceiver and I said that Emma is not respecting Me, did you hear it the day I said it? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. That Emma is playing game on Me, is it what I said, [RESPONSE:  Yes, Father], eh children? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. And that all My words none of them is been practiced by him and after speaking all these, then what is a beauty of life going to say?

Well, I told you children that wind is going to blow, how many times have I told you children? RESPONSE:  Many times. But Child of Truth I came to warn you again, don’t speak, I will speak for you, don’t fight, I will fight for you. I called you. I want to ask you question. When I called Dawid, Dawid was trying to see the obedience of the children, Dawid shouted; who will go to the camp of their enemy to do what? RESPONSE:  To bring water for him. Is it true? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. For him to drink? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. And that place is the place that if you go there it is very difficult for you to survive, is it true? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. But because the mouth of Dawid has spoken, some staked their lives. Did Dawid drink the water? RESPONSE:  No, Father? Because Dawid wanted to know, but if it is today, who among you would have done it? All of you would have condemned My servant. All of you would have condemned. I come to warn all of you, you should know how you talk, verdict is not in your hands. How many times have I told you that I see all of you, I know all of you but I choose whom I choose, both his foolishness I chose, do you see why I doesn’t talk.

You can’t write My words, this is the word I’m giving to be written and send to My children and you are here, then why should I continue speaking? Why should I continue speaking? That is the problem after speaking none of you can write My word again. Well, children I am not here to entertain you people [RESPONSE:  Father, please.] I will stop at this point. [RESPONSE:  Father, please.] I will stop at this point, [RESPONSE:  Father, please.] because I am not here to entertain you people. I desire after speaking My word, My word will go to My children. So continue until you learn how to write My word but as for My servant I will be giving him instructions, telling him what to do. [RESPONSE:  Father, please.] Thank you children, [RESPONSE: Father, please.] Continue, [RESPONSE: Father, please.] I have all it takes to do My work. If a man feels that himself is too much to serve Me then let him go, I have many children that are coming to serve Me. So as for you, My peace, My unity shall be unto you. But not writing My word will deny you some of My word.

Every word I uttered, you may not understand, [RESPONSE: Father, please. Father, please.] My word, My peace, [RESPONSE:  Father, please.] My unity shall be unto you. [RESPONSE: Father, please.] I love you more than as you love Me but obedience [RESPONSE: Father, please.], to My words. My commandment will make you to be a good child but disobedient to My words will make you to be a disobedient child, half obedience will not see you through. I have spoken, but all My words you take as a story, you take it as play. I am not a player, I am not an entertainer. So, children continue, I will be with you. I will guide you; I will defend you, no weapon that devil forms against you shall prosper. My eyes are on you, I will defend you but as for now I will stop at this point, says by Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, Amen.


Good new day children. RESPONSE:  Good new day Father. I heard a voice, “we give you glory OUR MAKER YAHWEH because of whom you are.” My question is, do you know the MAKER YAHWEH? Do you know the power and authority in the name of your MAKER YAHWEH? Well, children I still have love for you. I want to ask a question; didn’t you read in your bible or let me call it scripture where they accuse me of being a fornicator? Didn’t you read it? But the question is, is it true that I AM a fornicator? Do you realize that I have told you this before that when they called me a fornicator, some beauties of life that were with me left me? Do you know that they called me false prophet in their bible? I asked you a question. RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Is it true that I AM a false prophet? Now let me tell you, what you do not know. Do not comment over what you do not know, but what you should do is to ask questions for you to understand what you don’t know. Is that understood? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Children,[ RESPONSE:  Yes, Father.], any man beauty of life that use cutlass and cut off his hands, do you realize that from day to day, the man will remember the evil that the man did to himself ? But when the man was about to cut off his hands, himself did not reason the consequence of it, are you aware of that? RESPONSE: Yes, Father.

Children, [ RESPONSE:  yes Father.], if a teacher as they call teach you, then you are unable to get it, does it mean that that teacher does not know what himself teaches? RESPONSE: No, Father. Would you condemn that teacher? RESPONSE: No, Father. Now, if such cannot be done, then write. I AM writing this to Dawid with all these proverbs. Tell Dawid that I AM not talking about his earthly child, but I am talking to him that all himself have spoken against Me, I have heard it. Tell Dawid that I say when the race started, that every beauty of life felt that they will reach the end, but reaching to the end, some people will fall and others will pass. Tell Dawid that I said whether himself understand that it is Me or whether himself do not understand, that in eternity, I AM waiting for him. Tell Dawid that I said, in as much as they have made me to be a liar, that there is no day I will be a liar and tell him to ask my children those that were here when I spoke about Emma. I said that himself should bring the money. Fine, but my servant told Emma that himself is free to pay it where himself want to pay it. It was me because I know, and I say the source of the transaction himself did that I know and I said it that Emma is playing games with me, did I say it children? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Did I say it that all my commandments that Emma is not keeping them. RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Did I say it? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. But now it has been used to pass verdict on my servant. Instead of him to make time to ask questions, but himself feels that himself is wise.

Tell Dawid that I said himself should go and read all the messages I gave to Buhari, tell him even the ones I gave to Kanu and the others that himself should go and read them. They were playing about it. Tell Dawid that I said I brought him to my own house for him to change but instead of it, himself speaks against me. Tell Dawid that I said, that the source of his breathing that I know but himself does not know. Tell Dawid that the source of that word that Dawid speaks that himself does not know. Tell Dawid that I say after revealing all this mysteries through my servant, Child of Truth, himself stood and condemned my servant. Tell Dawid that it is ME that himself condemned not my servant. But tell him that even in the midst of beauties of life, the accusation, the action that my servant took before every beauties of life, should tell him that there is a difference. Tell him that according to the statement that the Ruach is in them, tell him that it is through my Qahal that himself will be able to realize what Ruach is. But tell him that his Ruach has been leading him to do all that himself has been doing for many years, that if it was my RUACH would himself not know all these things? However, according to the statement of his child, who said those that the Ruach is leading, are given power. But tell him that I say even in the New Testament, I called Petros to be leader, children is it not true? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. There is no any call I will not position a beauty of life to lead. Tell them that even in my earthly ministry, it was so. Tell him that True Goodnews is not a place where you come and do whatever you like to do, I hand it over to a beauty of life. Is it understood? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father.

My servant if himself want to do anything wrong, I will correct him by myself. You are all aware that sometimes after correcting him, I will come and say it openly. Is there any of you that does not know? Child of Truth, day before yester night, I showed you in a revelation were a police man came to arrest you and told you that you spoiled a vehicle and you didn’t know anything about it and himself was coming to arrest you and himself was coming with gladness as if pretending, then all of a sudden, you blasted the man’s eyes and turned back. Yes, that is how they come to you as friends and want to destroy you but I have given you victory. Last night I showed you where you carried a lorry old and very sound and you were driving it. Why it is old is because I gave you old ministry and I have never taken the steering from you. I showed you again where a beauty of life was driving and you were by his side and the beauty of life discovered that the back tyre was bad and started rebuking you that you saw the tyre has problem, you did not want to remove it, then do you want to remove it when the vehicle have problem and you know that the vehicle is moving fast and the person now stopped and started removing the tyre. Let me explain it to you, there are some things you saw in Dawid’s church, some of them you kept quiet on them, so that is the rebuke , that tyre I removed to fix new tyre is all these evil that are happening there.

Well, Dawid tried to obey me but the problem is that, himself succumb to his family. Well, tell him that I AM writing to them that in as much as they have chosen not to follow me but they chose to use my word, tell them that they want to use my word to do their business. I AM waiting for them because I can’t change my word, my word says, you must come together. Well, as they said that it is Deeper Life doctrine. Tell them that I said the doctrine Kumuyi started at the earlier stage, it was me that gave it. Can you hear me children?  RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. The problem is Kumuyi listen to the counsel of man,  that is why Kumuyi did not go far with me. So, and all you children were there when I told you that don’t dance in my Qahal. Is it what I said? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. My Qahal is not a competition hall. My Qahal is where you come to hear my word for you to be changed. Is it understood? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. But however, Child of truth, do what I asked you to do. If you do not set up my standard, you will bear the consequences. Do not respect any beauty of life but respect me. As you are keeping My words, as you are making my word to penetrate, you are respecting me. Is it understood? RESPONSE: Yes, Father.

Well, InnocentYahweh,[RESPONSE:  Yes, Father.] I come to speak to you. The day Child of Truth was going to prepare for service and Child of Truth saw you sweeping and told you and you said you don’t see anything wrong with that. That is what you said. Now listen to me, because you cannot understand. Child of Truth told you that in his house; himself doesn’t sweep on the resurrection day. Is it true? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Now I come to speak to you that it is wrong. What I told you is you can warm meat, you can iron your clothes, or you can boil water if you want to wash your flesh with warm water. But I didn’t tell you to go and sweep your environment. I didn’t say it. But the way you are seeing it, all of you should seat up. Apart from my word all of you and Child of Truth should not have had issues, I called him. The reason I point this thing is that all of you write my word so that all my children will benefit from it. But let me tell you, I have told you this before, the reason I called Child of Truth. If Child of Truth is old man beauties of life, they would have respected him. Do you know that if Child of Truth, my Child is old man, would Yaakov stand before the congregation to speak all the things himself spoke? Yes, I made it to be so. When they see him and his ability, then they are free to talk. But I have come to warn you, be very, very careful in your discussions. Whatever, be very, very careful.

Lastly, tell Dawid that I said; the same thing Yehudah from kriot did when himself was about to sell ME himself was glad, very glad, very happy to sell ME with money that have no value. But realizing his mistake, himself cannot return back. Tell Dawid that I say that Dawid should go and run his ministry let me see. Tell him that the matter is not to use True Goodnews messages to preach, but I come to point to him that himself is finding it difficult when correction are being made to him. But now, no person will correct him again, and then himself should know… Well, tell Dawid that himself is acting like a child who have been commiting fornication, the earthly father continue warning that child, the child now left the earthly father’s house and rented her own apartment and reyoicing that her have been freed from the earthly father’s trouble. Then realizing herself when her fell into sickness because of fornication. The child now remembers the words of the earthly father but the child was unable to obey and the child was unable to listen. Because of that, the child decided on her own. Then that action led that child to death.

Tell Dawid that I said himself have acted like the prodigal child who felt that himself have all and went to establish his own. Tell Dawid that the child ate the meat of pigs. Tell Dawid that I said, himself should go and run his ministry, but I stand to declare to him that hell is real. Tell Dawid that all these mysteries… that if himself cannot understand that it is me, sorry is his name. Is it understood? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. Tell Dawid that when himself did what was strange, Child of Truth called him. When himself was talking, Child of Truth told him that it was Me that told you to come because Child of Truth don’t want to make it known to others. Well, tell Dawid that I say until himself dies, that himself will not understand ME. And tell him that I said, even other people that make heaven, that is even my disciples that made heaven,  till now they have not understand. But tell him that himself should remember that there is in their bible where my Father told Avraham to go and sacrifice his child Yitzchak and later told him not to sacrifice him. That is AM a liar, because they removed all the things I did through their bible.

Tell Dawid that right from time I chose to use man beauty of life to work, satan chose also to use man beauty of life to work. Then, if man beauty of life decides to obey satan, man beauty of life is going to be a disappointment. Tell him that himself is not to use the words that himself used, that him is not afraid to call beauties of life to tell them what himself don’t know. Tell Dawid that himself has made me to be a liar but no problem, eternity shall determine. But during the time of his case, I told him…, children you can agree with me, I mentioned and I said all the beauties of life, chief, police and others. Did you hear me say others when I was speaking those words? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. I said, ”and others“, that they should wait for me, as they conspired against my servant. That is what I said. Is it true?  Now beauty of life is using it to pass verdict. Okay, when I said they should wait for me, did you beauties of life not hear the repercussion? When Dawid had a problem is not as if there was no money, but I told you beauties of life to use the money that I want to use to do my work, is it not what I said?  RESPONSE: Yes, Father. I told you to tell me that these beauties of life have collected the money that I want to use to do my work. But now a beauty of life is using it to pass verdict on me. But has turned to use it and speak against me.

Well, any child who tells the teacher as they call, that sit down you don’t know how to teach let me teach you, that child is gone. Any beauty of life who removed the umbrella or the roof that is protecting him, tell him, that the light that shines in the day and the water falling from my throne will fall on him and his properties. Tell Dawid that I said, the owner of heaven and earth, that I said the roof that is covering his head that himself have used his hand to remove it. That as I AM speaking now, that himself will not understand. So, any man beauty of life that use his hands and break all his teeth, what do you think that that person will use in eating meat? Children, I want to ask you children question, any beauty of life who stepped into road and vehicle crushed that beauty of life, who will be blamed, the man or the vehicle? Any beauty of life who decides to use something to remove his eyes, who do you think that you will blame? RESPONSE:  It is the beauty of life. Tell Dawid that himself has use his hand to destroy himself.

Tell Dawid that AM not speaking for him to know that it is Me. Tell him that when I was speaking in those days, the people did not know that it was ME that was speaking. Tell Dawid that the source of this message is the source of these mysteries that himself is reading. Tell Dawid that they have made yest of me not Child of Truth. Children! RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. Do you know that when a drunkard was drinking the alcohol, the drunkard was happy drinking it, and the drunkard was seeing it as enyoyment. But when the repercussion started coming, beauties of life will start making yest of him. Are you aware of that? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. But when himself was drinking it, himself was happy. Consider this, what do you think about this children…? Well children, tell Dawid that I say whatever that is going on- every accusation that I know. Dawid will not say that himself do not know about this, tell him that himself will  not say that himself do not know about what is happening. And tell Dawid that it is him they are looking up to and himself have made them to see him as the beauty of life that can see and can know and that my child does not see. To the extent, when I gave my child message to preach, it came to a point that a person will be controlling Me. Well tell them that they can control in other churches and in their own church. But in my Qahal no beauty of life has power to control Me. And Tell Dawid that I say himself should now manage his church, is it understood? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. Tell Dawid I say himself should manage his church because it is establishment of church. But my Qahal cannot be first to second, is it understood? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father.

Tell Dawid that I said all the practices that himself is practicing, himself feels that they are good. But I brought Dawid for him to learn. Child of Truth speak to all my children, all of you, and tell my children that I say, what Dawid did in that crusade was incantation. That is not deliverance. Tell them that I said they should go and read in their bible if there is any beauty of life or anywhere my Father told any beauty of life to check his palm mark. Where they will see this is among the people they call white garment. I have set a standard in my Qahal; when problem start coming, call me. Children how many times have I told you to call ME and tell ME to destroy what satan the devil did? It written;At the mention of my name every kneel must bow.“ Children I want to ask question, all the evil dream you use to have in the dream in the night, when you call my name, don’t you use to have victory? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. You would have checked your palm when that action led that child to death, or you do another thing. If you call my name in the dream you always overcome. Know that calling ME, you will overcome challenges in life. RESPONSE: Amen. I made you to experience all these things so that you would know the power in my name.

Children my blood is above everything. Child of Truth, I told you to tell my children that my blood is still fresh to wash them. Is that not what I told you? Well, but tell Dawid that I said, all these practices that himself learnt and start using them to operate in my Qahal, it would not work. RESPONSE:  Amen. Tell Dawid to go and start using it in his church and not in my Qahal, RESPONSE:  Amen. But tell him to note this, that I have made him to know the truth, I have made him to test the truth, I have made him to come to where truth is, but tell him to be careful. But I come to warn all of you in your places when you are discussing, be very, very careful. I have written words of what is coming from your nephesh talk less of what is spoken out. But you may not understand who is speaking, you may call it Yahwehnedu, but I have come to declare to you that I AM THE APPOINTED CHILD FOR SALVATION that is speaking. What did I say? RESPONSE:  he APPOINTED CHILD FOR SALVATION is speaking.

Well, Emmanuyahweh! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. I come to correct things; where they call the only begotten child you should write; THE ONLY APPOINTED CHILD FOR SALVATION. That is my work that is what my Father calls me. Children! RESPONSE:   Yes, Father. We are not first to second for salvation can you hear me? RESPONSE:  Yes, Father. And we are not dragging it. Any other beauty of life that says that himself will not yoin you let him go. Children! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Let me tell you something; in most competition, you don’t declare defeat and you will not declare that you are all. What you know today, tomorrow another beauty of life may defeat you. But no man can defeat me. Children, I AM using Child of truth in this generation, but after this, the era of Child of Truth will go, but I AM still in existence. You may not understand what I said, now let me tell you; when you talk about Avraham, you know Avraham as a beauty of life like you, when you talk about all the beauties of life that did the work before you, even my early disciples, you address them as beauties of life like you, but there is no any day any beauty of life will know me as a beauty of life like them. You can’t address me like that. But satan proyected his Jesus as a man; when you were in the foundation of Satan. You do sing “a man of war you are and a consuming fire you are”. Is it not what you said? Their Jesus is a man but I cannot be address as a man.

My child Yahwehifted, the meat you are eating now for long time you have not eat it. RESPONSE: Yes, Father. How do you feel? RESPONSE: Father me feel so happy. Yes, that is your Father that called you, AM still speaking. Children! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. I told you that I AM going to stop speaking, have I stopped speaking? RESPONSE: No, Father we were not comfortable when you said you will stop to speak. That is why I said that I love you more than you love ME. That is why if I say that you are condemned, by your obedience, by your efforts, I will save you. RESPONSE:  Amen. Let Me ask you, how many of you have written half of My statements? RESPONSE: Ah! Father… That is why you cannot obey Me fully but with your little obedience I will see you through. RESPONSE: Amen, thank you Father. By making effort to follow me I will see you through. RESPONSE: Amen. I love you, I paid the price for you. I CAME TO THIS GENERATION TO EXPOSE SATAN AND TO GIVE YOU VICTORY. RESPONSE: Amen. Children, [RESPONSE: Yes, Father.], yet beauties of life are speaking against ME in this generation, those who want to obey ME will see ME, [RESPONSE: men].

Child of Truth, you saw all the things that happened in the church of Dawid, I made it to happen for you children to see. You called him and told him about his earthly daughter that wears trouser and perms her hair. Dawid is not afraid of ME to allow that person to go there. If Dawid is afraid of ME, anything that it would have cost, Dawid would have asked her to leave. Well it is their earthly father’s church.

Child of Truth, when your wife was wearing foot wear and I pointed it to you, you went straight and rebuked her and said it openly, because Qahal doesn’t belong to you, if you are the owner of the Qahal you would have covered your wife. When I told you to use your wife to minister, you stood before every beauties of life because Qahal does not belong to you; because church belonged to Dawid, that is why some things are happening there. Then if the church does not belong to Dawid, then Dawid knows the characters of his earthly children. That is, how many of them are qualified to be a worker if the church does not belong to Dawid? Is it Yaakov? Well that is the evidence to prove that the church belonged to them. If the church did not belong to Yaakov and his earthly father, will Yaakov call a person who barbed style of hair to come and play keyboard in the congregation? That is the evidence of ownership. So children, [RESPONSE: Yes, Father.], write My word; today’s own and that of yesterday write it and send it to My children, is it understood? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. If a person owns a property, there is evidence to prove that the beauty of life is the owner of the property. I have the fact to prove that Dawid own the church.

Child of Truth, you wanted to tell Dawid about selling of water on the resurrection day but I restrained you from speaking. All of you that went there, didn’t you see that Dawid was selling water there? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Child of Truth when you went back to that place after the first time, didn’t you warn them? Even the Kunu the wife is selling. Then how do you think that that kind of place is My own place? Children! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Do you know that I always tell you that I don’t have a stubborn child! RESPONSE: Yes, Father. What saw Me through was My little obedience to My Father. And what will see you through is your obedience to Me.

Now, a man who defecated on his foam which himself uses to sleep will not know the consequences because himself defecated and left the foam unclean until when sleep come on him, then the man will know the consequences. Now there is a point I want to raise. Why should they say you don’t know! You don’t know! You don’t know, and you realize later. Now when satan was making arrangement in Heaven, the arrangement of satan lies on speaking against My FATHER and to speak against ME and he has spoken. Satan was happy doing it but when the repercussion came, Satan regretted it. Children, even as am talking to you now, Satan is still regretting. Do you know that if Satan would have known, satan wouldn’t have done it. But when they were planning it, they were doing it happily saying that they are free from My entanglements but when repercussion came, they now realized the consequences of what they have done.

When Lowt’s wife was about to look back, herself was happy remembering the things her left behind, it was her that turned to a pillar of salt and her regretted it. Well in conclusion, the things that are sweet at the beginning, at the later end they end bitter, what did I say? [RESPONSE: The things that use to be sweet at the beginning, at the later end they will end bitter]. Now have I told you this before? RESPONSE: No, Father. Eat this bitter meat now and see whether you will not reyoice later, but if you chose to eat sweet things now, then the result at the end will be bitter. Now, for instance, you see a beauty of life that eats sweet things, after eating will start stooling, the stooling will make that beauty of life to defecate and defecate until it will remove most things inside him or her.

But if you eat bitter thing you will discover that the beauty of life’s flesh system will be in order, is that true? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. That is to say that it will give you something. How do you reason about this, all these things I have told you people?  You see this Fan that is blowing; do you know the process this Fan pass through? Do you know that after molding this Fan in time of production, if you touch this Fan when it was first coming out, your hands will peel, because it will be too hot? Even this plastic, what next! But at the end of it, it will be useful. Well, you see this door, when the furniture man wanted to make it, the man looked for something and used it to smooth the door until it now became useful, but it was wood that you break and break and then fixed it there. Wood obeyed! Children! RESPONSE: Yes, Father.

IF MAN WANTS TO FOLLOW ME, THE MAN MUST SUBMIT ALL THINGS TO ME. Well children; [RESPONSE: Yes, Father.] I will stop here, those who have ear let them hear. All these messages I spoke yesterday and this new day write it and send it to Dawid, forward it to all MY children. Is it understood? RESPONSE: Yes, Father. Thank you, MY PEACE,[ RESPONSE: Amen], MY PROTECTION, [RESPONSE: Amen] shall be upon you.[RESPONSE: Amen]. Fear not, Child of Truth, I called you; I will protect you, [RESPONSE: Amen] I will guide you, [RESPONSE: Amen], against any battle. I told you to make yourself a foot mat for every beauty of life to match and pass and to make yourself like a path for vehicles to pass. Child of Truth, are you going to make yourself a physical foot mat and like a path for vehicle to pass? The vehicle I told you are all these accusations. This word is the vehicle I told you, they have rolled on you and pass but don’t worry. I will wash you by MYSELF; it is ME that will wash you by MYSELF. Fear not, all the days and nights of your existence I will be with you, likewise all that want to obey ME, says by YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH. RESPONSE: Amen.     


Message to David Kolo

Tell David that I heard many things himself spoke against Me and the verdict himself passed upon Me. When I sent message to him David does not recognise Me, and has continued to live under disobedience to My word. David has the boldness to invite My children for deliverance. Tell David that himself used his own mouth to make Me a liar; I heard all that himself said. For the fact that David makes Me a liar by not recognising Me in the message I gave him and has continued to use My name to deceive people, tell David that this is the same thing that satan did and I cast him out of heaven. I will send My wind after David.

Tell David to go and pray more; tell David to hire people to help him go into prayer, I will show him a little of Myself. Tell David that I call child of Truth. I AM coming to disgrace him. Let him go and pray the more, and even fast the more. Let David call intercessors to help him pray the more, I AM coming for him. Tell David that I said that himself is not speaking against child of Truth but against Me. David refused Me and himself is still using My Qahal to deceive people, this is the time I will come to disgrace him.

Tell David that I heard himself said that I made a promise to ImmanuYahweh that I would pay his debt and that the promise is not fulfilled. David used his own mouth to pass verdict on Me. But the fact is that David does not know My program. I AM still the same MAKER YAHWEH that promised My servant. I AM still the same Saviour Who promised that I AM coming very soon. Even the disciples that heard Me said that I AM coming back very soon had died. I AM the Father that said to My disciples that I AM coming very soon, yet generations have gone and people are still expecting My coming back of very soon.

Tell David that himself used his mouth to pass verdict on Me; tell David that I will show him a little of Myself. All his politics I know. David does not recognise the message I sent to him for repentance instead David condemns Me. Tell David that I AM coming for him. After My dealing with David and his environment they will know Who call Child of Truth. Tell David that it is very dangerous for him to have come in contact with True Goodnews Revival Movement. It is good David has not come in contact with Me. David will regret of knowing My Qahal.

Tell David that as much as himself feels that himself has power and might against My servant I call and that My servant has no power, this is the time I give David the chance to prepare for Me. Let David pray and even hire people to pray for him the more, David should prepare for battle against Me. The same Saviour that gave him messages that himself rejected in now sending him this message that his much wisdom has shifted him from My foundation.

Children, I come to explain it to you how I was appointed. My Father asked the question,”Who do I send, Who will go for Me?”, and I answered, “Send Me, I will go and die.” Then I was appointed. Where does “Begotten Child” come from? Imagine David telling a woman that the breast that a child is sucking is polluted. Tell David that I have come to speak to him. David is behaving like a child that is eating excreta and a man that wants to show him mercy tells him to come out of the place but the child is telling the man that the excreta is the best food for himself.

David has acted like a person that carries poison to eat and a person that knows the extent of damage the poison will produce, advises him not to, but refused to heed correction. Tell David that himself has drunk poison. Tell David that I said that himself has acted like a person who is finding it too difficult to walk but a person is telling him that himself should use his leg each after the other but himself is calling the person foolish. Who is foolish among them both?

David has acted like a man who eats from the dustbin but some people that are kind enough come to him to remove the spirit of madness from him but is calling the people that want to deliver him mad people.

I sent My children to give him goodnews and himself is now speaking against Me. Tell David that I said that this battle is not a physical battle. It is not a matter of talking. It is not a battle of utterance and strength. Tell David that I AM coming to show him a little of My power. Tell David that as for the door of My Qahal I have shut it in his own place. There is no how My Qahal will be in his place again.

As I shut the door of heaven against satan when satan was cast out of heaven not to enter My kingdom, that is exactly what I have done to David. When I gave Adam and Chavvah the condition that would enable them to be in the garden permanently and they allowed the enemy to deceive them to transgress My law, I sent them out of the garden and at the end they could not return to the garden. David is running a church with the Truth though himself has come across this truth but has now rejected the truth. We shall see where it will lead him.

When a leg is cut off from the flesh no person knows where the detached leg is. It decays off for ever and cannot be found again. Tell David that himself has detached self from My Qahal and will not be found again. Tell David that Yehudah from Kriot who sold Me regretted of ever knowing Me. Tell David that those that conspired against Me to kill Me regretted doing it but it was removed from their Bible. When satan, in heaven, contested to take My position and that of My Father, satan regretted it. Tell David that all the people that said some thing against Me regretted it.

Tell David that himself used his mouth to say that as I AM speaking to Child of Truth I AM also speaking to him; if this is true why did I not speak all these mysteries that I AM revealing through child of Truth to him? The enemy that wants to destroy him is speaking to him, and using him to call Me all sorts of names. It is the enemy speaking through David not Me. If I AM speaking through David or leading David, himself should have known that himself has done something wrong. Is it Me that will tell him a word that will prepare the nephesh of people to stay and remain in a wrong foundation? Very soon David will realise My word.

Children, some of you pity David. That’s good. Do you know that when satan was cast out of heaven to the earth some of the malachim felt it?

That does not stop My program. At the same time all of you should sit up. I AM not a respecter of any person. My word is still My word. When I say I will do a thing I will do it at the appropriate time.  Parable is establishment of knowledge. That is why I use parables to speak to you. Let your nephesh be at peace. Be wise in speech. What do you think makes your tongue to have colour red? The tongue is very little but be very careful with it. When you close your mouth the strength of the tongue will open it. If you want to conceal something the strength of the tongue will push it out. Be wise children.

Children I will stop at this point. My peace, My unity, My protections, My favour, My glory, My security I release upon you. Says by YOUR RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.



ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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