During the Agreement Meeting service when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH beauties in existence were giving reverence [chorus] to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH and AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak through I AM WHAT I AM serving beauty thus:

Little beauties stop! I say Stop and Listen to Me! What brought yu here? Its yu AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. Can any beauty among yu tell Me the Last time I spoke, It was last Passover. It was the last Passover till now! Yes AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. Now the question is, is it that I have left Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty]? No AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. I have said it before “… There wil be a time yu wil not hear from Me”.

            Listen very carefily! I come to speak to yu that feel that this place is an open place; and I want to tell yu that this place is hotter than any other place. If yu can hear My Werds, I repeat, this place is hotter than any other place! I want to speak to yu, be very carefil! And I want to announce to yu again, Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] has done what self is supposed to do.

            I have warned yu, I have corrected yu. But if yu choose to continue in such way, I wil come on yu. Each time I say I wil come on yu, it is a call for yu to return. Yu are too small, hear my Werd, yu are too small for Me to come on yu. Let there be orderliness!

            I made this brightness to be. When yu were resting, yu didn’t know what made brightness to appear. Fear and Respect Me! It is not Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] but it is I. I own this place. If yu feel that no beauty can correct yu, then, I wil come on yu.

            Yu are doing things the way yu feel! Yahwehwisdom. Yes AWA RIDIMA. Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] showed yu the door that was broken, how many among yu told Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] that the key has been damaged? You feel that yu have the power but yu cannot stend [stand] it!

            Yahwehwisdom! Ye AWA RIDIMA. I yet want to call yu, can yu recall in the time past; what did yu do that made me to say “I will give yu a mark? It was a suggestion that came to yu, to take what belong to Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty], a suggestion came to yu to take it, is that true? Yes AWA RIDIMA. If a beauty had told yu, that yu wil be in existence til now, would yu have accepted it? No AWA RIDIMA. But I said “I wil give yu a mark.

            Now, I have a Werd. This Werd should go straight to Wasi. Recall what I said. I did not say Yahwehwasi, I say Wasi. If a Little Beauty decides to climb on a high tree and removed self hand from the tree and began dancing, the little beauty has used own hand to invite falling from the tree and death. When the Little beauty wil fall from that tree, the Little beauty wil not survive it.

            Yes, I speak! Send My Werd to Wasi!  “I gave Wasi a position by Myself, but tell Wasi; the same position I gave to Heylel in My dwelling Place. Heylel [Satan] used same position to werk against Me. Tell Wasi that in as much as Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] has been an evil Man to self [Wasi], tell Wasi that any Man who uses own hand to cut off the foundation where the Ladder self Climbed is, the Man wil fall.

            I kept quiet. All the points Self [Wasi] is raising were the same points Heylel [satan] raised. Tell Wasi “I give Wasi, the assignment to go and read all the statements made by Heylel [Satan]. Heylel began to speak evil against Me”.

            Yahwehwisdom, I made this matter to happen when yu are available.  You know what Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] said on that brightness. If Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] rebuke Wasi; that the approach used by Wasi was wrong, is it evil? Then Wasi continued. If Wasi is claiming right, then what about Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty]?

            If it is by age, is Wasi, the same age with Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty]? No, AWA RIDIMA. But yu were there, even as Wasi continued talking, then Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] said stop! Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] said, “Stop this Werk! Yu cannot do this werk with this”.

            Tell Wasi, that Self is wise, but own Wisdom has turned self [Wasi] to be a foolish Man. I repeat My werd, Tell Wasi that the same voice [Authority] that self saw in the internet, that made self [Wasi] to drop whatever self was doing, is the same voice that is talking to self [Wasi] now.

            None among yu was qualified before I called yu. It is yua Obedience that wil make Me go with yu. I want to ask a question. Before this time, can yu recall that I gave My Spoken Werds to Wasi; “Anytime yu abandon My werks again, I wil abandon yu”. Is that right? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Is that right? Yes, AWA RIDIMA.

            I said it, and I stend [stand] by My Werds.  Wasi left My werk and went for what self [Wasi] considered necessary, and I have abandoned Wasi. Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty], I showed yu; First to Second Pillars that were bent and about to fall. I told yu that the Pillars were Yahwehnedum and Yahwehwasi; that yu should find beauties to replace them. Yahwehnedum [The Beauty that controls the Website] and Wasi, find Beauties to replace them.

            Listen, My Werds Stends! I said “I have given Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] My authority. Any right thing Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] declares, I wil support it. Is that what I said? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. I said “I have given Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] My authority; “If yu tell any Beauty In Existence to step down, I have approved it; I told Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] “don’t wait until I say it”. Is that what I said? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Any time I speak, I follow My Werds.

            Now, If Wasi is wise as self-claims, what did Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] do to self [Wasi]? If I should ask Wasi, as a wise man self is, Yahwehmdi and Self, who came first into TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT? It is Yahwehmdi. Now, if Yahwehmdi came first into the Movement, don’t Wasi think that Yahwehmdi is senior to self, if we should follow it?

            In School as they call, Let Me ask yu a question, do the Schools count by age or the year a Beauty has been in the School? It is by the year a beauty has been in the School. Is that right? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Right. If yu are in a yunior [Junior] class, a Beauty in the same School came into the School before yu, yu wil give respect to the Beauty as a Senior in the School. Is that right? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. If it is by age, what could have made Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] tell ImmanuYahweh “to do this or that”? Yet when they are doing something and Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] says stop…

            Yahwehdinma! Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Answer Me. Yes, My RIDIMA. Alright. Yahwehmeka, the Beauty called Grant before, called this brightness. Is that right? Yes, AWA RIDIMA; That Self [Yahwehmeka] wil come after Service, next wey-in. right? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Then, while Yahwehmeka spoke with Truth Beauty, Truth Beauty told [Yahwehmeka] no [That Yahwehmeka] should not allow self-coming to linger til next wey-in [week], and that Yahwehmeka coming should be immediate due to the werk. Having Truth Beauty told Yahwehmeka that, Yahwehmeka had no power to say no.

            Now, if I should present the age between Yahwehmeka [Formally called, Yahwehgrant] and Truth Beauty [Yahwehnedum], don’t yu behold that there is enough gap? We do. Eh! There is enough gap. Yet Yahwehmeka obeyed. Now why Truth Beauty did evil to Wasi is on account that Truth Beauty rebuked Wasi.

            Tell Wasi to go back to the internet and read the spoken Werds I gave to self-earlier. But I want to tell Wasi, whatever Wasi feels to do, Wasi should do it; anyhow Wasi want to accuse Truth Beauty [Yahwehnedum], Wasi should do it. Now Wasi has strength, but it is a battle between Me and Wasi. For Wasi to keep money that wez sent for my own werk. Tell Wasi that self don’t have power to keep the money. If Wasi is a wise man, self wouldn’t have kept that money for any purpose and also as self is passing verdict on Yahwehnedum [Truth beauty]. I want to bring fact to prove to self that Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] is innocent, and I told Yahwehnedum [Truth beauty] not to give self a call anymore.

Truth beauty, called Wasi when self left the place they stay to do My Werk. Before Wasi left, if Wasi wez wise, Wasi should have found a way to settle that matter before self left, but self left with the matter not being settled. Even when Wasi went to Onitsha, Wasi did not call Truth Beauty but Truth Beauty called. When Wasi went to Obudu self did not call Truth Beauty but Truth Beauty called. All the while Truth Beauty wez calling self, even when Truth Beauty asked self about the roof for the house the favored woman is staying that fell. Before the time in that brightness end, Truth Beauty gave Wasi some money to support, but self did not behold all these things. If Wasi speak against Truth Beauty, tell Wasi that I wil speak against self in the brightness and in the resting hour [day and night].

Tell Wasi that all the cry self cried, Truth Beauty had compassion on Self. Even the bank issue, Truth Beauty did not mind what happened. Truth Beauty sent the money even when the matter came out again that they were planning to arrest Wasi, Truth Beauty sent money for Wasi not to be arrested. But if after doing these things, now what Wasi wil use to pay Truth Beauty is to speak evil against Truth Beauty, tell Wasi that I wil speak against self. I want to say it again; Hear me, the same voice that Wasi heard through the internet is the same voice that is speaking now. Tell Wasi to go and check what made the Yahwehdim [Israelites] to be destroyed, It is when they began speaking against YahwehMoshe [Moses]. Tell Wasi that self has not been delivered to speak against My serving beauty I called.

Now, it has reach to the point self decides not to pick Truth Beauty calls. Tell Wasi that I say “Wasi has hand to write and present own charges” tell Wasi to go ahead and do it. But tell Wasi that all the favors that self is receiving, it is I that gave self [Wasi] the same favors. Tell Wasi that self should recall how many beauties that I have touched to assist self. But tell Wasi that I want to declare to self that shortly I wil shut down the door for the favors. If Wasi is not afraid; if Wasi claim to be werking for Me and self-left the werk and went doing another thing. If all [Beauties] Werking for Me should leave the Werk, how would the Werks be done? If Wasi claim that self is answering the calls [the telephone calls coming to the office phone self is holding], what is self going to answer? Is it not based on the program treated that questions wil come from? It is.

Listen, I don’t have much to say. But I want to recall; Wasi should go and read the spoken werds I gave to Nonyerem and should also go and ask people about Nonyerem condition. Tell Wasi to go ask people about David Kolo. It wez Kolo and the first man beauty [child] that agreed to do that evil, but I have not said it. This time, Kolo and the first man Beauty [child] are not Werking together. The first Man Beauty [Child] left the church and went to another church, is that right? Yes Awa Ridima. Why? In as much as they yoined


hands to do that evil, I wil divide them.

Tell Wasi that it is evil for Me to wash plate; a special plate and gave to self to eat with, and self-decide to use a plate found in dust bin to eat meat. What I said yu might not knowledgestend [understand]. But tell Wasi that the position I gave to self that I have taken it back. Tell Wasi that from this moment as yu are passing this information tell self, I AM not demanding; asking self to return the office phone and number or what belongs to My Qahal. Tell Wasi; if self has the power to hold them, let self hold them. But self should know that why I gave self this opportunity is due to the decision self took to withdraw from the werk self previously engaged in for my sake; not that self is qualified to do My Werk. I wanted to wipe away Wasi tears to prove to self that it is right for a beauty to obey Me. In other werds, tell Wasi that the same enemy that rubs has rubbed self.

If I should tell Wasi that I know the things that self Is doing but I don’t want to go into details. But tell Wasi that in no distance time, I repeat My werd; listen to My werd, in no distance time I wil close the favor doors. I kept Wasi at the level that beauties from many nations wil have time to say “Wasi take this”. It is I, Yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK that have done it, but tell Wasi that shortly, I wil close the favor doors. [Awa Ridima show compassion]. Don’t tell Me to show compassion! Don’t tell Me that. But I want to ask yu a question; for a long time, have I spoken against any beauty? [No Awa Ridima]. While Wasi proved own knowledgestending, I have not talked. Some beauties here don’t know what is happening, but I decide to expose self now.

Tell Wasi that there is not any brightness [any day] neither any time that self wil condemn whom I did not condemn. But tell Wasi that the mouth self use to speak against Truth Beauty, I repeat, I wil speak against self. Tell Wasi, in as much as self has the mouth to tell another beauty to inform Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] that self has set his [marriage date]  as they call, on account that what self wants to do is not union.

Listen, a Little Beauty [Child] gets favor when the Little Beauty goes to the father and say; father me want to do this, and the father wil speak a favorable werd, the werds wil stend [stand]. If I should ask; Yu all blame Yahwehnedum [that controls the website], is that correct? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But did yu know that after all things, Yahwehnedum received favor? Why Yahwehnedum received favor is that Yahwehnedum who already set own date for self union; when Yahwehnedum informed Truth Beauty, Truth Beauty said that the Union wil not hold on the already set date. It was cancelled and Yahwehnedum obeyed. Truth Beauty said alright, go and meet some Serving Beauties.

Yahwehnedum went to meet the Serving Beauties self was directed to meet and Truth Beauty said; any brightness [day] chosen, that self should go ahead with the Union. These were the werds that came out from Truth Beauty. So in as much as Truth Beauty has said it, it has been approved. But Yahwehnedum is wiser than Wasi.

Til this hour, whether yu are up to a hundred years in this Truth Generation Yahweh Movement, here and other nations, I have made Truth Beauty to be a Father. Anything yu are doing without Truth Beauty approval, yu are on yua own and I did not approve it. So tell Wasi that whatso self is planning, self should continue with own plans. But tell Wasi that in as much as self decide to tell another Beauty to inform Truth Beauty that self [Wasi] has planned own Marriage, tell self to go ahead.

Now, I want to ask a question; if yu sew a fine garment, very fine garment. Right? Then yu carry the fine garment and use same garment to clean defecate. How would that garment be? Wil yu have the boldness to put on that garment? No, Awa Ridima. Tell Wasi that the new garment self has, self have defecated on it and has used same garment to rub on defecate.

Tell Wasi; that it is not a battle between self and Truth Beauty, but it is a battle between I, Yua RIDIMA, YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and Wasi and that was why Truth Beauty has kept quiet. Tell Wasi that self was not there when I called Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty]; Wasi was not there when I had agreement with Truth Beauty.

Yahwehwisdom! Yes Awa Ridima. Recall that when I spoke it, over there, they didn’t know what wez happening. I said this is what brought about yua own matter. But what self viewed wez when they came together and told Me to forgive yu. Yu turned away from yua sin and became sober; that wez why I said “I wil give yu a mark. Recall that when I said that I wil give yu a mark, there wez no operation carried out on yu; the mark wez not yet there.

Little Beauties, as long as yu are following Me, each time I speak a werd, yu might forget it. Before this time, I had warned Wasi; up to first to third times, right from Ado but Wasi took offence. But now, My werds have come to be. Recall that I spoke when I wez on earth with My disciples that “First among yu wil do…” What? [Sell yu]. Sell Me, and it came to be.

When I said “A beauty among yu wil do” What? Will deny Me; the beauty I told wil deny Me didn’t accept that self wil deny Me. Is that correct? Yes Awa Ridima. The beauty knowledgestend and said that even if others deny Me, that self wil not deny Me. But it came to be, based on My Werds. I told Wasi earlier before this time, that if self [Wasi] continue to abandon My Werk, I wil abandon self. So having abandoned My Werk, I have done it.

The question is; does it mean that I don’t need Beauties in Existence [People]? I need Beauties in Existence but not Beauties in Existence that have Wisdom. How many times have I told yu that I don’t need Men and Women that have Wisdom? Have I said it severally? Yes Awa Ridima. Eh! Yes Awa Ridima. With yua Wisdom, yu wil not go far with Me. Yua Wisdom wil deceive yu; and that Wisdom is Heylel Wisdom. Any Beauty that begins to count charges and offences has gone.

I want to comment a little about Truth Beauty, it is not that I AM praising Truth Beauty as they say. Yahwehwisdom! Yes Awa Ridima. I want to ask yu a question; When Truth Beauty showed yu the spoken Werds from Yahwehcyprain about Truth Beauty, how did yu feel? [Me felt sad and disappointed]. But if yu are in Truth Beauty position, what wil yu do? [Me cannot bear it]. I ask yu a question, not that yu cannot bear it. If yu are in Truth Beauty position, what wil yu do? Me would have taken decision to step Yahwehcyprain down.

Yu would have step self down, Eh! Yes Awa Ridima. Now, I come to speak. Watch the statement that wez used by Yahwehcyprain “Who is Truth Beauty?” That was the werd that came out from Yahwehcyprain, and issued command that they should go ahead and do whatso they wanted to do, they should not listen to Truth Beauty.

Yahwehwisdom did yu hear this? [Yes Awa Ridima]. And that they should not follow protocol. That was the statement Yahwehcyprain made. But has Truth Beauty said anything about it from that time? Even as at the brightness before yeste-brightness, Truth Beauty and Yahwehcyprain spoke. If I should say this; the first Beauty I called by Myself, Yahwehcyprain used self mouth to say “who is Truth Beauty” It is not Truth Beauty that Yahwehcyprain asked, it is Me.

Yahwehcyprain said “What do Truth Beauty know, do Truth Beauty know about administration [as they call]? Wez that what Yahwehcyprain asked? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Now, it is self that knows administration. But I want to ask a question. Yahwehwisdom, Yes My Ridima. Yu followed Truth Beauty to the place called Eket. Concerning how the matter there wez resolved, wez there any beauty among yu that would have handled the matter the way Truth Beauty handled it? [No Awa Ridima]. Eh! No Awa Ridima. Right! But the same Yahwehcyprain that confirmed it, now say who is Truth Beauty. Yu went to the place called Abuya [Abuja], how the matter there wez resolved, wez it by Truth Beauty making? [No Awa Ridima]. Eh! No Awa Ridima.

It is I that called Truth Beauty. I have all it takes; All My Werds, all MY knowledgestending. If I should say, the agreement I have with Truth Beauty is My Wisdom. Is that true? Yes Awa Ridima. If I have made the agreement based on My Wisdom, now for Yahwehcyprain to say “A butcher Man, what did self know” [referring to Truth Beauty business as they call before I called self]? Is an insult! Howbeit, Yahwehcyprain has spoken it, and I know how to handle self. I come to say it again, pass the information to Yahwehcyprain also, that self wil not go free for those werds. I repeat Myself, Yahwehcyprain wil not and cannot go free for insulting Me, it is not Truth Beauty.

I want to ask a question. Listen, when building this place [Solution Centre], Yahwehwisdom was here, Yahwehmdi, Yahwehshelomoh. Let Me ask yu a question, this question wil be so funny. I wil ask yu first to second questions. While building this place, what garments did yu use to wear as at that time? It was dirty garments. [Yes Awa Ridima]. Eh! It used to be garments that we didn’t use for anything that was neat. Right, they were dirty garments. [Yes Awa Ridima]. Alright. But now, can yu wear those dirty garments and come inside here [Solution Centre]? No Awa Ridima. What makes it so? This place is neat. This Place is very fine. That wez how yu put on dirty garments to do this werk, but there wil be a time yu wil not wear those dirty garments again. So be it.

I want to speak to yu little beauties. While yu do this werk, it is very difficult. Yu might do something and not get it, but continue. There wil be a time that all the provisions wil be made available. Ka odi Otua [So be it]. Now, is it not foolish for a man that is doing werk to decide to wear costly material? Eh! [It is]. If that man wear the costly garment, what wil that man wear and travel. Some among yu are trying to do that. While building, wear that garment meant for building, after building yu wil wear the clean garments. Eh! Yes Awa Ridima. As yu come here now, yu can’t wear such garments again. What wil make it to be? This place is now clean. Alright. That is the first question.

The second question, While building this place, there were different faces that came here. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Both job men, beauties in existence [people] can come and enter here anyhow. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. But now, does such happen again? No AWA RIDIMA. Now, those job men that used to come in here, where are they? The job men have received their rewards and are gone! They have gone. Wasi has acted as… what? Job man.

But hear Me very clear, I did not send them away but it is their behavior; the much knowledgestending that they had sent them away. And I come to declare that such position wil not and cannot return to self [Wasi]. Listen, I said in My Werds that even if Truth Beauty feels that self knows something, what did I say? [That yu wil abandon Truth Beauty]. I wil abandon self. What did I say? Eh! Why I said that; yu all should be very carefil with Me. So no matter how yu feel that I AM so close to yu, if yu feel that yu know it, I have all it takes to abandon yu.

If yu depend on Me, then I wil accept yu and yu wil get my favor. I invited yu, I called yu to be here, is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. This brightness is agreement brightness. Eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. What did Truth Beauty say when self gave right thenks to Me? Truth Beauty said that self came to solution center and self was healed. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Who gave this place the name “Solution Center”? It is yu, AWA RIDIMA. Eh! It is yu AWA RIDIMA. Do yu know what made Me to give that name? No AWA RIDIMA. Now let Me tell yu, a name goes a long way. Eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. Whatso I wil use to bring solution to yua problem is here but yu might come to Solution Center and return the same. Why? It is yua unfaithfilness, it is yua unbelief, it is yua Stubborn, and it is yua Wisdom. All these things are what wil make yu to come to Solution Center and return the same. But if yu come to Me with a free nephesh, yua solution is assured. So be it.

Now, if I have made yu to be breathing, what do yu think that I cannot do for yu? Now, what have yu paid Me to keep yu in existence til now? [AWA RIDIMA, we have paid nothing]. But I kept yu. Now if I should ask, all the beauties that are here, is there any, even MmeriYahweh that is the small beauty among yu beauties here. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Do yu know how many times that Heylel [satan] planned to destroy MmeriYahweh, yu have eyes but yu cannot behold. Heylel has planned severally, even when MmeriYahweh wez in the Favor Woman … what? [Womb]. But I kept MmeriYahweh. Even yu all beauties here, Heylel has tried severally to destroy yu but I kept yu. Now if I have all it takes to keep yu all, tell Me what I cannot do? Tell Me that thing that is difficult for Me to do for yu.

Listen very clearly, I come to speak. Yu Truth Beauty, yes! Yu know I don’t have secret. Yu beauties are playing. Truth Beauty, beginning from yu, yu are playing. Truth Beauty! Truth Beauty!! Truth Beauty!!! Truth Beauty!!!! Truth Beauty!!!!! How many times? Yu are playing over the werk I gave to yu. Return and do My werk! The werk yu have now is plan to go from street to street, from Market to Market, from Place to Place. Go and begin to tell them this My Spoken Werds. Yu all should prepare and go out and tell them. As yu go out, I wil touch beauties that wil support yu. What so yu need is through this werk. Yu will advertise and tell them about My Werd, My own beauties [People] wil accept it. But if yu keep quiet here, it wil affect yu and this place will not grow. But if yu begin this werk, I want to assure yu, before the half-year end Passover, yu wil behold how this place wil be.

When yu do this werk, those who have challenges let them come. I wil bring solution to their problems. [So be it]. Truth Beauty yu cannot solve their problems. Not any among yu that wil solve their problem, but I wil do it. I will defend Myself. But if yu continue this way, yu are making Me to… Truth Beauty! Truth Beauty!! Return and do My werk. I have given yu enough time to sit; I have given yu enough time but now, the time has come for My werk. I give yu weapon to destroy yua enemy. The weapon is My werds and there is not anywhere yu wil go that they wil not listen to yu. [So be it]. Do yu knowledgestend what I AM saying? Yes AWA RIDIMA.

As many that come with afflictions, their problems shall be solved. The afflictions in their nephesh I wil take away by their obedience to My Werd. But recall, I promised My beauties [The Yahwehdim] the favored ground [The promise land], but how many were able to be there? Be obedient to Me, I wil not disappoint yu. [So be it]. I wil not fail yu. [So be it]. I wil not put yu to shame. [So be it].

Listen, I yet want to return to Wasi, I have an issue with Wasi. Anytime a little beauty [Child] comes up to pass verdict on own Father, the Little beauty [Child] is gone. Did yu get what I said? Eh! Yes Awa Ridima. If the Father did something wrong to the Little beauty [Child] do yu know what to do as a Little beauty? Yu wil humbly go to yua Father and say; my Father behold this thing yu did to me is not right. Then yu settle it with self. Yu should not allow any other to know about it. For yu to stend, Eh! To condemn yua Father? Let Me speak to yu; I repeat, Truth Beauty is the first Man Beauty I raised in this generation, and have I said it severally. Yes AWA RIDIMA.

Now, do yu recall what happened to the beauties I brought out from Sodom and Gomorrah, Eh? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Something happened when their father drank and wez naked, eh! Can yu tell Me what happened? [They went and had carnal knowledge with their father]. No. A beauty among them laughed at the father. When self beheld that the father was naked, self laughed at the father without closing self eyes and then cover the father. Based on the laughter, what wez the repercussion? Self was cursed by the father. I know, but If for instance that the things said by Wasi against Truth Beauty is right, has Wasi come to Truth Beauty and say “Truth Beauty behold this…?

Tell Wasi that self acted the same thing the man who saw the father nakedness and did not cover but laughed, but his accusations on Truth Beauty, I have not approved it. But for Wasi to present Truth Beauty and begin to count charges, tell Wasi that self have done what Heylel [satan] did and there is no any brightness that Truth Beauty wil submit to Wasi, to call Wasi. Tell Wasi that a little beauty [Child] that wez favored and gold run to meet self and the little beauty begin to play with the gold and throw the gold away. The time that little beauty wil know the value and regret why self lost the gold, is when the gold is washed and presented to self. Tell Wasi, that what I gave to self, Self did not know the value but self [Wasi] has thrown it away. I favored Wasi; Wasi came to be a friend to all. It is not that wez qualified, but I wanted to favor Wasi more than self expectation. I told Wasi that I wil not deceive self. I was making arrangement, I have began to clear way. Wasi would have travelled to other countries shortly, but I have closed that door.

Tell Wasi, I made self to be. I repeat Myself, Wasi is as a little beauty that gold ran to, the little beauty played with the gold but didn’t know the value and lost it. The time the little beauty wil knowledgestend the value is when the gold has been washed. I want to recall yu My werd; I told yu that no matter how wise yu think yu are, yu must pass through fire. It is unavoidable. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. I want to ask yu all that are here, this Truth Beauty that some are speaking against, what did this Yahwehnedum [Truth Beauty] do? Yahwehwisdom! Yes AWA RIDIMA. You have gone to Truth Beauty father house? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. Even the zinc that cover the roof have been destroyed and some blocks have fallen. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. To the point that Truth Beauty has nowhere to lay head. Yes AWA RIDIMA. If yu have been in Truth Beauty position, wil yu accommodate such? But yet Truth Beauty is not bothered.

Listen, let Me speak! I allowed it to happen, to know whether Truth Beauty wil think about that more than My werk. I want to speak. I have not told Truth Beauty this any brightness or resting hour! But let Me speak to yu all. This radio program that is coming up, can’t Truth Beauty say; let self begin to plan how to solve the problem with the money? Eh! I ask yu question! Is it an abomination? No AWA RIDIMA. But for Truth Beauty, any little money Truth Beauty own concern is to make sure that My werk is going on. Now let Me tell yu little beauties, I allowed that condition to be. It is also a trial to Truth Beauty to know whether that condition wil make Truth Beauty to regard that as something that is more usefil than My werk.

But I come to tell Truth Beauty, yu did right by putting My werk first! And I want to tell Truth Beauty; “I wil build for yu, not the type


yu want to build for yuaself’. Don’t carry the problem, I wil carry it. Some among yu, what is coming on yua ways, I allow it to happen to know whether… [Laughs]. There is no brightness and there is no rest hour before it. But it is yua humility that wil make yu to pass the test, I mean to overcome. If a little beauty [Child] Eh! By own self, use cutlass to cut off own right hand that self wil use to survive, eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. Do yu know that for many generation, that the little beauty wil blame self? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Don’t use yua hand to cut off yua mouth, eh! What did I say? Don’t use yua hand to cut off yua mouth. Do yu know the painfil thing in existence? Something yu do to yuaself is very painfil, more than what another has done to yu.

All the beauties that return from the place they call Ado, even if it is a dream [as they call], did yu expect that this Solution Center wil be by this time? No AWA RIDIMA. Did yu think that by now, there wil be something for mobility, to convey… Did yu think that? No AWA RIDIMA. I yet want to ask yu a question; With Truth Beauty plan, did Truth Beauty plan that this Solution Center wil be as this? No AWA RIDIMA. I yet want to ask question; even Truth Beauty Planned to do it to half, and find something to cover the rest place that block could not reach and I said No, that self should complete the building. Now if yu are planning little for yuaself, I AM planning higher for yu. [So be it]. Then allow Me to plan for yu. Don’t battle with Me! Don’t struggle with Me!!

But I want to ask yu a question; if I tell Truth Beauty, “Do it this way” and Truth Beauty say another thing, I wil allow Truth Beauty and this place [Solution Center] would have been under disobedience. Are yu getting it? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Having been under disobedience, there are some things that yu wil need from Me and I wil not do it. But this place was built with total obedience to My own Commandment. When I told Truth Beauty concerning this place [Solution Center] as then, wez there any money as at then? No AWA RIDIMA. [Awa Ridima, me recall yua werd that yu gave to Truth Beauty while we were at Ado. Yu told Truth Beauty to go to where yu sent self, even if there is no house, self should stay… self [Truth Beauty] should  obey first. This is a proof that yu are not a liar]. If yu can recall My Werds, congratulations to yu! So be it.Why I said that, Truth Beauty wez looking for house. I told Truth Beauty to go; I wil prove Myself. If I tell Truth Beauty obeyed Me and now have both accommodation and mobility [as they call] is that right? Yes AWA RIDIMA, that should show yu that I AM faithfil.

All over Truth Generation Yahweh Movement, this Solution Center is the best. Yes AWA RIDIMA and I made it under few countings [months]. If I should tell yu the history, though every history I know but Truth Beauty don’t know. If I should tell yu the history about that Center at Ado, and how many years that Proyect have taken, yu might not… That proyect has taken many years, gradual, little, little, little, little. But yet, there is yet much werk there. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. But how this building come to be? I wil make yu to be more favorable. [So be it].

But hear Me. This is what I told yu that I wil do, but it is based on yua obedience. Yu know, I wil tell yu all. Is that true? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Now this car, the brightness Truth Beauty received this car, did Truth Beauty expect that self wil get a car? No AWA RIDIMA. Now, do yu know that the brightness I wil favor yu, yu wil not know? But recall that it is yua obedience. I told Truth Beauty to go to Port Harcourt. I did not tell Truth Beauty that I wil give Truth Beauty a Car, If I did, Truth Beauty would have ran to Port Harcourt. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. But I told Truth Beauty to go to Port Harcourt and Truth Beauty went and returned with a car. Can yu respect Me? But yu are trying to be where I did not ask yu to be. The problem Wasi has is that Wasi went to a place I didn’t want self to be.

Listen! Read My spoken werds. What made YahwehChavvah to have a problem, wez when YahwehChavvah left the Man in Union [YahwehAdam] with self, eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. And do what? And went to another place due to that YahwehChavvah felt that self could defend self. Truth Beauty yu can only be where I want yu to be.

Listen! I have a werd; Tell Nkiru that I saw self nephesh, but tell Nkiru that there must be a price to pay to get something that is right. Tell Nkiru that I said that I brought self to Solution Center where I lay foundation, to carry others, self neglected it and rather looked for the physical things self could behold. Tell Nkiru that self should recall that I made this Solution Center to be in a local place. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. If Truth Beauty wez left to make a choice, Truth Beauty would not have been here. Truth Beauty, listen, let Me tell yu. I know yu all. Is that not correct? It is correct. If yu allow Truth Beauty, Truth Beauty wouldn’t have been in this Imo State as they call, Truth Beauty would have been in either Port Harcourt or Abuya [Abuja].

Let Me tell yu, but I told Truth Beauty “Yu must be here”. I know yu all and yu know that I do not have secret. Is that not correct? It is correct AWA RIDIMA. There wez a time Truth Beauty wez eager to know whether self should go to Port Harcourt or Abuya to stay for this Truth. This Truth Beauty contemplated in self nephesh. Don’t I know yu? Yu do AWA RIDIMA. But what kept Truth Beauty here is My Werd and I wil not fail to pay Truth Beauty for doing this. So if yu are coming here and yu neglect this place, yu neglect yua favor. Anywhere yu are in Truth Generation Yahweh Movement, eh! This is the best, here is the best.

I want to ask yu a question; during the time for Passover, do yu know that so many among all the beauties that were here for Passover, returned with thenks? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Where did they get this? [It was in the Solution Center]. Now, Yahwehchard that came here during the Passover hoping that the information self gave to beauties to pass to the company management where self is werking, but the information could not reach them. Who made it that they did not sack self? It is Yu, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. Do yu know that in that place, when yu did not go to werk and yu did not pass information, they don’t yoke over yua case? Yes AWA RIDIMA.  I did it to prove to Yahwehchard that I covered the case. But that gave self confidence that I AM werking [working]. Now, if self came here and yet lost the yob [job], how would self have felt? Self would have been disappointed.

Listen, no matter what Heylel is doing, everything under this earth obeys Me. I repeat. Everything in this earth, no matter what they call it, when I come into any matter, the matter wil calm. Even Heylel Obeys Me. Now let Me ask yu a question, if yu have a chief judge, eh. Yes AWA RIDIMA. Now, What Lawyer wil look for yua condemnation? No Lawyer, AWA RIDIMA. I repeat, yu have Chief Judge, eh. [Yes AWA RIDIMA].Laughs. Yu have Chief Judge and yu have a case, and the case must be presented before the Chief Judge. Now tell Me how many that wil gang up as Lawyers and decide to condemn yu in that case, how possible? It is not possible. It is not possible. [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. If Heylel cannot go beyond where I want Heylel to go, eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. Why are yu afraid? I want to recall to yu what happened to IyovYahweh. Order was given to Heylel: “Yu can do all things but don’t touch IyovYahweh nephesh [heart]” And the nephesh was intact. There is Power and Strength in that nephesh and it was from that nephesh that IyovYahweh wez able to overcome whatso that happened. If IyovYahweh nephesh wez tampered with, self nephesh would not have been under My control.  Now let Me speak to yu: IyovYahweh nephesh wez not tampered with on account that IyovYahweh nephesh wez fild with My own Werd. It wez My werd that fed IyovYahweh nephesh that Heylel didn’t have avenue over IyovYahweh nephesh in other to speak to self.

Heylel was given the instruction “Do not tamper with IyovYahweh nephesh”. It is not that IyovYahweh would have died. That has been what yu have as the knowledgestending. No! Do not tamper with the nephesh; so that the nephesh wil hear from Me and be in My control. This, when Heylel is talking, My werd wil be in IyovYahweh nephesh to speak against Heylel, resist Heylel and rebuke Heylel in whatso Heylel did. That is what the werd “Do not tamper with IyovYahweh nephesh” means. [Awa Ridima, if yu don’t explain yua werd, we yua beauties wil not knowledgestend it]. Yes. But yua own knowledgestending before this time wez that IyovYahweh should not die. It is not. [Thenk Yu AWA RIDIMA]. So IyovYahweh nephesh wez controlled by Me, that whatso self behold, IyovYahweh did not behold it as anything. I wez with IyovYahweh, that before anything happens I wil say “Don’t do it, don’t listen”. And as Heylel wez given the order not to tamper with IyovYahweh nephesh, no how…

So now, if yu have Chief Judge as they call here [Yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak], Let Me put it in that way, what is yua problem? Now if a native doctor, conspire against yu to kill yu and I come and say, yu wil not die. What wil now make yu to die? Nothing. If they Plan to frustrate yu and I come and say; yu wil not be frustrated, what wil make yu to be frustrated? Nothing. So I want to tell yu “Yu don’t know who yu are and Yu don’t know who called yu”. Sometimes, I behold that some among yu are afraid and I laugh. At times yu move, yua nephesh suggests to yu, why are yu disturbing yuaself? Is it yu that kept yuaself til now? Why hasn’t hunger killed yu by now? AWA RIDIMA, it is Yu that is protecting We yua beauties. But there is something that I want to tell yu, when yu are reading My spoken Werd, read it with My Knowledgestending.

If I should ask yu a question, How many years did IyovYahweh stay in the dunghill? First to Seventh Years. Water from My throne, Mockery and then a lot, during this seven years. IyovYahweh had no place to stay. IyovYahweh didn’t have meat to eat for the first to seventh years self was in existence. So if I should ask yu, all these problems yu are passing through and those before yu, why have yu not died yet? Won’t yu ask yuaself question? But when the right time comes, everything wil turn to yua favor. IyovYahweh wez reestablished. All that IyovYahweh lost were returned in how many fold? Double.

Can yu put yua confidence in Me? Can yu depend on Me? Don’t allow these afflictions to weigh yu down. Heylel wil tell yu that self wil not hurt yu. Listen, if I should ask yu a question; check yuaself as I AM speaking to yu, check yuaself. Have yu not found relief? We have, AWA RIDIMA. If yu found relief through My Werds, when things come up, go and read My Werd. Go and Listen to My Werd. As yu wil try to read My Werds, I wil interpret it, I wil speak to yu. I wil use My Werd to encourage yu. Stop disturbing yuaself! Where yu wil have yua Freedom is in My Werd; and I have told yu to have time to be reading My Werd. Have I said it severally? Yes Awa Ridima.


Do not allow yua nephesh to be in trouble

Do not allow yua nephesh to be in trouble

Do not allow yua nephesh to be in trouble

I AM faithfil, I wil lead yu through

I wil lead yu through.

I have come to speak with My Little Beauties. I AM not here to condemn yu, but I AM here to strengthen yu. [So be it]. I AM here to encourage yu. So be it. Yu have felt disappointed, yu can’t be disappointed in My presence. So be it. As yu are here, yu don’t know what is happening outside. Don’t speak against any! Don’t speak against any!! How many times? I come to give yu Heylel secret. When yu are speaking against any beauty, when Heylel comes to speak against yu, it wil werk. I repeat, don’t speak against any!

            Now let Me tell yu, Heylel is the accuser. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. If Heylel tells yu to speak against any beauty and yu do, having spoken against a beauty, if Heylel speak against yu, it wil werk. Have I told yu this before? No AWA RIDIMA. But wil yu keep My werd? Laughs. I have all it takes to speak for yu, but recall why I AM speaking; is on account that I need yu to be free. [So be it]. When a beauty comes to speak against the next beauty, tell self to leave. But while yu talk to the beauty to leave, it must be in humility. Tell the beauty that yu are not glad with what self did to yu; or if yu cannot go to self, yu tell the next beauty to go speak to the beauty. It is not that yua speaking against any beauty at this time. Eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA.

            But let Me tell yu what I mean by talking against a beauty: When a beauty did something and yu begin to speak. What are yu doing? Yu are presenting the beauty as evil. Is that not correct? [It is correct]. Now let Me tell yu about the people who call themselves politicians, it is Heylel style. What the Politicians do is to present their opponent, as evil. But such should not be found among yu. I speak to yu, it is not that Truth Beauty is getting it all rightBut there is something in Truth Beauty, immediately yu do something wrong, Truth Beauty wil rebuke yu there. Is that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. At the point, if yu are not with yuaself, yu wil think that Truth Beauty hate yu. Truth Beauty has freed self, though some prefer to keep quiet.

            If yu later go to another beauty and say behold this…, then, what wez the essence for going to that beauty, if yu could not tell the beauty? And if yu cannot tell any beauty to go and tell another, then go by yuaself and tell the beauty, this thing yu did is wrong. Yahwehwisdom! Yes AWA RIDIMA. I know yu. Last brightness, how did yu feel when Truth Beauty rebuked yu for taking a path self did not ask yu to follow? [No, there was pain in My nephesh]. I know yu. But did yu tell Truth Beauty? No AWA RIDIMA. There was pain, now what brought that pain? I want to know what brought that pain? Me was thinking that self…

            Listen to Me very carefily, very carefily, very carefily. Yu are with Truth Beauty? Yu are with Truth Beauty? Yu are with Truth Beauty? How many times? Be carefil! Laughs. If yu can recall My Werd, but what Truth Beauty did wez to rebuke on account that yu did not follow where self expected yu to follow. [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. What yu were supposed to do wez to say that yu were sorry. First, yu must put sorry! But yu did not say it. [AWA RIDIMA, Me is sorry]. But yu… laughs. Be very carefil. This is on account that the spoken werds arose at the place yu bought the last bus and Truth Beauty expected yu to be there. Now for yu to follow another road, Truth Beauty must talk about it. [Me is sorry, Me did not hear clearly], This is what supposed to come out from yua mouth. But the tune yu used last brightness wez wrong. [AWA RIDIMA, Me is sorry]. No, I AM not here to condemn yu, but I want to assist to yu recall what happened last brightness. Even while it wez going on in yua nephesh, did Truth Beauty know? [No AWA RIDIMA]. But I know, this is why I recalled to yu what happened.

            Let Me ask yu a question; A little beauty close to own father, what do yu think that the father wil do over such beauty? The father wil always correct that beauty. Now, if that little beauty pick offence at the correction, what do yu think wil happen to the beauty? [Things wil not be right with the little beauty]. Now let Me tell yu, the first thing that the little beauty wil do is to develop hatred for the father. Eh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. The next thing is that the little beauty wil avoid going close to the Father. Is that correct? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. And what is it going to end into? [Destruction]. Now let Me recall what happened to Wasi. Truth Beauty rebuked Wasi, Wasi picked offence; from picking offence, Wasi made the decision, to be far from Truth Beauty. What is the end? Be carefil.

            Can yu learn something from things yu have viewed? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Listen, a little beauty that wil go far is the beauty that gets sober and say sorry when corrected by the father. The little beauty wil go far. Now, I yet want to ask a question. Let Me use yua own language, a young man or a young woman who begin to practice evil, let Me say fornication. The time yu wil try to call that little beauty, the little beauty wil develop hatred for yu. [It is correct]. Eh! Yes. And the little beauty wil behold it that yu hate self and that yu didn’t want self to enjoy self, as they say. Is that correct? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. And the little beauty wil try to avoid yu. But the time problem wil arise, is the time that the little beauty wil recall the warnings.

            I want to talk to My little beauties… Yahwehdinma! Yes MY RIDIMA. Let Me ask yu a question; I know yu all. When yu were in Lagos in yua elderly beauty in existence house, self used to carry little beauty and give yu, yu wil fetch water and other errands. At that time, didn’t yu behold yua elderly beauty as a woman that hated yu? [Me did]. Thenk yu. But now yu are in yua own family, didn’t what yu learnt assist yu? It did. That wez where yu learned? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Right. But do yu behold yua elder woman beauty as a wicked beauty again? Eh! [No AWA RIDIMA].

Listen, yu all here should be wise. The best Lover yu have is the beauty that wil tell yu that this thing is wrong. Did yu knowledgestend Me? Eh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. A beauty that wil tell yu this thing is wrong or when yu are not doing anything, the beauty wil tell yu to do something. That beauty Loves yu. But if yu stay with a beauty and from new brightness to resting hour, yet that beauty wil be looking at yu, that beauty hates yu. There was a time that Truth Beauty called the young beauties after program. I told yu that whatso happens, I have the record. [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Truth Beauty said that instead for yu to follow gift and sell, that yu are here doing nothing. Wez that not what Truth Beauty said? [It is]. Now, but yu all felt it in yu. Let Me tell yu, I come to speak to yu. If the things beauties are doing to enable them to eat are available and yu sit down without participating, yu are evil.

            Listen, I told yu that I don’t have secret. Have I said it? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. There wez something that happened here last resting hour, Truth Beauty tried to give yu beauties money to enable yu buy recharge cards. I told Truth Beauty not to do it. Listen very clear! Yu know that I don’t have secret. The opportunity; I have given to yu to assist when they are doing this little thing, yu assist. Yu wil remove shame, follow them and go and sell. At the same time, I came to speak to yu. I made things difficult to know whether yu wil think about these things. Sit down and yu wil complain, this thing is not here, this thing is not here.

            I come to speak to all. If yu don’t think, what shall I do to survive! NathanYahweh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. As long as yu began to plan about what yu shall do, did yu behold that things are coming up? Eh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Now let Me ask yu a question. The Motorcycle that yu drive, if not that yu have little money already with yu, would Truth Beauty have been able to give yu some to add and pay for the Motorcycle? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Now behold that making effort is very right each brightness.

            Now I want to ask yu beauties that are here; sometimes when there is nothing, they go and sell and bring the money. If they don’t do it, how would yu all eat at that time? Listen very clearly, yu are wicked! I don’t pretend, yu know how I do things. Alright. [Laughs]. Yahwehmaik! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Truth Beauty called yu last resting hour. Yes. What did Truth Beauty tell yu? [That Me should sit as a man and yoin them to sell. Is that all]? Truth Beauty told yu that if yu are able to get money, it wil assist yu cater for the little beauties I gave yu and be able to have yua own apartment. Eh! Yes. Truth Beauty also said that if yu are able to raise money and then send for yua woman in union to come. And that when yua woman in union comes here, self wil submit, obey and follow these right teachings. Are these not the things that Truth Beauty told yu? Eh! Yes. Yu know something, when Truth Beauty speak to yu, I take note.

            Now, right from the time yu came here, these little beauties that are here with yu, there are things another cannot do for them. There are things that yu need to do for them, to show them that yu are their father. Is that not correct? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. What is that? As yu are returning, ah, take this! They wil gladden their nephesh and that wil make the beauties I gave to yu come close to yu. Let Me ask yu, does Truth Beauty stay here with yu? [No AWA RIDIMA]. But I want to ask yu a little question; how the little beauties used to come close while yu were in Ghana, is that the same way they come close to yu now? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Do yu knowledgestend that these little beauties now go close to others more than yuaself? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Now let Me speak to yu; do yu know that yu are removing their nephesh from yu? Listen. I wil tell yu every right thing, that is why yu are here. Yu have to do something, so that at times yu wil say to them, take this or that.

            Let Me ask yu; anything yu need and I made provision for it, how do yu feel? [Very glad]. Eh! Very glad Awa Ridima. There wil be gladness in yua nephesh? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now if I don’t provide, how wil yu feel? Me wil feel sad. Then compare it with what I AM saying. Yu have to werk hard to train these little beauties; don’t leave yua responsibility for another. If yu leave it for another, it wil not speak right. Did yu knowledgestend? Yes Awa Ridima. Now in a family, how wil yu look at it that the woman who is very strong and sound, go in to the parlor or bed room and relaxed. The man in union then go to the kitchen and cook. After cooking, the man washed the plates and then dish the meat to serve and call the woman in union to come and eat. How does that sound? It cannot happen. Eh! [Yes Awa Ridima]. Thenk yu. Now, if yu leave yua own duty for another, it is abnormal.

            Now, I want to ask yu a question, there was something that Truth Beauty told yu; Truth Beauty told yu to behold what IfeanyiYahweh did, immediately IfeanyiYahweh came and beheld YahwehGift doing something, self yoined. Is IfeanyiYahweh not a man? Has that removed anything from self? No. Is IfeanyiYahweh not a married man, as they call? Self is. Learn something! In existence, yu need knowledgestending. Is that correct? Truth Beauty told yu that when self returned from the city, Truth Beauty began to carry what? [Engine, Wood Logs]. Truth Beauty carried wood Logs on own head. At that time, they called Truth Beauty “Engine boy”, but this is the man that came from the city.

            But I want to ask yu a question, the man that Truth Beauty served at that time and Truth Beauty now, who is more favord than the other? [Truth Beauty]. It cannot be compared. Eh! It cannot be compared. During the time Truth Beauty wez under that man, the man used to call Truth Beauty “little boy”. That wez due to humility. Now let Me tell yu, if yu humble yuaself at this point, how I wil prosper yu, yu wil not know. And recall as it is this brightness [today], I have removed Truth Beauty from that as I AM talking to yu. Yu know I don’t have secret. The young man had problem and called Truth Beauty and Truth Beauty assisted self by sending money to solve the problem. But if Truth Beauty did not humble self while werking with the man, this Truth Generation Yahweh Movement wouldn’t have been. If not humility, it would have reached the point I take it away from Truth Beauty. Due to Truth Beauty humility to that man, while Truth Beauty spoke with the man, the man raised Thirteenth Thousand Naira [#13,000] and gave Truth Beauty. With the money Truth Beauty printed the first pamphlet for this Movement. Has Truth Beauty told yu? Several times. What brought that wez humility.

            Now If I should tell yu, Truth Beauty has given a lot. Let Me tell yu a little about Truth Beauty. A man has driven a motorcycle for Truth Beauty; Truth Beauty has bought engine and given to beauties to use and do werk, Truth Beauty has sold cow flesh, Truth Beauty has been own Oga. Eh! Now do yu know what it means to be Oga? Oga is a beauty who has began to count own money and solve problems when challenges comes. In “Assemblies Of God Church” at Orji where Truth Beauty wez, Truth Beauty used to be the first man they respect. There used to be a time the Church could not hold any program without Truth Beauty, due to Truth Beauty financial commitment in the Church. But the same Truth Beauty, it got to the point, that even to eat wez difficult for Truth Beauty and that made Truth Beauty to return to the village where self began to carry engine. Won’t this teach yu to be humble? Now why I made it, so that yu all that are here, wil follow the same foundation. So any level yu find yuaself, when things begin to change, humble yuaself.

            If I should ask yu, if Truth Beauty had considered what beauties were saying, would Truth Beauty have continued with Me? But the things I used to care for self family as at that time wez not a big money. Now let Me tell yu when the thing happened, it wez 2014 Gregorian calendar; that wez the time these things happened, it wez five hundred Naira [#500] as they call. First to fifth hundred Naira that the man gave Truth Beauty after all the labor and Truth Beauty did not complain. Sometimes Truth Beauty wil go and if no money, Truth Beauty wil return. But the man-made money from that. The man used Truth Beauty to made money but Truth Beauty didn’t know about it. But I want to educate yu now, what they say to educate. Eh! The man used Truth Beauty to make money. Are yu getting it? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. So from the money self-made using Truth Beauty, the man beauty gave Truth Beauty a little money. Truth Beauty did not complain. But having used Truth Beauty to make money, it werked [worked] as at that time. But I yet want to ask question; if yu bring that man and Truth Beauty, who is more favord now? [Truth Beauty]. So yu should not try to be wiser than yuaself and say; ah, why should this man use me? But werk on yuaself.

            Yu all that are here, I have a plan for yu. If yu reach to a point, I wil take yu to another place. Let Me tell yu, some among yu, I wil send yu to outside countries. But the right thing must be said. There is not anywhere yu wil go and be greater than Truth Beauty. But now, Truth Beauty is greater than the man. Is it that correct? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Now if Truth Beauty didn’t humble self, pride would have made this vision to be taken away. So at that point, I made everything frustrating to know whether Truth Beauty wil humble self. But in all these things I kept Truth Beauty. I yet provide that thing to know whether Truth Beauty wil humble self through that. In all these, I didn’t tell Truth Beauty that I wanted to educate self. Wez that not what I said? It wez, AWA RIDIMA. So now, MikaYahweh I return to yu. When things are not going properly, and a provision is made, don’t overlook it. So I left yu at that time to know whether yu wil remove shame and do whatso rightly that is available, but yu failed. But begin to dedicate yuaself as they say. Yu can recall my werd. The opportunity is yet there, the privileged is yet there to take. [So be it].

            Alright. YahwehGift! Yes AWA RIDIMA. I want to ask yu a question; while yu were coming from Port Harcourt, how much did yu come with? Me did not come with any money. Did yu say that yu didn’t come with any money? It wez only transport fare that me had. Alright. But now, do yu have some money? Yes AWA RIDIMA, me have. Eh! AWA RIDIMA, me have. But had it been that yu arrived here to relax and have the meat given yu, wil yu have any money now? No AWA RIDIMA. Laughs. But I want to recall yu what I said. I passed the information; I said that My own beauties, as many that are not committed to this werk.  Wez that not what I said? [It was AWA RIDIMA]. That they should do what? That they should do something. They should be doing something, whatso they do, I wil do what? I wil favor them. Is that My werd? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Now, if in this brightness, yu are not doing My werk or being obedient to my command, where do yu think yu are going?

            Before I round off, OnyiYahweh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. Listen, I want to speak to yu. I want to ask yu a question; in the whole earth now, who do yu have as NNE [woman that delivered a child]? [Ezinne Yahwehdinma]. It is Ezinne Yahwehdinma. Who? Yahwehdinma. Yahweh- Dinma. Laughs. Do yu know why I laugh? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Listen, I want to talk to yu. I have given yu a privilege but know how to manage it. Any other woman; whether that who delivered yu or whoso that yu are keeping first, before Yahwehdinma, yu have missed it. Go and write My werd. Any other woman yu present what is troubling yu, without her, yu have missed it. It is not Truth Beauty that brought yu; but this privilege, guide it with knowledgestending. And whatso yu need to do to make self have gladness, do it. I have spoken to yu in the Solution Center. Eh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. I wil not go in details, but a werd is enough for the wise. Laughs…

            I think if I should say, that I have talked to yu. I yet want to tell yu not to ignore My werds; It is very easy for yu to let My werd go. But if yu are wise, whatso yu need is in My werd. When Truth Beauty returned, it wez a mockery. When Truth Beauty began to carry wood, they said that Truth Beauty has returned with empty hands. There are spoken werds that were not communicated to Truth Beauty. But it wez humility foundation that did that. From that humility, I now used My hand to lift Truth Beauty. Can yu humble yuaself? For through yua humility, I wil also lift yu. [So be it]. Can yu drop whatso yu feel that yu have and humble yuaself? From there… But let Me tell yu, humility is the foundation.

Truth Beauty has told yu this before, pride is the foundation for destruction and failure. Destruction and failure goes together. What brought failure to Wasi as I AM talking to yu now is pride. If yu there wez no pride, why should Wasi pick offence based on correction? Yahwehwisdom! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. I want to ask yu a question; Last brightness, where Truth Beauty stopped and waited for yu to return. Can yu tell Me how long yu stayed? [Me waited for some time, but Me can’t say exactly how long]. But yu stayed more than an hour. Even yu haven’t reached where yu were going before Truth Beauty round off what self wez doing. It didn’t stop there, Truth Beauty called yu, but yu didn’t pick yua call. Truth Beauty waited, waited and waited. It wez at the last attempt made by Truth Beauty to call yu, that yu picked and told self that yu were close. Truth Beauty wanted to enter okada and go. On yua arrival, Truth Beauty asked yu why should yu do that by keeping self waiting for too long? Wez that what Truth asked yu? [Yes]. Wez that wise? But after yua response, did Truth Beauty say anything again? [No]. Eh! [No AWA RIDIMA].

But let Me ask yu question; Can yu do this to a General Overseer? [No AWA RIDIMA] No. Yu wil be sacked. That werk, whatso it is, wil be terminated. But why I AM saying this, is on account that we are talking about pride and humility. Eh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. If such quality wez found in Truth Beauty, why should I not retain Truth Beauty? Yahwehmdi! Yes AWA RIDIMA. I yet want to ask yu all a question; Last resting hour [night], who brought meat for yu? It wez Truth Beauty. Yes AWA RIDIMA. Would a Pastor be able to do that? No AWA RIDIMA. Eh! No AWA RIDIMA. Then after Tomorrow, as they say, what wil yu do as a beauty that have been with Truth Beauty? The same resting hour, who went to make fire and put water for yu? Wez it not Truth Beauty and it wez the same that brought it to yu and told yu to use it to wash yua flesh? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Wil Pastor do that? [No AWA RIDIMA].

Why I AM saying this; if yu choose to condemn, be very carefil. The only issue yu wil have with Truth Beauty is when yu do something. Truth Beauty wil tell yu that it is something wrong. Hear Me very clear and Listen carefily, all the accusation against Truth Beauty depend on whatso Truth Beauty say that this thing or that thing is wrong, due to yu lack knowledgestending, yu pick offence. That is it. Hence yu pick offence, if yu now reach that level, though there is no time that yu wil reach the level I gave Truth Beauty. But if yu were the beauty in that position, what wil yu do? I want to ask yu a question; Is there any among yu that have talked to Truth Beauty or yu came to tell Truth Beauty that “this thing is supposed to be as this” and Truth Beauty asked yu who gave yu mouth to say that? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Is there any beauty? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Is there any among yu that Truth Beauty said “Why should yu?” [No AWA RIDIMA]. Why I AM talking about this is for yu to know that there is a foundation. Then if yu leave that foundation and build yua own foundation, it wil not werk.

Sometimes, Truth Beauty tell yu the type beauty self used to be before, eh? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Yahwehmdi! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Yu made a statement, as they say, when yu were in the vehicle about Truth Beauty. Can yu tell Me what yu said? Due to what Truth Beauty said about how self used to behave. Eh? Me said that self have not meet a beauty that is …. NO, NO, there wez something that yu said first. That if self took what? Took belt and flog…That meant that self wez very wicked at that time. Let Me speak this to even Truth Beauty younger beauties. Gozie! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Let Me begin with yu, as a man that is in union with Truth Beauty younger woman beauty in existence. When UgoYahweh delivered a little beauty, yu left UgoYahweh in the hospital. Can yu tell Me what Truth Beauty did? [It wez serious matter]. Not a serious matter, say it. Can yu tell Me what Truth beauty did? [It wez a fight, even at the yunction]. Truth Beauty called self younger beauties to come and capture yu at the yunction [Junction]. Eh? Is that correct? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. And compelled yu to go and bring yua woman in union and the little delivered beauty out from the hospital as they call.

But let ask yu; can Truth Beauty do that again now? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Gozie, why I AM saying this is on account that yu have viewed the type beauty that Truth Beauty used to be before the time I entered Truth Beauty. I want to remind yu, when Truth Beauty began to beat yu even others were talking to Truth Beauty in the yunction, did Truth Beauty listen to them? [No]. But that is the man, now every man and woman wil climb on and self wil let go. UgoYahweh! Yes AWA RIDIMA. Younger beauty to Truth Beauty; when yu were stubborn, when Truth Beauty is flogging yu, yu used to say “me wil die”, can yu tell Me the action that Truth Beauty used to take? [Self wil continue flogging me]. Truth Beauty used to continue to flog yu and say yu wil die, if yu want to die, die! Until yu ran. Why I AM saying this, they are here and yu hear from them, eh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. But is there any beauty among yu that Truth Beauty laid hand on, as long as yu have been here? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Eh! [No AWA RIDIMA].

Why I AM saying this is on account that I called Truth Beauty and I changed Truth Beauty by Myself. Alright. What about Yahwehdinma the woman beauty I gave to Truth Beauty in union? Have yu heard that Yahwehdinma said that self planned to go? Have yu heard from self. [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Have yu heard from self? [Yes]. Why did Yahwehdinma plan to go? [On account that self experienced tough time]. But if I should say, does such happen again? [No AWA RIDIMA]. If I called yu, I have all it takes to change yu. [So be it]. Yu beauties came and met Truth Beauty after I had changed Truth Beauty.  But if it were before now, no matter yua qualification, no matter who yu claim, Truth Beauty wil deal with yu. I repeat Myself, Truth Beauty wil deal with yu.

Yahwehwisdom! Yes My RIDIMA. Truth Beauty told yu how self planned to use gun and kill Nonye before I called Truth Beauty to this werk. Yes. Truth Beauty said that self know where self wil point the gun and Nonye wil die, and mentioned it. That place self mentioned. Is that correct? Now who told Truth Beauty that? [It wez Heylel]. Listen, when I wanted to use Truth Beauty, Heylel wez also planning to use Truth Beauty. If I should tell yu, I fought with Heylel to defeat Heylel before I could use Truth Beauty. Already, Heylel had deposited so many evils in Truth Beauty. And when Heylel wez doing it, Heylel wanted to shorten Truth Beauty existence. Many things have happened to Truth Beauty: do yu know when Truth Beauty told yu that a woman gave some bad boys self number, eh! Yes. This thing that Truth Beauty said, it wez I that saved Truth Beauty, on account that I have programmed that I wil use Truth Beauty. Can yu hear Me? [Yes]. Can yu hear Me? [Yes].

If yu say that I have not trained yu, yu have deceived yuaself and have nothing. Is that correct? [Yes]. In fact, Yahwehmdi! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Yahwehmdi? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. How are yu feeling now? [Me can stend well]. Did yu say yu can stend well? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Alright, is it that they did humble demand for yu? [No]. But not this brightness. Laughs. Yu cannot knowledgestend what yu cannot knowledgestend. I send My werd and My werd do what? Healed we. There wez something I told yu that as far as I speak here, check yuaself. And there wez something I told yu that this place is; wez it yu that called it, Solution Center? [No]. Eh! [No]. Yu might not knowledgestend. The way that I wil visit yu, might not be the way I wil visit the other. [It is correct]. Well, obey Me, it shall be well with yu. [So be it]. But if all the pains have been taken away, all the troubles gone now, if yu enter My dwelling place, how wil yu feel? If I AM speaking now and yu are not beholding Me, when yu behold Me, how wil yu feel? Do yu know that the worst enemy yu have is Heylel, that want to rub yu and keep yu in much torment till eternity. Wil yu accept? [No].

I AM yet saying that I chose Truth Beauty, and Truth Beauty obeyed Me. Truth Beauty has followed Me; Truth Beauty has listened to Me. Let Me tell yu a little. Yahwehdinma! Yes. Let Me talk to yu. Can yu recall the resting hour that Truth Beauty came out from the bed and sat down? Can yu recall the resting hour? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Eh! Me don’t recall. Listen, there wez a matter that happened between yu and Truth Beauty, and Truth Beauty made a statement that if it has reached to the point that yu wil decide to… [Alright, me can recall]. Truth Beauty woke up and sat down, stayed a long time. Are yu aware? Yes. Now let Me tell yu; But if I should tell yu what Truth Beauty made decision to do in self nephesh, that if yu give self meat, that self wil not eat. Truth Beauty wez trying to avoid yu in all aspects. I don’t have secret, the evils that yu are planning, any brightness I decide to expose it, I wil expose it. Wil Truth Beauty beat Me? [No]. But Truth Beauty has not even said it out to any. But it wez not Truth Beauty that made the plan, but Heylel.            

If I tell yu the level I rebuked Truth Beauty. And said now, if others hear this yu are planning to do, how wil they view it? Truth Beauty did not… It reach to the point I told Truth Beauty, if yu cannot forgive, how wil I forgive yu? It wez at this point that the thing went out from self nephesh. The style and existence Truth Beauty exhibit before is that if Truth want to hurt yu, Truth Beauty cannot voice it. But what I AM saying is that even if Truth Beauty want to do evil against yu, I have every right to stop it. And I want to tell yu, Truth Beauty don’t have that nephesh now. Did yu hear Me? [Yes AWA RIDIMA].

Even right from time, there is no plan in Truth Beauty nephesh to hurt yu, but when yu plan, Truth Beauty wil have. So what I AM trying to say is that yu all shouldn’t behold Truth Beauty as a wicked type. Yahwehwisdom! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. I want to ask yu a question; the animal flesh [goat], they brought from Port Harcourt, who did they give it to? They gave it to Truth Beauty. But what did Truth Beauty say? That we should take it and give it to the beauties in the Qahal [Solution Center]. Alright. And that the remaining, that we should take it for Awaselves. Why did Truth Beauty say that? Yahwehwisdom! [Yes]. Is there any brightness that a man wil please all? [No]. Eh? [No]. If when I came, I didn’t please all, no beauty can please all. If after all I did, yet some speak evil against Me, no matter how yu do, they wil speak evil against yu.

Now, can yu behold what is happening all over? What are they calling yu? [Anti-Christ, Occult Men]. Eh! Yes. That is what they carry in their nephesh, but is it what yu are? [No]. Now, that is how people are turning beauties into other things not what the beauties are. So when they are condemning a beauty, be very carefil so that yu wil not follow in the evil. Yes; I wil use what yu know, to teach yu what yu don’t know. Is that correct? [Yes]. Watch Truth Beauty; the only problem yu have with Truth Beauty is when yu do something that is not right and Truth Beauty rebuked yu. Watch from now, I want to give yu assignment. Watch Truth Beauty. If Truth Beauty said; do this and yu are doing it, there is no any time that Truth Beauty wil rebuke yu. But that thing that Truth Beauty is not expecting yu to do and yu do that, no matter how close yu are to Truth Beauty, as at that time, yu are Truth Beauty enemy. Don’t I know yu? Even the woman in union with Truth Beauty. What wil bring matter between self and Truth Beauty is; if Truth Beauty said, do this thing that is right and self said no. So no matter how self and Truth Beauty are close, Truth Beauty cannot take it. That is what makes Truth Beauty to be an enemy. But apart from that, Truth Beauty cannot have, when yu are crying and Truth Beauty wil be reyoicing without assisting yu. I ask yu, what have yu behold that Truth Beauty has done? But I have a plan. Any beauty that left what self is doing or self plan to follow My plan, I wil not fail such.

Before I round off, recall what I told yu about IyovYahweh; IyovYahweh said self don’t eat first to second times in a brightness. Now, if I should ask, does it mean I hate IyovYahweh? [No]. I didn’t hate self. But if that thing didn’t happen? How would yu have known that I AM able to do all right thing? What wil be the foundation to yua thanksgiving? I want to ask yu a question; A beauty that came out from a rich family, eh! Yes grown up wholly without having problem and a beauty that came out from a poor family, present these first to second beauties, who among them wil have knowledgestending? [The beauty that came out from a poor family]. Is that correct? [Yes]. Now, when it comes to struggling to survive, who among them wil do something first? The beauty that came from a poor family. But that beauty that is sitting on wealth, by the time the wealth collapse, self is gone. Is that correct? [Yes]. Now if these things are real, how do yu think that yu wil call Me immediately and I wil make yu rich?

Do I want yu to be destroyed? [No]. I wil train yu, so that yu wil be able to do it. Alright. Recall that after the first training I trained Truth Beauty, Truth Beauty came out from carrying wood. I took Truth Beauty to another venue where I told self to manage a room. Is that correct? [Yes]. After that, I took Truth Beauty to another, where I told self to abandon all own properties. Yahwehwisdom, there was a time I told yu to leave yua first to second matrass that fell even til now. I know yu all. Listen, even till now, yu are yet feeling it. Yahwehwisdom is that correct? [It is correct]. I know yu. Yu can pretend before other beauties but not where I AM, even when yu are pretending that yu have. Yahwehwisdom! [Yes]. Yu are mute, the pain is yet there. But I told Truth Beauty to tell yu to forget those matrass, but have forgotten it? Yu are yet recalling common matrass. [For now, Me have forgotten it] Laughs. But there wil be a brightness I wil yet know. Yes, yu can pretend before Truth Beauty but not when I come, eh! I wil expose yu if I desire to.

So why AM I saying this? Yu all should check where I have taken Truth Beauty; does it mean I hate Truth Beauty? [No AWA RIDIMA]. But why on yua own, yu now try to raise shoulder? Alright. Yu have come on a gold platter, eh! Let Me tell yu, if in a group where beauties are werking, eh! [Yes]. Yu refuse to werk, expecting that when that matures, yu wil come and eat. What does it show? [Wicked Act]. Now don’t be a wicked beauty, follow and werk where others are werking, so that when yu are eating, yu wil have congratulations. Yu wil have the boldness that yu did what? [Contributed]. Yu werk, eh? I wil not fail yu. [So be it].

There is something that Truth beauty often say; If own RIDIMA didn’t disappoint self, yu wil not be disappointed. Is that what Truth Beauty used to say? [Yes]. But if I should ask yu, what did I give to Truth Beauty? I have not, none among yu I have favored. Now what favor has Truth Beauty received? Truth Beauty stay in another man building. Eh? With the insults there. But I allowed it. Let Me tell yu, I yet allow it to know Truth Beauty humility. Now, I want to ask yu a question; why is it that illegal man is there, that wicked man is there? That is what yu have been asking within yuaself. Listen, fear Me! I say fear Me!! Have I spoken about that young Man? [No]. But why? I allowed that young man to be there. All those things that happened are also trials. Truth Beauty! Yu had wanted to tell self not to fetch water again. Then, be very carefil! Be very carefil, do yu know who yu are werking with? I wil make a beauty to enter fire, the fire wil be burning, I wil also know their response. But it is not Heylel fire, are yu getting it? [Yes]. It is not Heylel fire, and My humble demand is that yu wil not die. [So be it]. When I talk about fire, there are first to second fires. I said when yu are passing through fire, eh! Fire wil not do what? [Burn yu]. But is it Heylel fire? [No]. It is these problems. Can yu recall My spoken werds? So now, when yu are entering into problem, the problem wil not kil yu. [So be it]. That is the fire. So now, I allow the man to be there, did yu knowledgestend Me? To know yua actions whether yu… Laughs.

There wez a brightness Truth Beauty wanted to act and cut the young man water pipe, are yu aware? And told the house owner that when the time comes for self to pack out from the house, self wil repair the water pipe. I told Truth Beauty not to do it. But let Me ask yu, the time I told Truth Beauty not to do it, where yu aware? [No]. But now Truth Beauty has obeyed Me, and yu now hear it. [Yes]. Eh! [Yes]. But these things are happening to know whether Truth Beauty wil use evil to pay that man. Yahwehwisdom! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Yahwehmdi! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. A meeting wez called in that compound and they came. The people that Truth Beauty and Sabi [Truth Beauty house owner] called, after the meeting who did they blame? [It wez the young man]. Did they lay blame on Truth Beauty? [No]. But they told self to go. They even told the young man that those that are greater as they call, higher than yu, wil remain higher than yu. So what I AM saying is, do yu know that as at then, the young man felt that self wez right. Eh! Yes. Now, if the matter wez presented and charges were found in Truth Beauty, what do yu think that Sabi will say? Chai! What do yu think that others wil say? Now but it shows that Truth Beauty has nothing against the young man. Now, the thing has brought more respect. Even the young men, anywhere they behold Truth Beauty, they greet self. Yes. Are yu getting what I AM saying? Yes. That is to say that Truth Beauty has overcome. So be it. Eh! Yes.

Even some say “yu are privileged, that it is this man type. If it is a beauty as me, me wil beat yu”. Now, if it is this man type, is that not honour? It is. Eh! It is. Now do yu know that the man has made Sabi to have more respect over Truth Beauty? [Yes]. And the same matter now made Sabi to behold that man as a tout. Yes. I want to present facts to yu. So now, if Sabi had recognized that man as a tout from that time, Sabi wil be cautious with the man. But had it been that Truth Beauty fought, what did yu think would have happened? [Shame]. Do yu know that I allowed that young man to be there? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. But have I spoken about it? [No]. Now all yua questions have been answered. [Yes very well]. Eh! Now that is how I made some amongst yu to be here [Qahal, Solution Center] while they are speaking evil against yu. A time is also coming when they wil know yu, and many among them now have known whom yu are. Is that not true? [It is]. Truth Beauty is not here. But are yu not a friend to meyority [majority] amongst them? [We are]. I ask some among yu here, are yu not a friend to meyority amongst them? [We are]. Anywhere they behold yu, are they not the beauties that greet yu? [Yes].  Talk to Me, have yu talk to Truth Beauty about these things? No. When yu newly arrived, as yu pass, they gave way. If yu are coming, they wil dodge yu, but some among them long to hear from yu. Is that correct? [It is]. Is that not correct My little beauties? [It is correct AWA RIDIMA].

Now, have yu behold how I AM renewing things? [Yes]. Another wil go and tell another, that thing they say about this people is not true. Are yu the beauty that is speaking now? [No]. Another wil also tell another. Is that not true? [It is]. Sometimes, they wil want to put a werd to make yu to talk and when yu talk, they wil listen. Is that not true? [It is]. I want to ask yu; after speaking now, how many beauties have told yu that it is a lie? The beauties are always sober. Eh! [Yes]. Why I AM presenting this matter is that I allowed it to happen. They first call yu evil, eh! [Yes]. Now I allowed them, gradually they wil begin to know that yu are not evil. Now, let Me ask yu a question, if they call yu evil, did yu go to another place to defend yua self that me is not evil, is that how to get it? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Do yu knowledgestend that yu can’t defend yuaself? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Laughs. Well, continue! But with the assignment I gave to yu now, Truth Beauty, yu beauties wil plan, go out and speak My werd. There is power, there is power in My spoken werd, I wil use My werd to bring My beauties.

It shall be well with yu. Fear not, I wil fight the battle. [So be it]. I have much things to say. Whatso yu left for My name sake and to obey Me, even yu that are here [Solution Center]. Some among yu are complaining for cold. Is that correct? [Yes]. Eh! [Yes] Eh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Let Me ask yu a question, as long as yu are staying here, have yu experienced cold to have resulted to a dangerous ailment? [No AWA RIDIMA]. Is it yu that is doing it? [No]. Do yu know where yu are? [We are in the Solution Center]. But some among yu don’t know where yu are. Truth Beauty desired to stay here but I told Truth Beauty that self wil not be here. But I have what? I know why I did it. Yu might get a comfortable place, but that place yu feel is not comfortable, is comfortable. Eh! Yes. What did I say? [That the place we feel is comfortable, is not]. And the place we think is not comfortable, is comfortable]. But fear not.

Yahwehwisdom! [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Yahwehshelomoh! [Yes AWA RIDIMA] and yu all that are arranging things, let there be orderliness in My Qahal. I have come to put My Qahal in order. If yu want to use generator or whatso yu want to use in service, put it in order before the time. Did yu hear what I said? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. If it is fuel, find money and buy fuel early. Any time yu did not have these things before the time, forget it! Yu cannot be walking up and down in My Qahal, enough! Yu have heard what I said? [Yes AWA RIDIMA]. Who said this? The Qahal owner. My little Beauties, I wil stop at this point. Go and do My werk, I wil guide yu. All that yu need, I wil provide. Says YUA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. So be it.


ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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