My little children, who among you has given Me all the praisesSome of you are asleep; some of you have gone away; congratulations to all that are giving Me praises with all their heart.

Children, My word says the secret things are for those who will obey. Child ImmanuYahweh, I spoke to My servant based on what you read in their Bible that God created man in His own image and likeness; are you an image? I come to establish My children; you can’t be an image. How did these things come to be in existence? My word says the day of your Maker Yahweh cannot come until the anti-Yahwehshua is revealed; the rapture must not come until there will be a falling away. Has all these things been done? Any man that says the rapture will happen without satan being revealed is a liar; that is satan’s evils which I AM revealing now.

Child of Truth, as you were coming back home yesterday the trip was not easy but when you arrived home you were happy. Children, your trip to My Kingdom will not be easy with you, but when you get there you will be glad.

Good praise [song]:

Look unto no man, look unto no man, look unto no man.

Depend on Me.

Depend on no man, depend on no man, depend on no man.

I will be with you.

Depend on Me I will be with you.

If you depend on Me, I will ensure your freedom.

Child ImmanuYahweh, do you remember what My servant told you the other day, that you are counting month? Month is the establishment of moon. Do you know that the establishment of the name ‘month’ is from the name moon? The month you are counting is from Moslems. The word Moslem also comes from Moon. Then who among you will claim to have wisdom and knowledge? However, I told My Child how it should reflect:

  1.  1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the First counting year of our Maker Yahweh;
  2.  1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Second counting year of our Maker Yahweh;   
  3. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Third counting year of our Maker Yahweh;   
  4. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Fourth counting year of our Maker Yahweh;
  5.  1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Fifth counting year of our Maker Yahweh;       
  6. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Sixth counting year of our Maker Yahweh;
  7. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Seventh counting year of our Maker Yahweh;               
  8. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Eighth counting year of our Maker Yahweh;  
  9.  1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Ninth counting year of our Maker Yahweh;
  10.  1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Tenth counting year of our Maker Yahweh;      
  11. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Eleventh counting year of our Maker Yahweh;
  12. 1st day and night to the 28th day and night in the Twelfth counting year of our Maker Yahweh; which is the end of the year of our Maker Yahweh. Children this date and what they are counting, which of them is authentic? You have come out of the service of the Moon.  

Do you realize that the Devil has done much to entangle you? Even in the Scriptures, is it not there? In as much as My Child is obeying Me, I will reveal all that the Devil has done, as I have promised.

Can you remember that, I told you that no man has ever pictured the ‘Greater light that shines in the day’ [Sun], the Seasonal light [Moon] and the Lesser light that shines in the night [Star]? What they use to draw is snake. Have you seen it in the laptop? What can they use to capture/picture the Greater light, Seasonal and Lesser lights? The people called Scientist go to have meeting with satan and satan gives them the knowledge to establish something, left for them they have nothing to do. 

Well, I have given you My power and authority; I told you that when I finish the battle you will know whether I AM the owner of the Earth or not. As for you, walk with Me and stop complaining.

Child ImmanuYahweh, you were discussing with My servant that, the Child I AM that I AM gave you is violent: remember before I call you, there were things that happened in your life, but don’t forget that all these things are a trial. As your wife is considering what will happen to Victor[the earthly child I gave you], it shows that your wife loves Victor more than Me. If Victor ask of what I forbid and you give him, you have disobeyed Me. Do you remember that I told My servant to speak about the wife I gave to him on the pulpit? I wanted to know whether himself loves the wife more than Me.

I mandated My servant, Child of Truth, to publish the message that contains the issue of General Overseers and General Superintendents with their pictures.  This is left for My servant to choose either to do it or not, considering himself and what they will do. That is a very risky task because many people are going to read it. My servant, Child of Truth can refuse to do it to secure his life from the battle of the pastors. But as it is coming to happen with the assignment I have given him, let Me see who will win the battle.

Children, I know whatever happens to you more than yourself because I know the time it will start, how it will happen, where it will start, how it will be and the time of its solution, before it will happen, but you don’t know. Children, when satan was making mouth (accusing) about Iyowb [Job], did Iyowb know about it?  Iyowb did not know when I said to satan “go away”; did Iyowb know? Had it been you are passing through the experience of Iyowb, some of you would have crucified Me, some would have called Me evil names and many other things. It doesn’t matter what is happening to you, what matters is your faithfulness during the problem. The problem is when you die in the temptation, but when you come out of the experience and give testimony to My glory, there will be understanding.

Let Me ask you this question, Child ImmanuYahweh, all the problems you are passing through, are they up to tenth percent compared to what happened to Iyowb? Child ImmanuYahweh, how many horses do you have? How many servants do you have? Yet the people are seeing you to be wealthy. My servant Iyowb was having these things in many places, and everything got vanished in a single day, excepting only the people who came to pass the evil message. If you were in such experience, would you crucify Me? So endure, whatever that happens continue to the end.  

Child ImmanuYahweh, the children I gave you none is lost; but read about my servant Iyowb:

it reached to a point that house could not accommodate him. Himself became talk of the town: people were saying himself is evil and his maker has exposed him, but Iyowb kept quiet, It was then, I answered him. That is why when people are talking about my servant, Child of Truth, I tell him to keep quiet. What are you going to say?

Avraham had many things but did not go with any of them when I called him and himself left. Don’t you think Avraham passed through hunger? Avraham was eating garlic and cucumber, and whatever himself saw. Children, I come to tell you to sit up and follow Me. This thing that I AM doing is not the first and will not be the last: after this generation there will be another generation. There will be a falling away as there was in those days, why? Because My word has nobody to defend it. I wanted to know who will defend the truth; who will say no, this is not the truth.

Do you know why Romans succeeded in doing all these?  My word was on scroll when My people handed it to them: the people of Yisrael were there and kept quiet and their names were changed to Israel; they kept quiet and I kept quiet too. As I AM speaking to you, anytime a person comes to tell you it is not My Word and you accept, I will keep quiet. I told them that I AM come in My NAME and you receive Me not, but if another shall come in his own name, him will ye receive. I told them anti-Yahwehshua will come, but they allowed it to be changed to anti-Christ, so I kept quiet. Do you think, had they (Yisrael) have scriptures in the scroll; they wouldn’t have brought it out? They handed it over to their enemy because they ignored it [not knowing the value]: that was how it started. When you carry what somebody gives you and give it to another person you will lose it. 

In this generation I have returned the glory to you; if you choose to defend it, fine, if you choose not, still fine. Remember, I said when the time of suffering comes, you should endure. You will err when you speak wrongly or can’t endure.

I will be with you; says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach. 



Little children, you are welcome in My presence. You are giving Me glory but give Me all due glory. I want to appreciate you for your commitment to the work.

Child InnocentYahweh, I was there when you were discussion with My servant last night. It was in your benefit that the wife I gave to My servant gave you soup and told you to manage it; I AM telling you whatever herself gives you manage it. What is happening there, none of you will endure it. Child ImmanuYahweh, you came here with My servant and made arrangement to send YahwehSuccess  away, what did I tell you? I told you not to send that child away and that you and Child of Truth  are wicked. I kept quiet, but let Me ask you; did I asked you to send her away? You used your mouth to say you are fed up of YahwehSuccess; if I say I AM fed up of you now, where will you go? Do you think your problem is greater than that of Child of Truth? Only YahwehSuccess you are fed up, how many people are there in Child of Truth’s house? But if today I tell you I AM fed up with you, where will you go to? [Response: nowhere, Father] Don’t tell Me no where! Decision is good, but you have to mind the result. Suggestion is good but be very careful when you are deciding on something. Congratulations! I have come to appreciate you; you have done well. I come to tell you that you are a Child indeed, but no problem because you have taken a decision on your own: you are playing with this privilege. Let Me ask you, some of the students you were instructing in the class were stubborn, but you endured and continued instructing them; why not continue to endure with this child?  Trial might come in different ways.

Consider what I AM speaking whether it is right or not. You have proven to Me that you are a man, taking decision of your own. See the Child of Truth; all the challenges that are happening in his house, himself endures because I said himself should allow things be. Why I said it, is that, I don’t want it to stand against you on the last day; but be very, very careful, you are not working with your earthly father. Watch the Child of Truth, it doesn’t mean himself cannot decide.

My Child, Child of Truth after speaking to you this new day, reverse what you said yesterday. Withdraw the statement. The seed that any man planted, the man will reap. It was like ɋ curse but not ɋ curse. As for you here, the seed you sow, the same you shallreap. The privilege of being here, if you don’t learn here, how to be careful, I don’t know where you will be and learn your lesson again, because as I AM speaking it will make you to tremble. Child ImmanuYahweh, go and call YahwehSuccess and tell her to forgive you anywhere you have offended her; is it understood? That is what I want you to do.

Well, because of time My Child, you have much to do today on the message I send you. By your obedience of all these messages without checking what people will say, congratulations.  I come to give you a special gift this new day, this gift is sent from My Father. Child of Truth, your name is no more Yahnedu but Yahwehnedu; attach your name with My father Yahweh. But Yitzchak will remain Yitzchak; YahVictor will be YahwehVictor; the formal name Chijioke will become Yahwehoke; YahMiracle will be YahwehMiracle: that is ‘miracle of Yahweh’. Your daughter formally known as Uchechi will be UcheYahweh: likewise all of you that your names are attached to My name. Call the full name of your Father, YAHWEH, I have come to reward you for your obedience.

Do you know that only a single person will pay the price for all others to partake in the blessing? Likewise, a single person will pay the price for everybody to suffer. You don’t know what I deposited in My servant, the Child of Truth; do you ask yourself where all these mysteries are coming from? Child YahwehProsper, where Child of Truth tells you to correct something don’t try to argue because you don’t know what the effect is. Because of your obedience even if you are doing the work, don’t fear that it is much; even the messages you send to be published. 

In the messages to be published, where it is written Yahnedu change to Yahwehnedu; likewise all your names link them with My name YAHWEH. Be very, very careful: the road is slippery; I don’t need people who will work for Me but people who will work with Me. If you are working with a child in a slippery way and try to hold his hand and the child do not allow you, what will happen? [You will leave the child and himself will fall]. Yes, then you will hold him up again but his cloth will have become dirty, or himself will have sustain bruises. You people are working with a person you can’t ever know.

Child YahwehProsper, change the names in the messages and send, issue a command: Yahma should be Yahwehma; are you glad? [Response: Yes, Father]. Please Father, does this affect the names in the Truth Holy Scripture? Leave it for now; if I will say something about it, I will say it, I AM speaking to you in this generation.

Child of Truth, after My assignment, go to wherever you want to go, I will be with you. My presence, My peace, I release unto you; fear not, I will guide you. Child of Truth, I come to tell you that you will have the fruit of obedience; you have made Me to be glad. Anywhere you are going fear not, I have released My security. Don’t even think about what will happen again, I have taken over and will bring My prosperity. Because of your obedience, congratulations.

Children, do you really understand the meaning of congratulation said by Me, and not by man? Child of Truth, I appreciate you, don’t expect everybody to appreciate you; I AM proud of you. You see, even if money comes to you, you don’t behave like children; you think about your fellow servants, and the prosperity of My Qahal.  Go on with such, I have come to do something; I will see My people through. Don’t fail to do what I told you to do even when they call you names, that is the source of your reward.

Child of Truth, because of your trip, I will stop here. Round off your prayer, I will be with you: says by your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.


Little children you are welcome to MY PRESENCE.

Well I want to start by saying some of you are here but are not ready to write MY WORD; is that not carelessness? The reason why it is carelessness is that there will be a day something will happen and you will open the message and see MY WORD and remember. Even some of you that are writing; after writing you drop it and couldn’t go back to it, but if it is ordinary book of satan you go back and study them many times. Who among you use to go back to MY MESSAGES? [Response, FATHER me do it]. Yes Child ImmanuwelYahweh you do it I know but not always. 

Child of Truth, you saw what happened in the park, when it was time to make peace you couldn’t; you follow people instead. It was somebody else that made peace. I have forgiven you because of that, but you have to consider others before yourself.

Child YahwehProsper, had it been that somebody told you; you are going to stay here till now, would you have believed? [Response, No FATHER]. Why? [Response; because me is doing the work of my FATHER]. Child ImmanuwelYahweh have you finished the work I gave you? [Response; no FATHER]. You see how MY WORK is delaying? That is how My coming delays; my people are not ready. This work is not done, that is why I AM doing all I could to make sure it is done, that is what delays my coming, because of you my children.

Child of Truth, I told you to stay indoors for first to seventh days  and night; but how many days did you do that? Then I said it is alright, but I showed you how to do the counting year [month] and the whole date. That was how I told Avraham to sacrifice his earthly Child; it was only a test to see his obedience. Congratulations to you My Child. I wanted to know your obedience and readiness to carry out My instructions.

Child YahwehProsper, there is commentary that you will make, that anybody who wants to donate to support MY VISION for the deliverance of the captive and the whole earth should contact you people.  Well, Child of Truth, I don’t have much to say but I have told you what to do. As many of you that are ready to follow me can’t regret it; but as many as follow satan will regret it even if satan give them all their need here on earth.

NathanielYahweh, you said you expected ME to talk to you, what you did; did your Ruach tell you, that you have done well? You are the cause of everything that happened last night. The female beauty of life of your Maker Yahweh, YahwehSuccess, carried a bag and said to you, let’s go, let’s go, and you followed without asking whether herself have finish putting things in order. What female beauty of life YahwehBuzor told you, is it not the truth? It is what YahwehSuccess told you that you do. It is true, it shows practically. You people should do this work with MY KNOWLEDGE; if you don’t have the knowledge ask ME to give you and I will do it. My servant made a commentary about you and said you don’t know satan; do you remember? [Response yes, FATHER]. Even you NathanielYahweh move to rebuke. Have I told you any day to do evil? Have I any day told you to speak evil? Have I any day told you to practice evil? It is for your benefit. A child that the earthly father is correcting always will hate the earthly father until the earthly child grows and realizes what was done.

In summary, when you were going to the so called school at the early stage, is there any of you that did not call your teacher a wicked person? Most of you even cry in learning how to write, but who is benefitting it now? Who is really wicked among you? You are accusing the person that told you what is good. Do you know that you have restitution to make to the so called teachers? Because most of you have called them evil for teaching you what you don’t know.

Let me ask you; do you see there is the need to go and say sorry to all the teachers that taught you during your school period? Who can tell you all this? Those you are not able to see, open your mouth and ask me to forgive you of the evil speeches you have spoken against them, and I will erase them. Well, I will not go into details.

Child ImmanuwelYahweh listen, do you know that it was not My servant that told you to go to Abuja; do you know I have told you that for long? This is not a mandate of telling somebody whether you will come or not. My Child Yahwehgrant called the Abuja people and was telling them if they are prepared they should let you know before you people will come. That is not what I told you to do. Let me tell you, warn everybody in this Movement to mind how they talk and ask questions. Say exactly what I said.

Child ImmanuwelYahweh let me ask you, the work I told you to do, are you doing it the way I told you to do? There are a lot of distractions in your house; so can you tell Me you are doing it well? I know why I told you to go there. Do the Truth Holy Scripture so that the people who are demanding for it will have it.

Before I conclude, there is need to print MY MESSAGES and give to servant in teaching area. They should be teaching it; and using it to make notes. Have you seen the TRUTH LETTER WORDS? How many of you are making effort to put them into  practice? You are still writing on what I told you not to write; don’t you know that is what you will use in writing? Make effort and let Me see.



Little children you are welcome in MY PRESENCE, good new day.

You are singing you are highly lifted up, let me ask you how are you going to lift Me up? Are you going to lift ME up with your two hands? It is your total OBEDIENCE to MY COMMANDMENT that you can lift ME up.

Well Child Yahwehnedu whom I named Child of Truth, I come to tell you something, congratulations. You and My Child ImmanuYahweh were speaking about the family after which you ask him, do you people have something to eat? But something covers it off after himself had left you still call him back to know what is happening but himself said that all is well. That is a test to know whether the little you have you will share it or ask your fellow servant to go and pray for ME to provide. Do you know that you should have failed the test; had it been you did not call? You people should be very, very careful about whatever I provide for you. My Child InnocentYahweh also spoke of a problem and you helped him out.

Children, the way you reason when test arises is different from the way I reason. When something is happening if you don’t have the heart of the Ruach, your thought will be your own. I come to tell you to have the heart of the Ruach.   

Little children congratulations. There is something I come to edit this new day, Child of Truth made a comment that ‘the personality that is exposing them [Pastors] is their Maker” before I proceed, personality is derived from ‘person’, are you addressing me as a person? Tell them that “it is their Maker that is exposing them” that is why I said when you want to address Me, call ME by MY name YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH, and call My FATHER; YOUR MAKER YAHWEH, I AM THAT I AM.

I have not much to say, Child YahwehProsper, congratulations. But there is something to add; the commentary should be added to Child of Truth commentary. Put this “what made the man that carve idols Native Doctor or so called Juju-man to be called an idol worshipper? Is it not because himself worships what is carved or molded, it has mouth but can’t talk, it has eyes but can’t see. All the designs in their churches have mouth but can’t talk, the fire in their logos they design can’t burn, their logos can’t move. The devil has worked on them to take over their churches in their registration with Nigeria [Nigeria Coat of Arms] and the devil have claim over them.

Ask them since they have been reading their Bible; do they see anywhere it is written that churches should register with the government [world]? For this reason I declare to them that all of them are idol worshippers. Tell them that; that is why every church institution is built according to the leadership of the devil that is why there are titles, leadership and politics in the churches.

Are you writing MY WORD?  Child YahwehProsper are you telling ME that MY WORD is lengthy? No!  Are you telling My servant, the Child of Truth? Had it been that you know whom is speaking you wouldn’t have spoken: I heard your commentary ‘it is lengthy’ so I will make it to be short. Children I will stop at this point

Children it seems to be that you turn my interaction with you to be a play I AM a merciful FATHER, but it is not everything I tolerate. Go back, today I AM done with you people says by YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH.  [Message continues after a break].

Well children, I AM asking this question to My servant, Child of Truth, but I AM asking it to all of you. Child of Truth when I took you to MY THRONE in MY KINGDOM, do you realize that MY GLORY did not allow you to see MY FACE? If you people understand, you wouldn’t have done this. I have forgiven you, but let this not happen again; how many times have I told you not to be careless? There are times I say write MY WORD; you may not know the reason, remember I have been warning you people that there will be a time I will stop speaking to you. Go and read history of the people: the people I told that such and such will happen, but they were careless and refused to check it, and it came to pass. How many times have I told you people that I AM not a comedian? I said I AM dividing this world; is it not done? Your own belief can’t stop MY WORD but it will be difficult for you in the end, so you better sit up. I repeat you better sit up so that you will know who you are working with; I AM not your earthly father. You people should take note.

Do you know that even satan fear ME with trembling? Fear with trembling! Be very, very, very careful, how many times? You people have established speaking carelessly even when you are doing MY Work, you speak carelessly. When you are doing the work and issues arise, you stop the work and start putting mouth. Mind you I AM not a respecter of any person. If you people say you are working for me then other people have done more than you but have missed MY KINGDOM.

Choose this day who you will serve. Choose this day where your eternity will be. It is now that you can decide where your end will be. But hear you MY WORD, I can’t change MY STANDARD for any reason. This matter is not about YahwehProsper; all of you should be very, very careful. Remember I warn you today. I have told you the issue is not doing the work but OBEDIENCE to the owner of the work. Remember I told you to position yourself to count your words. The only thing that will make you to speak much is when you are speaking MY WORD. But let it not happen again; says by YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH.


Little children you are welcome to MY PRESENCE. You are singing I AM has made me glad, do you believe that I AM made you glad? On the 7th day of last week my Child YahwehProsper speak a word against ME after everything MY Child sought MY presence by avoiding eating food; this shows the heart of a little child, even though I said I have forgiving him. I sent My Child, Child of Truth to come and tell him that I have forgiving him. Let ME ask you people, how many among you seeks MY face when I rebuke you? I have come to appreciate him for that; do you know that what himself did is written as a record in MY book? Children, this is MY Qahal: you people should be very, very careful because anything you do is recorded in My book whether they are positive or negative actions.

Did you listen to the message I gave to My servant, Child of Truth yesterday? Do you really know that MY own knowledge is beyond man beauty of life’s research? Let ME ask you question, do you realize that some of MY disciples I did not mention their names in terms of rebuking or correcting them? I AM asking you; do you really know? But that is best known to ME, I will not go into details. There are some people I don’t rebuke or correct. Go and do your research on that. Any person that depends on ME for correction; I will correct them. I don’t have much to say so that your brethren going to Garden of Truth Knowledge will have time to prepare and go. MY own people that depend on ME; I will deliver them from all the bondage of satan.

Child of Truth, you came out last night to pray to ME to deliver people from satanic bondage. That was good; whenever you pray for the good of others, there is no way evil will come on you. But if you say you don’t care or it does not concern you; their problem will tress you come. Have concern for other people’s problems and I will have concern over yours.

Child of Truth, I show you last night in a revelation where satan was saying that “the Righteous Man has empowered you and there is no way they can penetrate”. Go and deliver the captive.

I promise to protect as many that are committed to MY work; says by YOUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH.


The Qahal [Church] of Our Redeemer YAHWEHSHUA ha MASHIACH

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ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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