I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach say to Paul Rika that, I’m disappointed in him. I raised him to gather my people all over the earth and prepare them for rapture, but Paul Rika has disappointed me by discarding some of my messages which I sent through other people. Even when I corrected him through the people I sent to him, Paul Rika castoff my message of correction to him. I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, have closed the door of the ministry I gave to him. I raised him to bring all the people I gave messages and revelations together, to prepare my people for rapture, but Paul Rika discarded me by feeling that himself has it all. Paul Rika is presently working for Me; Paul Rika is not working with me.

Through all the time of my early disciples, none of them refused ‘thus saith Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach’. The wisdom of man has failed. If you want to see Me Paul Rika, what you should do is to return with immediate effect and follow this movement. I have changed my programme. Paul Rika has not kept my commandment which says ‘If you love me, keep my commandment’. Paul Rika has not kept my commandment which I sent to him through other people. No matter the level he finds himself, I still see him as a child, but Paul Rika has proved that himself is a father not a child.

I have, therefore, decided to work with those who see themselves as children. Every child will submit to the authority of the father.

Rika and his ‘Holiness Revival Movement’ do the following things which are against my standard:

[1st]   They discard some of the messages I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach send to the earth through my chosen messengers, because of discrimination  and man’s verdict[The word of Our Maker Yahweh through Yeshayahu, 55th  chapter,8th and 9th verse, The 1st word of Our Maker Yahweh through Shemu’wel [1stSamuel],16th chapter,7th verse].

[2nd]   Rika and his ministers lodge in hotel when on outreaches. Neither I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, nor my early disciples lodged in the inn as it was the case in the Scripture days. In all the missionary trips of my disciples, they only lodged in the houses of their brethren [Acts of Ruach Ha Kodesh[Acts] 10th chapter,5th and 6th verses, 16th chapter,15th verse, The word of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach through Paulos to Philippians,2nd chapter, 22nd verse. All the preachers who lodge in hotel are proud; they seek for ease and worldly pleasure.

[3rd]    Rika and his people go with armed escort. I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach see anybody who carries arms as a murderer. So the preachers who go with armed escorts or guards are going with murderers.

I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, declare to the earth that neither I, nor my disciples went with escort, and we never used any physical arms to defend ourselves. When Petros tried that, I rebuked him [The Goodnews of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach through Yahchanan, 18th chapter,10th and 11th verse]. Even when Paulos ministered in the hostile zones of the gentiles and was beaten up severally, yet Paulos did not hire the defense of men. Those who do such as going with armed men are trusting in the arms of flesh.

[4th]    Rika and his movement adopt the pictures of white man they call Jesus. They are liars and idol worshippers for that. They involved themselves in mocking and saying that that image and personality is Me which is a lie. I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, declare to the earth that when I was on earth, I did not place my image or photograph anywhere and no one has ever pictured my face or stature. All that is imaginary pictures people draw, I am not the one, and all that adopt and adore that will end up in hellfire [The 5th Book of law of Our Maker Yahweh through Moshe, 4th chapter, 15th and 16th verses].

[5th]    Paul Rika encourages people to buy and sell things on credit.

I have already warned in my word, that my children should not owe any man anything [The word of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach through Paulos to Romans. 13th chapter,8th verse]. Anybody who owes debt, no matter the thing and time of the debt will end up in hell, if rapture or death occurs within the interval between the debt and settlement. Therefore, any preacher that counsels people to buy or sell anything to anybody on credit, no matter the interval or amount of the debt, is working against me.

When I sent my messengers to Rika, to inform him about his errors, Paul Rika failed to see my authority in the message, but only addressed himself as a senior man, who cannot be corrected.

Therefore, I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach give this warning to Linda who I have changed to Fortunate.  Warning to her, I love her. Warning! Warning!! Warning!!! to her. Linda whom I have changed to Fortunate is discarding most of my messages because of her husband, Paul Rika. Tell her that marriage ends here on earth. Her husband, Rika has missed his way, by feeling that himself is now a father no longer a child.

I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, declare to ‘Holiness Revival Movement’, that I have faulted the foundation of the movement.

Paul Rika is misleading people by encouraging them to buy things on credit. I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, say that any preacher that encourages people to do any transaction on credit terms is working against me and is leading Nephesh [souls] to hellfire. I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, commanded that my people should not owe anything to anybody. If anybody dies with debt or in the event of rapture, no matter how negligible the debt may be, will send the debtor to hellfire. People should not owe at all, because the time of their death or rapture, is not in their palm.

I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, declare to Rika and other preachers and Christian leaders that, any church or religious organization that owes is condemned by the standard of heaven. Such a church or organization will end up in hell fire.

“Holiness Revival Movement” is mocking me by saying that people are now doing business with encounters and messages. They are mocking me by mocking the messages I give to people.

I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, declare to the earth, that I have faulted the foundation of “Holiness Revival Movement World Wide”.

I can see that Rika is wise, but his wisdom is like the wisdom of Pharaoh. When I sent Moshe to Pharaoh, to let my people go, Pharaoh hardened his heart against my message, because himself felt him had the wisdom and the authority over the people, so Pharaoh did not see my authority in the message I sent through Moshe. I removed his staff of authority over my people and subdued him, I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, therefore, say to Rika, that I have closed the door of the ministry I gave to him.


Also, tell Paul Rika that I said that himself is not afraid of Me by capturing the people who I have given messages or granted encounter by dedicating them to idol. Tell Rika that I Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach said that I will fight him. Tell him that I said that himself is not afraid when himself hears My messages. Himself works against My messages in order to make people to believe him. Tell people that are following Rika that I said that as many as believe him will be doomed in hellfire and destruction.

Tell as many as I give message who are handing it over to Rika to return back to Me in True Goodnews Revival Movement and follow My instructions. Tell them that I Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach said that I can see them making idol to themselves. Tell them that I send them to go and deliver My message, but I did not tell them to go and show themselves to the earth. Tell them that I did not tell them to show to the people what they see or demonstrate with idols and strategies which they are using now.

Tell him [Rika] that I AM coming to fight him and I will defeat him. Tell Rika that instead of him to submit to Me, instead of him to listen and hear My warning, himself is working hard to convince people not to believe My word in True Goodnews Revival Movement. Tell him that I will release sickness upon him. Tell him that I will allow satan, the devil, to attack him with sickness. Tell him that I AM still the Maker Yahweh who made heaven and earth. Tell him that I AM not with him anymore. Tell him that himself is a disobedient child. Tell him that I don’t go with disobedient children. Tell him that when satan disobeyed in heaven, himself was cast down. Tell him that when Adam sinned against Me, himself was driven away. Tell Rika and the people who put their trust in him that I have driven him out. Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him that I AM giving him another serious warning. Tell Rika that I AM not happy with him. Tell him that himself is not afraid of Me by speaking against My servant, and by speaking against My Own Qahal. Tell him and all the people who I gave messages that himself has captured them, tell them that I AM using True Goodnews Revival Movement to produce things on My Own that have My mark and My covenant.



I know you more than you know yourselves. Listen, My Child, Chika. I have visited you in your house in another dimension. I AM not counting on the things you have done before but you did a great thing today that is not too common. Listen, when I ministered to you to go and carry the male beauties of life of your Maker Yahweh’s clothes and wash, it was a test. But you obeyed Me. I AM not talking about any other thing but what you did has determined a lot. Yes, you can do a great thing and because of that have hope for My reward. But you may not get it. I will reward you on that you call little. As I AM saying this, so I will send somebody to help you with uncommon thing. Listen, Child, Chika, by washing the clothes of your brethren, you washed My clothe. I AM here to give you the benefit of obedience. I AM here to give you the benefit of humility.

I told My children that I AM taking My Child out from where I kept him to another place. Chika, I speak to you this day by My Own power and authority that the church you have given to Me is where I will stand to call other meeting. You see your brethren you see here, any other meeting they will visit you here. For now, I Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, the Owner of True Goodnews Revival Movement, have established this place as a place I will use to gather My other people. I AM not doing this because of you but because you washed My clothes.

Listen, men should know how to provoke Me to action. If you provoke Me, you will see Me in action. Listen, as your brethren gather here, after this meeting, they will go back. I want to tell you that I will bring them back here in this city. I declare that this place will be the headquarters of True Goodnews Revival Movement by My authority. You don’t deserve it. But you challenged Me. You washed My clothe. I will wash you. Your foolishness has made you to be a wise man. But you don’t deserve this. But that little test did it. But I want to bring it to the knowledge of your brethren here, including My Child, Yahwehnedu, that when you see your brethren, learn how to wash their clothes. You are not washing the clothes of that person you see, but you are washing My clothes. After all, do you know the mission I sent you here?.

Listen, I will establish My Qahal here. Other people will come here. From here, I will locate a large place where I will establish My Qahal, but I will start from here. See, other material which you bought for the recording of My work, I will bring it back here. This is where it will be used to produce CDs. My Child, ImmanuYahweh, My Child, Yah Grant, fear not. I choose this land for a purpose, for My Own reason, but I AM bringing you people to this city very soon. This place is a place where you will be going out to tour other places of the earth with My Word.

I AM Your Maker Yahweh. There is no any day I will change to be a man beauty of life. Chika, I want to ask you questions: Did you ever think of this any day? Listen, Let Me tell you what you don’t know. That is how people who do not think of salvation suddenly experience My Salvation because I have prepared to save them. Did you wish I would have established My headquarters of My Qahal here? I don’t know whether you are getting what I AM saying? What I AM promising you? That is how the world do not even believe that I will establish My Own standard here on earth, even, the devil. See, there is confusion in the world. I mean great confusion. Children, unite and do My work. Do My work. Do My work, says Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.

There is no time again, I AM taking you people to My kingdom. But you don’t deserve to be in My kingdom but I decide to do it to prove to satan that I AM Your Maker Yahweh. Because all of you chose to obey the devil without checking up to know, yes. Yes, all the people who defended Me when I was sued to court, Noyenrem sued Me to court, this is the time I have come to reward all of you. Himself will be hearing about My Own Qahal but for now that land, because they have discarded Me, I AM taking My Child out of that land. I AM bringing him here in this part of United Nations of Truth they call Abuja.

My Child, Chika, salvation has come into your house. Likewise, every one of you. Child, Emmanuw’el Yah, get yourself ready. Buckle yourself up. I AM bringing you out. My Child,  Yahgrant, buckle yourself up. Arrange yourself. I AM bringing you out. Every one of you, receive My handwork. I AM not a man. I AM Your Maker Yahweh. I AM doing things the way they please Me. True Goodnews Revival Movement is My Qahal. But Chika, be very, very careful with Me. I have granted you a privilege but if you play with it, I will decide otherwise. I don’t have a permanent office. Do you hear what I said? I don’t have a permanent office. If you play with that  which I have given to you I will take it away from you and go to another place. That is why I AM Our Maker Yahweh.

Of course, you know that other churches have states of stay. Do you know why I call My Qahal True Goodnews Revival Movement? Listen, this thing I mentioned, none of you can understand why I made it to be like that. But you may understand it with your own knowledge but I know you don’t know. How many states have I left to finally visit you? Look at My Child ImmanuYahweh, My Child was with him for how many days? But I left him. I decided to come to you. Listen to Me. Listen and listen and listen and listen very, very well. This privilege, it is a great privilege. But don’t play with it. 

Listen, I AM bringing My QAHAL into another dimension. People will see My QAHAL [Church] Live. Listen, I give you people My heart. My heart is a heart that does not compromise. My heart is a heart that does not fear anything. Fear not, fear not, fear not, saith Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach. My Child, ImmanuYahweh, listen, the message about the entanglement of satan, the devil, through the Bible. Don’t prepare any other message. Read it. In terms of explanation, explain it to them. My Child, Chika, make sure that the message is recorded tomorrow.

Power belongs to Me. Do you know why I AM laughing? Even among all of you here, none of you knows Me. None of you knows what I can do. You are only sensing that I can do this, I can do that but you don’t know what I can do. I AM telling you that I know all of you. No man beauty of life can know what I can do. But before I do whatever I want to do, I will test you to know you. Now I want to ask a question. When I sent Avraham to offer his Child, did I tell Avraham that there was a blessing by his corner? I didn’t tell him. But it was when himself obeyed that the blessing was released. Chika, when I told you to go and wash the clothes of your brethren, did you know if there’s anything I wanted to offer you? After washing it, you spread it, ironed it very well. Do you know that when you were doing the ironing, I was by your side watching you? I was laughing. I was there with you. But you can’t see Me.

Children, take pleasure in the commitment of your Father. Listen, like I told the people of the world, all they have been taking pleasure from the centuries past are the gifts of satan. My Own wealth, nobody has ever tampered with it. My Own riches are packaged; there is nobody to take it. Do you really understand that My Word says that My Own blessing maketh rich and adds no sorrow? That is the riches I AM coming to give you people.

Children, I have much to say but I will stop at this point. Congratulations to all of you. You have found favour in My eyes. As you are coming together to build this ark, learn from the people who assisted Nuach in building. Many of them built but they did not enter. As you are building, focus to enter. I repeat, as you are building, focus to enter. Listen, many are coming, in fact I want to declare to you that from now till the end of this year crowd will overtake you. But it is not crowd that will see Me. I repeat, it is not crowd that will see Me. Why? Some will believe, some will doubt. Child, Chika, I gave a message to you. I told you that if you believe 99% you did not get it right.

Ah, I love somebody. My Child, ImmanuYahweh, I love you. You are a Child. I see your commitment. I see your readiness to obey Me. Listen, let Me tell you. Learn how to answer the fool at the earlier stage. I should repeat? Learn how to answer the fool at the early stage. Because at the early stage, you will be a fool but later you will be a wise man [Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope of a fool than of him the word of Our Maker Yahweh in Proverb through Shelomoh, [Prov.]18:7]. Do you know that I chose to be foolish at the earlier stage? But at the end I was known as a wise Man. Do you know that people have called you people a lot of names? But finally, they will see My wisdom in you. As many as have used their mouths to speak against My Qahal, you will see how they will bow.

Child, Yahwehnedu, when you are going back, go and arrange things. Well, heaven is a surprise package. My Child, ImmanuYahweh, listen, you people will have meeting tomorrow. Call as many as believe this truth. My Child, Chika, tomorrow, you will bring out pen and book. Make sure you collect all the numbers of the people here and their names. The work has begun. Listen, don’t stress yourself for the printing of these messages. Do you understand Me? You people should learn how to put them in audio immediately and spread them. And when you are doing it, don’t fail to put into it the covenant “We are saved by the Blood of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach” in the CDs. Listen, whatever you are going to produce now, be it books, pamphlets, seal it with the covenant. AM I understood?

Then, another arrangement, you will now plan about Garden Of Truth Of Knowledge [School]. Listen, I have made you people a peculiar people. Do you hear what I said? People will bring money from that money that satan claims as his own. I will use it to establish and I will use to produce My own money. Do you know the name of the money? True Foundation Money. You know, I told the earth that I will use this Movement to divide this earth into two. They were asking questions. I have done it yes I have done it. Children, do you hear what I said? I have done it. only let this message spread now you will see what will happen. It is better for man to follow Me when I AM speaking. Whether you argue or not, I will do what I want to do. Whether you believe or not, I will do whatever I want to do. That is Me. So, congratulations. I AM bringing you people into My Own covenant. I have delivered you from the covenant of that enemy, that idiot. I will stop at this point children, pray and sleep, says Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.


My Child, Chika, you see what happened today, how men are so wicked to Me. A man beauty of life who I delivered. Himself gathered his people. They came in order to give thanks to Me. But they chose not to be patient to hear My Word. They were more mindful of going back to their houses. But, they did not even consider that the sickness could have resulted into death. Do you see how men beauties of life are paying Me for all that I did for them? Can you see it with your eyes? Very wicked a man. If they were invited for a burial ceremony, or for wedding, they would have wished to be there till the whole ceremony comes to an end. But because it was the time to listen to My word they could not wait. Then I want to ask you. Do you think that I honoured that thanksgiving? My Child, Chika, I AM talking to you. Do you think, as holy as I AM, that I honoured that thanksgiving? I did not honour it, inasmuch as himself chose not to obey Me. Okay. No problem. But there will be a day you will remember Me.

See, I AM still where I AM. If you want to go anywhere, I AM standing where I AM standing. After everything, you must look for Me. Listen. What they came to do today was only for an assignment, ceremony. Do you understand what I said? only ceremony! Well, I AM a merciful Father. All of you, including Yahwehnedu who I AM speaking through, does not merit whatever I AM doing. But why I AM doing it is that I want to prove to satan that I AM still Your Maker Yahweh. Why I AM doing it is because I want to prove to satan that I have power. I want to prove My Own power and authority. That is that. Even as I AM doing it, listen, very, very clearly, not all of you will have access to My kingdom. You will decide to be foolish in order to enter into My kingdom. But if you chose to be wise, forget it. but what you people are calling wisdom, I call it foolishness. But what you call foolishness that is what I call wisdom.

Well, this is a very big lesson to you My Child, Chika. I AM not Maker Yahweh of celebrations. Do you hear what I said? If I deliver anybody, let that person come, even without gift, to say thank you to Me. I will appreciate it. Do you hear what I said? I will not go into details about the commitment of this man beauty of life today concerning this thanksgiving. If I go into details you will marvel. Do you know that if not for My glory, in My Qahal today, do you know that satan and his demons came to the Qahal today? Do you really know? But there was no space for them. If I tell you, there are thousands and millions of demons that were outside the Qahal today, but you cannot see them. Their properties filled the bodies of those that came for the thanksgiving ceremony. None of you can not understand what I AM saying. But I rebuked satan.

Well, My Child, Chika, you have found favour in My eyes. But I will repeat what I told you last night, don’t play with this privilege. You see a man beauty of life who I healed, himself has played with what I gave to him. I gave him life. You see, I mean, why should man beauty of life use evil to pay Me? Why, what have I done to deserve all these? Well, My Child, Chika, I want to ask you a question: yesterday, you see that your brethren were not able to record the message as you wanted despite your instruction. What was your reaction to this yesterday? You were not happy, only because of that little thing. Then, think about the whole world speaking against Me, and the worst part of it is that they will stand, using My name to speak against Me. But I have been patient with every one of you. I want you to understand the kind of love I have over you. Yet I AM communicating with you people. Yet when I delivered you, you returned the glory to the devil in the name of giving Me thanks.

How many of you that have not call the names of idols, Monday to Sunday, January to December, as they call them? But I was patient with all of you. Here I AM. I AM telling you people and this is what I AM telling My Child and all of you, learn how to be patient with every body. Don’t count offences. If anyone provokes you, only free your mind. Ask Me to forgive that person. Ask Me to deliver that person. Don’t ask Me to kill. And ask Me not to destroy. I AM not a destroyer.

Well, My Child, Chika, you don’t know what I did but you are yet to see what I did. Do you remember a particular man beauty of life, when himself received the invitation of My coming, thousands and millions of people were expecting Me, to see Me. But something happened. The man chose to go extra miles to see Me. The man beauty of life climbed on the top of a tree to make sure that himself saw Me. But when himself was climbing that tree, himself was seen as a foolish man. People were laughing at him, mocking him. But because of that action of climbing the tree that himself took, himself encountered Me. It is a mystery. But I want to tell you that the same thing is still happening today. It will take man beauty of life to climb tree for him to see Me. But the crowd will be expecting Me, however, in the midst of the crowd, only few or a single person can see Me. Others will only go back like that with stories.

Little children, behave like children. My Child, Chika, hand over My Qahal [Church] to Me. Allow Me to use it to do whatever I want to do. You may not understand. You and your family, your wife, your earthly children have found favour in My eyes. All of you here who wishes to obey Me, who wish to follow Me, congratulations to you. You will see that righteousness exalts a nation. The righteousness which I have produced to this nation will exalt this nation.

Don’t worry, know that all of you, I know your problems more than as you know. Do you know why I said more than as you know? Let Me explain it. I will explain it to you. Do you know what will happen this night? Is there any of you that can explain what will happen this night? But I know whatever that will happen to you, all of you, till the end of this year, even till the end of your life. But the only person you can explain is the person that you are seeing now. So, that is why I know more than you.

Whatever you are seeing, listen, and learn how to be patient with Me. See, let Me tell you. Do you know why you are having problems? If I decide to train you people on My Own, you will tag it satanic. You feel that everything should be going smoothly. No! See, if you are My child, if you are following Me, whatever you see, pause, I want to use it to do something. But I know that all of you is wishing that everything should be alright. If everything is alright to you, what then will you tell another person, eh? Will you tell another person that everything needs to be well all the time? That time do you have message? You don’t have any message.

Ah, ah, well, My Child, Chika, I want to tell you My mind. I’ve told you that I AM bringing Child of Truth here in the city. If you know what is good to do, do it. if you know what is right to do, do it. As for all these My servants, I will bring them here. This is where I will be taking them to many places, including you. I repeat, including you. Once again, including you. Listen to Me, I didn’t call you to stay here, controlling here, no! I will be taking you from place to place. So get yourself ready. Anywhere I AM sending you, be ready to go. And let Me tell you.

Tell as many as who will come across you what I mean. Most of them feel that it is for them to use this message and change their Church, that is not what I said. Do you hear what I said? They must submit the Church and whatever they have to Me to control it the way I want to control it. And I AM ready to send any of them to another place. That is what I mean. I don’t mean that they should stay there, using this message to correct their churches. Having their own names is not what I said. I AM not mincing words. And whatever they feel they can do without doing this, they are doomed. I hope I made Myself clear? But as for you, who chooses to be foolish while others are wise, congratulations to you.

Listen, let Me tell you. My covenant with My servant in True Goodnews Revival Movement is quite different. I have a covenant with him. People are raising eyebrows. I want to ask you a question, My Child, Chika. Since you have been going around, have you heard of any day that announcement was made that people should come together in I AM that I AM’S own Qahal [Church]? Have you heard it? With authority, with command, have you heard it before? Thank you. You should then know that I AM the Personality that is speaking.

Yes, some will tell you that their church is okay. They will tell you to come to their church, but for an announcement like this to be made, it has never been done. For Me to stand boldly to say that I don’t have any relationship with the government of the world, have you heard it before? Don’t you see My authority? Do you think that I AM a comedian? If governments have power to fight Me, let them come and fight Me. See, I want you to go back, replay “The Cry of the Masses” when I was telling them that if they have power they should prepare, that I AM coming to fight them, go back and listen to that message. I gave them notice to prepare themselves the way they know they can prepare for a battle. Whatever equipment they have, even that which they have not yet produced, they should go and produce it. That is what I mean.

But the only weapon I have is My Word. Do you understand Me? And go to the 1st Book of the Law of Our Maker Yahweh, you will see that what I used to establish this earth was My Word. I have come again to use My Word to achieve whatever I want to achieve. Listen, Child, I have divided this earth. All of you should unite together for the reprinting of My Scriptures. Spread it. I have brought out My Own Holy Scriptures. I have condemned the Bible. I have brought out my Own Date [calendar]. Don’t you see disagreement? I have brought out My Own Garden of Truth Knowledge [school]. What do you need again? I have called you to come out to produce your own products. What again do you need? I have divided this earth. If you don’t know, I want you to know it now.

Now, as you are going, you will see who will win this battle. Listen, very soon, I AM going to give a message to Buhari. A serious message to him. Don’t worry, let Me see who has the power and who has the authority. Let Me see who owns this earth. Let Me see who made this earth. Let Me see who paid the debt of man beauty of life. You know the problem that you people have? You don’t listen to Me. If not that I have decided to do it, by now, My Child, Yahwehnedu would have stopped on the way. This mystery about the Holy Scriptures wouldn’t have been today. Yet you are still going round.

Well, every one of you should celebrate. Salvation has come. Deliverance has come. Freedom has come. You will see now as you are going to exalt Me, you will see what will happen in your life. Children, I will stop at this point. Children, have enough time with your Child, Chika. Discuss. My Child, ImmanuYahweh, My Child who was discussing with you, get close to him. Do you hear what I said? Open his understanding. Himself is an instrument to Me. Do you hear what I said? Himself is an instrument to Me. I AM bringing My instruments which the devil has captured and kept in his own camp.

See, the devil sent them to school to learn how to speak against Me but that wisdom I will use it to fight against him, the devil. Whatever the devil has produced here on earth will be used to work against him now. You may not understand what I AM saying but I want to declare to you that you are untouchable. Any where you are going, feel free. Listen, the devil is a liar. Himself is a deceiver. Himself makes people to carry gun as security guards to guide other people. Fake! But do you know how many security guards that I released that are guiding you? Eh? You can’t see them now. I have released a very strong security guards for you. Even when they are using their gun, it is rubbish. But you see, even when they have security guards, kidnappers will still come and kidnap somebody before the people who carry gun. Accident will occur and destroy them. Then, where is their security? What then is the essence of guarding somebody? Is that not foolishness? Children, I AM asking, is that not foolishness? But I have clothed you with My Own glory. You may not understand.

Child, Yahwehnedu, as you are going back, I demand the sticker of My covenant. Let that be produced immediately. And whatever you need to correct in the message, do it very fast. Listen, you may not understand the dimension I AM going now. You may not understand. I AM telling you that crowd will overtake you people. You may not understand. And My Child, Chika, hear this. Inasmuch as I have decided to stay here, you will summon people who embrace this truth. There will be a meeting. Plan for outreach. Do you understand what I said? I will raise people who will support it. Then you will see what will happen. I will stop at this point. Be glad in the presence of your Father. Be glad in the glory of your Father. Be glad in the price which your Father has already paid. I have given you people open cheque, says Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach. Amen.


Tell My Child, Chika, that himself should send text messages to the people who have believed this truth. Every one of you should meet in the Qahal today’s later part of the day to have a meeting. Tell them My standard. And what I demand from them. Tell My Child, Chika, that I Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach said that I have seen his mind but I don’t want to allow only him to be a partaker of the blessings alone which I brought into this place. Tell him to call all his brethren, even all that believe this truth. As they are having meeting today, they should discuss how they would make provision for My Child all that is needed for him to live. Tell him that I said that all or whatever himself is using there I will ask him to give it to somebody. Tell him that I said that they should plan and find a place and fix it in order. As they are fixing it in order, I AM going to fix them also in order by Myself.

Tell him this, that this is the time I have come to prove to the world that I AM Your Maker Yahweh. Tell My Child, Chika, that the place they designed in triangle should be sealed and write at the entrance of the Qahal “I AM SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF OUR REDEEMER YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIACH. This is what I said that all the Churches who have believed Me should go and write this at their door posts but they failed and return back to their former place. I AM really out to do My work. Children, be glad, your Father has taken over I AM THAT I AM’S property. If I takeover My property who is going to have the benefit of My property? My Own children! After the prayers, then you will arrange for later day program, but have full time with the Child of Truth here, point out things to him. Thank you children! As you are going back, you will have the last meeting by next week at Amala. And that should be the last meeting. Well, children, congratulations.


Tell the earth that I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach said, they should not listen to that robber, that thief called Umah Ukpai. I did not call him.

Tell him that if him does not stop deceiving people, I will disgrace him. Tell the earth that I said, they should not believe him. Umah Ukpai is a thief, a dupe and a deceiver. Umah Ukpai is using his magic to deceive people, Umah Ukpai is not serving me.

Message of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach to T.B. Joshua

Warning! Warning!! Warning!!! to T.B Joshua. What I did to him is not enough for him to submit to my authority. Tell people who are with him that they will share in what I will do to him. Warning to people who lodge in his guest house. Tell the people of the earth that T.B. Joshua is an agent of Satan, I did not call him, T.B. Joshua is deceiving people.

All the magic himself is doing will lead him to hellfire. I am calling him now to repent and return to me, I love him.

Message of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach to Lazarus Muoka

Tell the people of the earth that Lazarus Muoka has never been my servant .the source of his power is from marine kingdom. The marine spirit called him and Muoka entered into covenant with him. Warn the people who believe his magic that they will be destroyed.

Tell the earth that as many as take the apron and handkerchief of Chosen are initiated into marine camp.

Tell the people of the earth that all the pastors who charge them money to solve their problems are in pleasure with their money, they should not patronize them. Tell the earth I am on My way coming.

Tell all the pastors that I want them to come together in “True Goodnews Revival Movement” to prepare and package themselves for my coming.

Tell the people of the earth that they should be wise, the issue of not withdrawing from the bank without government approved I.D cards is part of the mark of the beast.

Tell them to be wise, the issue of voters card and registration is part of the “Anti Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach Movement” to manipulate on them.

Tell my people that those who are leading them before now are agents of satan, they are leading them to hellfire.

Tell my people to be careful, the free medical treatments they are giving to them are not free. They dedicate it to camp of darkness. Ask the people on earth, whether sicknesses are not increasing more than before. Every gift of satan is attached to something. Ask the people on earth whether the stubbornness of their earthly children now, is it how it was before. Every gift of satan is to entangle people.

I love My Child Kumuyi. Tell him to prepare, his days are numbered. Tell him that, when himself started with the truth, himself fought against the gifts of satan; flashy things like television but man’s suggestion has made him to permit it. I moved him by my Ruach so that it could be destroyed for me to introduce my own. I condemned it because of football, love making and other programmes that corrupt the mind. Kumuyi later used it to show himself. Ask him, when himself was not preaching on television, was my word not growing?

Tell him that his days are numbered, that I preserved him till this moment for him to repent. Tell him, himself should adhere to this movement and release all that money himself has in the bank and support My mission in this movement.

Tell him that I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach, said, if other pastors will not obey Me, himself should obey me because himself is a Child indeed, only that himself has missed his way. Kumuyi should return and also return My people to Me. Kumuyi preaches that I’ m coming soon but himself does not know that I’m on the air now.

Children, the people on earth does not understand My action and My anger. When I saw people who turned my father’s house into a business center, I turned away everything I saw there and chassed the people away. I have come again. All the people who use My Father’s house as a business center, I will chasse them away.

These church founders and their pastors are the people who turn My Father’s house into a business center. Children, I want to tell the people on earth that if the churches in the earth are not into money making business, why do they choose to make people promise, when they don’t have the means to redeem it? Why do they choose to dump millions of money in their account? Even when they have such huge account they still impose levies and promises on people. Some of the churches have more money than the Federal Government. They accuse different levels of government of being agents of Satan and not caring for the poor. Yet Federal Government and other levels of government pay their workers but these ones hoard money for themselves and do not care for the poor around them. Even the Federal and State Governments, as they call themselves, I want to address them by what they call themselves, are not worst than the pastors.

The pastors have caused confusion in the world more than the Government. They are the ones who ask women to put on trousers while I condemn it, they tell women to plait their hair while I condemn it, they tell people to go to their altars, because they are not My own, to wed and wear rings on their finger. They tell people to wear costly materials which I condemn, they tell people to dress to look attractive while I have condemned it. They initiate people into marine kingdom using the fake saviour’s name JESUS. They get their powers from marine kingdom, I know many of them bury virgins under their altars, and many of them go to witch doctors to receive charms to operate in Jesus not in My original name.

I want to ask the world question, if they were Me and see all these things, and the people working against them, will they allow them to continue? If they will allow such people to continue, they should also know that I will allow these pastors to continue, but if not, I announce to the whole earth that I have closed down all the churches in the world. It is only this “True Goodnews Revival Movement I have approved.”

I want to say that I am saying all these things for the world to look and see the truth in my message, because I am the Maker Yahweh who created the heaven and earth. So, children, I have many things to say. My eyes are on pastors. Yes, I can see pastors going back to their churches to defend themselves against the messages I give against them and their churches. They warn their members against obeying Me.

I have given warnings to the General Overseers and Church founders and their Pastors. They are like Pharaoh who hardened his heart.

I have visited a lot of them with accident, sickness, and other afflictions which they had not experienced in their lives before, yet they wouldn’t understand. I want to tell them that as I pulled My people out of Pharaohs hand, in the same way I will pull my people from the pastors. That was how Satan used to be in My own Qahal, but he rebelled and started his own church in disobedience. The Pastors are following the same way. I want to repeat to the world that my own Qahal [church] cannot be divided, it must be single.


Children, do you know that Satan does not use money to achieve his visions? What Satan does is to introduce his vision to the world and people will adopt the idea and support it with their resources, even those who claim they are My children will also spend their money to sponsor such vision of Satan. But now I am calling people to bring their resources together to achieve My own vision, how many of them are complying? They are rather being very intelligent, asking a lot of questions and being very careful not to be deceived by an evil spirit. Some are saying it is not from Our Maker Yahweh. Children, now I’m sending you out to the world, to tell them to promote My end-time programmes with their resources.

My reason for giving this message today is for you to tell My children that they should bring their resources together to achieve My programmes. Tell them that whether they say the person I’m using is deceiving them or they see that I am speaking to them does not matter to Me. If they disobey Me, that place they are afraid of going, they will go there. Why Satan chooses to punish those who disobey him here, is to intimidate them, so that they can obey him. Tell them that the punishment of Satan is only but little and for a while but My own punishment is severe and everlasting. Tell them I am the personality that introduced hellfire and not Satan. That is why I said “Fear him, which after hath killed, hath power to cast into hellfire.”[Goodnews of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua through Lukas, 12th  Chapter 5th Verse]. Also “ if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee; it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having first to second [two] hands or first to second [two] feet to be cast into everlasting fire”[Goodnews of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach through Mattityah, 18th Chapter 8th Verse].

The people on earth is not mindful of losing their position in heaven. They are busying themselves to secure position here on earth. All the positions they are pursuing here on earth is not their own. The devil uses it to occupy their hearts. People commit sin in order to have children on earth but they don’t fear to lose their position in My kingdom.

Can the people of the world explain the mystery of death? When a man beauty of life  dies the man beauty of life is totally separated from the earth. After acquiring all the wealth himself leaves them and returns to dust. I did all this for the people of the world to consider their ways and return unto Me yet they wouldn’t understand. Those who have the money, when they stop breathing they leave it and return to dust yet they won’t understand. Some people will kill their fellow  mankind  to sacrifice to Satan in order to get wealth yet they die and leave their wealth behind. When somebody dies the blood and water in the body cease to flow. The people of the world does not ask where those things go. When somebody dies his own cars are left behind and people look for another car to take him to mortuary as they say, that is good for them. When somebody dies the person is separated from his loved brethren, even when people see a figure that looks like him they run away because himself is separated from them for life. Tell the people of the world that any stranger who lives in a place and is comfortable there without thinking how to build his own house, the day the community will push him away, himself will understand what himself has done to himself.

I said that I am passing verdict to the world bit by bit. They should look into My word and see the truth. “I am the way the truth and the life” [Goodnews of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach through Yahchanan, 14th Chapter 6th Verse]. Anywhere the truth is, there will be life. Based on My verdict to the world, somebody can see life and also death.

Do people know that the symbol of triangle is a logo from the pit of hell? Watch all the modern buildings in towns and cities, they carry the pattern of the triangle. When Satan introduced his own idea people grab it fast without checking up the source and spirit behind it. The symbol of triangle in any product whether building, cloth, food or other materials is the logo of Satan. It is introduced from the pit of hell. Any product of Satan on somebody makes him a child of Satan. Children, I am not a comedian. Every word I give is true, it is for somebody to accept it or discard it. But I want to tell the people of the world that I have the original copy of all the messages I am giving out to the world, they are all in My file. Those I give the message may not be able to get it word for word but My own record is perfect and it does not take Me anytime to retrieve it.

I want to tell the people of the world that as I am passing verdict on them bit by bit very soon I will conclude My verdict. Thus, said Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach. I promised the earth that I will supply all their needs according to My own riches in glory. The question is, have all their needs been supplied? No. The money they are using now originated from Satan but MY OWN RICHES NO BODY HAS TOUCHED IT. That is why I am calling My own children together so that I can separate them from the riches of Satan and introduce My own riches to them.

Tell the people of the world that I, Your Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach said because of suggestions of the devil there are problems in the world. Do people know that before this time men’s hair used to grow high? I have come to tell the people of the world that the implication of men beauties of life shaving their hair often is that Satan takes away their authority. The issue of barbing salon was introduced by Satan to take away the destiny of men beauties of life. Do men beauties of life know how many demons that surround each barbing salon? The pictures showed in barbing salons originated from the pit of hell to show different styles of hair cut. Do people ask where their hair is kept after barbing? Their hair is used to manipulate on them. Satan has nothing good to offer. Tell My children that they are seeing it as normal but it is not normal. Tell My children who have barbed their hair in the barbing salon to call Me to deliver them. If they don’t have all it takes for now, to cut their hair without going to the barbing salon, they should always pray and cancel all powers of Satan operating in the salon before and after barbing. They should not go to barbing salon carelessly.

I want to ask those who always ask questions against My message; does the people of the world understand the mystery behind women and some men beauties of life  tying [plating] their hair? Even when My word says “NOT WITH” they change it to mean “WITH”. Before I go on, does the people of the world understand that any animal tied with a rope is up to something not good for it? When an animal is tied its authority is taken away, its freedom is removed, its movement is restricted, it becomes a prey to the person who tied it, so it can be used for food or sacrifice. Why do people choose to tie themselves with the rope they do not know where it comes from? The devil chose to do that because the head is important to any mankind.

Therefore, I tell My children not to find it difficult to leave their hair as the way I made it and if it grows too long, they should cut it low but must not shave to expose the skin of the head [scalp]. Whatever excuse they give against this standard is from Satan. So tell the women beauties of life not to plait their hair at all because it is the rope of Satan. Satan uses it to tie them as slaves.

Thus saith Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.

Me wish to call back the attention of the people of the world to the first message me delivered concerning the hair in which me told people that the women beauties of life could weave their original hair. Me appeal to the understanding of the people that it was due to man beauty of life thinking as at then, until Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach corrected me and directed me to correct it. Though it has since been corrected through subsequent messages of Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach but Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach reminded me in this edition to address it specially, to clear any confusion those who heard the first message may have, especially as it comes from the same source. So then me call the people of the world to be careful with those who tell them to weave their original hair or plait with something else. It is not from Our Redeemer Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach.


The Qahal [Church] of Our Redeemer YAHWEHSHUA ha MASHIACH

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ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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