Little children, good new day little children. Are you ready to receive My word? Yes! I ask you a question. Well, you were expecting Me yesterday that I will speak, I was unable to speak, does it mean that I cannot speak?  No Father, well that is how people are expecting to see Me in the other side but I decided not to follow where they are expecting to see Me. Of course I will use what you know to teach you what you don’t know, I don’t have much to say. Now, all the words you are hearing and speaking are the deception of the enemy through his agents. For instance, there is a deception Satan introduced during the time of their so called wedding.

A person will go and buy a plastic and use something to wrap it up, you may receive that gift hoping that it is something that has value, but as the person is coming to you, the person may buy that thing little money but coming to you, him will eat more than what himself offered to you, true or false?  True Father. That is exactly what the devil did. So all these things devil introduced, are the establishment of the devil to deny you your real thing, the quality thing you have. So, the man that wrapped the gift, may buy something of 100 naira, 200 naira, true or false? True Father, but the person may eat more than a thousand naira that is exactly what the devil did. But when you look at the thing they used to cover the gift, the thing looks attractive, children is it true?  Yes Father, but being attractive, does it mean that the thing inside is attractive?  No Father, yes of course I will teach you because I AM your Father, that is exactly what the devil deed.

Tell My children all the words, bring them together: that was the creation of Satan through his agents, is it understood? Yes Father, now listen to My word, when you want to establish the DWELLING  PLACE OF AWA MEKA YAHWEH, even their Bible established it. [Response, yes Father], then bring all the quotations that backs it up. Yes of course whatever I tell you it is truth.  Yet, Me asked question, people that are very wise that told you that it was changed;  Is it not their statement?  Yes Father. I want to ask question, can a man change his car when his car was giving him a good service?  No Father, Can a man change his cloth when his cloth is giving him a good service? No Father, can a man change the door of his building when the door is giving him a good service? Can such be done? No. Okay, I want to ask question, in time of husband and wife, you are living in a good term with your husband or wife even those that remarried though it was not My plan, can the man think of remarrying another woman when him is living in a good term with his wife?  No Father, so children this is a question. That is to say that there is an event that happened because My children left Me, refused Me, denied Me and accept their enemy.

Laughs; I was here yesterday children when you were discussing;  My child Yahwehmdi was making a statement of a man who proposed to a woman to marry the woman. The woman looked around, because the man has nothing and then decides on her own to leave the man though it pained the man but by the end of the day the woman never know that the man will be blessed but who will suffer it, is it the woman or the man?  The woman.  So tell My children that deliberately left Me that it is them that will suffer it and that is what they are doing now.  

Well, on the resurrection day I put a word in the mouth of My servant Child of Truth, Child of Truth told you the disagreement between YAHWEH and GOD and himself gave you an illustration that when you put oil and also put water inside it, they will not agree, the water will go straight down, is it true? Response, yes Father, do you see that there must be a demarcation? But when you see that thing, you will be calling oil. It is when you get inside it you will be able to discover, likewise fuel and water.

There are some things you will see without knowing that it is brass but it is a magnet that will dictate that it is not iron, Yes Father, by then you will see that there is a demarcation. And no matter how you are trying to use a magnet to make them magnet on brass it does not work. So no matter how man tries to blend YAHWEH with God it does not work. Well, I put a word in the mouth of My servant Yahwehnedu Child of Truth, that it is only the people who produced fake products, have fake product, as you are coming to buy the original, since they don’t have it, they will tell you that it is the same, is it what Child of Truth said that day?  Yes Father. Now let Me ask you, is there any of you that has not experience it?  We had. They were trying to convince you to buy their own product, is it not so?  Yes Father.

Now, so the white people brought their idol and told you that their idol is the best, they equally told you to have it to advertise their product, is it understood? Yes Father, now they told you that Jesus is the Son of God;  So Jesus is the Son of idol what else, Jesus is the son of God and God is idol. Go and read the history of Jesus also, Jesus is still the Son of God,  Don’t contradict issues, they told you that the identity of Jesus according to them, that God is a spirit. When I came, I came in My Father’s name, now that word came from My mouth, is it true? Yes Father. I came in My Father’s name but they told you that Jesus is the…? Who said it, is it Jesus? No Father, it was when they were introducing their deity. Now when I spoke to Yahwehmoshe I told Yahwehmoshe that this is My Name but they told you that God is …, is it God that said it? No Father.

Children are you wise?  Father you made us wise. Now you know that God is an image that is the reason why God cannot speak by himself, Jesus also is an image, that’s why he has mouth but cannot…?  Talk. Let Me ask you question, if it happens that as you are going, and a person asks you a question and says who are you? You could not answer, and a person came out to defend you, what do you think that people will ask? Him will ask you, is it you that Me asked question? Is him deaf? Is it true?  Yes Father, is himself dumb? Then allow him to speak. So if Jesus cannot present himself, introduce himself that is the introduction of men. Presentation of Jesus, presentation of God but My own presentation I said, I AM what? What I AM, I defended Myself, well it’s a mystery children [Yes Father].

Well of course, I’ve made My children to be [yes Father, thank you Father]. Yahwehshem; [Father], I was there when you were in the midst of the caucus as they called themselves, do you know that their qualifications and their studies disappointed them that day?  Yes Father. Now let Me ask question based on this, is there any man that has never realized even in My presence that their qualifications have disappointed them?  Yes Father, because none of them can stand before Me despite their studies [yes Father]. But let Me ask question, is it not a mystery that the source of the messages I am giving, the person I am using to speak, is there any of you here that did not go to school more than Child of Truth? Is there any of you?  Father there is none. But let Me ask you question, check so many times you people are writing, the facts Child of Truth will present will be far better than your own fact [yes Father, Father you are right]. Well I do things the way it pleases Me.  Children, Yes Father, obey Me, follow Me I will see you through, Amen.

Well, Child of Truth they are calling you at Rumigbo but there is something I want to say, I told you that this True Goodnews Revival Movement, I have given it into your hand, you are the first person I will ask question. When you see something happening somehow, even I have shown you some things in revelation. The continuity of that prophesy will destroy many things, is it understood here My children? Yes Father. Child of Truth I have told you to prepare message. Now watch the way I speak, each time I speak I try to give you mysteries, but however I told you that when issues are coming look into it, of course, I can use any person to speak but when it reach endless, look into it, is it understood? Yes Father! Is it understood?  Yes Father; Is it understood? Yes Father; How many times? First to third times. Child of Truth I use to speak to you, unless I decide to speak to My children and when I come, I come for a purpose, is it true?  Yes Father and after a short time I will stop and ask you to continue, is it true? Yes Father. How many times have you seen Me coming to speak on the resurrection day?  None. How many days have you seen Me coming during search the scripture to speak, how many times do you see Me? So I arrange Myself.

Child of Truth I have told you and I made it to be simple, is there any man in True Goodnews Revival Movement that will depend on you? I asked question, response, no Father, even the servants when they are having problem you use to tell them to pray, pray you are a servant pray, Awa Meka Yahweh will answer you; why? Because, none of them can depend on you. Okay, let Me ask question, if peradventure something happens Child of Truth is no more here that means Qahal will collapse. So if it reaches to the points that depending on Me through My servant lies only on prophesy, children are you getting Me? Yes Father, so you cannot have time to prepare message and give to My children?

Children, something more than…, is happening. So the beauty of life should be guided. Of course if you open your nephesh many words will come out. But let Me ask you; is there any person among you that I don’t speak to? If I don’t speak to you, tell Me, children I asked question [Father, you do speak to us]. Now, does it mean that teaching you, telling you something is what you will depend on every time? Then, if you give yourself to your flesh, your flesh will speak. I have told you this thing before,  your own nephesh will speak based on what is in you.

Have I said this before? Response, yes Father. Of a truth, no beauty of life that I don’t speak to, but watch the messages I gave to all the people I called, I say to them go and tell this person this, is it true? Response, yes Father, deliver this message, deliver this message, then, when some issues are coming, I can decide to use any person and speak, so children, I repeat Myself, that beauty of life need to be guided; otherwise, otherwise, that foundation will be another foundation, because, by so doing other people will come up with such, is it understood? Yes Father, what did I say? That other people will come up with such. And it will affect My Qahal, what did I say?  And it will affect your Qahal.

Well, I don’t have much to say, though there are some things…, Child of Truth, where I AM taking you to now, when you listen to the prophesy “I love My servant Kumuyi, pray for him, him is so humble”, Kumuyi, is himself humble now? No Father. I said Kumuyi is himself  humble? No Father. What brought humility, Kumuyi have heard My words and refused it. Is Kumuyi humble? No Father. What are you talking; do you know what humility is all about? I want to ask you question, is there any day, go and read My messages concerning Child of Truth, have I on a day say that Child of Truth is humble? Go and read. What I use to say is “your little obedience or haven’t obeyed Me”. Go back and read the messages I gave concerning Child of Truth, go back, I always say “your obedience”,  Yes Father, how many times have you heard it from Me?

Several times. Have you heard Me talking about his humility, have you heard it before? No Father. Well I am still looking up to Child of Truth to see humility in him, it’s a mystery. Who among My servants that I will say is humble? Herself said that her earthly father is very humble, how can her earthly father be humble, a man that doesn’t fear Me? A man that doesn’t respect Me? What brought humility?  Okay! for this reason I want to give you children assignment, go and search the origin of humility, did you understand Me? Yes Father, then you also check the origin of obedience. So children, Yes Father, when I was speaking about Kumuyi, I was trying to call him out that himself has missed his way, that was My statement, is it true? Yes Father. I AM using it because himself felt that himself loved Me that is why I am calling him out to come to My way but Kumuyi was not able to obey Me.

Well, Child of Truth be wise, children also be wise. Child of Truth I have told you so that wherever, whatever you are doing and hear that your Father says…, I know that, the reason why you kept quiet is that you are afraid, you don’t want to provoke Me, yet I have given you My authority and you don’t have the power to stop it, what you have power is to put things in order so that things will not go wrong.

Well children [yes Father], I love My children [Amen], go and search the origin of the name prophet. But let Me ask you question, is there any day I opened My mouth and call My child, Child of Truth a prophet? No Father, I said the servant I AM using, is it not My word? Yes Father, but have you ask yourself what made Me never call Child of Truth a prophet? Children, [Yes Father] there are many mysteries you don’t know [A voice from background, Father teach us], well I AM teaching you. Then, at the same time go and search the origin of the word “Glory”. Let Me ask you, what is My mission in calling Child of Truth? To give correction, I came to destroy the works of devil.

Children, I will stop at this point but let Me ask you, each time I AM speaking how do you feel?  Happy and relieved. How many times have I spoke to you with a harsh voice? Children, I asked question, [only when we do what you don’t want us to do], yes, but after using harsh voice on you in conclusion how do I present it children? You bless us. I will tell you that I have forgiven you and tell you not to do that again, [yes Father], that is the nephesh of a Father. Let Me ask you another question, is there any of you that I AM speaking to and at the same time laying curse on him? No Father. But mind you, any time that I AM speaking, telling you that you didn’t do this, you didn’t do this, do I curse you at the same time?

I love My children, I AM still calling My children together. As I AM speaking to you I will call you back and tell you that I have forgiven you and don’t do it again. Truly that is the duty of an earthly father and mother after flogging a child you call the child back and tell him, this thing is wrong that is the reason me flogged you. After flogging the child why not push the child out? Don’t you think that the child will see you to be wicked? Yes Father. I don’t have a stubborn child, what did I say? That you don’t have a stubborn child. But is out of your stubbornness that if I speak, speak and speak, and you don’t listen, then, I will allow you, but on the last day I will present it to you. I have told you and I want to ask all of you question before I round off, is there any of you that I don’t speak to telling you that the thing you are doing is wrong? Father you speaks to us. I will come, I will send My Ruak to tell you that what you are doing is wrong, but it is the enemy that made you that you wish not to listen to Me.

You see, if you are a sinner, you don’t need a man to tell you that you are a sinner. If you disobey Me, right there, you don’t need any person to tell you. Is it understood? Yes Father, but what I said is it true? Yes Father. But the reason I called My servant is to send him go and tell this person this, go and tell this person this. It is only when the person is now trying to be stubborn then I will send him to go back and tell that person that all these things himself is doing that there will be a day all these things will expire. Well, but let Me ask you question, Child of Truth, I asked this question before My children the other day. A man that has a car and gave that car out that all the children should drive, will that car last? No Father. But a man that handles his car alone or maybe have the only child which himself gave the car key to be driving, don’t you see that that car will last? Yes Father. Now how do you think that the owner of the Dwelling place of Yua Meka Yahweh and the earth will give key to many people to drive the wide car at the same time?

Children, is it possible? Not at all Father, is it possible? No Father, do I want to destroy My handiwork? No Father. Yes truly why I present this fact is for you to understand. If it reaches to the point that things are happening, taking My servant unaware don’t you see that something is wrong? Yes Father. Children, [yes Father], but I want to speak, a child that want to write a word, when writing the word will that child write it well? No Father, is it how it suppose to be? No Father. The child need a person to guide him, is it true? Yes Father. But does it mean that the word which the child is writing is wrong? No Father, but it is from that child, yes Father. But when a person guide that child, the child will know how to write [yes Father], it is a proverb. All of you here I brought you to train you but I will train you through the person who I have trained before.

Well, I think I will stop at this point Little children: [Yahwehlifted] please Father, Father me want to verify that name “Lifted” whether it is good? Well, listen and listen very carefully, the point is that,  I want to tell you to depend on me. My servant Child of Truth had told you, lifted means Yahweh lifted me, who lifted you?  Awa Meka Yahweh. Then let Me ask you a question, has not this question be answered you? Yes Father, then why do you ask it again? If you don’t hold the word, now let me break it down, what is the duty of an earthly father, is it not to make the earthly child to be higher, is it true? Yes Father. But if the child say, I made my earthly father to be high, how possible is it? Children how possible will the child say that himself made his earthly father higher? It is not possible Father. But it is the earthly father that made the child to be high by planning for the child, by given that child good position? Is it true? Yes Father. If you depend on Me “Yahwehlifted”,  you are honoring Me. The position you find yourself it is Me that kept you there.

What I said that I considered is to say “I lift you higher”. How can a man lift Me higher? Is it not insult? It is impossible. How can an earthly child carry his earthly father up? Is it not an insult to the earthly father? It is Father. But you can say “I lift your name, My own name above every other names. If you say I lift you higher above every other name, no now! It’s an insult which I cannot accept. Though they can lift God higher but it is not Me, is it understood? Yes Father, but let Me ask you, is there any wisdom in this message? There is Father. I will never share My honour with any…? Idol. But I want to point out something, check since you have been hearing “YAHWEH”, is there any contest about this name YAHWEH? No Father. My words stands but see God, gods.

Let Me ask you a question, English told you that when something is one as they call, it is singular, Yes Father, now, how do you present it if they are many? Plural, that means you will put ‘S’ there?  So that means when God is many you put ‘S’ then it will give you Gods, and when it is single it will be God, so what is the difference? There is no difference. So God has shared his glory, is it not true? Yes Father. There are many Jesus, Bar Jesus; did you read it in your Bible? Yes Father. And other Jesus you are seeing today, haven’t Jesus shared his glory? He has shared his glory. But YAHWEHSHUA the sacred name, though some due to interpretation are calling this or that but it was Me that came and revealed My name to My Qahal, Yes Father, forget others they are going somewhere but this Jesus, there are many Jesus, are you getting Me? Yes Father. Yahwehshua, there are no many Yahwehshua, the only difference is those people that are claiming they know Me but they don’t know Me so they say Yahshua, Jehoshua and all the rest but they were trying to know, that is all about it.

So there is no contention in My name, but let Me ask question, I want to round off with this. Is there any man in this earth that has a name and himself is the only person who has that name all over the earth, there is no other person that answers the name? Father there is none.

Children that is why I AM still what I AM. I have many mysteries but I want to stop here so that you people will get into the work but before I stop, you people are playing with this work, I have record of the work, what did I say?, You have record of the work. If you are coming to do My work, how many times have I warned you? I told you when you are coming to do My work keep your phone aside and do My work, keep discussion aside and do My work, have I said this before? Yes Father. Be very careful, be very careful, if you need Me to approve your work, if you need Me to approve your work, if you need Me to approve your work, otherwise you may work and will not have approval. I called you to do My work, this is the work I called you to do. How many of you will go to a company and be playing? Go to company and see how people are seriously working and if the mess-up their salary will be deducted. Be very, very careful, I will stop at this point whosoever that has an ear let him hear. As for those that want to obey Me, I release My presence, My wisdom, says by Yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, Amen.   


Little children I come to point out things. I saw what happened here yesterday when work was going on, listen very, very clear. I love every person but I hate sin and I hate disobedience. I repeat Myself, I love every person but I hate sin and I hate disobedience. I have been saying this time without number that you are behaving any how you like. I was here yesterday when My Child was lamenting, but mind you and hear Me very clear. Whosoever that cause pain over the life of My servant, I will not take it lightly with that person. Whosoever that is bringing distraction I will not take it lightly, is it understood? Response; yes Father. As I said this you may not understand the weight of the message.

If this place have become a place where whatever you wish to do, you do it. But let Me ask you question, yes! I will not use what you don’t know to teach you what you don’t know. How possible all of you that is here that you will go straight to the kitchen and dish out the meat by yourself? It is not possible. Did you say it is not possible? It is possible now because the owner of the kitchen have no value. But no matter how you are hungry, you will wait until the owner of the kitchen present meat before you. If it is not possible then, is it My own Qahal that it is possible?  Any person can do whatever himself/herself wish to do then at the end of the day you will say sorry. Mind you, I want to remind you My word. I said there will be a day that that sorry I will not accept it. Did I say it? Yes Father. Did I say it? Yes Father. Is it the first or the second time? No Father.

I have been saying this and I mean what I AM saying. If it reaches to the point, after all it is sorry without considering the weight of what you are doing. I want to ask you question, cow and the cattle rearer, which one is bigger? It is the cow. But no matter how big the cow is, the cow is mandated to be submissive to the cattle rearer. It could be a child that is controlling that cow and that cow will not be stubborn then, how much more you that say you have understanding. I gave you understanding more than animals. If animals can be submissive, what will make you not to be submissive? This is not how My followers did, they were obedient. Do you know how many years they used to senior Me physically but you read, Petros do this, do that. No problem, you have all it takes to act but I have a record.

The lamenting of Child of Truth I have a record of it, I will not accept this nonsense. I have a record of it. Well, who have understanding let him have, I don’t have much to say. I said it the other day that some of you who are answering servant; that I don’t know you. Have I said it? Yes Father. That it is you that called yourself servant. Have you ask yourself the reason for this statement: why should your Father say, if you are a servant I don’t know you? You are the one that gave yourself that name servant, yes of course. You are a servant, servant of who? Servant of disobedience, servant of carelessness. But remember that I told you I don’t have any disobedient child and I will not have a disobedient child. What made Child of Truth to be My servant till today is obedience. And I want to ask you question, had it been that it is you that I called, you would have disappointed yourself not Me.

Well, without wasting time, conclude your prayer and go to where they invited you. Child of Truth I have told you, remember what I said that if this prophesy continue that it will destroy My Qahal, [Yes Father]. Did I say that it will make other people to follow the same method? Yes Father. Something need to be done but let Me ask you question, how many weeks do you have to be in My camp? First to second weeks plus. Children how many weeks do you have to be in My camp? First to second weeks. Okay, if you don’t have enough time to be in My camp and My priority is that My children should come there then another thing is taking My children away from preparation is it wise? No Father. Why all of you are here, is it not to meet up? It is Father. To meet up to the demand. I want to ask question based on this, Nicholas, is him a servant of his own? Because this is the time I called My children to stay together and put things together and plan and as I AM telling you there is no adequate preparation. But let Me ask question, what is My vision? To destroy the works of the enemy. What AM I doing here? My vision is to destroy the establishment of satan. I have told you it is My vision to recover My own Children back. Is it understood? Yes Father. After your prophesy, yet, people are still under entanglement, is there any deliverance? No Father. I asked question, [no Father]. I AM manifested to destroy the works of satan and that is what I AM doing.

Now, like I said yesterday I will repeat it. Go and read and study the people I sent message. I will appear to them and gave them message. Yahwehchanan was to do what? Write all that was shown to Yahwehchanan, is it true? Yes Father, and send it. YahwehProsper, how many times have I written a message and say take it to some people? Many times. When I gave the message did I say any other thing? No Father. I have done what I supposed to do.

When I was talking about Kumuyi, lamenting, Kumuyi wish not to hear. Have you seen Me recently talking about Kumuyi? No Father. Have you seen Me any day mistakenly talking about the pastors? No Father. Have you ever seen Me recently talking about the people that have an encounter? No Father. Take My word because their time of grace has expired. The time I gave to them to return to Me has expired. I have a fixed time for everything. Child of Truth you wanted to go to Ohanebo Aloysius, I told you don’t step your feet there again. When you wanted to go and see Margret Amure I told you don’t go. The time has gone. So the time of grace I gave to them have expired because I have passed them, then, if they need Me now, it is them that will run and come and meet Me. This is exactly what happened when Yahwehchanan was lamenting but they were making yest of him until himself went far; they started looking for him. They started looking for who? Yahwehchanan. But the message was close them. It is them that will run now and come to Me [Amen…]. But as for you to go to them again, the time has gone. As for Me to talk about them, the time has gone.

I want to declare to you, none of them is My child. After all, do you know the damages this people have done with their master the devil? Then if I said, Kumuyi is My servant, I love him, AM I not contradicting Myself? You are Father. AM I a God himself is preaching? No, no, no, no. AM I the author of bible himself is preaching? No Father. AM I the Maker of Church? No Father. Then what are the evidences to prove that himself is preaching My word? I was saying it in the beginning so to see how him will come out for Me to deliver him. And remember the day I gave you people My name, I said any other name they are calling is faulted, is it what? Is what? Idol. Then how can I say this and return back. AM I contradicting Myself? No Father. And mind you, it is absolutely impossible for first to second drivers to control a steering at the same time as they said, first to second drivers to control a steering at the same time. Is it understood? Yes Father.

Well Child of Truth go, Yahwehshem follow, YahwehProsper you will also be there. Others should stay doing the work as you can but don’t waste time. All the people I gave message in the Scripture was go and deliver this message. Let Me ask question, is there any of My servant that depends on prophecies? No Father. I asked question. No Father. Even My servants I send them away to go and preach, is it true? Yes Father. When they returned back they were telling Me the testimonies that was done by My name, what was My response?  That they should not be glad because of the miracle that was done through their hand but that they should be glad that their names are writing in the book of life. So whatever you are doing reyoice not now.

Then why should I tell them that you cannot go without Me? I AM picking points for you to understand. Child of Truth, I was here when Child of Truth was saying it yesterday. Is there any of you that will call Child of Truth to pray for you that Child of Truth will not say pray, you are a servant. Have you heard this from Child of Truth? Yes Father. Why not Child of Truth tell you okay let me pray? It is a training for you to know that you are able to do that. For you to know that you are not different. For you to know that you are still a child. If My servant, that is a person called My servant will depend on prophesy, what makes that person to be My servant? Now let Me ask you a question, don’t you people preach, give exaltation or message when Child of Truth is there? We give. Then why shouldn’t everything come from Child of Truth? It is alright but I will conquer My enemy [Amen].  So conclude your prayers and go so that you will come back and do My work. Prepare, go fast because of the programme, there is no time. Are you aware that there is no time? Yes Father. Do all you can do, don’t waste time and don’t have any discussion. Return back so that you will see how you will meet up with this target. Is it understood? Yes Father.

I will stop at this point. [thank you Father]. Conclude the prayer and go. I will be with you. As for Nicholas, hear from the wife and hear from him then if Nicholas do not behave like a servant treat him as a person that is not a servant. I repeat Myself, if Nicholas do not behave like a servant, treat him like a person that is not a servant. That is the word I said, some of you are answering servant but I don’t know you. I will stop at this point. Take My word if  Nicholas do not behave like a servant treat him like a person that is not a servant. How many times did I say it? First to third times. I am not a respecter of any person even as I AM speaking of course you know Child of Truth that I AM using even if himself derail I AM not a respecter of any. And it is an insult to Me. It is a disgrace to My name. It is a mockery to My name. Any person that make mockery of My name I will make mockery of that person. Any person that make yest of My name I will make yest of that person.

But mind you, your own mockery to Me will be small but I will endure it but no person can endure My own. I repeat Myself, I will endure your own mockery, your disgrace, whatever you wish but you can’t stand My own. For you to understand, have you seen people who speak against their government? When they were speaking they were happy. [Yes Father]. But by the time the government comes on them, what will be the condition of that person? Pitiable, miserable etc.  Then if the so called government can act like that know that I can do more than that. Only that all of you don’t know what I can do. All of you even Child of Truth, you don’t know Me. None of you knows Me and what I can do, you don’t know what I can do. Let Me ask you a question, some counting ago, Nnamdi Kanu was making noise all over the place. Talking anyhow Thinking that nothing will happen even when I sent message to him. But where is him now? Everything have been silenced,  Yes Father.  All of you should give Me a little respect.

What did I say? All of you should give Me a little respect for your own safety. What did I say? Response; for our own safety. Well, who have ear let him hear, who have understanding let him have understanding.

Before I stop, Child of Truth I was asking you question in the night, actually if Hebrew is the real name, why should all these things that were introduced, introduced through Greek and other people? I asked question. That is to say both Greek, both English all of them was established before the name Hebrew because that Hebrew is a deception name; that is not the name I gave to My children. So everything is manipulated but I have given you United Nation of Truth which I will stand and call My children, My own children which are the earthly children of who? Yahweh [YAHWEHDIM]. Is it understood? Yes Father. Child of Truth I have given you My weapon, My weapon is My word. But I said, this year is the establishment of the Truth. Have you not seen the TRUTH? We have seen the Truth. Since you have been hearing about the Roman government, the mystery you received have you received it before? No Father. Have you known it before? No Father. My peace, My word I give to you says by Your Ridima YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, AMEN.


Little children?  Yes Father.  Good new day children [good new day Father], welcome to My presence, [thank you Father]. I want to say that I am appreciating you for your effort in writing My words, to make My word to be attached to the message I am giving to My children [thank you Father]. Well, Child of Truth, when you people were going to tell them My word you said, “this is the generation of madness” and that the preachers are the preachers of madness. Well is that not a miracle? Look children pay attention if you are not ready to record My message pay attention. You that discovered that they are mad, are you not like them before? Father we were. But it was a miracle that happened that you now realized that you were mad because your madness has been healed, so are they; they are yet to realize that they are mad. So I want to ask question, that man that is lying in the dunghill, lying down in the dustbin, eating meat from the dustbin, do you think that the man knows what himself is doing or has the understanding that, the place the mad man is, is not the place himself suppose to be? Children, is it understandable that the person should know? No Father. But the person is seeing that place as a comfortable place.

A mad person who refused to wash his or her own flesh, the understanding to tell the mad person that himself or herself is smelling is it there? No Father. A mad person that went and eat things that got spoiled, eating it very comfortably, do you think that the understanding to prove to him that that thing himself is eating is wrong? No Father. The understanding has been taken away but at the same time there are levels of madness, some mad people remove all their cloths without being ashamed that they are naked because the understanding that will tell them that being naked is wrong has been taken away.

For this reason I your Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak have come to declare to this generation, that this generation is the generation of madness. Write My word! Tell them that I said, start from the preachers of the bible that I said that they are the preachers of madness. If they will tell women to make-up, what is the meaning of making up? To paint themselves. To be more better, is that true? Yes Father. That means, they are telling them that I made mistake to create them, and they are happy speaking it. That is why I said they are mad, but when they are speaking they are happy speaking it similar to that man eating in dustbin without knowing that that place is not comfortable place. And if you are trying to pull that man out, the mad man will call you a mad person. Then I come to ask them question, those who are telling women to make-up, how many among them that will give a contractor the pattern of a building, the contractor left the pattern and built another thing, will they be happy about it? No Father.

I want to ask the question again, how many of them will give a tailor cloth to sew, instead of the tailor to put the two hands as they call, rather they put three hands or four hands or they sew trouser, that are made to have first to second legs [two as they call it] then, the person put extra leg making it three legs, if they will be happy with that tailor, they should know that I AM happy over their deceptions over My children. I come to pass verdict on them. Tell them, My children that I said that all the pastors as they are called, they are the enemies of their nephesh [soul]. Tell My children that the pastors hate them with passion, together with their master satan the devil. But I come to tell My children that I said after making man I said that man is what? Good. Whatever I deposited in man is good, Child of Truth the other day you people were going and saw one kind Taxi, the Taxi looks ugly, you looked at the man in that Taxi, the man asked you are you looking at me? Because it was a surprise to see that type of Taxi, why? Because, the hand of white people that molded it is no more there and that made the Taxi to look ugly.

Tell them that My hand in My own handiwork has been taken away, in My presence they looks ugly. Well, I want to ask question, is it My handiwork that they have power to make-up? Why not make-up the electronics they have in their houses? But they are trying not to tamper with it so that the electronics will not have problem. Is that not madness? It is Father. If they are preachers and are telling women that wearing trouser is not wrong, tell My children that all of them are mad people. If they are telling people that wearing ornaments and doing perming is not wrong, tell them that all of them are mad. If they are telling them that exposing the flesh I gave to them is not wrong, they are mad. Tell My children that, that name “MAKE-UP” I hate it with passion, is it understood? Yes Father, what did I say? That you hate it with passion. So they are the ones that made themselves up and I AM the one that made them to be down.

Tell the pastors that My anger will be on them because their master satan has used them to deceive My children. But however, tell all the people of the earth to look into My words if there is no Truth in them but people are very wise, how can you go to a car shop and purchase a car that is very sound, you constructed another thing in the engine room to carry another engine, can you do it? No, why not make it up. Have you seen where they bought a car that has first to fourth tyres the owner then went and add another tyre there? No Father. Why can’t they make it up? Well, tell them that I said that all they are doing is to deceive them and take them to the camp of their master devil, tell them that there is no any person that worked against My handiwork shall go free.

Tell them, [women] that I said that My own Dwelling place is scanty, tell them that women are far from My Dwelling place, because of the deceptions their pastors have deceived them. Tell them [pastors] that as much as they are not afraid of My Handiwork, tell them that in as much as they have power to design My handiwork the other way, tell them that I have issue with them. Another point is also “Look Attractive”,  tell them that I said that I have issue with that statement “Look Attractive”. Look attractive is the word satan gave to his demons, his agents to introduce. Tell them that satan has succeeded to make them to be a trap, who are they attracting?

Remember that there are strategies people use to set trap for animals. Some will set up a trap to catch a rabbit, they put a cassava in it to attract the rabbit for the rabbit to come there, if there is nothing like cassava can the rabbit come there? Is it true? Yes Father. Then because of that cassava the trap will catch the rabbit likewise other things. Some use to set up a trap, a long trap and use some things to close it, then, they open a place, that place they opened there is a trap there. They have made a road for the animal but the animal will not know that trap is there but the animals see it as a road.

Tell them that the statement “Look Attractive”, tell them that they will be attractive in the camp of Satan. Tell them that the statement “look attractive” that Satan is using them as a trap to capture My own children for them to be a meat in the hands of Satan. Do you really understand the weight of that statement, look attractive? Who are they attracting? Because of that, My own children are not afraid to uncover their nakedness. They are not ashamed, tell them that the madness of the people they are having pity on, that is eating in a dustbin and are doing such things; tell them that their own madness is greater than the mad people’s own. In as much as they are not afraid, exposing the private parts I gave to them, they wish to be naked without considering the danger. Some of them are ready to expose themselves without being ashamed; some of them have given themselves to men without being ashamed.

Tell them that I come to tell them that they did not write any application to be on this earth. Tell them, if they have decided to work against Me who made them to be on this earth, tell them that at the same time that I AM waiting for them the day they will come back. Is it understood? Yes Father. What did I say? That You are waiting for them the day they will come back. But tell them that whatever they are doing now feeling that it is happiness or enjoyments, will lead them unto destruction. Tell them that their happiness is like a man who was over drunk and enter into his vehicle on the process of driving out, hit something and died. That happiness has led that man into destruction.

Well, I don’t have much to say, but give them My word, except they return back and say sorry to Me, but let Me ask question, when you people were reading and defending that they called some Pastors, they called some Apostle, who called them? It is English people. Is it Me? It is not Me. That is the reason I told you to go and search the origin of these things and see how it happened. If you want to know the history of a thing and you search for the root, it will make you to understand how the thing came to be. Let Me ask you question, anyone or any person that forms the habit of eating anything that is presented to him without asking question, don’t you think that the death of that man is very close? Yes Father.

Then how can men now establish whatever the English people introduced to them without asking the origin, without trying to know the origin. I want to ask you question, is there any man, reasonable man or woman that want to marry that will not ask where the man or the woman came from? Children, I asked question, [no Father]. Okay if you are careful to know where they came from, why not this people that claims to be wise ask where these names came from? Any man that marries, that pick a person on the road, it will be easy for the person to marry a demon and that demon will deal with that person. So that is why you people wish not to ask. That is why devil used his own agents to give you the devil’s words. So children that is exactly what happened.

I have come now because this year is the year of the establishment of Truth. I have told you, know the origin of all these things, if I did not call these things then who called them? Then at the same time, you ask question, have you people ask yourselves, why should it be the government, the seat of satan that do these things? Now why should it be Greek, English and German that gave all these names even Jew to tell you that the name Jew is a deceptive name, that is also to tell you that the name Hebrew is a deceptive name because, if the name Hebrew is original name, everything would have come out from them. Is it true? Yes Father. And according to history all these things are traditional establishment. I don’t have anything to do with tradition.

Well, tell My children that the name “Ruak Ha Kodesh” I have moved from there, Child of Truth has said it before, is it true? Yes Father. And according to history, all these things are traditional establishment; I don’t know what tradition is. Well, tell My children that, where you people called Ruak Ha Kodesh, I have moved from there though Child of Truth have said it. It is not Ruak Ha Kodesh but RUAK OF YOUR MAKER  YAHWEH. Is it understood? Yes Father. Ruak Ha Kodesh, what shows that it is My Ruak? Children, Yes Father, the same time they removed My name from there.


Continue, I say continue, I am coming very soon bye and bye.

Continue, I say continue, I am coming very soon bye and bye.

Child of Truth you listened to a message a person was talking that himself saw a man on the cloud with a white horse that have wing that the face of that man was not bright. Himself was telling them that I said go and tell them that I AM coming very soon and that the man is angry but see the statement, “I suspected that that person will be Jesus”. Now is it Me that called that name that I AM Jesus? No Father, I asked question [No Father], because the statement lies on deception. You see when I AM giving message to My children they will say, it is Jesus. Despite that  him said that himself suspected that it is Jesus, is it not possible for the man equally say that it is Jesus that told Me? Yes Father. But if people get that message they will say, is it not Jesus that gave this person this message but is it Me that opened My mouth and told him that I AM JESUS? Not at all.

Child of Truth, the first message I gave you, I called you and told you that, this message I gave to you, document it but I didn’t tell you My name, yes I have all the messages I gave to you. But it was you that came back and told them that it was Jesus that sent you, did I tell you that, that is My name that day? The answer is No, you were passing the message according to what they told you. The day I appeared in your place and I gave you the word, did I tell you My name? The answer is no. Several messages I gave to you in those days, I didn’t tell you My name but however I was formally using that name to see how I will bring My people back because of their ignorance, but children, the Truth about this name is that it is not My name and some are using the name when I give them message, they say that, that is the name I introduced to them. Well, those that wish to obey Me, that wish to follow Me, congratulation to them, My peace, My unity, My protection I release on you, Amen. Conclude your prayers and get into the work, is it understood? Yes Father.

As for My children I will bring them back [Amen]. What you have to do is to work hard, all of you that have facebook account, have this message, listen to Me every message about the Origin of what? The problem of this generation. What you will do is be dishing them, listen very clearly, not you writing  your own. What you will do, Child of Truth be picking some point and send, when you send it, every other persons will send it to their contacts, that is how it will be now. You shouldn’t do this person writing on his own, this person writing on his own. Do it as I have said, then, if they ask you question, you can now answer from what I told you, is it understood? Yes Father, is it understood? Yes Father. I will see you through [Amen], I will deliver you [Amen], I will give you victory [Amen] says by Yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, Amen.


Good new day children, I come to appreciate you for your commitment to My work, I come to correct, but before I correct, I want you to look into My message about madness,

Then, I AM here to ask the people who felt that they have wisdom and understanding question. Take My message. Is there any person among you that discover that poison is inside what you want to eat and will go on and eat it? No Father, no matter the sweetness of the meat they will go and throw it away, is it true? Yes Father. I AM telling them that all those things they are eating are defilement and will not allow them to come close to Me. At the same time, I want to ask question, no matter how you love your husband or wife or any of your relatives that has mental problem, “real madness” who wish not to wash and wish not to dress well. Is there any how you will be comfortable to sleep with that person? Will you be comfortable to stay together with that person in the same house? No, why? Because, anything you keep in the house him/her will destroy it. Therefore, I come to tell people that all the madness of the pastors are more than the people they say are mad. Their dirtiness is ten times greater than that person in the dunghill.

I come to tell them that I don’t know them; but they are the servants of the people that call themselves white. They are the one that gave them the titles. They are the one that gave them whatever they are using, however they gave them in order to work against Me. Is it understood? Yes Father. But I want to ask question again, is there any how a blind person that claims that himself can see, can him see except miracle happen? I asked question; no Father. Tell them that all the preachers of the bible, their blindness is greater than the blindness of the people they are calling blind people. And the truth about this is that, if a person is trying to assist a blind person, and says let me show you the way but himself refused, that him can find his way, there is no how that blind person will reach his destination without assistance of any person. Is it understood? Yes Father. Why I AM saying this is that, there is no how the pastors will come to Me without Me showing them and I have sent My servant Child of Truth to bring them to Me. So in all their claiming, they are blind, they cannot see and all the people they are leading, and as they are going, both of them will fall into the dish which Satan dug for them.

But I want to ask question again, if you are coming to a certain place, the house of a person and you don’t know there. The person sends another person to go and bring you to his house, you refused and claimed that you know there, how will you find that place? Children, I asked question, [we will not find]. Are you telling Me that you cannot find that place? Yes Father. Are you sure? Yes Father, if you are sure, then, what do think about the pastors that claim that they know where they are going? I have sent My messenger to tell them, that this is where you will find Me [In True Goodnews Revival Movement]. Remember that you don’t have the contact of that person, can you hear Me? Yes Father. But the only discussion was that “I will send a person that will come and bring you”.

Child of Truth, I want to ask you question, since you are going to that place to find house, have you find it easy? Can you go that place without any person who will link you, show you the house that is available, [House Agent as they call]? No Father, it is not possible. The house you find where no person is leaving, about first to third people have told you that the woman is a trouble maker; why? Because you asked question. Had it been that when you saw first to third bedroom flat that you paid money immediately, without asking question, you would have gotten yourself into problem because, you didn’t ask question. So all these who refuse to accept My counseling and advice, they are going to face the consequences.

Well, I don’t have much to say. The message about Hospital and the evil in it, put My Name there. Child of Truth, I have given you power to go and open a HEALING PLACE for My children. I spoke one certain time; tell Yahwehcaroline that I have seen her effort. Now I AM calling her for the time has come for her to come to the place and other people I have made to have knowledge for the deliverance of My children. In other words, tell her to prepare and come to Headquarters and stay permanently there, I will use her and others and will bless her. But tell her that I said that her should try, I see some characters that do not give ME praises in her life, tell her that I know her. Tell her that her is trying but I see little sins in her life and which her know, tell her to call Me to deliver her from such. Children did you hear what I said? Yes Father.

Tell My Children that they should make provision of where My servant should live. I didn’t tell My servant to do any other work, if any of you because of your character push Child of Truth to go and do business, I will ask you about it. Is it understood? Yes Father. Is it understood? Yes Father. How many times, is it understood? Yes Father. Listen I have come to do a new thing [Amen], I will prove to you that I AM Your Father that called you. Child of Truth, I have spoken to you and I will speak to you again before other children of your Father, there is no any other work I called you to do, there is no any other business I called you to do. You are planning to go and set up some things; I have told you that any day you go and do any business, you are on your own.

Let Me speak it to the hearing of others, any day you initiate yourself to any business you are on your own. I have told you, go and buy some things, bring the herbs that I showed you, grind them and I will use them for the deliverance of My Children and I will take care of you [thank you Father]. Don’t engage yourself into any business. You were planning to get deep freezer to do this and do that, I didn’t call you to do business, I called you for the deliverance of My Children, while doing it, I will bless you [Amen…]. But if you try to go your own way it is not My fault. Remember when Yahwehadam disobeyed Me, himself received his own punishment despite his reasons. Child of Truth, I chose to speak to you in the midst of My Children, but you can set up things for the freedom of My People, producing things, the priority now is, call them, tell them My Words that I said that you are going to open the place people will be coming for healing. Another thing you will open is the place where there will be PRODUCTION OF WATER, is it what I said before? Yes Father. You can forget things but I know what I want you to do so for now, tell My Children that I AM ready to bless them. I repeat My Word, tell them to come together all of them and team, unite and build the place I called them to be, what did I call it? SOLUTION CENTER, yes. I said as they are coming their problems will be solved [AMEN].

Tell them that they should unite together and achieve My mandate. Have any of you experience My Power? No Father, you answered well. I want to ask you question, all these people, I don’t want to mention name, all these people who were sick, whom you have been expecting to die, have you ask question what is keeping them alive? Father it is your power. What kept them alive? [Father, it is YOU]. Listen, had it been that YahwehGrant left My Word and go to their hospital, YahwehGrant would have died. Warn My Children. I see them, many of them are messing themselves up, going to their hospital. As they want to preserve their life they will soon lose their lives. Tell them My Word, all this women that did not go to their hospital for one day, didn’t they delivered? Father they did. Have you heard any bad story about them? No Father. That they are not in good health? No Father, have you heard any bad story about the children I gave to them? No Father. The life of My Children is not in all these things. So Child of Truth this is what I want you to do both GATHERING OF TRUTH KNOWLEDGE and SOLUTION CENTER, I have given you power, no evil shall stand before you [Amen].

Well Yahwehlifted, [yes Father], listen, if I don’t say this I don’t love you. Yesterday, Child of Truth was talking: you forget that I have appointment with all of you. What reason do you have to relax when you know that it is My Own  day? If you love the work, will you go and lie down, on My Own day? No Father, listen very careful, all of you are playing and there is no respect, there is no fear. It seems to be that My relationship with you people has no value again, if I establish time to do My Work, what will make you not to target that time? [Father me is sorry]. Listen very carefully, not only you, all of you should be very careful even when I gave instruction about your actions, when you are doing work. In their meeting even the so called president and others use to switch their phones off, is it true? Yes Father. I told you when you are doing My Work be focus but you don’t care.

Don’t you know that I know your performance even sometimes you will be talking and talking, I repeat Myself, if you continue like this, I will abandon you and you will know that I have people that will do this work more than you, I AM not a respecter of any of you but mind you, if I could abandon Nonyerem and never remember him again, if I could abandon Bright and never remember him again, who among you that feels that I cannot abandon him?

YahwehProsper; when they were trying to keep you by the side which is not My plan did I allow it to happen? No Father, did I allow it to happen? No Father, did I allow it to happen? No Father, how many times? But I have all the right, how you will be affected you will not know. All of you should go and check the characters of the people I said I have issue with, go and check their characters. Innocentyahweh [yes Father] I want to remind you when I spoke about My Child Emmanuyahweh’s wife since I spoke about her have you been watching her character? Yes Father, is there any change? No Father. Have you ask Me why [no Father] because the understanding has been taken away. I want to ask you question, if a man remove the steering of a car how can a person drive the car? I asked question; [no way Father], it is impossible? Yes Father. I have all it takes to remove whatever I deposited in you. The problem is that you don’t know who is speaking.

YahwehProsper! Yes Father, I want to talk again. Child of Truth was talking to you, your respond over that issue was another thing, because you are busy very, well, but it is your duty to make sure that it is done, for many counting? I want to ask you question, if it is a company that you were called to do that work and you didn’t do it, do you think that by today you will still be in that company? YahwehProsper I AM asking you! No Father. I will use what you know to teach you what you don’t know. Why all of you are behaving as you feel, if My Child comes and say something about it some of you will be offended. If himself chose to keep quiet do you know that I will hold him? Do you know that it will make Me to remove him? Well all of you should be very careful, anything I ask you to do be sure that you do it to perfection, then, when Child of Truth looks into it, himself will be glad and I will also be glad. But if you do it carelessly, as himself is talking at the same time your enemy is accusing you. After all you should ask yourself why this thing came out that yesterday.

YahwehProsper have you ask yourself why should it come out before Child of Truth? Do you think that I don’t have power to make Child of Truth not to see it, then, how long will that continue being there? Don’t do a thing you will do that after work your reward will not be. I love you, that is why I AM talking, keeping quiet will not help you. If I keep quiet I don’t love you, if Child of Truth should keep quiet, Child of Truth don’t love you, if Child of Truth doesn’t rebuke you, Child of Truth doesn’t love you.

But I want to ask you question, with the little of your interaction with Child of Truth, tell Me how many of you that will say that Child of Truth hate him? Answer Me! No Person Father. In time of considerations, trying to reason with you, tell Me, Is there any of you that will present his matters to Child of Truth and Child of Truth will have all it takes to attend to you and will not attend to you, tell Me? Then, if I should ask you question, what brought this point is because you didn’t do what you are asked to do, well, apart from that, will you have problem with him? No Father. Then, you that the work is given to why not try to do it the way himself will be pleased. You see, my verdict is a true verdict. I have told Child of Truth to add to his rebuke, have you heard it from Me? Yes Father.

Some of you may say it is a pride, no problem, because if Child of Truth should use soft hand all of you will be destroyed. And mind you, I will make him to talk more than this, I will make him to rebuke more than this, I will make him to take more action more than this for your own benefit. Yes of course! and that is how I use to do him, how I use to rebuke him. YahwehProsper [Father please more of your grace so that me will not be forgetting things] the grace I have given to you make use of it. The grace is all about when you are doing something, you will go through it, focus on that, make sure that you check and know that it is done. I want to stop, but before I stop, remember that I said if you are behaving anyhow, the day I will drop you, you will not know. Take that word, did I say Child of Truth will drop you? No Father. I can cause problem within your environment. Let Me ask question, a man, let Me call him, Yahwehchanna which they call John? Yes Father. You see what himself was doing? I allowed him but it was through him that I gathered people in Benin Qahal.

Now, both the first and second Qahal were through him that I gathered them but where is him now? I asked question, where is him now? Nowhere to be found. Why because himsellf is careless until the appropriate time I caused problem around him, I exposed him but if I should say I WOULD HAVE ASK YOU TO FEAR ME and I WOULD ASK YOU TO RESPECT ME because whatever you are doing even your secrete I may keep it until the time I will expose it and how it will happen you will not know, you may feel that it is covered. Do you know why I do not reveal many things to Child of Truth, do you know? No Father. Thank you, it is going to be a distraction for him not to do what I want him to do, understand? Yes Father. I want him to be focus and do the work but even what you are doing I know it. The day I will expose you, I will expose you. Well, this new day round up your prayer, get into the work. Child of Truth, I have given you power. What you will do, prepare go to where you are asked to go. Who wish to do My work and obey and follow Me, it shall be well with him says by Your RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, AMEN.



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ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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