This message was given by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, to Awa Meka Yahweh Yahweh’s children during, the believers covenant meeting with AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, on the above mentioned date. During the praise and reverence service, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak thus through the servant, Truth Child:

Blessed new day, My little children! Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. I heard a voice that says there is none like yua Meka. I come to speak to you, you rendered it as praise, but there are things you are doing to prove to Me that I don’t love you. I repeat My word, there are some things you are doing, note My speech! I didn’t say that there is something you are doing, but there are things you are doing. How many among you are not in confusion? How many among you have never had many thought within you? Then what shows that I love you? If a child does not have confidence over the woman that delivered the child, it’s a problem, what do I mean? A child that is eating from the woman that delivered  the child and did not have trust that  the woman that delivered the child will be able to keep the child, don’t you think that it is abnormal?  A child always put trust and have confidence that by and by, meat must come out from the father or the woman that deliver the child. And the child will have confidence by telling you that the woman that delivered me [the child] and my [the child’s] father will give me meat, that is the confidence the little child have over the father and the woman that delivered the child.

But it is only those who call themselves adults that don’t have confidence in their father or the woman that deliver them, on the account that they believe that they can  survive without the woman that delivered them or father. On this account, I always tell you to have confidence in Me, put yua trust in Me, but some among you are trying to behave like adults, as they call themselves, who felt that they can establish on their own. But I want to declare to you this new day, children! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. That is the beauty in life who felt that self can do without the father and the woman that delivered the child and made the woman that delivered self or the father as they call to lay curse on the child, do you believe that that curse will stand? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Children! Yes Awa RIDIMA. Is it standing? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. NOW, ANY BEAUTY IN LIFE I LAY CURSE ON, THERE IS PROBLEM.

Well, I come to speak to you My little children, you are the children that I delivered. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. I paid yua price. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. Put yua trust in Me. If you say that there is none that loves you, know that I love you. Any other beauty in life that tells you that the beauty in life loves you is a deception, do you hear Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. I come to speak to you, to obey Me. Don’t use yua wisdom, yua wisdom will disappoint you. When I tell you that this thing is wrong, don’t consider any other thing, do what I ask you to do.

I come to speak to you. Some among you are creating problem over other beauties in life’s nephesh on account that you didn’t do what I asked you to do. If I own this Qahal, you don’t need to consider any other thing. Listen and give Me yua attention. Give Me yua attention! I speak, go and check My word, and none among you have the power or ability to change My speech. I speak, I said that you should call, a woman that delivered me, is that not what I said? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Children! I come again to speak My word. A woman that have children or woman that have a child, is that what I said? Any other thing you are putting or removing, you are on yua own. I gave an instance that I called Miryam, what did I say? I called Miryam, woman. When I AM speaking, I give you references. But it is a mystery, otherwise, Me would have called Miryam a woman that delivered Me, but I called Miryam Woman.

Now, I told you that when YahwehAdam saw the woman, what did YahwehAdam called the wife? Woman. What did YahwehAdam called the wife? Woman. Now, if the name was called woman at that time, what do you think? Then who now invented other names? Don’t help Me, you can’t help Me. If you are trying to help Me, you are creating problem to yuaself, and I want to declare to you as children, if such has been done, you have established yua own. As it stands on My covenant, I come to speak to My children; follow My word! So be it. Follow My instructions, whatever I tell you to do, do it.

Children! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. I want to ask a question; if yua elderly beauty in life gives you an instruction, gives you a handset, saying, go and keep it on the table, and you carry it and keep on the chair, did you do well? No, Awa RIDIMA. Did you say no? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What? The beauty in life did not do well. Think about it; now, the beauty in life say to you, take it out from the place you kept it to where me told you. In as much as you didn’t keep it in that particular place, you didn’t accomplish the message. In other words, you established yua own idea. Why should you try to assist Me? I come to speak to you, assisting Me will affect you. Recall where I began; I told you that if a child does not depend on the woman that delivered, it’s a problem. If you depend on Me, I will lead you through. So be it.

I come to bring to yua knowledge, what happened to YahwehMoshe when I told YahwehMoshe to speak to the rock, was it what I told you? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What did YahwehMoshe do? YahwehMoshe stroke the rock. YahwehMoshe said, “Must we fetch you water from the rock? You stiff-necked beauties in life.” What happened? Are you aware that as at then YahwehMoshe has done his own will, not My own will? Some among you are so…you are trying to establish wisdom, knowledge, it will not help you!

Well, Truth Child, I spoke to you, I told you to leave Oge; I told you, don’t call Oge. I know you all; you can’t serve Me in pretence. But there is something I come to bring to yua knowledge, I spoke and told you that very soon wind will blow, did I say it? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Listen to Me, you can’t play game on Me. This Qahal name is a name I instituted. If you are trying to use yua own wisdom, or to pretend while you are at the other side, it will fail you! I know My own children; you all that are here, I know you beauties in life. As many that are here, which will also say at the end, ah, this is much! I know you. But I come to bring to yua knowledge, what I told you, and I will say it again, I will not reveal everything to My servant; who is Truth Child that I should reveal everything to?

But I come to ask you a question; all these things that have been done in yua bible: child of this, child of that, as they taught you, have yua understanding told you that that thing is a platform to disconnect you from where you supposed to be? No, Awa RIDIMA. But when I spoke to My servant, I told My servant, despite the fact that you establish United Nation from Truth for Yahweh Yahweh’s Children; yes, I AM taking you little by little; there is no any day or night I will tell you mysteries at the same time.

Now let Me ask you a question; if you can answer this question, then know that what beauties in life are saying is real. Can you tell Me what makes the water you placed on fire to boil? You then put rice inside, after some time, the rice will absorb the water, and the water will not be visible again, finally, it is the rice that will be visible. But in the beginning water covered the rice, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. When the rice is cooked the water will not be visible again. That is how I AM taking you. When I speak, the truth I speak will cover the other.

Now I want to ask you questions again; have you thought about when you want to prepare soup, you put water in the pot, at a time you add oil, now the oil will change the colour the water has. It didn’t stop there, when you add green leaves at the end, the green leaves’ colour will change the oil’s colour, are you aware? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What? Yes, we are. Is that not a mystery? It is. That means you will not note other things added. Now I want to ask a question; if you are going to eat that soup, will you call it water again? No, Awa RIDIMA. What will you call it? Soup. Why should it be called soup? There are other things that cover and mix with the water; you will not notice the ingredients again. Tell My children, if they want to succeed in this trip, any word I give to them, they should forget about the old word and follow the new word.

Well, they have defended their bible so much. The truth must be said, go and read how I dealt with My children so that you will acquire knowledge from them. The damage is so much; do you know how many centuries these damage have been? How do you think that as wise as I AM I will bring all these Truth at the same time? Children! How do you think? Now I come to tell them, even them that call themselves woman that delivered child, and also a man that has a child. Do you realize that when their child is tender they will try to communicate with the child with a tender child’s voice? Now children, do you understand that? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Is there any beauty in life that didn’t do it? No, Awa RIDIMA. When you want to interact with a little child that is coming up, you will like to speak as that child use to speak, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Now, does it mean that you don’t know yua own tune and how you speak? No, Awa RIDIMA. Only that you want to fix yuaself to that child’s understanding, do you understand Me, little children? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. That’s what will make you to carry that tender child along.

Now, if you are walking with a child that is learning how to walk, you must put yuaself in that tender child’s position; you will be walking little by little with the child. If you move fast, you will not be able to carry that child along. Sometimes you will do as if you want to run with that child, but even as you are running, you will be running little by little, is that true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Now, when that child reaches the level to walk fast, yua movement will be faster than as it was. Children, are you listening to Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Now as you are going, the child will be adding step, you will also add yua own; but if you are not walking with that child, then, you will do what? You will walk faster. Children, how can I walk faster when I AM taking you by Myself? Is it possible? No, Awa RIDIMA.

I know what I AM doing, and I want to declare to you and to bring to yua knowledge My word; I said that devil used the internet to corrupt the whole world. And I said that I will also use the same internet to do what? To recover My children. In other words, the information that are hidden in the internet, I will bring them out. So be it. Follow Me! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. There’s no how you will understand Me but I want to assure you that till tomorrow and next, it is yua SAVIOUR that is speaking to you. So be it.

As I spoke the other day, if these challenges should come around Truth Child, and I told Truth Child not to have problem with any beauty in life, won’t you learn from that? Won’t that…. Even My servant Truth Child wanted to take action as a beauty in life, but I told Truth Child not to do it. Didn’t you understand? If it is the enemy, what do you think the enemy will do? The enemy will compel Truth Child to make trouble. That is heylel’s target. But if no other thing, it is a sign to show you that it is My labour. Do what I ask you to do.

By the time you finish the scripture I gave to you. Congratulations! Thank you Awa RIDIMA. All these beauties in life that opened their mouth to speak, they will not be able to speak again. So be it. Some among them will be ashamed and some among them will regret for disconnecting themselves. But let Me tell you, I come to speak to you. If you disconnect yuaself from Me, returning to Me will not be easy for you. What did I say? Returning will not be easy. If you disconnect yuaself from My own establishment, returning to Me will not be easy. You may not understand what I AM saying. Whatever you are saying against My word; you are speaking against Me, if you are condemning My word, you are speaking against Me. At that time, it is heylel that is speaking to you.

Well, as many that want to obey Me, congratulations to you. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. Follow Me. I AM not a deceiver. Now let Me ask you a question, if any man has a building and that building collapse, what do you think the man will do first, if the man want to rebuild it? The man will pack the broken materials and other things that fell on the ground. That’s nice. You answered well. Then when the man is packing the materials and other things, does it mean that the man has commenced laying the foundation? No, Awa RIDIMA.

Recall what I told you, My Qahal has not yet began. Yes. Have I said it? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What I AM doing now is that I AM packing out the things that destroyed the building, if you pass verdict on Me based on that, you are gone. These evil words which they introduced and gave to you is what I AM removing. So having began, take note that the man will stand on that place that have collapsed, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. And begin to remove others, Right? Is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. By the time the man will remove everything, that is when another foundation will be what? Be laid. That is the time you will observe and watch the new building that is erected. This is how I AM removing these words that satan gave to you through the whites which are attached with deities and curses. If you pass verdict on Me based on that, you are gone. 

I want to tell you and declare to you that there is no how a man that has understanding will lay another foundation on that place without packing the broken materials and other things. Is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. So that is what I AM saying. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. Yahwehmdi’s question to Awa RIDIMA: Awa RIDIMA please, there is a question that me have. While we were labouring for you, we understood that the word “good” is derived from “God,” and affects the name of yua Qahal “TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT”. Alright, that is what we are speaking about. That is the foundation that has collapsed, everything must be rebuilt. Do you understand Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. But don’t be moved by what beauties in life are saying. I will rebuild everything. So be it.

I come to speak to you, don’t consider what others are saying. These names, which has been were built under satanic foundation, and that is the name you know before now, should I give you another name before this…?  I have to begin somewhere, like the man who stood on that place that has collapsed and began to park broken materials and other things. It was when the man removed everything there, then the man begin to lay another foundation, is that not what I told you? It is. Now take note that I began with the name Jesus, is that true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. With the name God, but today I have succeeded in removing the name God, I have succeeded in removing the name Jesus, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. I began with the evil names Monday, Tuesday and others, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. But I have removed them. That is the foundation that was laid and has collapsed, and is destroyed. Then you begin to evacuate, as you are evacuating, you are laying your own foundation. I began with the name holy ghost, is that not true? It is. Then can you mention holy ghost again? No, Awa RIDIMA. Even the name True Gospel, is that not what it was before? It is. Will you call it again? No, Awa RIDIMA.

Go and read how I AM taking you, so that is how I AM parking out all these things away gradually, gradually and I will finish My mandate. So be it. There is no confusion in My word. I declare to you by My word, go and check for words origin. Those that has evil in them, I will give you what you will use to replace them.

I want to ask you children, this faulted churches, the words, the activities, the speech that I said I will present to My MEKA as blameless, is it this faulted church? If a name has blame, how do you think that I will present it? No way. Children, I ask a question. That is what I AM labouring towards to achieve. Don’t worry, they tell you that you are not steady.  But call evil, evil; evil must remain evil. You will know that in production process, I have said it and I want to repeat it again; it is the fake product that is mass reproduced so much. For instance, I will begin from you. I created you by Myself, right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. But the devil now fake you, fake you. Ere now, you have different pictures, even those that are snapped you duplicate, and you will be very bold to say this is you. That is fake! Due to that it will be much in yua house. But yua original look cannot be first to second, which is you. I AM speaking a word, I AM moving, I AM walking.

There is mystery; look at yua shadow, can you identify the colour? No, Awa RIDIMA. But the shadow I created is a recorder I put in you, but you may not understand. Yua shadow is the recording part in beauty in life, and that is what will make you not to deny anything; whatever you are doing, it will be taking record, it takes note for all events. Can’t you ask yuaself a question? You look at it, there is no colour; is there any among you that can identify yua shadow’s colour? No, Awa RIDIMA. Laughs! Whatever you do in the day and in the night, the shadow takes record, and that is what will make you not to deny anything, have I told you this before? No, Awa RIDIMA. Are you aware? No, Awa RIDIMA.

Watch yua shadow practically, if you open yua mouth, the shadow will open too, right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Whatever you do, the shadow will follow you. When I said I have details about yua doings, the shadow is the recorder, are you aware? That shadow you behold… Now I want to prove to you what I did, are you aware that if any man ceases breathing, the shadow will not be there again? Are you aware? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. That is the time the shadow will go to give report for your deeds. On this account, you should be very, very, very what? Cautious on what you are doing. When you are speaking, it is taking note. You may not understand. There is no other…

Truth Child, I showed you when a beauty in life appeared before Me, the beauty in life denied that self didn’t do this or that, a malakh waved hand, it was what was recorded through that shadow that I put in the beauty in life that appeared, the beauty in life now saw it. But it is quite unfortunate that beauties in life fear their fellow beauties in life than My own verdict. If you know that there is no hiding place for you, know what to do to please Me. You may speak and tell the beauty in life not to tell, no problem. You may conspire against a beauty in life, no problem. But I AM taking note for everything. What I AM trying to let you know is that that fake products, right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Will cover all over places.

Now let Me ask you a question, as you are here, if not that I called you, do you realize that there are some, even you, who are boldly saying that they have destroyed their pictures as they call, is that not what they are saying? It is, Awa RIDIMA. Now, what about yua pictures yua families and yua friends are keeping? What? Is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. But I have forgiven you for the fact that you have taken action. But I come to bring to yua knowledge that, this is how yua fake will spread all over: yua fake will be in Abuya, in this place and that place, only you, and a beauty in life will carry yua fake and put inside a pulse. Now I want to ask a question; let Me speak a little about that picture: if a beauty in life carry yua picture and put inside pulse then zip it up, do you know the implications? No, Awa RIDIMA. If a beauty in life carry original you and put inside a house and lock it, will you be able to move for the day activities? No, Awa RIDIMA. What? You don’t know the implications for all these things, and you say this is you. Some among you have been caged! But I AM trying to let you know that it will take time if you say that you want to destroy all yua images; it will take time.

YahwehLifted! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Let Me speak to you; when you were making efforts to delete all yua images that was in the Net, did you find it easy to delete them? It was not easy. What? It was difficult. It was difficult? Yes, Awa Saviour. What made it difficult? Is on the account that it was already established in the Net and they were giving me conditions. But did you finish it? Me didn’t finish it. But when you were doing it, didn’t you find it very easy to paste them? It was very easy and simple to paste them there. Now, that is how it will be difficult for Me to rebuild these things. You as a beauty in life, you have tried and tried and tried and observed that it was not possible, what did you do? Me abandoned it. Have you thought about it again? I know you all. Tell Me any among you that yua picture is not there, but when you were posting it, it was very simple, and for doing that, you insulted My handwork by saying that the artificial is youSo I come to speak to you that establishing evil is very simple, but coming out from it is very difficult.

I will speak to you again; YahwehLifted! Yes, My SAVIOUR. Let Me use you, I want to speak about you today. Thank you. When you were entering cult, didn’t you find it easy? Me found it easy to enter. But to come out, did you find it easy? Me didn’t find it easy. If not that I called you and saved you, even there was a time you were trying to come out from it. Yes. Didn’t you regret involving yuaself into such? I know you all. After a week me began to regret my involvement. But when you were entering it, you were happy. Now how do you find it easy to come out if not that I pulled you out by Myself. Thank you, my SAVIOUR. On that account, I pulled you out from that place and position you. What I AM trying to let you know is that doing evil is very simple, but coming out from evil is difficult.

I want to use you to speak, I want to ask you a question; at that time, despite yua claim to be a hard man, were you not living under fear? Chai! If a cockroach passes by in the night, me will `wake up, yust mere cockroach, even when a rat passes by, me would wake up, for me felt my rivals were coming to attack me. There was no… me was living under insecurity. Yet you were claiming a hard guy, but heylel promised you eternal security, but despite all, you were yet living under fear. But right from the time I called you, have you been living under fear again? No, My SAVIOUR. Right from the time me left for Ado Ekiti, me dey sleep scatter self freely till new day begin, no fear for insecurity. Laughs! Well, protection comes from Me, any other promises from Heylel, from satan as they call, is to deceive you. I come to speak to you; the cultists, politicians, lawyers and government personnels, as beauties in life behold them, they will even hail them without knowing that they are living under torment and fear. I know them; they are living under torment and fear. They don’t trust any beauty in life.

Now I want to ask you a question, by the way all these beauties in life who call themselves this and that, despite their charm, despite their medicine as they call, why should they go with entourage? What? They are living under fear. Despite their doings, yet, there is no peace and satisfaction in them. If there is no fear, they can go free, right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Do you notice the vehicle they go with? Bullet proof. You can’t sight them when they are inside the vehicle, is them that will be looking at you. Even when they are inside you will be looking to figure them, but it is impossible to spot them, why do they use such vehicle? Is on the account that they are living under Insecurity, and this shows that there is no security in that which the devil assured them. Do you get Me? But as I AM sending Truth Child from place to place, Truth Child has been moving without physical security as others do. Is there any beauty in life that has challenged Truth Child? No, Awa RIDIMA. Laughs! All the promises from Heylel is deceptive as they call, do you get Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What you need to do is to follow Me. 

I come to destroy the evil establishment, the lies in English, the idolatry, the curses in English which they use to manipulate, to subdue you, to have control, to have dominion over you. Now I speak to you, when they say BECAUSE, they are telling you, be cursed, it will not affect them on account that they are the curse giver. Do you hear what I said? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. When they say FULL STOP, they are telling you, fool stop. When they are saying it, they are referring to you, not themselves. Some among you will say, what about them? They are the curse giver and not the receiver, they exempted themselves. Do you understand what I said? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Now when you release a curse on a beauty in life, is not on you that the curse will be upon, isn’t that true? It is, Awa RIDIMA. So it will be upon the beauty in life that was cursed. In fact, the English language establishment lies on curses. The devils prepared them as agents and use them to release curses on beauties in life. They now tell you… Why should a word have different meanings? Is that possible? Is that possible, little children? No, Awa RIDIMA. Well, who have understanding let the beauty in life have.

Question from YahwehLifted: Awa Saviour, me have a question to ask. As we are doing the correction and editing, when we come in contact with word like single, there is sin there; attentive, ‘tive’, there is thief there; sincere, there is sin there;  should we wait until you give us words for replacement? I have given you the authority to effect the change instantaneously. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. What I told you is that, any word that is related to those evil words, destroy it! It will stand. They did it to deceive you. I want to ask you; right from the time you began to use these evil words, have you found it easy? No, Awa RIDIMA. Be sincere, be sincere. Now you may not understand what I AM speaking. On this account, what you will do, put it side by side, ‘be sincere’, check the meaning and bring the origin.

I was there when Truth Child was telling you about word’s origin. Any other words attached to those evil words should be sent to the Net, explain the meaning to them. You will give them the usable word. By the time you study them and be acquainted with them, you will be able to know them. And when that is been done or established, that is what I will use also to communicate with you. But as it is now, I will use some words among their English words to interact with you. In other words, there is no other word that would be used to replace them until those changes have been effected, do you understand Me?

Do not be confused, I called you to labour for Me and to do the right thing. I will guide you. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. I will protect you. So be it. I will defend you. So be it. You shouldn’t consider what they will say. Now, when that is been done………., Children you will not understand. Right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Thank you little children. Thank you, Awa RIDIMA. As many that want to follow Me, congratulations to you! As many that want to obey Me, congratulations to you! But I come to assure and to promise you that I AM not a deceiver. I spoke to you that whatever they have done will be given into their hand, until a time it will do what? It will be broken into pieces.

I want to ask you a question, little children, My little children; what do you think will be used to destroy these things? Is it matchet? No, Awa RIDIMA. Are you convinced that is not matchet? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Is it gun? No, Awa RIDIMA. Is it by grammar? No, Awa RIDIMA. This is the time for all the evil establishments to break into pieces. So be it. Do you observe what is going on now, replacing the words, when all these words are been replaced, then the evil establishment is broken into pieces. I told you My weapon is what? Yua WORD. Any man that is going to fight battle with matchet, with gun is wasting his time, do you hear Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. I will use My word to defeat My enemy; I will use My own wisdom to defeat the wisdom from My enemy; I will use My knowledge to defeat the knowledge from My enemy. So be it. When that has been done, you have conquered…

I want to ask you a question; if you establish these things now and make it known to beauties in life that these things are the source from which their problems emanate; don’t you think that many will turn away from the evil establishment? Don’t you think that many will come and learn this Truth? They will. I ask question! They will, Awa RIDIMA. Congratulations! Thank You, Awa RIDIMA.

But let Me tell you; a man that wants to do something valuable doesn’t consider money, are you getting it? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Now let Me tell you, if you want to labour, and you are expecting to eat before labouring, you may not achieve yua target. If you are targeting to eat meat and the meat is not available, then the labour would be suspended until you eat. But a wise man is a man that comport self, even if the man is hungry, the man will continue, believing that when that labour is accomplished or the farming is completed, during harvest time, the man will eat to his own satisfaction, how do you consider it little children? Awa RIDIMA, it is true. Labour for Me. From this labour, you will be able to eat to yua satisfaction. So be it.

 I tell you, if I had provided money as you are humbly demanding, by now, some labour here would have been abandoned. It is true. You beauties in life will begin to change yua plan. You must stay like this and labour for Me. Yes, you are My children, I will tell you the truth. Settle me, settle me, if I settle you tomorrow, you will be engaged, and My labour will be abandoned, do you understand Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. I do not make mistakes. You can make mistakes but I don’t make mistakes. I come to speak to you! Labour for Me. When the labour is accomplished, I mean the Scripture I gave to My children, when it comes out [the scripture, when it is completed], right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Yua settlement is assured. Thank you, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.

But I have promised you, while labouring, hunger will not kill you. I will not allow problem that will make you to run here and there to fall on you. So be it. But the truth remains that the way you humbly demand from Me, sometimes it makes Me to laugh at you. Sometimes when you are humbly demanding, I will be laughing at you. Be patient with Me. And tell others that I said this assignment should be done fast, that is where I will settle you. When the truth scripture comes out, I have settled you. When this assignment has been completed, even the evil words that were presented to you. What I want to establish is how the words should be, it has already begun, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Then what you need to do is to labour for Me, and while labouring, whatever you need will come out from there. So be it.

Well, I have many things to say. Awa RIDIMA, today is yua day. Well, everyday is My day, but today is the day I invited you, not that it is My day. Awa RIDIMA, me is sorry.  I did not condemn you but I have corrected you, so today is the day I invited you, right? Yes. How do you feel each time I AM speaking with you? We feel glad. Every burden is lifted. There is no other place you will have peace except in My presence.

But why is it that you always forget My words? We don’t know. You don’t know? It is distractions. You don’t know? But I come to tell you that it is you, there are many things that are calling yua understanding when you are alone. When you are alone, you will begin to think about this and that, and thinking about these things will remove what I tell you. When those thoughts are coming, rebuke them! Rebuke all the thoughts, tell them, “get out from my way,” and they will obey you.

 Now let Me ask you a question, if you switch on the generator and you are speaking with beauties in life, will you be able to communicate well? No, Awa RIDIMA. The generator’s noise will do what? It will echo and bring distractions. It will make those beauties in life not to understand what you are saying. That is how these challenges and thoughts that are coming to yua nephesh are echoing, they are echoing more than generator as they call it. Now, if you are reading a book, other beauties in life are there making noise, will you be able to read? No, Awa RIDIMA. That is what is affecting the words that I speak to you. Much distractions… can’t you gather yuaself?

When you are alone, think on what Yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK says on so and so date. You will notice that they will be coming, but how many among you thought about it? But some among you what a beauty in life told you in first to second [two] years will be in yua nephesh, and the date, and what… the beauty in life said this and that! What I gave you are the words that will keep you alive but you easily forget them. If not My love by now I shouldn’t have been speaking to you. Surely, you know that I have told you severally that a time shall come when I will not do what? Speak. Have you asked what made Me to say it? I saw many things. Sometimes I speak and you change it. But I want to ask you, think about My word, whatever I speak to you consider it within yuaself.

Let Me tell you a mystery, a man that is healthy suddenly falls sick, do you realize that the sickness will affect the man’s flesh? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Did the man know the day that the sickness entered? No, Awa RIDIMA. But now, the sickness came into the beauty in life as a result from his carelessness. Some beauties in life that drive vehicles usually expose their chest without covering themselves; and they will be receiving the air, feeling that it is enyoyment, is that not true? Without knowing that the air is destroying them gradually. Now some who stay in their air conditioner will be receiving air, feeling that is what? Enyoyment?  But the air is affecting them gradually.

Sometimes I hear Truth Child shouting on you, telling some among you not to lie down on the floor without spreading something, but you will relax there, unknown to you that this thing affects you. That is how sickness comes; some will eat meat without knowing that there is something bad in it and all that, even a beauty in life that eat poison. What I AM trying to let you know is that by eating that, it will destroy that man beauty in life and bring sickness, isn’t that true?  It is.

Take note, when yua nephesh is wandering, that is the time that you are eating poison, that is the time you are giving room for sickness to come, and that sickness will now affect My word, My word. It will affect My word and by then you will have sickness for not recalling My word. Little children think about My word, if what I AM saying is it not true. It is true. Well, what will you do?  

[An illustration] A beauty in life that is sick, his survival is when the beauty in life is taken to hospital as they call to meet the doctor who discovers the sickness, right? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. And they apply the drug as they call that is suitable for that sickness, isn’t that true? It is. Now I have told you the source from where yua problem emanates, what the world brought is? The sickness for not obeying My word. But if you have understanding, have it, then you will notice that it will change, obviously you will be able to understanding My word. At yua own convenience, you meditate on what yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK says, on so and so date? The understanding will be coming. Then sometimes you carry the word where it is written and read with others. Then when that has been done…

Now, let Me ask you a question, do you discover that when YahwehShem came, YahwehShem was giving you references concerning some words that I spoke in time past, is it true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What made YahwehShem to take note? YahwehShem have read and absorbed it. Then what about you?  Some among you are here, while some beauties in life that are outside are studying My word more than you, but wise up, what did I say? Wise up. I AM not here to condemn you, but I AM here to correct you; I AM not here to mislead you, but I AM here to guide you and to show you My way. As many that want to obey and follow Me. My peace. So be it. My protections. So be it. My Ruak. So be it. All My protections. So be it. I release unto you. So be it. You will fight this battle. So be it. And you will have victory. So be it. Says yua AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. So be it.


ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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