This message was given by Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, to Awa Meka Yahweh-Yahweh’s children during, the Believers covenant meeting with Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, on the above mentioned date. During the praise and reverence service, Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak began to speak thus:

Little children you are welcome in My presence. Are you sure yua Meka is precious? Yes, awa MEKA. How sure are you, or you say as others are saying? Well, I will soon stop you using phone to record as you cannot write, I have said it and I will repeat it, though, I have told you there will be a time, you will not be able to hear as you are hearing.

Well, YahwehCyprian, yes, awa MEKA. As they are doing this work at this time, have you been able to engage yuaself into My work? No, awa MEKA. But this is the time. Yes, awa MEKA. The purpose I brought you is that I have noticed yua efforts. I have noted the input you made, if this work has been done and you did not follow, you will not have a nice record. Thank you awa MEKA. Give yuaself for My work. Thank you awa MEKA.

There is something I want to ask, you were interacting with Truth Child, Truth Child was telling you the incidence that happened last night and I rebuked Truth Child, is that not true? Yes, awa MEKA. Now, I want to ask you a question, based on what you were taught from church, will a younger pastor come to a pastor who is superior to self and say that what the pastor did is wrong? No, awa MEKA. You are letting yuaself down, was that not what you beauties in life were taught? Yes, awa MEKA. From their church standard you don’t have right to do it, if you tell a beauty in life you feel you are higher than in rank in their spiritual level, you are bringing yuaself down, is that not what you beauties in life were taught? It is. But Truth Child told you; look at what happened that was how I made it to be.

I want to ask all that is here a question; you read that when YahwehDawid committed sin, and I sent My servant to go and tell him, what was his statement? The beauty in life who did it deserves death. Let Me tell you the mystery about that statement, that was the time YahwehDawid signed his death, that was what made the child to pursue him, you may not understand, that is why before you make a speech, look into what you want to say. No matter how YahwehDawid prostrated and said sorry, it has already come out from YahwehDawid’s mouth. Had it been that YahwehDawid said ah! Who is that, that beauty in life didn’t do well, the consequence wouldn’t have been as it was. Now, the fact is that, as Truth Child said that none among them is perfect, then based on that statement I will show Truth Child mercy, but you may not understand, any day Truth Child claim to be superior, that is the time temptation will come and Truth Child will fall into it. 

Now I want you to understand something, go and read the history about pastors, those that are claiming that they know it, they always fall by the side. Children I gave you an assignment, go and observe those that claim they know it, their lifestyles, they always fall. I AM not only talking about pastors, even those that call themselves doctors, those that claim they know it, some among them always make mistake, even the barristers as they are called, watch them, there is a little case they will handle and will not be able to handle it well, why? They are claiming that they can do it.

I saw humility in the life I gave to Truth Child. It does not mean that Truth Child is perfect as self said, but there is humility I saw, accepting mistakes and apologizing without contesting. How then a man… ah! Behold that man! You have already pass a verdict to kill that beauty in life. Some matters you present to Truth Child, is there any beauty in life among you that Truth Child will say let me nail you for the evil you did, or you deserve death or life? Hear, if Truth Child is doing it, by now some servants among you will not be a servant till date, but at the same time, that is what I AM using to show Truth Child mercy, if Truth Child goes astray, by My mercy I will bring Truth Child back to Myself, for the fact that Truth Child consider others.

But consider the statement YahwehDawid made, YahwehDawid passed verdict immediately, but from the time when you were commenting about that, have you looked deep to understand that verdict? No, awa MEKA. YahwehDawid used his position to condemn that beauty in life immediately, but how many among you have Truth Child used his position to condemn? No, beauty in life, awa MEKA. You beauties in life should learn from this illustration, I AM taking note about all that are happening.

YahwehLifted, yes, awa MEKA. I come to you, you were provoked by the statement that was made by Truth Child, but let Me ask you a question. At the same time, did the speech you made to Truth Child yesterday, is that how you are supposed to present the speech? You were bold to ask whether Truth Child is exempted from that law, you opened yua mouth to ask, but you noticed how Truth Child handled it, Truth Child answered you. I was there taking note, Truth Child asked you whether you asked self if self is exempted?

But some among you are behaving as you like, at the same time, Truth Child answered you and told you, look at this, look at this, look at this. But the real matter about this is that the question you asked was contrary, that is the truth, you beauties in life should be very, very cautious, you beauties in life should be very, very cautious.

Well, let Me return on the illustration I was giving about YahwehDawid. You beauties in life should be very, very cautious, when a beauty in life do something wrong, eh! Look at that beauty in life, the beauty in life is not suppose to be in awa midst, is it you that suppose to be? Do you know what will happen to you tomorrow? You behold that beauty in life, is evil. Some among you have called beauties in life evil, you are now perfect. Who gave you a pass mark that you are perfect? Children I asked a question, who gave you a pass mark that you are perfect? It is pride, it is yuaself, yes, awa MEKA. That gave yuaself pass mark.

YahwehLifted! Yes, awa MEKA. As it is now, suddenly you do something and Truth child raise hand and slap you, definitely, you will return the slap right? awa MEKA me will not. You said you will not? No, awa MEKA. YahwehLifted! awa MEKA. Listen, I know every beauty in life among you, if Truth Child slap you in yua fellow  beauties in  life’s presence, you will return the slap, it will push you as a challenge, but you all should be very cautious, there is what is called trial: test to know yua ability. You beauties in life should take caution to understand that the purpose you are here is for yua own benefit.

Well, YahwehCyprian! Yes, awa MEKA. You and Truth Child went to Onitsha yesterday, yes, awa MEKA. Is it true? Yes, awa MEKA. But I want to ask a question, the purpose why you went there with Truth Child, is it for the Truth Child’s benefit? No, awa MEKA. Do you know that as it is, tomorrow and next tomorrow I have established Truth Child? Yes, awa MEKA. Are you aware? Yes, awa MEKA. But the concern now is others, but that is why Truth Child was under water from My throne both you, it is for other beauties in life’s benefit, but others were in the house and they didn’t know.

You saw how the Agbero man came to abuse, you saw how Keke man abused, you saw all the things you passed through, when bike dropped, you saw how Truth Child was struggling to carry the things to the other side. But they are all here, does it means that Truth child is doing it for his own benefit? Not at all. Why I pointed all these things is that I want to use what you know to teach you what you don’t know, yet you may be here talking as you feel, but this is the beauty in life that is suffering for you, thinking how you will be like others.

Well, that is how you are there and I AM planning for you, thank you awa MEKA. I have received a lot, evil words in order to save beauties in life, but when you returned last night, did you find it easy? No, awa MEKA. Truth Child didn’t find it easy. In fact cold was on Truth Child, but was it for his own vision? No, awa MEKA. So, all that I AM suffering is for My own children. Thank you awa MEKA. I told you children before this time that there is nothing that will make Me to   enter hell, and there are no praises you will give to Me now that I have not received in My Dwelling Place. There is nothing you will do today that will change Me, even if satan corner all beauties in life, I AM always what I AM. But all is for yua own benefit, what have I said? It is for awa benefits.

Listen, a particular father has established, then call the earthly children to settle them, but the earthly children refused to be established, the father have all the resources that will make self even if self want to live as much as life is existing, the father will not borrow something from the child. The father was trying to keep those children in a better position, but the children refused, who will suffer it? The Children. Is there any day the father will go and beg those children something? No, awa MEKA. Think about it, I AM yua teacher, so all I AM saying is for yua own benefit.

Let Me tell you, all the praises you say you are rendering is an insult to Me, some names you are calling is an insult, some speeches you make are insults, however I speak to you days ago that whatever you are saying I don’t count it as a charge, you are like a little child that is learning how to speak, when that child is learning how to speak, the child can say taah! Without knowing what taah means! Will you kill that child? No, awa MEKA. All you are doing, you are ignorant about it, I can’t kill you. I laugh, I will embrace you, I will not count it as an offense, I noticed that if some beauties in life among you call something wrongly, you will hold yuaself, I laugh, I AM always with you, that soberness shows turning from sin, will I kill you? I take you all like little children that are learning how to talk.

Well, it is Truth Child that is speaking? No, awa MEKA. But I want to tell you that it is gradual, is there any child who starts learning how to talk and call, let Me use their language, mother or father, is it possible? No, awa MEKA. If such happens, you will leave that child and run. Yes, awa MEKA. But that child will be learning Mmh! Mmh! Mmh! Little by little, look at YahwehVictory, you will call YahwehVictory and YahwehVictory will laugh, that is the talk, but do you know that, that child is learning how to talk well, is it true children? Yes, awa MEKA. It will get to a point that if YahwehVictory want to talk to you, YahwehVictory will touch yua hand and show you signs, however YahwehVictory is talking.

The listener through the signs will understand little by little. Then by learning, finally, YahwehVictory will know how to speak. So as you are learning now, you will also know how to make a nice speech. So be it. But I will not kill you, I will not crucify you, I will not condemn you, thank you awa MEKA. The truth is that you should make yuaself to be like a child. If I say make yuaself to be like a child, then behave like a child. Is there any beauty in life among you that I will not call a child? No, awa MEKA. Can you remember where I began, who among you will tell Me where I began? awa MEKA you began by greeting us blessed new day little children. Is that all? And you said, are we sure that I AM what I AM deserve to receive praises or we want to say it as others are saying.

Well, little children! Yes, awa MEKA. I love you beauties in life, thank you awa MEKA. Let Me ask you a question, do you really understand that last week I came here with a hard voice? Yes, awa MEKA. With boldness, with open rebuke, are you aware? Yes, awa MEKA. Does it mean I hate you? No, awa MEKA. Is it love? Yes, awa MEKA. Then I want to tell you, if Truth Child is rebuking the same way, it is love that makes Truth Child to rebuke you. Any how you understand it, the rebuke is for yua own benefit. YahwehChanna! Yes, awa MEKA. Is it a surprise to hear Me call you? Yes, awa MEKA. I know you all, let Me tell you, when Truth Child called you, you were speaking with Truth Child, I was there, there was a statement Truth Child made. Truth Child told you that none among you will stay permanently with Truth Child, I was there, but all that Truth Child said was that, it is for yua own benefit, is it true? Awa MEKA, it is true. That is why you all should be able to think how to be different from others.

Now I want to ask a question; if you answer this question, I will appreciate you. Can any among you tell Me why, as they say, I will use their language now, the place water gathers they call sea, right? You notice that when the water is flowing, right? That which is with dirt, the mud flows together with the water in the channel and the other which is neat also flows in its channel. Now, can you tell Me what makes the water as it flows to be neat but the other is not neat? awa MEKA, it is a mystery, we don’t know. You don’t know? Did you say you don’t know? awa MEKA, we don’t know.

Now these are the first to second beauties in life that are here on earth. Well, you discover that, that particular water which is dirt that is flowing through that channel is mud water, and it is not useful, and if you eventually use it and wash your garment, it will stain it. But the other that is neat, if you use it to wash, it will wash out dirt. Now, let Me tell you the quality in that water that makes it special and beneficiary, and you can’t do without it. If you want to cook you will use it, right? I will teach you what you don’t know, if you want to wash, is from there, right? Yes, awa MEKA. That is fine! But that water that is dirty, it is a mad beauty in life that can use it, drink it as normal water, use it to wash their flesh as normal water or use it to do anything as normal water, have you taught about that? No, awa MEKA. Now, let Me ask you again, is it possible to change that water? It is impossible.

Well, it is possible. When you fetch the water and apply alum, the dirt that changed the water will settle down, what will you do then? You will filter it and pour out the dirt. But the truth is that, that thing which made that water to be dirty, you must do something to remove it, which is how I AM removing dirt from you now. Thank you, awa MEKA. But remember that, that water  you spotted, before you prefer it, it was condemned, it was not useful, but it is the same water you can now use to wash, you can use it to cook, and you can drink it, how do you consider it? awa MEKA, it is great.

Now, at the same time, the same water that you consider as to be clean, if you use a big bucket and fetch that dirty water and pour into the big clean water, what do you think will happen? You have made the neat water to change and until the water rest and become clean again, it will be useless. Now, you that is special, if you as a beauty in life associates yuaself with evil beauties in life, they will destroy you, they will cover you, that quality in you will be taken away.

Well, I told you that I will use what you know to teach you what you don’t know, is it the wisdom from Truth Child? No, awa MEKA. Are you sure? Yes, awa MEKA. But try to understand when yua earthly father is speaking as they call. Well, there is another thing, observe this bore hole outside, do you know that the day they were doing it, it took enough time for them to get to the level where the real water is? Yes, awa MEKA. Now, what do you say about that? They passed the mud water, passed and were looking for the real water. Do you know the process they passed through before getting to the real water? Real water is always where? Down. But all is water? Yes, awa MEKA. But when you talk about quality water, it is not every bore hole that gives quality water, yes, awa MEKA. How do you consider it? Now, I want to tell you that True Goodnews that I have established is the only qualitative. I have dug and discovered My Qahal. 

Now let Me tell you, let Me reveal Myself to you like a man that open bore hole, when you get to Deeper Life, you get to Assemblies of their God, name them, they are not functional, how do you consider it? But I have dug to get My child, Truth Child which I  AM using to establish the truth, but I come to tell you, don’t bring yuaself low and don’t try to associate with those that speaks evil. Well, listen, if you give yua ear to evil, evil will enter. There is a parable which I have established before I told you about this ear, if you can remember, this left ear is to accept evil and when you allow evil to enter, it will establish evil in you, I also told you that the left eye is also a signal, I told you to tune yua ear and yua eye to the right part, when that is been done, yua ear will not accept evil, neither will yua eye behold evil, that is when you will be free.

This is what I was telling My little children when Nonyerem was doing his evil, Yahwehdinma! Yes, awa MEKA. Were you not there when I was giving this parable as at then? Speak. Me was there. But what I was saying there Truth Child didn’t even know. I was lamenting and telling you that some among you, if you tune yua ear to the evil side you will hear evil, that was the time Nonyerem was speaking evil, but I gave it to them as a parable, even Truth Child never knew but as many that tuned their ear to that evil, where are they now? I own beauties in life, when things are going to happen I know, but the truth is that, I may not make Truth Child to know about it. Some among you may feel that I will tell Truth Child everything; there are some things I will not tell Truth Child. Even when I AM saying it, Truth Child may not know, it is best known to Me. And tell My children, all that feels that I will tell Truth Child everything, it is a lie. Do you beauties in life understand Me? Yes, awa MEKA. What? Yes, awa MEKA.

Who is that man that I will tell everything? Let Me ask you a question, is there any beauty in life among you now, You have only a matchet, can you give it out? You will only give out when you have reserve, on the account that the matchet is important to you, is that not true? It is. What I AM trying to say is that even as I AM giving out, I have given only a little on the fact that I have it in abundance and the capacity needed for  beauties in life to carry it is not there.

I want to ask you a question. I have wisdom to do everything I want to do, now let Me tell you, based on the fact that you are My children, right? Yes, awa MEKA. If I should call Truth Child and tell Truth Child, look at what is happening in Benin, Truth Child, look at what is happening there, look at what is happening here, how do you think that Truth Child will be alive? It will be too burdensome, not only that, Truth Child will collapse. I have a way I do things, for the fact that truth Child is important to Me, I want to use My servant to do what I want to do, then if that beauty in life feels that that evil the beauty in life is doing is fine, I have every power to deal with that beauty in life, even without Truth Child knowing about it. Truth Child may even come and begin to pray for that beauty in life.

Children, I will tell you the truth, sometimes Truth Child will be praying and I will be laughing, won’t I tell Truth Child don’t come before Me with a humble demand or come with a humble demand, yes, truly, I will tell you the truth, at the end, after you children had finished praying, I will yet do what I want to do. If I tell you that none among you can understand Me, you may not understand

REMEMBER THAT I TOLD YOU THAT SORRY! SORRY! SORRY! THERE WILL BE A TIME I WILL NOT HEAR SORRY, HAVE I SAID THIS SEVERALLY? YES, awa MEKA. SO EVEN IF YOU COME AND SAY SORRY, I WILL KEEP THAT SORRY AND DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. Why I AM speaking is for you beauties in life to be very, very cautious. And at the same time I want to keep My servant. If I should ask a question, have you learned a new thing? Yes, awa MEKA.

Children! Yes, awa MEKA. I love you all! Thank you awa MEKA. Let Me tell you, it is better to be in My presence; it is better to be in My presence than to be in other places that you feel you will have knowledge. I ask you all a question, think about when Truth Child is addressing an issue as they say, you will notice My wisdom in Truth Child, but when Truth Child is talking, you will know that it is Truth Child. But do you know why I make it to be so? It is for you to understand the difference between Me and Truth Child when Truth Child is talking. I allow some characters to be in Truth Child. Let Me tell you, I repeat Myself, I allowed some character to be in Truth Child, so that when Truth Child is acting according to self, you will know that this is Truth Child; but when I come to speak, you will know that yua awa MEKA is speaking. There is no day Truth Child will speak like Me; I made that difference for you to differentiate between Me and Truth Child.

Well, children! Yes, awa MEKA. I love you all. Thank you, awa MEKA. That is why I AM revealing all this things to you all, when the real Truth Child begins to act, you will know and I can’t stop it. What did I say? You will not stop it, for you to distinguish when I AM speaking, Truth Child don’t know but Truth Child will know as I have said it now. At the same time, to also tell that Truth Child that self is not qualified, so Truth Child needs to depend on Me. When Truth Child was rebuking the driver, talking about his arm that was cut off, were you not disappointed YahwehCyprian? I asked you a question! awa MEKA, me felt so. You felt so? That is Truth Child, that is Truth Child speaking. 

Any time Truth Child is speaking watch his mouth, watch his eyes, watch his boldness and rebuke, you will know that it is Truth child, but when I come, I will show that I AM father as they call, are you getting it? Yes, awa MEKA. Well I made it, it is for My own purpose, so that in time like this I will show the difference for you to understand the difference between Truth Child and Me. It is always favorable to be in My presence every where you are! Yes, awa MEKA. Wherever you found yuaself, My presence is the best place you need to find yuaself.

I want to speak to you little children, when Truth Child is speaking, you will be able to know that it is truth Child and don’t be offended, don’t count charges, it is Truth Child and I made it to be, it is not that I cannot change My servant, I made it to be. Well, sometimes, if you watch Truth Child, something may happen and Truth Child will say, this thing me will not do it, but that is Truth Child, but when I come I will now tell Truth Child you will do it, that is when Truth Child will return. All these things I AM doing is for you to understand the difference, there is no day or night, right? Yes, awa MEKA, Truth Child will be like Me. 

Children do you understand? When I come to use Truth Child as an instrument in order to do My work, that is the time you will be able to understand things. Allow Truth Child to speak, you will notice that his words is difference. There is something in Truth Child, if you don’t take caution you will hate Truth Child. Children I know you all, any day or night I want to talk about you, I will talk and you can’t stop Me. I repeat Myself if you don’t take caution you will hate Truth Child. But I want to lecture you today for you to have understanding that there are things that are affecting you, so that you will put yuaself to order, at the same time when the real Truth Child comes to the wife, the wife should know that it is Truth Child. None among you have endured what this woman have endured, yes, truly I know what I AM saying children.

Truth Child always act like the people they call soldiers, this you suppose to do, you must do it, right? And if you don’t do it… but when I come, that is the time I will correct My servant as I always correct you beauties in life, that is the time I come to tell you what is there, though I may speak to My servant to correct My servant in My own way, in My own way which you may not understand. But the purpose is that I want to tell you the difference between Truth Child and who? Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, that is it. You know that I know everything, when those people as they call themselves came here yesterday, did you know that Truth Child raised his voice? Truth Child was trying to rebuke them, YahwehCyprian! Yes, awa MEKA. Did you observe it? Yes, awa MEKA, me observed. That is Truth Child, it is Truth Child, but I didn’t condemn My servant, but remember what I said, I said I allowed Truth Child to be like that, otherwise when you are passing yua own verdict, you should know how you pass verdict.

But let Me ask you a question, If a beauty in life bring oil and mix it with another thing or water and add colour that looks like oil and present it to you as oil, when you taste it, won’t you discover that this thing is not oil? Yes, awa MEKA. We will.  But when you taste oil, you will be able to know that this is oil, yes, awa MEKA. Thank you. When Truth Child is speaking, know that it is Truth Child, so no matter how, there is no day or night that chemical will turn to be oil, but what you will say is that, this mixture looks like, when that statement is made “look like,” the difference is clear but remember I used to call Truth Child My servant, is it true? Yes, awa MEKA. Is there any day or night I told you that I AM Truth Child? No, awa MEKA. Now, think about it. YahwehCyprian! Yes, awa MEKA.

Is yua earthly man child’s  life and yua own the same? Not at all. But do you know that sometimes beauties in life will always call him Cyprian? Yes, awa MEKA. But there is no how even yua voice and character will be the same as his, then there is no way My own life and Truth Child’s life will be the same, are you glad? Yes, awa MEKA. How much did you pay Me? Nothing awa MEKA. But let Me ask you, you beauties in life here paid money to go and learn this evil and occupy the understanding I gave you. Do you realize that? But My own you don’t pay anything, if I should charge you, what do you think you have to pay Me? Nothing awa MEKA.

Now, have you realized My mercy and love, so when I tell you that I love you, this is among the things that make Me to say it. The truth is that all I AM giving to you is free, that is love, any other love is fake love, Truth Child always tell the wife that Truth Child love the wife, is it true? Yes, awa MEKA. But any day or night Truth Child is speaking and the wife rebuke Truth Child, that love will die, right? Any day or night Truth Child’s wife did not do what her supposed to do, the love will die. You beauties in life, the love you are claiming is a fake love, but My love is the real love, it is the real love.

I AM yet speaking, Truth Child, you always speaks against YahwehGidon, why? For YahwehGidon is not doing what you wish that YahwehGidon should do, to the point that you are not comfortable with YahwehGidon. If not for My mercy…but yet I love you even when you are squeezing Me, even when you are pouring saliva on Me, even when you are defecating on Me, I love you and I AM yet looking for you. My love is not for you to look for Me but for Me to look for you. Now do you understand what love is all about? For the fact that I want to save you, even when you are doing evil, children! Let Me ask a question, do you know that all the men and women beauties in life that are committing fornication, do you know that I AM watching them? Even when the enemy wants to slay them, I will defend them, including those that kills beauties in life I made by Myself, while they are killing, I do save them, if it is you, won’t you say that miracle has happened, you will die, won’t you say that?

Truth Child I come to speak to you, YahwehLifted, yes, awa MEKA. Truth Child told you that you beauties in life will go to that welder to do what? To shake him, thank you, for the man did evil, the man is delaying the work and consumes much money only? But both you and Truth Child, do you understand how long I have been calling you and you refused to answer Me, had it been that I allowed death or I send Malakhim to come and wound you, how would you have been alive till now? How would you have remained? I allowed this to happen to use it to teach you, I told you that there is nothing that happened that I don’t know, be patient with that man, if it is to beg the man, beg the man, don’t raise yua voice even when others are complaining it is evil, it is this or that.

When you go there, tell the man, you are trying but help Me, you are different, if others are shouting and you are shouting, what shows that you are different? The purpose I come to speak to you is for you to understand the difference between Me and Truth Child, I AM yet emphasizing it, if not that I AM holding Truth Child by Myself, anything Truth Child wants to do, I disorganize Truth Child, Truth Child has planned very well to hit that young man beauty in life, but after planning I will wash it like what? Garment, for the fact that I don’t want Truth Child to have a bad record. Let Me tell you what you don’t know, I made Truth Child not to meet that young man yesterday, and I made YahwehLifted not to go there, I made it in such a way that even when Truth Child tried that man beauty in life’s phone number and the phone rang, I made the man not to pick the call and I arranged that today I will speak about it, but children! Yes, awa MEKA.

Any man or woman beauty in life that tells you that self is confused over My word, it is a lie, there is no confusion in My word, My speech is speech for freedom, deliverance, I will not tell you to do evil, I will not tell you to go and kill a beauty in life that do evil against you, but I will tell you to forgive that beauty in life, can satan say such a thing? No, awa MEKA. That is to tell you that if Truth Child is My servant and I tell My servant not to do that which self want to do, it means that I have a better plan. YahwehLifted! Yes, awa MEKA.  You beauties in life that are here, if Truth Child tells you to go and carry all the loads and properties that that man has and bring them here, won’t you do it? We will carry even the man, but why should I allow such to happen, if it is Me that called Truth Child and is the director? awa MEKA, we want to be like you, you can’t be like Me, you beauties in life say you want to be like Me, you can’t be like Me, you are little children, what you need to do is to follow My instruction, obey Me, do My own will. Laughs! Do you know why I AM laughing?

Some among you are eager to be like Truth Child, but you can’t be like Truth Child, but at the same time you will learn something from Truth Child, if I say learn something from Truth Child, what are you going to learn from Truth Child? The point is that, if you say to Truth Child, what you have done is wrong, Truth Child will apologize to you, and will not find it difficult to tell you sorry if you watch. Do you realize why I said awa MEKA forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing? You beauties in life, some things you are doing, you don’t know what you are doing, that is why I AM yet showing you mercy.

Children! Yes, awa MEKA. If you have an awa MEKA like yua awa MEKA that is speaking to you, congratulations, only accept corrections, right? There is no time that there will not be a mistake but accept correction, remember what I told you concerning YahwehDawid, YahwehDawid said that the beauty in life that did this thing deserves death, YahwehDawid passed verdict immediately, as YahwehDawid has pronounced it, YahwehDawid deserve death also and I told you that that is why the earthly child began to do what? To pursue YahwehDawid. Know how you condemn yua fellow beauties in life, what you should do, when you notice that yua beauty in life is not getting it right, is to call yua fellow beauty in life with love, point it out to yua fellow beauty in life, this thing you have done is wrong. But by the time you know that you should openly rebuke, open yua eyes and rebuke, it is not evil.

Well, do you know why I will explain for yua own understanding? No, awa MEKA. Now, if it happens that you want to cut iron, can you use soft hand to break the iron? No, awa MEKA. What do you think you will do? If you want to cut iron you will use force with what? With hammer.  And hit it even if you use a stick can you break that iron? No, awa MEKA. Some characters are like that, when it deserves you to use open eyes to rebuke, rebuke; if you pamper it, there is no how that life will be changed, do you understand Me? Yes, awa MEKA. But at the same time the iron I used to give you illustration, I don’t want such iron among My children. The iron refers to unbeliever as many as are walking with the enemy, so it will take force to pull them out, to rebuild them.

Children! Yes, awa MEKA. What is yua understanding concerning the illustration I gave to you about clean water and mud water? awa MEKA, what me understood concerning the mud water you told us is that, it can be purified, that there is nothing you cannot do in the life you gave to us, that you have brought us to purify and deliver us from being dirty and to be as you want us to be, that is fine. Now, let Me teach give you lecture, that is how I pointed it. Now, I talked about alum, right? Yes, awa MEKA. Now, if you want to change that mud water in that gathering place where water gather which they sea, you now put alum, do you think it will work? No, awa MEKA. What you need to do is to fetch the water out, you now apply that alum and the dirt will settle down, then the water will be now purified for use.

Some among you, if you want to speak My word to a  beauty in  life, target that  beauty in  life, not in the public as they are. Laughs! What did I say? Target the beauty in life. If you want to make friend with that beauty in life, be talking with that  beauty in  life, concentrate on the  beauty in life, if you go to their midst, if there is any  beauty in  life that would have accepted, they will hinder the  beauty in  life, that is the illustration. Have you asked yuaself, check the way I moved with  beauties in  life, I first met YahwehPetros, only YahwehPetros, is it true? Yes, awa MEKA. What? Yes, awa MEKA. 

After My encounter with YahwehPetros I continued, is it true? Yes, awa MEKA. Now, I will use the things you know to make you understand what I AM saying, even the woman I asked to give Me water, I met the woman when the woman was alone, does it mean that I cannot appear in their midst? Now, let Me tell you, but when I gave meat to the multitude as they say in a big quantity, it was a nice word, they accepted it, but the next day they came, I gave them the real truth, they were in group, every beauties in life without exempting any returned to their various houses, it was only which people?

My followers that remained, but had it been that they were few or a beauty in life which stayed and I preach to that beauty in life, that beauty in life would have asked Me question, so that self will understand. At that, there will be a change, right? Yes, awa MEKA. But as they came in group, a  beauty in life will talk to the other, at the end, they will say please lets go. How did you understand it? They will destroy themselves. Now, I have given you fact to prove to you that it is true. The woman that has first to second children [twins], if that woman is careless, the first to second children will die, is it true? Yes, awa MEKA. For the fact that the burden was much on that woman, with the woman’s mentality, if any among the twins die, if care is not taken, the other will die also, do you understand? Yes, awa MEKA. What I AM talking about is that, getting them gradually will be easier than getting them at the same time.

I believe that I have given My children My wisdom? Yes, awa MEKA. Do you know that a wise man is a man that always have a target on what to do, and achieve it? Yes, awa MEKA. Let Me tell you, you know what they call rabbit, if they set trap on the ground for rabbit, right? Yes, awa MEKA. Had it been that rabbit will carry a lump from the meat and go, rabbit will not fall into the trap, but what will make rabbit to fall into the trap is that, rabbit will want to gather all the meat at the same time in its mouth into its hole, in that process, its leg will be trapped. But had it been that the rabbit takes its meat bit by bit into its hole, the leg wouldn’t have entered into the trap. For the fact that the rabbit want to gather all at the same time, the rabbit will be caught by the trap. 

Children, is better for you to begin to look for My children, when you behold a  beauty in  life, speak to the  beauty in  life, walk with that  beauty in  life. I love you all! Thank you awa awa MEKA. Sometimes, when you go out speaking, I always laugh at you, you have the nephesh to preach and win all the  beauties in  life! awa MEKA, it’s true. It won’t work like that. Learn how Yua awa MEKA do evangelize, and learn how Yua Meka made  beauties in  life, it was a man after that a woman, after that first child, before they spread all over. Then have you asked yuaself, why was it only a man and a woman? Does it mean that yua Meka don’t have all it takes to make them to fill all over the earth immediately? No, awa MEKA. Return to the way yua Meka made things to be, little by little you will bring  beauties in  life. Laughs! If water is coming from My throne, and you keep yua bucket, it will be dropping bit by bit, right? Yes, awa MEKA. Before you know what is happening, what will happen? The bucket will be filled. Why not keep it there and expect it to get filled at once? Now, I used to ask you, how many steps do you take to come here? Let Me tell you, do you consider that you will make a step only before the other follows.

Make a practical, walk with first to second legs at a time, awa MEKA you did not make us that way. Now when you are moving yua legs, yua hands at the same time moves, you will take right step, left step, right step and so on. What did I say? Follow how yua awa MEKA made it to be. Laughs! When you are planting, you will open the first hole, you can’t open all at a time, and when you work to a limit you will stop, right? Yes, awa MEKA. You continue the next day, there is an herb they call pumpkin leaf which you planted outside yua compound, only first was planted.

You can notice that it is coming up, very soon it will spread everywhere, if you are expecting it to fill that place at a time, how can it be possible? At the same time, the water leaf that was planted, how many times have you planted the water leaf? Many times. Many times? Yes, awa MEKA. Why not get all the water leaf and plant them in the same day? Do you realize that, had it been you were looking to get them at the same time, by now, you wouldn’t have achieved anything, is it true? Yes, awa MEKA.

If you want to survive in life take My word, take My word, take My word, it stands as a warning now! If you want to do something, but sit expecting that everything will be complete before you do it, you will do nothing, what have I said? You will do nothing! Begin from the little you have and you will realize how it will increase. Have you asked  yuaself this question, a man that want to have up to first to sixth earthly children, at first, the wife will conceive a child in the womb and deliver, after a little time, the woman will conceive again and deliver, are they increasing? Yes, awa MEKA. Why not the wife do it in such a way that the first to sixth of them will come at the same time? At the same time, Truth Child was known to be the only man child, is that true? Yes, awa MEKA. Now, the men children that Truth Child has now, do you notice that they have increased? Now, when the earthly children will grow and have their own, do you realize that they have increased the more? Yes, awa MEKA.

Don’t target to achieve what you want to achieve at the same time! I come to tell you children that if you want to build a house, plan it little by little, don’t behave like killers, it is only the beauties in life that are evil that does such and so their deities is always like that, and remember, what I told you is a warning, I told you beauties in life that you are lazy, some among you are expecting billions to come… why not begin from little? The time I called Truth Child, can Truth give a testimony that self answered Me with his billions or with his thousands? Truth Child answered Me with nothing, I began by telling Truth Child do this or that, despite what  beauties in  life were saying then, the human beings as they call, higher animals as they call themselves, that were mocking Truth Child cannot come close to Truth Child now. No! Begin from little, it doesn’t matter what beauties in life will say, I will establish you. So be it. So don’t have the enemy’s nephesh; it is only the enemy that wants to gather everything at the same time. In My former establishments, I followed the establishment which My awa MEKA laid.

Remember, even the animals were created the same week, are you aware? Yes, awa MEKA. Animals were created, even after it, I told YahwehNuak to bring in, animals first and second [two], male and what? Female. Is that how it was done? Yes, awa MEKA. Why not say bring them all? Do you understand, little children? Yes, awa MEKA. I want you to humble yuaself; I want you to bring yuaself down and begin a new life, I will bless you. So be it. The desire for aiming high will destroy you, it will make you to do what you don’t want to do. Tell My children that that is what I have said. Pass this message to My children who want to obey Me; I love My children, I AM Yua Saviour. 

Tell them to humble themselves; whatever they are going to do, that is what I will use to bless them: from that little, I will keep multiplying them until a time they will testify. Let Me tell you, I AM a teacher: if you begin in a big way, it will be difficult for you to survive it; you will also aim high; yua expenditure also will be high; everything about you will be high; at the same time, beauties in life will be looking at you as a beauty in life that is high.

It is better for you to begin in a little way, so that when you are growing in the business they will not know, they will feel that you are yet where you were, without knowing that you have climbed to another level. But if you have Me as yua MEKA, as yua Teacher, as yua Director, you will lack nothing. Thank you, awa MEKA. You will only obey and follow My instructions. All I AM speaking to you is for yua own benefit. Now for you to understand, look at Truth Child here, don’t you think that there is something Truth Child will do, and the whole world as they call will know Truth Child? But at that, do you know that Truth Child is in danger?

It will make Truth Child to begin to look for physical defence. But as Truth Child is going on foot, wearing slippers and all the rest, you may push Truth Child away, children, learn something from this. That is why you beauties in life are here. Had it been that Truth Child kept self far, maybe, by now, you wouldn’t have stayed here. You beauties in life should be cautious, humble yuaself. It is My own duty now to lead you, and the way I will lead you, you won’t know. Truth Child always say that the way I have been caring for them, is not made known to Truth Child. Some among you now feels that money has filled here, but it is My mercy, and My mercy will always be there. So be it. I believe that I have spoken to My children. Yes, awa MEKA.

Remember that you are not the only children I have; when you eat alone, it will hook you. Even as I say it will hook you, you may not understand what I AM saying, I told you to make sure that this message get to all My children, yes, awa MEKA.  Remember. Well, who have ears, let the  beauty in  life hear, who have My understand, should have it. But remember that I told you that as I AM speaking, all My words have already been written. I come in a different way today, which you have never noticed before, to teach you how to survive this life, don’t be afraid, when you go out, gather their materials for production, it is My own, when you have done that, lay hands on it and tell Me to bless it, and nullify whatever, I will nullify it. Thank you awa MEKA. Yua products will be different. The problem I have is that after production, all the men and women as they call themselves will be praying to God which God? And dedicate it to the same idol, but yua own is different.

Fear not, thank you, awa MEKA. I AM with you, thank you awa MEKA. Truth Child, any time I tell you to do something do it, don’t consider what beauties in life will say, the fact is that verdict is in My hand, had it been I considered what beauties in life said when I was on earth, I wouldn’t have died, remember I said I will destroy this building and will rebuild it in third days, they were mocking Me, remember they told Me, you say you are a saviour, why not save yuaself? If they said all these to Me, do you realize that I went into the land of the dead as they say and returned.

Truth Child, I can tell you go to this place to do this, I want to use it to deliver My children, but tell My children that some among them, [I have said it before] have become verdict makers, were they there when I established My program? No, awa MEKA. They only saw and came in, but the truth is that, any day Truth Child is going astray, I will not allow it. Thank you awa MEKA. I always tell you this and with actions and things that are happening, you will know that I AM maintaining My promises, I AM faithful as they say, but My establishment, My yes is My yes, I have covenant with Truth Child, and the covenant is assured, I told you that if I want to save a beauty in life, the first thing is to make covenant with the beauty in life, if I don’t make a covenant, forget about it. I made a covenant with Truth Child, and the covenant stands.

If I should ask a question, if I should allow Truth Child to go astray, who will make Truth Child to go astray? I ask a question! Who will make Truth Child to go astray? It is the enemy. So don’t accuse any beauty in life, it is the enemy. Now, let Me ask you a question, you have a vehicle, and you give it to a beauty in life to drive, then you have remote, the master remote, then when the beauty in life is going another way, with that remote you have all it takes to stop the vehicle no matter the distance, will that beauty in life go to that place? No, awa MEKA. That is how I AM holding Truth Child.

My little children I love you, thank you awa MEKA. Even as you always confess that you love Me, yua love is fake, you don’t know? It is Me that love you, I AM also showing you love in the day and in the night. Have you ask yuaself the question why sometimes, you have a bad dream as they call it, revelation, it will not come to pass? Is it by yua making? No, awa MEKA. That is the love, I will speak on yua behalf. Thank you awa MEKA.

Awa MEKA, me want to ask a question, sometimes when we have a night vision, some might be horror, some might be favourable, but when the day begins, we forget, we cannot remember them, awa MEKA, what should we do to be able to remember all the night visions? Yes, you asked a nice question, everything is an instrument in My hand, some may tell you that it is devil that makes it to go, for you to forget it, it is not devil, I will remove it from yua understanding so that you will not put it in yua nephesh. Thank you, awa MEKA. But at the same time, the enemy works also; do you understand Me, little children? But greater number of them, I do it by Myself among My children.

Let Me tell you, I know you all, some things that you ask Me, if you are not yet convinced that I have answered you, even when something happen, you will ask Me to forgive you, yet you are not convinced that I have forgiven you, if such happens, you humbly demand and tell Me not to allow it to happen, yet you don’t have faith that I have done it. So the best thing is to remove it, awa MEKA, thank you. Let Me ask you a question, this question you have asked, did I take a second to answer you? No, awa MEKA. But later go and ask Truth Child, you will notice what Truth Child will say, it must be different from My own, all these things is for you to understand the difference between Truth Child and Me.

As many that want to obey Me, My peace, My wisdom, My protection, I release unto you. So be it. I will fight this battle and I will give you victory. Says yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak. So be it.



ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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