This message was given by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, to AWA KRETOR YAHWEH-YAHWEH’s children during the new day devotional meeting with AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK on the above mentioned date. During the praise and reverence service, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak thus through the servant, Truth Child:

Blessed new day My little children, blessed new day Awa RIDIMA. Well I heard a voice that said that yua RIDIMA never change, is that true? Is true Awa RIDIMA. If I yua RIDIMA will never change. Why should you be afraid? Why should you feel disappointed? Well, I can never change but is only men and women beauties in life that can change. Now I want to give you a lecture about changes, changes always bring something low; do you hear what I said? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Changes bring something lower than the quality, but it might look admirable which they call what? Attractive. Now let Me speak to you from the things that had happened before. You notice that the vehicles they produced in those days can serve beauties in life in service more than the vehicles they are producing now, is that true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. But what they did is that, they reduced the quality and make it to look admirable in yua eyes, do you understand Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. So that is why I told you that changes brings what? Bring something low.

Now do you notice that any company as they call can produce original product, but before you know what is happening, you will not find that product any more. For instance, can you behold that vehicle they call Mercedes? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Most especially Mercedes 200, that vehicle quality is strong and reliable to go for, have you ever thought about these? No, Awa RIDIMA. Have you ever behold where they say the bolt-yoint [joint] pulled off? I ask a question? No, Awa RIDIMA. The build it very strong but after some-while when they realized that if they continue building it in that pattern; they will not make it, on account that the vehicle parts always last long, then they reduced its quality.

Now there is something I want to bring to yua notice, if you go deep, most especially the vehicle that is popular now, which is front-wheel drive, is that true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Can you compare it with back axle? No, Awa RIDIMA. Now we talked about shaft, when you behold it you will admire it. But back axle will last more than shaft, now you will realize that the standard and the quality has been reduced, is that not true? It is true Awa RIDIMA. That old model quality gives you service more than the recent vehicles. Imagine, before vehicles do not have what they call what? Automatic gear-box. It was manual, peradventure the manual vehicle develop fault somewhere; you can yet push it to ignite fire and might definitely respond, if the vehicle has over floating; it might take time to react but if you push it, it will move, or if the battery reduces it strength, you can yet roll it, and might ignite fire.

The Automatic vehicles that you beauties in life are admiring nowadays, if it eventually develop fault and stop moving, it will automatically stop functioning, and there it will be, if the battery reduces it power, you must go and provide another battery. Then which among them gives better service? It is manual vehicle. How many beauties in life now admires manual vehicle? They are very few. But they saw the automatic as the best. Why I AM pointing all these to you is for you to understand. Have you behold those days aluminum zinc? For those that used it, is yet in their buildings, are you aware? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Such building might not have problem unless something punch the zinc, you can cook under the roof, you can do whatever under the roof, and will not affect it, is that true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Can nowadays aluminum quality be compare with those old days product? No, Awa RIDIMA. But if you look at the old aluminum, you will notice that, it doesn’t look attractive as they say, but the quality is greater than the recent quality. Take note, you said I will never change that is why I began with change and also trying to make you to understand that things that change…… What brought change is to reduce the standard, the quality for that thing.

Well, little children! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. When YahwehAdam changed, YahwehAdam’s quality was reduced, is that true? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Now I want to take you to where changes began so that you will be able to understand. When heylel changed, heylel’s quality also changed, so what are you saying? You were reading YahwehAdam and YahwehChavvah’s history, if you know what they passed through, and what brought it? Change. They changed from where I kept them. Children, but is quiet unfortunate that beauties in life I created admire changes, they appreciate changes.

Now let Me speak to you, they call this era modern generation, is that not true? It is true Awa RIDIMA. Now let Me ask you, what is modern? I ask a question? New generation. Now if they left the old generation and begin to admire the new generation, it means they have reduced their standard, on account that, that is what brought reducing, And you can agree with Me that till this present time women are reducing in their standard, today you can behold a woman being naked and it doesn’t concern the woman, is that how it was before? No, Awa RIDIMA.

Are you aware that before if you eventually sight some parts in a woman’s flesh, that woman will be ashamed? Yes. But is that how it is today? No, Awa RIDIMA. Do you notice that women are reducing? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Likewise the hair they are plaiting in this era, was it like that in those days? No, Awa RIDIMA. Now based on what I told you this new day, do you realize that all the things they are doing in this era is to reduce beauties in life and that made them to change. When heylel changed, it was a problem to Heylel, when YahwehAdam changed it was a problem to YahwehAdam. Little children I speak to you, return to the old establishment, that is where you will get what you need. Control that child, no beauty in life should go out from My presence. Well, I have spoken to you, when you say you never change, you never change, the quality remain the same quality, the power remain the same power.

Well, I come to speak, Truth Child I have spoken to you, who owns this environment? It’s you Awa RIDIMA. Listen, I have every right to decide, Truth Child even if you did something wrong I used to say it out, I come to declare by Myself, it has reached to the point that Truth Child werds doesn’t have strength. NwaYahweh! Yes, Truth Child. So it is Truth child that is speaking? No, Awa RIDIMA. No, no, it is Truth Child, but I have a werd for you, I was here yesterday when Truth Child was pointing at yua mistakes, but you defended yuaself severally. Yesterday who initiated the denying meat and humble demand? Children who established denying meat and waiting in My presence? Is you Awa RIDIMA. Is it Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Did you have any point to resist that? No, Awa RIDIMA.

NwaYahweh you have proved to Me that you are the master for yua self. Truth Child was speaking yesterday and you went and do whatever you wanted to do, you didn’t stop there, when you went to where they were building where My children will gather, you laid a foundation for disobedience there even when they were telling you not to disobey, you went and bought ground nut without giving Me respect, I have come to declare to you, Truth Child may not have the boldness but I have all it takes to decide what should be done. Hear Me very clear, Henceforth, henceforth, don’t werk in My site any more. Yesterday heylel came to accuse Me based on what you did and before any werk commend there again My children should go on humble demand and denying meat before any other werk commence there, I repeat before any werk commence there again, My children should go on humble demand and denying meat.

That place is a place I AM building to deliver My children. Truth Child did you notice what makes Me to tell you to use paint and erase the hand print on the zinc which signify an idol? That paint that you used is a symbol for nullifying the idol, and base on this fact, if that hand print idol is there, heylel will have every point to accuse. Do you think that place is a place you behave any how you like and do whatever you like? I said and I repeat it, don’t werk in that sight anymore. But listen, it is very, very painfil that it is for yua sake that My children will go on humble demand and denying meat. I repeat, it is absolutely evil for you to make My children to go on humble demand and denying meat for mercy, taking action is very, very simple, but there are things that are attached to it, if you know who is speaking then you will understand.

Yesterday Truth Child was talking to you, you were defending yuaself, yesterday they corrected you, you… how do you think that werk will progress with such character? Children! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. How many times, how many times have I spoken to you that I don’t need adults I need children? Severally. How many times have I told you to depend on My own wisdom? Several times. I don’t need those that know it all, I need children that will be able to accept corrections and mistakes. But I granted you privilege to be in that site, but that privilege has been taken away today, as I granted YahwehAdam and YahwehChavvah privilege to be in that garden and that privilege as taken away, that is how the privilege will be taken away today. I repeat Myself, Truth Child may not talk, but if I come I have every right to decide what should be done.

Well, I don’t have much to say, but hear My werd before any other werk commence there, My children should go on humble demand and denying meat, before you do any other thing there, is that understood? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. I will forgive, I will cleanse and I will silence heylel but without that…….do you know what I AM coming to do there? Do you behold that place as a place where beauties in life go casually? Listen, as you are pondering about Me, as you are hearing from Me, I AM more than what you think and I do not accept evil and I do not accept disobedient, I AM the foundation for obedience, I laid a foundation in obedience, what did I say? You said you laid a foundation in obedience. Have you heard this before? No, Awa RIDIMA. I laid a foundation for obedience and watch Me each time I AM speaking to you I always say obey Me. heylel laid a foundation for disobedience that is first to second thing.

So any beauty in life that is under disobedient, it is heylel’s pattern. Did you hear Me very clear? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. But any beauty in life that lay a foundation in obedience, is My pattern. Either you follow My own pattern or heylel’s pattern. Any child that is disobedient, any child that is disobedience is heylel’s instrument. Listen very clear, I laid a foundation for submissiveness, but heylel laid a foundation for what? Rebelliousness. So any child that is under rebel is practicing heylel’s establishment, while a child that is submissive is practicing My establishment. Did you understand it? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. So this new day round up but it is not today that the humble demand will commence, did you understand Me? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. So plan and arrange it, I will show mercy, without that don’t step yua leg in that site, things you have never behold you will behold it in that site. So be it. Deliverance you have never experienced you will experience it. So be it. Freedom you have never experienced before you will experience it. So be it.

Tell My children! how many times have I said it that all My children should partake in building the solution ground and this information have not been passed to My children. There is no beauty in life that did something there that will not be rewarded but do it in obedience and with all yua nephesh, but if you do it under let them say, I searches nephesh. Recollect the story about Qayin and HevYahweh, what happened to them? They presented their dedicated gifts to you individually, HevYahweh’s dedicated gift was accepted on the fact that self presented own gift with a pure nephesh while Qayin presented own dedicated gift with a nephesh filled with evil. Thank you.

Why I want you to speak is for you to understand that it depends on the nephesh you are using to do My werk, there are some that will werk without reward, do you know why little children? I always tell you the Truth, I don’t pretend, there are some that will werk without reward depending on the nephesh, some will werk with pride, they will receive the reward for pride, some will werk in order for beauties in life to notice them, that is how their own reward will be. But if you are doing it with all yua nephesh that you are werking for yua RIDIMA, yua KRETOR, congratulations! Even some among you that are werking, some had already received their reward by themselves. Any day you came up and say have you beheld what I did? You have taken yua reward, ha! If not me…you have taken yua reward. Yua result is telling beauties in life that if they behold what you did, if not you….you have taken yua reward.

Children! Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Who will tell you all these? None Awa RIDIMA. When you are werking, humble yuaself, do what? Humble yuaself. Don’t allow any beauty in life to praise you. Even when beauties in life want to appreciate you, say is Awa RIDIMA that did it, return it immediately, don’t accept it. Let Me ask you a question, how possible will it be if you collect the right favour in the first place and you are expecting to collect another person’s favour? Is it proper? No, Awa RIDIMA. When you collect the first favour beauties in life give to you, you will not receive from Me again. I want to ask you a question, you all have experienced what I AM saying. If Truth Child does something to you, you will come and tell Truth Child thank you, can you tell Me what Truth Child usually say? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What did Truth Child usually say? Truth Child will say no! not Me, is Awa RIDIMA. Truth Child will say don’t give Me thanks. YahwehWisdom have you heard that from Truth Child before? Severally. But what have you learnt from there? Do you think that all these things have no record? Learn how to return it immediately to yua KRETOR. Thank you. Is yua KRETOR that will say alright, let Me do this to this My child.

Let Me speak to you, Truth Child was making call last night, why I AM saying this is for you all to learn. A beauty in life called Truth Child and said my beauty in life told me how you beauties in life cared for her, Truth Child told the beauty in life no! Is not Me, is Awa RIDIMA that did it, the beauty in life insisted that Awa RIDIMA used Truth Child to do it. I was there taking information, I was laughing. Truth child then asked the beauty in life if the beauty in life can appreciate pen any day the beauty in life is writing. That what you will appreciate is the hand, that you cannot appreciate the pen, but you rather appreciate the beauty in life’s hand writing, that was what Truth Child asked the beauty in life. Truth Child was establishing that self is not important, what is important is Awa RIDIMA that did it, that gave strength, that gave provision, that is how the matter was settled, I was there laughing, I was happy. Then what about you? When they appreciate you, you raise yua shoulder after taking yua reward, and yet expecting another reward. Why I AM saying this is that , I want to bless you, let nothing hinder yua favour. Do you understand? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Learn how to be humble, what you will tell beauties in life is how I delivered you. From time to time, Truth Child used to narrate his life experiences in order to make you to understand that self has passed through some hurdles, and to encourage you, is that not true? It is true Awa RIDIMA. That’s all. Even, haven’t you been observing Truth Child both in dressing and everything? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Is there any day you will understand if you don’t know that is Truth Child, do you understand? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. What about you? If tomorrow I change yua condition, will you follow the same life style? Some among you have establish a standard to prove that you are….. YahwehCyprian! Yes, My RIDIMA. This thing I AM saying is in you. Yes, My RIDIMA. You have established a standard whereby when you are talking you made beauties in life to know that you are talking, that is pride. I know you all, I know you and I AM calling you to learn, I told you to learn how to do what? To obey. So when you learn how to obey, everything will werk easily, some among you used to do something the way you feel.

If I should ask you a question, I have been keeping quiet right from the time you began to study about YahwehAdam and YahwehChavvah’s history, what do you understand there? They sinned, and that gave heylel avenue, is that not true? Is true Awa RIDIMA. But yesterday you read that when they wanted to cover themselves, they did what? They looked for something but couldn’t find anything. After searching, what did they do? They return to Awa KRETOR in humble demand. You have looked for yua own to assist yuaself, to help yuaself for a while but now can you come to yua KRETOR? Take note, it was that time that they were humbly demanding that a message came to them to go to so and so place, then do you know where I kept yua own favour? Why not do a humble demand to Me, you have been applying yua own wisdom, but come to think about it, had it been that they continued looking for what they will used to cover, what do you think would have happened? They would have suffered more. Now, the werd has returned to you.

When you read the scripture the next day, you will understand that, even as I directed them to a specific place heylel came, but what happened before heylel could reached the place? You sent yua werd from yua Dwelling Place and bound heylel by the side where those skins were until YahwehAdam and YahwehChavvah came to take the coverings. Thank you! this is on the account that they seek My presence, had it been that they did not seek yua presence I wouldn’t have send My werd to them, then heylel was disappointed, but apart from that heylel would have succeeded. Do you know that whatever you want to do, if you commit it into My hands I will guide it, but if you do it….let Me ask you, some among you, when you are going out, do you used to acknowledge Me that you are going out, that I should protect you? I ask a question! Not every time Awa RIDIMA. Do you know that even though you want to go out to urinate you are suppose to say Awa RIDIMA guide Me. on account that heylel might be waiting for you there but having informed Me I will defend you. Some among you have fell into problems on account that you went on yua own, if you didn’t ask Me to guide you, how will I guide you?

Do you behold that whatever you need to do you need to commit it into My hands? Yes, Awa RIDIMA. Well, I believe I have spoke to you. Awa RIDIMA, please speak more. Little children you spoke well, speak more, do you think this speaking have come to be cheap? Is not cheap Awa RIDIMA. How many have you kept? Little children that expect Me to speak, can you tell Me the werds I spoke to you previously before today? Can you raise first to tenth points from the werds I spoke? YahwehLifted I AM speaking to you. YahwehWisdom I AM speaking to you. Awa RIDIMA, you did not tell us that whosoever that werked for you till the end will be saved at last, but whosoever that endured till the end shall be saved. I said first to tenth points. Awa RIDIMA, please have mercy on us. Now you are expecting Me to speak more, I speak on account that you are little children, if I should follow how you are forgetting My werd, I wouldn’t have been speaking. But what happened for many years, yua experiences are yet in yua understanding. But I will stop at this point, be obedient to My werd, practice My werd, be a doer for My werd, it shall be well with you. So be it. Says yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK .




ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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