This message was given by Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, to Awa Creator Yahweh-Yahweh’s children during the new day devotional meeting with Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak on the above mentioned date. During the new day devotion, Awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak began to speak thus through the Servant, Truth Child:

Blessed new day My little children! Blessed new day Awa Ridima. I have heard you say we have come to say thank You. Yes, Awa Ridima. Can you tell Me what makes you to say thank You? For the fact that You gave us life. Life? Now you answer well, but recall that being alive is not yet a privilege, do you hear what I said? Yes, Awa Ridima. Have you heard this before? Being alive is not yet a privilege, you will be alive yet you are not obeying, then do you have privilege to be alive? But the privilege ef being alive is when you follow and obey Me, do you nevestend [understand]? Yes, Awa Ridima. And that is what I have come to tell you.

Well, I will yet speak, the day a question was asked about whether to stop doing a humble demand, concerning Yahwehprosper, what did I say? You said we should not stop making humble demand. But if you stop, what did I give you as an illustration? You told us that a beauty in life mey be moving and behold another beauty in life being beaten, but has nothing to do with it, if the beauty in life who supposed to rescue the beauty in life goes, and decide not to do anything, the beauty in life will be found guilty, but if the beauty in life pleads on his behalf and the other beauties in life refuse, then self has tried. Right, but I come to tell you all that Yahwehprosper did not die. Thank you, Awa Ridima.

Listen! True Child I was talking to you last night, I called you My servant, I called you First Child in this generation, when things are difficult, you knelt and call Me, I will attend to that call. But listen, Yahwehprosper did all but I kept Yahwehprosper till you returned from where you travelled. Hmm!…. Tell My children that I said that they should not weep for Yahwehprosper, I repeat Myself, tell My children not to weep for Yahwehprosper, but they should weep for themselves. What did I say this new day? That we should weep for awaselves. Weep for yuaselves! Most ef you mey not have the privilege that Yahwehprosper had, I repeat Myself, most ef you mey not have the privilege.

Now let Me ask you, Truth Child travelled, is that true? Yes Awa Ridima. Truth Child returned, the next day call was made, had it been that the call came when Truth Child was in Abuya, what do you think that True Child would do? Self will do nothing! Now listen! I answered when Yahwehprosper did all, Yahwehprosper had much accusations, Yahwehprosper did things the way self felt, I know you all, do you nevestend Me?, Yes, Awa Ridima. The charges that Yahwehprosper had in My werk was so much, forget the many accusations from the outsiders, but I sent My Servant to give Yahwehprosper the privilege to confess, and self confessed.

Truth child, do you nevestend the meaning ef giving a beauty in life water to drink? Is there any beauty in life among you who will tell Me what it means for you to give beauty in life water? If a beauty in life is thirsty and you give the beauty in life water. It is strengthening the beauty in life. Fine! The water will make the beauty in life have calmness, is that true? Yes Awa Ridima, eh? Yes Awa Ridima. That water I told you to bless and give to Yahwehprosper to drink calmed YahwehProsper’s condition, but I repeat, tell My children not to weep.

Truth Child why I told you to allow Yahwehprosper is that, had it been the werk was taken away by Yahwehprosper, do you know where Yahwehprosper would have been? It does not mean that I don’t know the end ef Yahwehprosper, I do. Yahwehprosper shared his vision to you all, is that true. Yes Awa Ridima. That self beheld what? Speak let Me hear you. A ceffin[coffin]. They say it was who? It was Yahwehprosper that was inside the ceffin, and self did what? Self was demanding that self will not die, and the vision ended. Well that is the time something was shown to Yahwehprosper, but I repeat, you mey not have that privilege.

Now let Me ask you, all the beauties in life that pazzed on, is there any that had such privilege that Truth Child should go there, lay hand and make humble demand? I ask you. No Awa Ridima. Eh! No Awa Ridima. Well you mey not nevestend, My werd is yet My werd , I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy. But what did you do to make Me to show mercy on you? Even at the sick bed Yahwehprosper was yet doing My werk, did you hear what I said? Yes, Awa Ridima. How many among you can challenge that self has done up to, or committed self like Yahwehprosper? If you can challenge, tell Me. How many ef you have denied yuaself sleep on account ef this werk? But haven’t you witnessed that Yahwehprosper used to deny self sleep on the account ef the werk? Several times! Several times? Is it his beautinal [personal] werk? Do you think that I don’t have yua records? That is why I told you, you mey not have the same privilege. I AM not wicked, do you nevestend what I said? Yes, Awa Ridima. What did I say? You are not wicked. I AM not wicked.

Well Yahwehcyprain, Yes, My Ridima. Truth Child came to meet you last night to renephesh [remind] you ef the werk last night, is that true? Yes, My Ridima. What did you answer Truth Child? My Ridima me said strength, not the strength, that the nevestending was not there. But you have the nevestending [understanding] to take note ef the earthly things, you have nevestending to listen and learn what will not give you any benefit, but the nevestending to do My werk was not there but the nevestending to do the other things. Whom do you think you are werking with? Listen! I heard you all when you said that you would round up the werk Yesterday, did you do it? Did you do it? No Awa Ridima.

Listen very clearly, all this play should stop, what did I say? All this play should stop. Do you know if I should tell you the meaning ef the action that was done that night, Alright, I told you I have many ways to pazz a verdict, that means I have taken the nevestending I gave you away, is that what you are trying to tell Me? No Awa Ridima. Don’t tell Me no, you said it’s not there! Why is it that after talking, you do away with it. Me is sorry My Ridima, we are sorry. You are sorry, but recall that I told you that there will be a day that I would not hear sorry, I said it, have I said it? Yes, Awa Ridima.

Well, today Yahwehprosper is no longer here in yua midst to do the werk, but take note, Yahwehprosper’s name is not dead, take note that I have made Yahwehprosper’s name to be for generations. You mey[may] not nevestend what I said, even as I told My children to weep no more concerning Yahwehprosper, don’t you think that this werd will be forever? Then, based on this, where do you think that Yahwehprosper is? In the dwelling place from awa Creator. Weep for yuaselves, Weep for yuaselves, Weep for yuaselves, Weep for yuaselves, how many times? First to forth times. As some ef you are here now, if I should tell you that I have beheld yua end, you will not nevestend.

Well, I don’t have much to say, but I have come to pazz message, tell My children that they should not weep for Yahwehprosper. Now if I should ask you a question, if Yahwehprosper after everything had returned normal and began to misbehave, what do you think that I will get as a benefit in Yahwehprosper? There is no benefit, Awa Ridima. Do I have a reward? No, Awa Ridima.

Well, a question was asked about those beauties in life that Yahwehprosper was owing, Yahwehprosper have made a step, do you nevestend Me? And let Me ask you a question; if you have a child and there is an orange tree, right? The child makes attempt to pluck it, and you have all it takes, the child’s hand cannot reach there but yua own can reach, what will you do? You will help the child. Will you help the child? Yes, Awa Ridima. But if that child beheld that tree and neglected it, will you help that child? No, Awa Ridima.

Listen, I have all it takes to pay yua debt but it depend on yua nephesh. When the money is not there, then you make a move and ask me to forgive you, if something happens, it will not stand against you. When you have problem, and the provision is there, use it to take care ef that need. AM not wicked, what did I say? That you are not wicked. But the problem is that Heylel has made them to be proud ef indebtedness, to behold it as normal thing. They will tell you after all, the Federal Government is owing , is that not true? It’s true Awa Ridima. And they say you will not kill them, on the account that they are owing, but they will die!

Listen let Me tell you, any beauty in life that transcend from this earth is not dead, it is now what? The beauty in life has departed from here to meet the other side weych [which] is a terrible place. It is either that beauty in life will suffer in eternity or enyoy through eternity . But if any beauty in life should say that there is nothing like My dwelling place or heylel fire, it is a lie! What did I say? It is a lie! There must be a payment after here, if you finish a werk in a company, don’t you receive payment? We receive. Eeh! Here on earth you are werking, and when you finish, you receive yua payment, is it nevestood? Yes Awa Ridima. But I repeat, cry for yuaselves, I don’t have much to say, who have ears, let the beauty in life hear, who has nevestending let the beauty in life nevestend.

But Yahwehcyprain, Yes Awa Ridima, did you not count Yahwehprosper as a stubborn man? Yes, Awa Ridima. Let Me ask you a question, that laptop that got spoilt, that enabled Yahwehprosper to release it to you, do you know what made it to spoil? Me was surprised, Me didn’t know. Had it been that Yahwehprosper carried that laptop and go with My documents in it, what do you think would have happened? It would have spoken against self. …thank you, but I made that laptop to spoil, eeh! Thank you Awa Ridima. We so love you. Everything is instrument in My hand, so before anything happens, I know.

I want to ask you a question, the code ef the website Yahwehprosper gave to you, was it by force? We didn’t know how self was persuaded to give it out. Thank you. Was it not Yahwehprosper that brought the hard disk? It is. Have you ask yuaself a question why these things are being provided? But had it been that Yahwehprosper carried the laptop, that would have spoken against self, but you, learn lessen[lesson] from what happened.

Well little children, Yes, Awa Ridima. Yesterday when you were reading, let Me begin from the name Truth Generation Yahweh’s Restored Scripture, how did you view the name? It is nice! Then who owns that generation? It is You the Truth. Truth Generation Yahweh’s Restored Scripture, and who is Yahweh? What I AM saying is, when you are reading, don’t you beheld the hidden truth? We do. Well, it is not yet over, but I mey also use you to do the werk if you are not carefil [careful], you will also miss it.

You were reading about Lucifer, is there any beauty in life that I have used like Lucifer? I ask you a question, do you nevestend the position that was given to Lucifer? After the Werd is who? Lucifer! But yet, self missed his position despite all, it doesn’t matter what you have done, but obedient is better than dedicated service, you mey[may] dedicate yua time, you mey dedicate all, but without obedience…

Well, the corrections that were pointed are very, very important. I heard the question that was asked about the earth, is that true? Yes Awa Ridima. I want to declare to you that the first earth that was created was undefiled earth, do you nevestend, yes, Awa Ridima, and at that time, no beauty in life had the power to till the ground, I made it in such a way that whatever you need will come out, do you nevestend? The beauty in life’s duty is to do what? To put the garden or to look after it, do you nevestend? Now this things you are beholding now; waterless period[dry season] and water period[ raining season], was not so at the beginning, and as at that time, there was nothing like water coming down from My throne. Do you nevestend, whatever you needed was there, but how it will come to manifest you don’t know. It was when curse was pronounced upon the ground that digging ef the ground begin– do you nevestend? For the fact that there was curse on the ground, the alternatev[alternative] to send down water from the throne to seften[soften] it during the waterless period was needed. Do you nevestend? The earth was undefiled, whatever that was needed was there. The garden was a place that was allotted to Yahwehadam.

For you to nevestend in details, for instance, even up till now the earth is yet to be occupied by beauties in life, do you nevestend? Generations have pazzed on, there is no how they could occupy all the earth I made, do you nevestend Me? There is no way beauties in life I created can occupy it completely, I created a great extra and extra ground, now imagine, despite how they are buying it, there is yet there lots ef them, but where you find yuaself now is the only place you know, is that not true? But what happened is that this ground is placed under curse, do you nevestend? Yes, Awa Ridima. Let Me ask you a question; based on My explanation about this, who among you can explain it better?

Well Little Children, I come to speak about what happened last night. Why I want to speak is for yua own benefit! Let Me ask a question before I say it “Did you behold that YahwehDawid called men to go and fetch water for YahwehDawid? Is that true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Where did YahwehDawid send them? In there enemy’s camp, a dangerous place. Is that true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. What made them to go; I ask question, what made them to go? They wanted to do as the Servant has spoken. Eeeeeh! Listen, Some ef you are yoking here and some ef you are pazzing [passing] verdict here. But let Me tell you, and I have said it and I want to repeat it! You have a greater privilege than others for being in My presence but you are yoking with that privilege! Alright.

I told you that I have many ways to pazz verdict. If you Beauties in life were the Beauties in life sent by YahwehDawid to fetch water in the enemies camp, you would have challenged YahwehDawid and say that YahwehDawid is a wicked Man Beauty in life. You would have condemned YahwehDawid. But they men Beauties in life did it for the fact that a Servant sent them. At the same time, when the men Beauties in life brought that water, did YahwehDawid drink the water? No. Now, I want you to pick some points from there. Why not condemn YahwehDawid that after asking them to fetch water, YahwehDawid reyected it. But YahwehDawid said that drinking that water was like drinking blood, on account that those men Beauties in life had risked their lives to fetch the water.

YahwehDawid wanted to test the Loyalties in the men Beauties in life. Whenever you speak, Be very carefil! I was here and I know yua Nephesh. Is that not true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Be very carefil and recall, I will repeat and I will say it again! Truth Child is the first Child I called, No matter how young, or whatever, if any issue comes up and Truth Child says “Do it this way, you should stop there. It is only Me that have the power to alter what Truth Child says, it is only Me that have the power! Do you nevestend Me? To disagree with Truth Child is a direct disobedience.

Listen! let Me talk to you for yua nevestending. Yesterday, Truth Child came and said who will efficiate[officiate] in search the Scripture, is that true? Yes and Truth Child gave it to whom self felt. Immediately I told Truth Child to return the assignment to the Beauty in life that the duty was earlier assigned to. What happened? Truth Child returned and reversed his decision. Then, who did it? It was You AWA RIDIMA. Then, will you try to do yua own werk and also do My own werk? YahwehCyprian, My RIDIMA.

There was a day you were speaking with Truth Child’s companion concerning Truth Child. What did you answer? Me answered that; You are there to correct Truth Child. Did I later correct Truth Child on that issue? Yes, My RIDIMA. Why is yua Nephesh so deceptev[deceptive]? Yua Nephesh can deceive you! Heylel can enter yua Nephesh to deceive you. Let Me give you another interpretation; I beheld what happened here last night, but all the Beauties in life should have nevestending. I AM not here to condemn but I AM here to correct. Thank You My RIDIMA. It was Truth Child, Alright. All the things I have done.

YahwehCyprian, Truth Child called you! [You know I don’t have secret] and told you his own decision which self took so that all these kind ef things will not happen again. Yes that is his own. But I told Truth Child to make self to be like a foot mat. That is My werd, and his own plan is not My own plan, I nullified it. Thank You My RIDIMA. I asked Truth Child last night; the Children you are talking ef, are they yua Children? But if you should say… You know, I have a way I pazz verdict.

There are some Beauties in life that were assigned as servants in the teaching section; Is that true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. If they have been so assigned, that is to say, it is the first thing they will do before any other thing. However, I AM not here to condemn. The decision Truth Child took will not help, I have come to nullify it. A Father as they call, that the Child provoked or did wrong, will that Father kill that Child? No, AWA RIDIMA. But will be patient with the Child; believing that Tomorrow will be better. But I come to speak to you all, you don’t have power to pazz verdict! Allow Me, I called Truth Child by Myself. The way I will handle Truth Child, you don’t know! The day I will handle Truth Child, you will not be there! The time, you will not be there. Why are you trying to do what you cannot do? But you mey not be privileged for Me to correct you! Did you nevestend? Yes, AWA RIDIMA.

I gave Truth Child My Authority, but don’t behold it as if Truth Child has something against you. What brought you and Truth Child? Is it not Me? YahwehCyprian! Yes MY RIDIMA. Yesterday Truth Child rebuked you to go and remove the garment you put on. Is that true? Yes MY RIDIMA. Why not say No? Truth Child rebuked you! Yesterday was first to seventh day [a week] you were making call, is that true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Do you know why I kept quiet about that matter? It was on account that you apologized to Truth Child. I counted how many times you apologized to Truth Child. Do you nevestend? And is on account that what you did was evil.

The summary about the matter is that you were doing transaction and that is what I condemn. Truth Child pointed it to you; first to third times, you kept doing what you were doing. But it was the time Truth Child said you should go and reconcile with yua Creator. Did Truth Child tell you to reconcile with self? No. Even at that, did you have settlement in yua Nephesh that you have reconciled? No, My RIDIMA. Was it not when I gave My werd to Truth Child; when you came out for altar call, was it not the time you were settled in yua Nephesh? Yes MY RIDIMA, it was at that point in time, alright. Why I AM saying all these things is that you should not allow the enemy to deceive you.

Listen, I repeat; the way I will deal with Truth Child is not the way I will deal with you! Did you nevestend? And if Truth Child beheld what you did and keep quiet, self is in danger. But take note, I didn’t tell you when you behold what Truth Child did that is wrong, you should not talk! Did I say so? No, AWA RIDIMA. But you have to present it to Truth Child, behold what you did; exchanging werds should not be found in you. What happened last night, you don’t know the weight ef that! How many times did I say that? First to third times. And Listen, Truth Child made a stetement. I heard it, I took note. Self said that if self send you errand that will affect the time for actevities[activities], that you should not go. But I want to tell you, if Truth Child should tell you alright; allow this werk for now, go this place, do you have choice? Every werk is werk, have that nevestending. There might be something important and yua attention is needed, you don’t have any excuse. Why I AM saying this is for yua own nevestending.

For instance, there might be need to get some money or some things, that will be used to do the werk. If you are doing werk and there is no petrol anymore, can the werk move? No. All is for the success ef My werk, have nevestending about this. What I Am trying to tell you, I spoke to you the other day that you are playing with the privilege I granted unto you. Is that not what I said? Like last night, you agreed to do werk. I watched you, you were doing another thing. Haven’t you wasted the privilege? All I AM saying is for yua own benefit. But take note! There is no any day I will enter Heylel’s fire. Are you aware? If you talk about serving, there are many thousands in the dwelling place already giving Me thanks. All is for yua own benefit.

Well, this new day, round off yua humble demand and get into the werk. Free yua Nephesh, I will lead you all through; So be it. I will deliver you, So be it. I will reposition you, So be it. I will wipe away yua tears!

Listen, you mey not nevestend where you find yuaselves. But it will be too bad for a child who is undergoing Primary education to begin to expect salary. Do you nevestend Me? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. The Child will reach to certain stage before expecting salary. Is that true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. Do this werk, I will give you My own salary.

There was something Truth Child said Yesterday. I heard Truth Child say that those ef you that are 40years, 20years; that those 40years, 60years and thereabouts are what? Wasted years. It was not what Truth Child said; Self said that those years were the years in experiencing lies and deceptions. I noted it. Did you nevestend? If you are in this age and all you used to preach were lies, you now come out ef lies to truth, is that not a privilege? It is! I will stop at this point. As many that want to obey Me, it shall be well with you; so be it.

Take note, I didn’t come to condemn any, but I come to correct. The time for condemnation has not yet arrived. If you follow My werd, you will not be condemned. But if you overlook My werd, condemnation will fall upon you. This time is not the time ef condemnation. And you mey condemn, whom I did not condemn. For instance, all you were assuming about YahwehProsper was condemnation! Condemnation! YahwehCyprian is that not true? Yes AWA RIDIMA. But I did not condemn Yahwehprosper. I granted Yahwehprosper privilege.

YahwehCyprian, Yes, MY RIDIMA. If you hear yua child crying, won’t you listen? Me will listen. Now, I want to ask you a question. YahwehCyprian, did you behold when Truth Child went to the altar? Yes. Truth Child told you that self didn’t have strength to follow and cannot follow them. Truth Child said that all his flesh was disorganized. At that point, if I should be silent about Truth Child’s cry, whom will I listen to? Even When you wanted to go, Truth Child said self could not follow, you were there? But it was Me that told Truth Child, take My Children to go to that place. Did you nevestend? Though before you were taught that whatever you decide to do to show that you are a man, you should not reverse it. But have you asked yuaself question? Truth Child mey tell you that self will not do something, but later on, self will return and do it. It is Me, on account that whatever self said, is his own. Did you nevestend? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. All these things were the things Heylel taught you; that if you decide that you will not do this, even when Beauty in life come to plead with you, you will yet say No; that yua decision is final.

Listen, it is deception! Even as I AM talking to you, My decision has never been final. I can decide that you will die today, and if you plead, I will reverse it. Did you nevestend? Now I want to ask you a question; You have heard about a man beauty in life that a messenger was sent to tell the man beauty in life to prepare self, that the man beauty in life will die? The man pleaded. What happened then? First to fifteenth years were added. Then, if yua Creator should show mercy and reverse the stetement[statement], who is that man that will not reverse his stetement?

If you hear a man beauty in life that say My decision is final, then know for sure that, it is Heylel that gives you such a hardened nephesh. That this beauty in life must die, saying you cannot reverse! who are you? Who gave you that power? That is why I AM dealing with Truth Child. Truth Child mey utter a werd, I will say No. What happened Yesterday, if it were in church, will it happen? No. That man beauty in life will behold self that self has arrived. When Truth Child said that YahwehLifted should take search the scripture, having spoken it, how did you think that it will be reversed? They will say for the fact that such stetement has been uttered, it will not be reversed.

YahwehCyprian, if it was you, would you have returned? I know you all. YahwehCyprian, would you have reversed yua decision? Me will not reverse. You will not return, it is what they taught you. You would have said yua decision is final. You are among those that say yua decision is final. Have mercy on Me. Can you tell Me who you are? Me don’t know myself. Thank you, but I know you all.But I want to tell you My little children that that was done by Heylel, to give you a hardened nephesh; inconsiderate nephesh.

Alright, let Me ask you a question; didn’t you behold a man that was told that self will die, and that dog will eat his flesh? When that man showed remorse, was that curse reversed? Yes, Did the man die at that time? No. What happened? The same messenger was sent to reverse the stetement. Now, if you find all these things, what will make you to say yua stetement is final? It is Heylel. And that is why I AM leading Truth Child. Truth Child might say self will not do this, I will say do it. Truth Child has no choice. So I want to use My servant to change things which Heylel had introduced.

Let Me ask you a question. Yahwehnedum, when you beauties in life were returning from Abuya and located a place to eat, what did Truth Child say? Truth Child said self will not eat, is that not true? Yes. But when I came on Truth Child, self yoined you and eat. Why? I asked Truth Child if self wanted to make self special. “Go and eat where yua beauties in life are eating”. Truth Child ran to yoin other beauties in life to eat the meat. Left for Truth Child, self wouldn’t have eaten the meat with the other beauties in life. Why I AM telling you all these is for you to nevestend My dealings with My servant. Truth Child is too small to decide for Me, Truth Child has not arrived! So allow Truth Child’s matter for me.

The day I called Truth Child, you were not there. The day I made covenant with Truth Child, you were not there. My covenant with Truth Child will save Truth Child. Do you nevestend? Take note, do you know that it was the covenant I had with YahwehPetros that saved YahwehPetros? If I want to save a beauty in life, I will make covenant with that beauty in life. But if I don’t want to save you, I will use you without covenant. Watch all those that are making noise out there that I called them, Is there any that will say that I made covenant with any among the beauties in life?

Now go and listen to Funmilayo, when I called Funmilayo, self asked Me and I told Funmilayo; if only Funmilayo will win to My Kingdom, the equivalent number ef Nephesh self destroyed while self was in Heylel’s camp. When do you think Funmilayo will do it? Is it possible? It is not possible. By this, you will acknowledge that Funmilayo has no covenant with Me. I have a covenant with you beauties in life; Yes . My favour, My wisdom and My dwelling place at last. Can you yoin this covenant, My covenant will save My Children; So be it. It is only My children who follow Me and obey Me that I told to demand and ask Me not to open their file. You mey not nevestend. But there are things you will do that will make yua file not to be opened.

In a community, if a man did wrong /and the man came before the community and said, Please forgive Me, what Me did is wrong, please don’t pazz a verdict on me. Some beauties in life in that community will say, please let’s forgive this man beauty in life, and even some will volunteer their lives in exchange for the man’s life. If the man came and stood before the community and showed no remorse, then many charges will be leveled against the man beauty in life. At the end ef that matter the man will now weep. But before the charges or whatever, norms will be read and the man will now plead, please; please, please. What will happen? That place will be divided and even some will volunteer their Lives “…. saying; instead ef you to kill this man beauty in life, take us”. Did you nevestend?

What will save you is when mistakes are being pointed out to you, and you begin to be sober and weep. But if you have yua own nevestending, then what do you think will happen? The charges ef yua offences will be pronounce. I told you, I have thousands ef ways ef pazzing verdict on each action you took. There is no beauty in life that will stand in the verdict point and be free. Did you hear what I said? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. What did I say? No beauty in life will appear on the verdict point and be free. I will not deceive you! There is no beauty in life that will appear in the verdict point and be free! What will make you to be free?

Let Me speak a little for you to nevestend. If you are running on the way and police intercepts you, it will be very difficult for you to escape their charges. Is that true? Yes, AWA RIDIMA. There is no how you can be free. Children, I will use what you know to teach you what you don’t know. If they should also fall in the hands ef the so called road safety, even if that vehicle is newly purchased from the shop, they must surely detect some faults. They can tell you that yua tyre has expired. Now, if you cannot be free from these men, how do you think that man will be free from eternal verdict? But at the same time, if they should wave their hands and ask you to carry on, do you yet have any verdict? No verdict! No condemnation! That was why I said that you should tell Me not to open yua file.

I will use what you know to teach you what you don’t know. This Qahal Sienna vehicle has some alteration in the engine number from the number written in the particulars till now. But you went to all those places and each time you approached the police or Road safety, you kept hearing proceed, proceed. Is that not true? It is true. Are you not privileged? We are privileged. If they open the engine number, won’t they detect fault? They will. Children, No beauty in life will appear at that verdict point and be free. Did you nevestend? I come to explain it to you for you to nevestend. But this vehicle has fault, yet went to all the places and in each checking point, you hear proceed, proceed. Depend on Me! It’s Me that will tell you, proceed. Thank you. My Children, I will stop at this point. It is Me, it is not Malakh. Listen to Me; If I come, Malakh have no obyection. If they want you to go to Heylel fire, I have what it takes to allow you to go. Well, you mey not nevestend, Thank you.

So what I AM trying to say; YahwehProsper’s file was unable to open. AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, you are great in mercy. YahwehProsper called Me and demanded that I should not open his file. Did you hear Yahwehprosper? Yes we heard self cried that You should not open his file. YahwehProsper was pointing My werd to Me. But don’t forget, there will be a day yua humble demand for Me not to open yua file will be deleted from yua nevestending. Tell My Children not to weep! they should weep for themselves. I will stop at this point. As many that want to obey Me, it shall be well with you; Says YUA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.



ABOUT YAHWEH BEAUTIES CALLED OUT GATHERING It is important to point out that the time AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK gave me the first message was on the 21st day in the 5th month as they call in their year 2013 Gregorian calendar and other messages to deliver to church founders, general overseers and pastors concerning how they have been serving Heylel [Satan] ignorantly while others have signed a pact with Satan as agents in return for wealth, yet they refused the messages which in turn gave rise to a neutral platform established by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK called TRUE GOSPEL REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the beginning and later the name was corrected by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to be TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT after which AWA RIDIMA renamed the movement to TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT through which AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began speaking to countries as they are called concerning the idolatry and the killing innocent beauties in life which they call people including forcing them into serving idol unknowingly through their various coat of arms as they call it, and national pledge through which they compel beauties in life to pledge to serve idols. This idolatry in the countries is what led to establishing the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Noteworthy is the fact that, the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is not limited to a geographical location or race, but is open to as many as believe the message from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH as given to all beauties in life and are willing to obey AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH to come together and establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT where they will be free from satanic entanglements and recover their dominion. Furthermore, TUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT is a Movement for all the beauties in life from all over the earth. This movement is to be established with righteousness and Truth and not through lifting arms or weapons for war. This is in order to refuse the evil establishment from Satan which was founded on lies and deception. For instance, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK have pointed out that I AM WHAT I AM is not bible author and has however given us AWA CREATOR YAHWEH RESTORED TRUTH SCRIPTURE to enable us restore the hidden truths that was removed through bible. For the fact that bible is a fabrication from the scripture meant to dilute the truth and reduce AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH standard through lies established in bible that have widely been spread by bible preachers. For this reason, no matter where you are coming from, the demand from AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH, that created AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH dwelling place and AWA CREATOR YAHWEH YAHWEH earth, including man and woman beauties in life, is for all beauties in life to trace their way back to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and comply with I AM WHAT I AM'S COMMAND to come together to establish the TRUTH GENERATION YAHWEH MOVEMENT.

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