For more information about the messages of our Redeemer Yahshua Ha Mashiach to pastors and GOs on how they are serving the python knowingly and unknowingly to them: Personal message and the invitation of our Redeemer Yahshua Ha Mashiach to Nnamdi Kanu and his negligence to the invitation of his creator, the creator of heaven and earth: The Message of our Redeemer Yahshua Ha Mashiach to Buhari on the freedom of the people of Nigeria and Buhari’s negligence to the message: The personal message of our Redeemer Yahshua Ha Mashiach to Rochas Okorocha and Okorocha’s negligence to the message of the creator of Heaven and earth: A divine Project of our maker Yahweh for the liberation [freedom] of men and women beauties of life in this generation: Again, For more details on how come about the name LAND OF TRUTH and TRUE GOODNEWS REVIVAL MOVEMENT, then, also click to: or For more information for the messages of our Redeemer Yahshua Ha Mashiach to Nigeria, Buhari the President of Nigeria, Pastor W.F Kumuyi and other Pastors and Christian organizations like CAN, PFN etc, and the messages on how you can escape hell fire; Click to: or The CD of these messages captioned Snake [Satanic] Symbol and Ownership in the Churches and entire World: Will soon be out: To enable you get the full details; do not miss to grab the CD. Whosoever that wants to assist the publishing of these messages should contact us: Any Mass Media or Marketer that is interested and or need Truth information for the deliverance of the captives and of the entire earth; should please contact us with: or Websites: or For inquiries and booking for the messages on CD tapes please Contact the following TGRM lines: +2348038688440, +2348068996128, +2348034808978,  E-mail:,

Admin no: (+234 9090671233)



    1. Yahweh Lucas,we addressed yu with Yahweh attached to yua name base on yua interest to yoin [join] the movment. This is AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK requirement. Note that AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK has closed down all the Churches and raised up this very movement with an update name TRUTH GENERESHEN YAHWEH MOVEMENT.
      Presently, we don’t have a service center in Brazil, but AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK Werds and demands to all who desire to come to I AM WHAT I AM is ;
      “ To all who should indicate interest to follow Me, I AM depending on such, where there is no service to point, to do something as to keep and preach My Werd in such a place or nation and to keep a service point”. In this regard;
      1st We shall update yua Contact and Email, so as to acquaint yu with necessary informeshen [Information].
      2nd Note that yua house is a potential Service Centre. It must not be a Cathedral before yu begin Service to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH and to the only appointed Sevior [Savior] for Awa Salveshen and deliverance; AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.
      3rd Note that all Services [Fellowship] link with any Church must cease. For this rizin [reason], we shall send you the order for Service delivered to We [Us] by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.
      4th We shall send recent posts. If it is possible to send the audio to yu where possible.
      5th We encourage yu to trace AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK Werds at the beginning, when AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK came in to the Church with the name Jesus Christ to search out for Own Beauties In Existence [ Children] before the announcement on the true name for the Almighty Owner for all right things as AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH and Own name as AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. According to AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, those who use the name; God and Jesus Christ from henceforth are into Idolatry.
      6th Ask yua queshens [questions] for Clarifikeshens [Clarifications].
      7th Note also that we are now going through Transformeshen [Transformation] In Werd usage by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK on account that most English Werds allude or have their Origin from Witch Craft. Bible Reference: Zephaniah 3:1-9. Therefore, the details on these Werds shall be communicated to yu subsequently.


  2. God bless the TGRM.

    how can we pronounced the name very well, our Redeemer Yahshua Ha Mashiach, the i need your messages in my inbox because we want to be using it in our church.


    1. Florence: The Name is written this way “ AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK .
      YAHWEHSHUA Means Yahweh Seves [Saves]
      HA Means The
      MASHIAK Means The Anointed.
      For a beginner, the name is not easy to pronounce. But concessive effort has to be made to make the pronouncement part with yu.
      Florence please get the Truth right; AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK declared the closure for all Churches on earth; that those Churches belong to them who called themselves “ Founders”, General Overseers, General Superintendent, Pastors etc. This gave rise for AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to institute this movement: TRUTH GENERESHEN YAHWEH MOVEMENT [The new update name] and had given command that all should close up what they are doing and come into Own movement. Whether those called Christian or Muslim ot the Hindus etc. and failure to obey this command, such are considered under disobedient and are on their own……… said by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.
      Secondly, We persive yu to be a Pastor in the Church. AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK detest Women Beauties In Existence Speaking in the Qahal [Church]. Bible reference. 1 TIMOTHY 2:11-13. Excepting where there is no capeble [ Capable] Man Beauty In Existence.
      Thirdly, Using AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK Spoken Werds in the Churches has to be Codemned by AWA RIDIMA YAHWESHUA HA MASHIAK as it is a mark to disobedience to Own Command to come out from Church.

  3. Greetings, I have missed a lot from this movement, the last time I was here was 2016 so I got confused when I see the name changed from True Gospel Revival Movement to True Goodnews Revival Movement and the names of our Lord Jesus Christmas, in fact am confuse, please administrator brief me. You can please mail me as well.

    1. Greetings to yu, Eric Agbeyeye. please We need to get the Truth right; AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK declared the closure for all Churches on earth; that those Churches belong to them who called themselves “ Founders”, General Overseers, General Superintendent, Pastors etc. This gave rise for AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to institute this movement: TRUTH GENERESHEN YAHWEH MOVEMENT [The new update name], these changes were made by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK and we cannot queshen [question] the authority. Also had given command that all should close up what they are doing and come into Own movement; TRUTH GENERESHEN YAHWEH MOVEMENT. Whether those called Christian or Muslim or the Hindus etc. and failure to obey this command, such is considered under disobedient and all that are in this disobedience are on their own. Says AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. Please watch what yu are doing to have missed the updates.

  4. Dis holy truth scriptures dat God wants 2 bring out 2 replace d bible,hw are we going 2 learn hebrew language 2 help us read & interpret d scriptures?

    1. Sister, when you reached the bridge, you learn how to cross it again, It is the language you know already.


  5. My dear Brother, how is life coming on with you and the saints? hope all is well in Jesus Christ our LORD. I have a question to ask, it is good for Christian to celebrate Easter?

  6. May the blessings of Yahweh abound with you all in the True Gospel Revival Movement.

    The love of our Master and Redeemer Yahusha Ha Mashiac is so great on us. Is indeed his good pleasure to give us his Kingdom. I pray that his good purpose for all these revelations will be accomplished in our lives Amen.

    I live in Lagos, and I have come in contact with the Alagbado branch. But the distances is far and am unable to go every time.
    So what is the Master saying about that. I am ready to obey his voice so long as his grace will be there to enable me. I will be very happy to be part of this great movement.
    May the Lord continue to be your strength Amen.

    Shalom Shalom

  7. Am so glade for this Movement created by YAHUSHUA ha MASHIAC i just give Glory to Him amen.May Yahweh have mercy upon us others who are far from the land of the truth, that Yahweh’s Qahal we may also have acces to.Am in uganda but the Qahal isn’t yet here but i pray for Yahweh’s mercy upon us to make this movement be created in this country amen.

  8. Also I had forgotten to say that I reside here in America, let the Lord speak and his will be done.

    My number is1(602)600-3903

  9. Pls brethren let me know what the Lord Jesus Christ will that I do, I’m humbly and willing and ready to do the will of my redeemer.

  10. Shalom my beloved dear TGRM, I have been blessed beyond my words after receiving a testimony for a sister Christ about the revelation about the warning of the Lord to his son Kumuyi. I was blessed and my heart couldn’t stop rejoicing over the powerful truth that was in the revelation it was in a different level of revealing the truth. My soul rejoiced and couldn’t wait to research this movement TGRM. After checking, the revelations and message and the promises that were given to TGRM revealed by the Lord on the plan that he has toward all who will obey and believe in his true church and believe they will be saved. I’m still rejoicing till today and just left a church I was worshipping at because I hunger for more of Christ but he was rejected in the church after some time I finally took a stand and left, now I worship at home. Pls my brethren pray for me that JESUS Christ May accept me in his church, I’m hungry and desperate for more of his truth… glory, honor, and power to GOD and his lamb for the gift of eternal life. AMEN

  11. Please I will suggest you publish the Facebook page on the website because others are creating Facebook pages in the name of the movement and they are given contrary answers to the message of God. and a brother was even asking how to send his tithe and the webpage they gave was

  12. Pls has TGRM started fellowshipping in Abuja? I live in Lugbe Abuja.

  13. May the peace of the Lord be with you
    God bless you and the TGRM
    My wife and I have been following HOREMOW and their teachings but God love us so much by bringing TGRM, to God be the glory for hearing our cry by bringing TGRM. I please want to ask if you have a link in Ghana and how do we get some of your books? We have also been blessed with the messages on the net with the much corrections involve which is really shaping us in this few days,
    Can we please print some of the messages and distribute it to some brethren as a form of evangelism? And if possible can I have the messages in my inbox, God bless you.

    1. You are free to have the messages in your inbox to enable you forward to any person you want
      but it will be better we send them to you mail box ourselves.


  14. Hmmm…I thank God 4 u pple.Keep up d gud work of God…Am part of God’s end time army.Shalom

  15. I honour Mighty God of heaven and earth for your good and inspiring mesage to us in Kenya. We longs to join you and work together here.

  16. Shalom brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m already in touch with bro.Grant &his wife sis. Blessing.
    Can you send me leaflets materials that I may use to evangelize. God bless you all. I reside in Uk.
    Sis.Lenda 0044 7405724205

  17. Hello Sir is me sister Doris from germany, am writing this prayer request on behalf of my mother, she is facing health Challenge cancar of the blood, Diabetes, hypertension, broken leg, broken hand . please i want you all to join me in praying for her. her name is Mercy Enofe
    Thank you all and God bless

  18. Hmmmm,to God be all the glory and honour for this wonderful revelation and warnings in Jesus christ of Nazareth name.Amenn..i have read all the revelation messages and i believe.i live in scotland united kingdom,and want to be a part of the body of christ in tgrm so that i can make heaven in Jesus christ name.Amen.

  19. Thanks for the reply. I am humbled to be considered qualified to be treated as such. My phone number as requested is 08068996128. we already have a place of worship at Ado Ekiti where I pastor a small congregation. As I understand further the modus operandi of the True Gospel Revival Movement, I will need to explain to them this new development and prepare them for the formal dedication and opening. I am eagering to know the next line of action concerning this. God bless you richly servants of the Most High God.

    Bro Adeniyi

  20. The love of our Lord to mankind is unquantifiable. Our response to His love should be one of gratitude. Deep down inside me I knew that those fundamental issues that the Lord pointed put in those messages given to Brother Greg and Brother Ubani needed further confirmation from the Lord. This message is an answer to my heart cry. We should be eternally grateful to the Lord for these corrections. I am in the ministry but I am not wasting time on identifying with this ministry. What I am living for everyday is how I can make the rapture. Please kindly lead me on how I can be integrated into this movement where the Lord is gathering His people in preparation for the rapture. I am at Ado Ekiti in Nigeria. I look forward in earnest to how much I could get involve on preparing for our eternal home. God bless you for being counted faithful for this gteat endtime assignment

    1. Dear Bro. Adeniyi God, loves you and would want you to obey under listed
      message of His.

      This is the direct message from the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth to “YOU”
      The message reads: I Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am depending on you to
      spread the messages to others and gather as many as believe together and
      find a meeting point, when you have done that, then, call My servants for
      formal dedication and opening because, I the Lord, Jesus Christ of
      Nazareth did not start with the rich.

      Do well to send us your phone contacts to enable us communicate more

      The Admin.

  21. Yes I WiLL.My Spiritual Life Was Not Going The Way It Should Go So I Decided To Seek The Face Of God In Prayer And Fasting.I Did Not Know More About Holliness Until I read Brother Ubani’s Message and When I Realise Some Of The Things That Made Many Christians End Up In Hell Infact I Was Very Frightened So I Decided To Seek God’s Face The More And Just This Afternoon The Holy Spirit Spoke To Me To Visit This Site Thus Eternityrace And As I Open The Site I Was Shock At The Things I Read So I Decided To Contact You.I Currently Fellowship With Christ Apostolic Church International

  22. God Bless You So Much .Many Thanks To Jesus Christ Who By His Mercy Have Given Us Another Chance To Amend Our Ways.Please Am In Ghana.Where Can I Locate You.
    ADDRESS:+233243176267.Adenta Accra

    1. God bless you Bro. Raphael, How is Ghana and its environs? To be frank with you, We don’t have fellowship center in Ghana for now: But the Lord is depending on you as His first fruit in Ghana to organize others and start a fellowship center even from your house and we will come and inaugurate it. Reply us as urgent as possible if you are willing. Also explain more of yourself unto us.
      God bless you.
      From The Admin Desk.

  23. Praise,glory, honor and majesty to God our heavenly father and to our Lord Jesus Christ . Am gland and thankful to Him who has favoured me to read these divine messages. Am shocked about the extent we have fallen short of the glory of God. Ave been pleading with Our Lord Jesus Christ to show me the way the truth and eternal life. In pursuit of truth i have read so many messages but these ones from TGRM are so comprehensive. I live in Kenya and I really look foward for a fellowship center here in Kenya and in East Africa at large. Am not a leader of any church, but I believe in Jesus Christ our Lord. I would really want to support the work of the Lord in any way He wants me to. Please let me know if there are any fellowship centres in Kenya, if not how soon should we expect one. Thanks and may the Lord bless you, strengthen and preserve you.

    1. Dear Miriam, Thanks for identifying the truth. For now, We do not have f/center over there in kenya or east Africa but God is counting on you to start and organize others, U can even start in Ur house and God will perfect other things Just take a step of faith. Send us your contact to enable us reach you at any point in time.

  24. Dear Bianca….. The Lord said we should correct your impression about us. The site is not a business site; this is a matter concerning eternity. You should study the message first and believe every bit of it. It is a message of the Lord Jesus Christ himself to the world. You are among those the Lord has asked to assist in the publicity of his message but while you assist you should believe and be saved. If you therefore see the authority of the Lord in the message you can respond accordingly.


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