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The first man I raised in Africa to prepare my people for rapture is Kumuyi but he allowed suggestion of men to mislead him. For now he is not ready for me. The people of Deeper Life, the way people are dying in the church now, is it how people died before? The reason is, my glory has departed from the church, and they are now living in past glory.

The mansion of Kumuyi in heaven is very large, but if he does not repent, he will miss it. He should not consider his position, I preserved him till now for him to repent. I love him so much, he has suffered so much for me, I am ready to forgive him. He has taken my word to different parts of the world. He is working very hard to teach my word to many people, but he has missed his way. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth say, if he wants to see me, he should join this umbrella of ‘True Gospel Revival Movement’, and pattern his life and preaching according to the truth I reveal through this movement. It is under this umbrella that I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, has decided to reveal all my truth. I don’t want his soul to be wasted in hell. He should not feel bad because of the messages I am giving concerning him. I am correcting him for him to enjoy his mansion in heaven.

Deeper Life pastors, I pity them. They will look like somebody who died in the late hour of the night. They will not enjoy the world and they will not enjoy heaven, because they have missed their ways. Other pastors are better than them because they are enjoying the world. They are serving Kumuyi and not me. Whatever he tells them is what they do, even when I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth speak, they will check up with their pastor before believing me, and he most often will reject my word.

Deeper life pastors are suffering in dryness and hunger, but their score is zero in heaven. In the midst of the work, they are complaining and murmuring. The Israelites did the same thing and missed the Promised Land. Their pastor has missed his way and they have joined him to miss their ways.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I want to tell Deeper Life Bible Church that I can hear the cry of people in hell calling the name of Kumuyi. He does not allow them to listen to the revelations and messages I am giving to people in this end time. I am judging him now. He tells people that I can do all things, yet he does not believe that I can reveal and speak to people. The whole bible he is reading, is it not my word and my revelations to different people at different times that are written in the book?

Kumuyi is still my servant but he will miss his mansion. The people he counselled to buy children are crying against him in hell. The flock I gave to him to secure for me, he is now securing them for Satan. For this reason, the staff of authority I gave him, I have withdrawn it from him. The only remedy is for him to return my people to me and repent and join this movement. In his church, he is training murderers, people carrying gun. I give him one more chance, if he will return to me. I see he is trying in teaching my word, I see what he is doing, but he should remember that my word says, “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” If I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is judging Kumuyi guilty, other pastors should also know they are guilty.

Kumuyi is causing more pain to me by the pictures of white man they call Jesus. I see him as a liar for introducing that picture, they are liars and idol worshippers for that. I feel he is wise, his wisdom does not tell him that the church I gave him is collapsing. Does he not see that miracles are not happening as before? I can see that he is more concerned about saving his life. I still love him, but he has gone far. He should not consider what people will say about him, if he obeys my commandment to him now, but he should consider what will happen on the last day. He has denied all other things in the world because of me. So, he should not claim that he knows it all, I see him as claiming to be a father to me no longer a child.

If I don’t say this to my son Kumuyi, I don’t even love him. His visit to anywhere has become a big burden to his people, because of what it takes to meet up with his standard. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, say that the money in Deeper Life bank account is more than a country’s money. What is it all for? When there are projects to accomplish for my mandate, to prepare souls for my coming. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth say, he should release the money for my work, instead of tasking the poor and creating burden to the people. I want to tell him that even if he corrects other things without correcting this one, it will still disqualify him for my kingdom.  He has mislead people because of the following things:

(1)    WOMEN PLAITING HAIR WITH THREAD: I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth declares to Kumuyi and the world that anything added to the natural hair is an attachment. My word says, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparels, with shamefacedness and sobriety, not with braided (plaited) hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;” (1Tim. 2:9).

This is the same scripture that backs up Deeper Life stand against putting on jewelleries or ornaments. The question is, what is the rational behind choosing to avoid some items in the same verse and accepting others? The same tone and impetus with which the verse of scripture talks about gold or pearls, is the same with which it talks about plaiting or braiding of hair. Condemning one and commending the other (in all that the same scripture says ‘Not with’), suggests confusion and bias. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth have come to tell the world, not only Kumuyi and his church, that any addition to the natural hair is an attachment and no attachment of any kind to the body, from hair to toe, except modest and simple clothing, without ornaments, will enter my kingdom.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, commanded that women should not plait or weave their hair at all, but could cut it low to the height they can use comb to control it, if it grows so long to the level they cannot control. My command is to lower the hair and not to shave. Any level of hair cut that exposes a woman’s skull is against my standard. The world is still finding it difficult to keep to this condition. People choose rather to plait their hair than to cut it low. Do they not see that when they plait their hair, the gutters or lines between the plaiting expose their skull? Lowering the hair and plaiting the hair, which one covers the skull better?.

(2)    BURIAL CEREMONY:  I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have given my message against burial ceremonies. The burial ceremonies people are doing today is sin, and no person or church that permits it will enter into my kingdom. Some members of Deeper Life reject this message because of reference to the burial of Kumuyi’s late wife. They argue that if burial ceremony is not good, how was the late wife of Pastor Kumuyi buried? As if he is the founder of Christianity and last resort in matters concerning God’s standard.

If I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only saviour of the world, died and was buried without ceremony and my early disciples all died and were buried the same day without ceremony, where did those who claim they are following me learn that one? If they are really my servants, should they celebrate or be celebrated at death while as their master was not celebrated at death?.

The reference people make to the instruction of Jacob to his children and how he was buried, as contained in Genesis 49:28-33 and 50:1-14, is a misapplication of my word. The burial of Jacob was done according to the custom and tradition of Egypt, which was founded on idolatry and not on Godliness, because they knew not God nor feared him. The mention of Egypt in the bible and in the spiritual sense means the world. So, that pattern of burial is demonic and worldly. Abraham did not bury Sarah that way, Isaac did not bury Abraham that way, Jacob did not bury Rachael and Isaac his father that way. Down till the last burial recorded in the bible, there is no other record of embalmment and ceremony of burial.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am using my authority to command all my people in the world, that they should bury and be buried under 24 hours, after death and without ceremony.  Sin is the cause of death. When people celebrate death they celebrate sin, and they provoke me by reminding me how man lost his first position and changed my programme for him. In addition to this, burial ceremony leads people to selling their properties, borrowing and owing debts, which must lead them to hell in the event of death or rapture, if they fail to pay back. It also makes them to be concerned only about how they will be buried and not where they are going after death. All those who believe in me and long to see me at last, must not think or plan how they will be buried while they are still alive.

(3)    WEDDING CEREMONY: I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have given my message to the world, to inform my people that I am not the one who introduced wedding ceremony, it is the spirit of religion. What I introduced is marriage ceremony and not wedding ceremony. The very day a man pays dowry for his wife is the day he has married. The couple should be blessed and allowed to go home. Any other ceremony beyond that is against my standard. Christian parents should not give conditions or list of items to be brought, but should be willing and ready to accept the man with whatever he can afford, and the man must not borrow to pay for a wife. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, did not make marriage to constitution a burden and bondage to man.

The first marriage conducted in the history of humanity (marriage of Adam and Eve), as recorded in Gen. 2:18-25, has no account of wedding ceremony. This is a divine blue print for marriage. The ceremony of marriage I, Jesus Christ attended was not wedding ceremony, it was a marriage ceremony, as recorded in John 2:1-11. The gathering of my elects together in heaven as record in Rev. 19:7-9, is designated as marriage supper. Those who call it wedding and observe it’s religious protocols are changing my word. The marriage of Isaac and Rebecca ended at the dowry with all its joy and merriment, as recorded in Gen. 24:50-61. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the founder of Christianity, never wedded any couple and my early disciples never wedded any either. Where, in the history of the early church of the New Testament can it be traced that the church wedded any couple? If there cannot be reference to wedding ceremony in the practice of the early church, then where did the pastors and churches in the world get the pattern? The devil that introduced wedding ceremony entangles the people with three things: (1) indebtedness (2) delay in marriage (3) fornication.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare to Kumuyi that long courtship in Deeper Life marriage protocol is causing fornication more rampantly in his church. The wedding ceremony he permits in his church is against my standard and he is leading people to hell fire.

(4)    LODGING IN HOTEL:  Kumuyi and his ministers lodge in hotel when on outings. By so doing, he tells the world that lodging in hotel is good, contrary to my own standard. Though there were inns in the Bible days, the prototype of hotels today, the foundation and concept of the inns was not as corrupt as the hotels of today. What happens in the hotels is beyond human imagination. My eyes, as a holy God, cannot behold the atrocities that happen in the hotels. The foundation of hotels today is demonic. They are centres for corruption.

Though there were inns in the bible days, my father forbade that, I the Christ, should be born in the inn but in the manger, as recorded in Luke 2:7. This is to defeat the intelligent defence of man. My disciples never lodged in any inn, given all their missionary tours, they only lodged in the houses of their brethren, as recorded in Acts 10:5-6, 16:15 Philem. 22:

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth declare that any minister who lodges in hotel for any reason will not enter into my kingdom. My word has already commanded, “come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean things” (2Cor. 6:17). Therefore, I will be comfortable with my own servants lodging in the house of their brethren or inside the church house whenever they are on out reaches.

(5)    PRESENTING HIS PHOTOGRAPH ALL OVER THE PLACES DURING HIS PROGRAMMES: I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, see it as pride and self presentation. Kumuyi and his church are taking my glory, because when people see his photograph on the different materials, they admire and glorify him and not me, the Lord. He is advertising himself and thereby taking my glory.

The first man I sent to advertise my first coming was John the Baptist. He did not advertise himself but me. I will not give or share my glory with another (Isa. 42:8 Lk. 16:15).

(6)       GOING WITH ARMED ESCORT: Kumuyi moves with escort. This is to showcase physical defence and trust in the arms of flesh. It is also an indication of a sense of self importance, which is pride in my sight. Moving with escort presents him a special citizen among his flock and others.

Given my fame and the oppositions I faced in my earthly ministry and the intense persecutions and even martyrdom that beclouded my early disciples, neither I nor my disciples sought physical defence. Will Kumuyi and others who move with escort, say that the condition of insecurity in their own time is worst than what it was in my time and in the time of my early apostles? When I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was arrested for crucifixion, and Peter drew his sword in my defence, what did I say to him (John 18:10,11)? Again, my word says, if anybody must first save his life, he will lose it. If Kumuyi believes that I, the Lord, cannot defend him except with his armed escort, then he has missed his way and is heading to hell, even with the legion he is training and giving arms in his church. I, Jesus Christ, see anybody bearing arms as a murderer and such cannot enter into my kingdom.

(7)    Kumuyi doubts revelations and does not allow his people to listen to and believe the messages I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is giving to people in this end time. He is therefore, restraining all his people from heaven and preparing them for hell. He, therefore, presents himself to his church as the “general” and last resort in matters concerning the gospel, thereby making himself a god to the people.

All these things I have mentioned above and yet to mention should prove to him and the world that he does not have all the knowledge about me. If he knows all about me, then he is equal to me. His intelligence and wisdom has hidden these ones from him. So he should understand that he has misled his people by causing them to reject my revelations and messages through others. If I could use the dumb ass to speak to a prophet, I can still use an illiterate to speak to the learned. None of my early disciples did exploit because he was educated but because I spoke through them. Peter whom I made the physical leader was not learned. So the wisdom of man has failed him (1Cor. 1:19-31, Rom. 11:29).

(8)    The level of preference and respect he commands for himself is such that I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, define as fear and intimidation. Kumuyi leads his church with intimidation. None of his leaders or members has the courage and boldness to fault anything he does, for fear of losing their position with discipline.

When I was on earth, I moved, ate, slept and shared things in common with my disciples. I had nothing special for myself. It did not take difficult protocols for people to come to me. I mixed freely with the people and did not accept any preferential treatment or honour from man. John 5: 41, 44 says, “I receive not honour from men. How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?”

(9)    Kumuyi Receives Applause and Eulogies Of Men: When his orators climb the stage and praise and magnify his exploits, does he refute the claims? No. He takes my praise, and I reckon that as pride. Both he and the people praising and clapping for him have missed the way to heaven. When I, Jesus Christ, the son of God was praised, I refuted it and returned the praise to my father (Mtt.19:16-17).

(10)        Placing the picture of white man they call Jesus: The wisdom of W.F. Kumuyi does not teach him that accepting and   placing the picture of white man as a representative image of Jesus is an insult and a mockery on my image and personality. As many as place such pictures in their books, study manuals, calendars, stickers etc and hang or paste them anywhere  are liars and idol worshipers for that.  When I was on earth, I did not place my picture anywhere. Nobody on    earth will ever say he or she had seen or pictured me, as to know my stature and complexion.

(11)        Permission of Adoption (Buying of Children):  Anybody who buys life with money has committed crime against God and has defied the sacredness of life. Many souls whom Kumuyi counselled to buy children are crying against him in hell.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth adopted my elects through my blood. Likewise, the biological children people have are adopted through blood, because it is not of their own making, it is my gift to them, activated through blood. My word says “Lo, children are an heritage of the lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Ps 127:3).

When people use money to buy children they tell a generational lies to the children and to the public that they are the biological parents of the children. How many of those who buy children ever declare to the children that they were purchased?

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, say he has taught people in his church, because that is not my own church, the name of that church is not in my book. His much wisdom has made him to tell his people that I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, has no power to pass my message through any person I want. He should remember I used the dumb ass to speak. I am judging him now before he enters that hell he has decided by himself to enter, because of his much wisdom.

When Moses gave his own laws as a man, his own wisdom did not tell him that I will come to change what he established by his own wisdom. Now I have come to change what Kumuyi used his own wisdom to establish. As I used the ass to speak, I can still use anybody to speak to him. He will end up in hell fire, but I have done enough to warn him and pull him out of his errors. As many as put their trust in Kumuyi will end up with him in hell fire.

The university he has built has put a lot of people into debts. The souls of the people dying with debts, as a result of the school system are crying against him in hell, because he permitted the debts. The people his church forced into making vows without paying them till death, I can see their blood in his palms. Thus said Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I don’t go with intelligent people, I go with fools. Yes, I am a fool. That is why I was born in the manager, that is why I was born to poor parents. For this reason, I am using my authority as God to command people to come out of that church if they want to be saved.

When I sent Samuel to ordain David, he was looking on the outward, not knowing that I do not see as man sees. Because of the statements of Kumuyi which makes his people to believe that he has it all and he is everything to them, his people believe that God cannot speak through any other human being to him. He has made them to believe that if God wants him and his people to know anything, God must speak to him first. So if any message or revelation comes from any other person, it must not be from God, because only him is permitted to hear from God and pass on to others. For this reason, he has said like Nebuchadnezzar, that this is the kingdom he has built by himself.

I have come by myself to prove him wrong. Why I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, commanded this message to be published is because I am now on air, doing my last hour evangelism. I will not allow him deceive my people any more. Heaven is scanty. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, tell Kumuyi that people whom I called and positioned to be role models in the Bible, but they disappointed me, I drove them away, though they were still alive, but I did not have communication with them again. Satan changed my own programme in his life, I drove him away from heaven. Adam and Eve changed my own programme in their lives, I drove them away. Nebuchadnezzar changed my programme in his life, I drove him away.

I love my servant Kumuyi and wanted to save him, I sent my messengers to him but he rejected them. When David sinned against me, I sent my messenger to him to reprove him. He heard my word and repented in dust and ashes. Kumuyi has failed to recognize and submit to my own authority. Therefore, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, command all people to come out of the dogma of Deeper Life Bible Church, because I have faulted it. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth will not keep quiet to watch him lead my people to destruction. That is why I am using ‘True Gospel   Revival Movement’ to call them out.

The secondary school he built, is only for the rich and wealthy, the poor cannot benefit from it. Even those who contributed for the school in his church, cannot benefit from the school because of the highhandedness. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I came for the poor and not for the rich. I am giving this message for the world to read and know that Kumuyi has missed his way, because the world honours him, but I do not recognize him.

The world will be confused, but there is no confusion in my word. That is why I am using ‘True Gospel Revival Movement’ to call my people together, because I have taken time to train these ones. So, all the errors I found in the others will not be found in them.

Yes, I am the saviour, that is why I have come to save the world through this movement, because there is no time, the world will close very, very soon.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth commanded that this message should be published to the world, because Kumuyi and his servants rejected my messengers with the message I sent to them.

When I sent my messengers to reach him at first, they tried their best reaching him through the Imo state headquarters of Deeper Life at Owerri. The admin officer there demanded the message in black and white and packaged in an envelope, and be submitted to his office for onward dispatch to their G.S. My servants did as they demanded, but they rejected and dumped my message.

Again I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, programmed that Kumuyi should visit one of the regions in Imo state where I positioned my messengers to reach him for another opportunity. They again tried hard to reach him through his senior pastors, but one pastor Eze Nwajiofor, who was supposed to be the chairman or coordinating pastor of the South East Zone of Deeper Life Church, and one of the most senior pastors in the zone, refused them seeing their G.S. and rejected my message with abusive words.

The pastor, Eze Nwajiofor, called me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, because I am the master of the message, “illiterate fool,” “an ignorant fellow” who does not know the bible, and questioned how God can give a message to a fool of such qualifications to a great man of God. He questioned whether I have seen in the bible where any Israelite was sent to give Moses a message. He said if such happens, it means the man of God has backslidden. At last he commanded my messengers to go away with the message, that it cannot be from the Lord. For this reason he has rejected me, and we shall see the end.

People should not be deceived by his miracles, signs and wonders. When Satan was driven out of heaven, his power was not taken from him, he is still working his wonders and magic today, but the end justifies the means. When Sampson backslided into immorality, his power was not taken from him, he remained a strong man until his final day. My gift and calling is without repentance (Ro 11:29), but only those whose holiness and perfection is based on the standard truth I am now revealing to the world, will see my face on the last day, and not those who are holy and perfect in their own works and wisdom. My word says, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you. Depart from me, ye that work iniquity” (Mtt 7:22-23).

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, said, when I called my son Kumuyi, I sent my spirit to him, to build up my standard. Kumuyi did not obey the instructions of my spirit for so long. He rejected the voice of my spirit because of the statement of men, that those standards were set out of zeal. That was how he changed my programme in his life.

When he started earlier, he ate together with his brethren without finding himself as a special man. In times of manual work, he joined his brethren to work. When he started newly, he did not keep a special seat for himself, he always sat together with his brethren. In times of gathering, it was the leaders that served the congregation with food and other things. Like I said before, I moved him by my spirit to destroy television so that I could introduce my own. As at then, he did not see himself as a special man, because my spirit was with him. When my spirit left him was when he stopped doing the things I mentioned above. Then he started introducing things by himself because my spirit was no longer with him.

Even when my spirit visited him to correct these things, he would not understand the voice of my spirit because of the suggestion of men.

Like I said, his much wisdom will not allow him to believe the message I am sending to him now. I have sent my messengers to correct him, but he does not see my authority in the messages. Like I said, his days are numbered. If he wants to return to me, he should repent and join me in “True Gospel Revival Movement” and bring all his people to “True Gospel Revival Movement” because, that his church, I have marked it bad, with all the people in the church, including himself.

Why I am taking time to speak about Kumuyi is because, like I said before now, his mansion is very large in heaven and he has suffered for the gospel more than every other preacher now on earth. Others are better than him, because they are using their own money in buying jet, building companies, owning houses and lands, but his own is that he wants to be rewarded in heaven. That is why I am calling him now to join “True Gospel Revival Movement”, but if he refuses, well, he will miss it all and end up in hell.

Tell Kumuyi that I said, because he is not following the way I showed him early, he has introduced pride in his church. That is why his pastors have special seats in his church. When I was with my disciples, I did not have a special seat for myself, that was why when the Jews came to arrest me, they could not recognize me because I had no special seat among my disciples. If I had, they could have easily recognized me. There is no how somebody will not recognize pastors in his church. He and his pastors, in times of eating, during programmes, take special meals and even special water different from what the rest of the people in the same programme are eating and drinking. I ask Kumuyi this question, when I was with my disciples did I not eat together with them? Who made them special? They have done what satan did and he was cast down. That is why I have come by myself to bring them down. Well, he has tried, but I want to inform him with the world, that in all he has been trying, he is leading all the crowd to hell fire. The reason is because he has made the world to believe that he has my standard. I want to tell him that since he started going on his own, he has not led any soul to my kingdom. Thus said Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Yes, I can see the confusion in the world concerning the message I gave about the late wife of my son Kumuyi. I, Jesus Christ have come to clear the confusion by myself. Yes, I gave a message concerning a woman of Deeper Life found in hell. Yes, I have come to explain that message by myself. Yes, she introduced weaving and plaiting the hair with thread and advertised it through the model pictures shown in her “Women Mirror” publications. She did not meet up to my standard. I said that women should not expose their skull. When women weave or plait their hair, they expose their skull.

Nobody, among all the people I gave my messages and revelations for the world, will claim that I have shown him or her the face of any of the souls who made it to heaven from this present world, except the saints of old like Abraham and others. Those who make heaven now are at rest. That is why my word says, those who die in Christ now are asleep. They are yet sleeping, taking rest from their labours on earth. I only show them those who are in hell, so that the world can learn from their end, because they have already concluded that those people made it.

If the wife of Kumuyi is in heaven, that means I am contradicting my word. If plaiting or weaving of hair is not taking people to hell, why should I warn against it? If not for the mysteries I’m revealing now, if Kumuyi had died before now, the world would also conclude that he is in heaven.   People should not be deceived by the voices they hear, confirming that their dead ones have made it. The voice may come and say to them, that the person has finished his or her work and he has taken him or her home. That is the voice of an evil spirit telling them that the person served him and he has taken him or her to hell. When those Christians die, sometimes they go with smile, assuring themselves that they have made it, based on the level of truth they know, but at the judgment they are always disappointed.

Kumuyi did not go far with me, he decided to go on his own feeling he was going with me. He has done exactly what Saul did. That was how Saul was fighting against me with all his might thinking he was working for me until I opened his eyes. That is how I have come to open the eyes of Kumuyi now. What I expect from him is to repent and obey me, so that he can enjoy his mansion in heaven. Thus said the Lord Jesus Christ. As the world will read this message, they should know that, as Kumuyi is not meeting up to my standard, other pastors are not meeting up. What I expect from them is to say sorry to me and repent and join this movement I have set up by myself. If I continue writing all they are doing, it will be much. People will see the more, that they are far from me.

Why I mention all this standard to the world is, so that when these my servants who I’m using now go out from the standard, the world would know they have fallen aside. I did not mention these things to the pastors, that is why they don’t know where and when they have fallen. The pastors in the world are sinking day by day into error. All the standard I reveal now must be followed. Thus said the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth say to Paul Rika that, I’m disappointed in him. I raised him to gather my people all over the world and prepare them for rapture, but he has disappointed me by rejecting some of my messages which I sent through other people. Even when I corrected him through the people I sent to him, he rejected my message of correction to him. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have closed the door of the ministry I gave to him. I raised him to bring all the people I gave messages and revelations together, to prepare my people for rapture, but he rejected me by feeling that he has it all. He is presently working for me, he is not working with me.

Through all the time of my early disciples, none of them rejected ‘thus saith the Lord’. The wisdom of man has failed. If he wants to see me, he should return and join this movement. I have changed my programme. He has not kept my commandment which says ‘If you love me, keep my commandment’. He has not kept my commandment which I sent to him through other people. No matter the level he finds himself, I still see him as a child, but he has proved that he is a father not a child.

I have, therefore, decided to work with those who see themselves as children. Every child will submit to the authority of the father.

Rika and his ‘Holiness Revival Movement’ do the following things which are against my standard:

(1)    They reject some of the messages I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth send to the world through my chosen messengers, because of prejudice and human judgment (Isa. 55:8,9, I Sam. 16:7).

(2)    Rika and his ministers lodge in hotel when on outreaches. Neither I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, nor my early disciples lodged in the inn as it was the case in the bible days. In all the missionary journeys of my disciples, they only lodged in the houses of their brethren (Acts 10:5-6, 16:15, Phil. 22). All the preachers who lodge in hotel are proud, they seek for ease and worldly pleasure.

(3)    Rika and his people go with armed escort. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth see anybody who carries arms as a murderer. So the preachers who go with armed escorts or guards are going with murderers.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare to the world that neither I, nor my disciples went with escort, and we never used any physical arms to defend ourselves. When Peter tried that, I rebuked him (John 18:10,11). Even when Paul ministered in the hostile zones of the gentiles and was beaten up severally, yet he did not hire the defence of men. Those who do such as going with armed men are trusting in the arms of flesh.

(4)    Rika and his movement adopt the pictures of white man they call Jesus. They are liars and idol worshippers for that. They join in mocking my image and personality. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare to the world that when I was on earth, I did not place my image or photograph anywhere and no one has ever pictured my face or stature. All that is imaginary pictures people draw, I am not the one, and all that adopt and adore that will end up in hell (Deut. 4:15,16).

(5)    Paul Rika encourages people to buy and sell things on credit.

I have already warned in my word, that my children should not owe any man anything (Rom. 13:8). Anybody who owes debt, no matter the thing and time of the debt will end up in hell, if rapture or death occurs within the interval between the debt and settlement. Therefore, any preacher that counsels people to buy or sell anything to anybody on credit, no matter the interval or amount of the debt, is working against me.

When I sent my messengers to Rika, to inform him about his errors, he failed to see my authority in the message, but only addressed himself as a senior man, who cannot be corrected.

Therefore, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth give this warning to Linda who I have changed to Fortunate.  Warning to her, I love her. Warning! Warning! Warning! to her. She is rejecting most of my messages because of her husband, Paul Rika. Tell her that marriage ends here on earth. Her husband, Rika has missed his way, by feeling that he is now a father no longer a child.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare to ‘Holiness Revival Movement’, that I have faulted the foundation of the movement.

Paul Rika is misleading people by encouraging them to buy things on credit. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, say that any preacher that encourages people to do any transaction on credit terms is working against me and is leading souls to hell. I, Jesus Christ, commanded that my people should not owe anything to anybody. If anybody dies with debt or in the event of rapture, no matter how negligible the debt may be, will send the debtor to hell. People should not owe at all, because the time of their death or rapture, is not in their palm.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare to Rika and other preachers and Christian leaders that, any church or religious organization that is owing, is condemned by the standard of heaven. Such a church or organization will end up in hell fire.

“Holiness Revival Movement” is mocking me by saying that people are now doing business with encounters and messages. They are mocking me by mocking the messages I give to people.

I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare to the world, that I have faulted the foundation of “Holiness Revival Movement World Wide”.

I can see that Rika is wise, but his wisdom is like the wisdom of Pharaoh. When I sent Moses to Pharaoh, to let my people go, Pharaoh hardened his heart against my message, because he felt he had the wisdom and the authority over the people, so he did not see my authority in the message I sent through Moses. I removed his staff of authority over my people and subdued him, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, therefore, say to Rika, that I have closed the door of the ministry I gave to him.


I, JesusChrist of Nazareth, declare to Michael Sambo that I love him, but he should not follow Rika. If he follows Rika, he will miss his way. I can hear the cry of souls against him, those whom he has misled by saying that encounter messages and revelations are now business, that people are now using it to make money. He is causing more bias in the minds of people against my message. When he was kidnapped, the angel I sent to rescue him told him, there are other messages I will send to the world, those messages are now coming, but he is rejecting them.

If he wants to return to me, he should say “Sorry” for rejecting and speaking against my word and misleading souls by his counselling and responses against my message, and join “True Gospel Revival Movement”. This is the only movement I am comfortable with now, because they are children.

Paul Rika was the first man I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, raised for the purpose of bringing all the people I give messages together, but he has failed by rejecting some of my messages and messengers.

Therefore, I have rejected him and have chosen “True Gospel Revival movement” for that purpose.  I called Rika, not because he was perfect, but I arranged it that through all the messages I bring to him through those I granted encounters, he could believe them and pattern his life according to my standard. Unfortunately, he rejected them, feeling he has it all. Abraham was my servant yet he was not perfect until I called him unto perfection.

Therefore, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is using my authority to call all the people I gave messages and revelations for this end time, to come together in ‘True Gospel Revival Movement’. I am using this movement to bring them together to open the eyes of people. That was how I called Paul to open the eyes of the other apostles.


The Lord Jesus Christ, at first, sent me to one of the district pastors, in Owerri Diocese of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. The district pastor, to whom the Lord also granted an encounter with him, but who had lost consciousness of the Lord’s dealing with him, received the message of the Lord with fear and interest. He arranged for a live narration and coverage of the encounter, in one of the joint fellowships of the WCCRM holding in the district. The members of the church who listened to the end time message of Jesus Christ to his people, were pricked in their hearts and wept profusely, on realizing they had gone far into error. Most of them called to request for the CD plates of the message, so that they could listen to it over and over, to correct their errors and also pass it to others.

Unfortunately, before the message could take a good turn among the members, the diocesan pastor of Owerri diocese of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, highjacked the message, following a report by some pastors who disagreed with the message for some personal reasons. The Owerri diocesan pastor, eventually rejected the message and ordered the church to reject it. In the same vein, he commanded the district pastor to go back to the pulpit to renounce the message of the Lord Jesus Christ, and tell the people to go ahead and buy children in the name of adoption, that there is no evil in it, and that women should go ahead and plait their hair with thread, among other things the Lord condemned in the message.

After this, the Lord sent me to the diocesan pastor, to tell him that He is the one who gave the message, and to tell him that he should remember that he would have died in his illness, but He delivered and preserved him because of his mercy and love for him. Again, he should know that, haven rejected His message, he has rejected Him and was fighting against His word. The Lord said, as he was fighting against His word, he will also fight against him. This message was delivered to the pastor, but his position and personality could not allow him to see the authority of God in the message. So, both he and his church upheld his own order till date.

Again, the Lord Jesus Christ sent my brother and I together, to the general superintendent of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, for another chance of having a fair hearing of the end time message, in their January, 2015 annual international pastors conference, at Awomama. We went, as the Lord commanded us, few days to the first day of the conference, as to meet their G.S. in a very good time. On reaching to the camp, we were kept at the security post for many hours, in hunger and discomfort. Even when we told the chief security and the admin officer of the church that we were sent by the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, yet the authorities could not see God’s own authority in our mission. They were only afraid of tampering with the convenience of their G.S.

When we perceived that, they would not attempt taking us to their G.S, whom they said was already in the camp, but would not want to be disturbed, we begged their permission to stay, even if it was at the gate, until the end of the conference, so that we could see him, but they refused, and sent us away.

Finally, we handed volumes of the Lord’s message to the admin officer of the church, with a personal note, for their general superintendent to read and call back at his earliest convenience, but he never saw the authority of God in the message. Given the scenario, we returned, and the Lord Jesus Christ was not happy with their rejection of his messengers and message.

Therefore the Lord Jesus Christ said that, the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement has rejected him, kept him outside, in hunger and discomfort. He said, that is why his word says,  “then shall he say unto them on the left hand, depart from me, ye cursed into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: for I was hungered and ye gave me no meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me not in…’’ (Matt. 25:41-43). He added that if the governor of the state or his delegate had visited the camp at that same time, the G.S must have been informed and he must have given him attention. For this reason, the Lord Jesus Christ said, he has closed the door of Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, and marked the name of the church bad. Therefore he commanded that this message should be published in the dailies.

In conclusion, the Lord Jesus Christ said, in his words, to the churches; “I have closed the door of all the churches in the world. Why I commanded that these few should be published is because, they rejected my messengers   and my message. I see them like pharaoh, using their authority and position to fight against my message and hold my people in bondage, and would not allow them to hear my message and return to me. For this reason, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, has marked these churches bad. No matter how much people try to amend their ways in these churches, they are wasting their time.

All the tithes and offerings people are giving, and the projects they are doing in those churches are offerings made to the devil, and they are using it to fight against me. The leaders in these churches are agents of Satan, and all those following them and still going with the names of those churches are also agents of Satan. All those churches have been marked bad and handed over to Satan, anybody still going with those names is also marked bad. Both they and their leaders are going to hell. The only way out for them, and their leaders is to leave those churches and join me in True Gospel Revival Movement, and pattern their lives according to the truth I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth reveal through them. I am exposing these leaders by myself because they don’t allow their members to listen to or read and believe the messages I’m sending to save my people, because those leaders do not want their eyes to open so that they will not lose them. These leaders are the ones causing confusion in my word, by telling their members not to listen to and obey my messages, because they are using their own intelligence and wisdom to interpret my word and confuse the people. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, use the following illustrations to drive my message home.

A man bought a car and put the key in his wardrobe. One of his  brothers who was not in good relationship with him, went and collected the key, in his absence, and continued to drive and tell people that he is the owner of the car. Eventually, the rightful owner of the car came and collected back the key from him and parked his car safe and kept the key away from the brother. After some time, those who believed that he was the owner of the car noticed that after all, he was not the owner, because the key was no more in his hand. Therefore, I want to tell the world that I have taken away the key from these pastors who claim ownership of the churches.

Again, a contractor has many building projects in many countries. He called experienced builders to work for him and gave them the pattern of the structure. Each builder came with his own idea, and formed something different from what the contractor wanted. He often corrected them, but they were bent on working according to their own intelligence and experience. For this reason, the contractor was always disappointed and continued to try a lot of workers, in order to find anyone who could obey him and do the work exactly according to his own specification and directive. Eventually, he found one who was not well experienced and intelligent like the others. He called him to the work, and discovered that, this one only relies on the contractor’s ideas and directives   before he could do anything. His new worker accepts mistakes and takes correction and only builds according to the specification and directives of the contractor, and delivers to him a satisfactory job. Since the contractor has many projects in many places, and knows many people, what do you think the contractor would do, with respect to choosing a worker? Definitely, he would announce and recommend his new worker for all his projects and to all who would want him to recommend a good worker for them. This is exactly why and how I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, am announcing and recommending “True Gospel Revival Movement” as the only umbrella under which I will gather all my elect all over the world. Because I have taken time to test and prove them, and have discovered they are children. Unlike others, they only depend on my own specification and directive. I have therefore, taken time to prepare them before announcing them to the world, so that the errors I found in others cannot be found in them.

Also, somebody built a house and furnished it with the best of his own resources and to the best of his own ability and knowledge. He gathered some people and showed them all the content of the house, and told them that the best of life is in the house, they have no need of any other thing outside the house. The people believed him, so he locked them up in the house, and took the key.  Any day those people try and open the house from any corner, and discover that they were fooled and deceived, because they have seen things better than what they have in Definitely, they would break away from that bondage and go for realities. This is how the church founders and pastors have locked up their members in their churches. I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have come by myself, to open those doors for the people to see their deception and come out of their churches.

Furthermore, my father announced me, as his only begotten son, in whom he is well pleased, because I have fulfilled all righteousness. If I had not fulfilled all his righteousness (his conditions), he wouldn’t have announced me. People do not understand the mystery in my father’s announcement of me. There were other sons of my father. Satan was a son, but he did not fulfil the conditions of my father. Adam was a son, but he did not fulfil the conditions of my father. When my father asked “who will I send and who will go for me”? No other person could go, but I said, “Father, send me”. If Adam obeyed my father and fulfilled all his righteousness, there wouldn’t have been need for my coming. When I eventually came, I did only the will of my father and fulfilled all his conditions, so my father announced me to the world as his “only begotten son” in whom he is well pleased. That is why, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten son of God, have never announced the name of any church before now. Because, since the end of the earthly ministry of my early apostles, no church has ever been founded on my own standard. The churches in the world cannot agree, they are founded on disagreement. My word says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). My spirit cannot walk with the churches in the world because they don’t agree with each other.  This is the reason I have founded “True Gospel Revival Movement” and I’m using my authority to announce them to the world, as my father announced me, because they obey me and keep my conditions.  I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, invite all my children, all my elect and all those who love me and hope to enter into my kingdom all over the world, to join me in “True Gospel Revival Movement” and use their money and materials to support all my projects and programmes in this movement. I will pay them back. Any other offerings or projects they are dedicating to their churches have no record or reward in heaven.

This is why I said, my judgment will begin in my house. This is now the judgement. I am judging the world now, for them to see and know that they are not meeting up to my own standard. So that they can repent and return to me before the final judgment.  Finally, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten son of the father, tell the world, that pastors will oppose this message and try to defend themselves, but if the people love themselves, they should not believe those pastors but believe me, and leave those pastors and their churches and join me in “True Gospel Revival Movement”. If anyone doubts my message and believes the deceit of his pastors, he and his pastors will end up in hell fire. I am revealing all this truth to the world because I am now on air, doing my last hour evangelism.”

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